March 16, 2018

I'm still loving my McDonalds iced vanilla latte to get me going in the morning. If I am hungry, I throw in the $1 sausage mcmuffin. You can't go wrong with a little caffeine and some protein to get you going for the day. Josh and I drove up to Tulsa for some meetings and drove back. I worked from home for the rest of the afternoon. Katy and Jennifer now have their websites and domains squared away. I was basically tech support for a good 45 minutes. It was bugging me that something was off. We didn't get off the phone until everything was corrected. I finished documenting my notes from the meetings and called it a day. I caught up on Forge of Empires and snacked on some leftover Cheetos. We went for dinner at Fassler. It was more of snacks and apps for dinner. We had pretzels, tater tots, and mini hot dogs. I asked that the waitress leave the pitcher of water for me at our table but she respectfully declined. She said the water pitcher is to be used to refill all of the other customers glasses too. She said she will keep coming back to refill my water, which she did. We hurried home to load the car up with the West Elm couch and the two chairs. I settled in the for the night and watched some interesting cooking shows on PBS...good immigrant stories like the ones David Chang is doing with Ugly Delicious. I kept waking up thinking I would sleep through the alarm, which I never do. The garage door has been fixed. It looks like there was some wiring that got in the way of the sensor. It no longer opens up on its own. All the trash, including the bulk trash, are gone. The lawn looks good except for the missing landscape, which Candi has marked for us. We need to get going on the digging. Blain needs to get our gardening stuff back. Taylor, I hope you recover from your injury. We need you back in full form for the upcoming race! Happy Friday and make it an awesome GREEN weekend!

March 14, 2018

Gosh, what hasn't happened since I last wrote on here? It's been a very weird month. We all have our ups and downs, but we all must get past those low points. Instead of a typical crossfit sesh, Tess and I had to do these crazy lifts and jerks and snatches...yes, the crazy names people have for the exercises. I definitely need to recreate them on my own. It's all about your form and maintaining a good balance. I always forget to use my core in all that I do. LPNA is going to do awesome things this year. Just wait and see. I dropped my phone yesterday and it's a bit cracked right now. This is very disappointing considering I have a phone case and a screen shield. Congratulations to Tammy and Alex! I can't wait to meet Baby Shum soon! Next one up is Baby Peters! Although, Jacqueline prefers we call her Baby Oceane. She needs to get used to the Peters name.

March 5, 2018

I might as well move to Tulsa. I drive way too many times to Tulsa. Why can't I be in Oklahoma City like everyone else?