May 5, 2016

Kygo's radio keeps me going throughout the day. I'm liking the new workspace set up. Minhaj and I work in the conference room. If we have questions or comments, we bounce them off of each another. The responses are immediate as opposed to saving a batch of questions to ask at a later time. I prefer this set up since it's more collaborative and promotes open discussion. I think Marci wants to join us but she admits she talks too much. The work table at the apartment should be moved into the middle of the room so Paul and I can work simultaneously from the desk. As of now, one person is working at the table and the other person is on the couch. Phase I of the sugar cookies production is finished. There are 27 cookies to go around. Phase II begins later today with the decorating. Instead of partaking in the Cinco de Mayo madness, the cookie decorating will keep us confined to the apartment. I killed Taylor in our first tennis match. She was not running after the balls. I told her to step it up and to stop being sluggish. My words of "motivation" really hit her. She started running after every ball and the shots kept coming. Someone said it's good to play with someone who is better than you because it will force you to improve your game. Khoi, I'm still here alive and well. Your ceramic projects are coming together! We have about two more weeks before the Camry make its way to Oklahoma City. Mike, I'm glad we banged it out. It's always good to talk it through even if it is a discussion between a robot and a preacher. It all makes sense in the end. Hooray for Trump!

May 4, 2016

May 2, 2016

The weekend just went by just like that. Jon Snow is alive and well thanks to the red woman. Or shall we say the old red woman? My mouth is slowly healing. The gums are still inflamed and I am starting to feel the stitches. I have another week before the periodontist removes the stitching. Top Golf was definitely an experience. I have a better appreciation for the game now. It is not easy hitting the ball. We ended the night with Tess driving us home, which was a great idea. Either that or leave her car at Jim and Sarah's and uber it home. Uber is pretty big here. It's super convenient and the pricing is affordable. We got killed in the basketball game. I got tired and bored and left early. I was happy on my couch under the red blanket watching TV. Marci was out and about. Tess and Paul came home rummaging through the kitchen. They made a nice platter of pizza, cheetos, and double stuff oreos. We skipped church on Sunday morning because we already went to Wyatt's first communion mass. We decorated the sugar cookies, which took some experimenting. We picked up Chris and took him to Paul's softball games. Chris wanted Pops after the game. I had the root beer float. Sharon picked up boiled crawfish from Uptown Grocery. She gave me half of what she bought. I ate it all up for dinner. I should have gone back to the store and picked up a few more pounds for Taylor and me. We decided that we will buy some live ones from Super Cao Nguyen. She will then boil them at her place. I'm back to running and working out this week.