July 6, 2015

I'm a bit sun burnt but not too crazy. The uncomfortable skin irritation and peeling have not started yet. I feel good about it this time around though. I didn't overdo it. It would have been worse if I went to T&C like the housewives. Instead, it was a poor man's staycation out in the Far Rockaway. I went ahead and did one night in the Pines as well. I left early before the invasion took place. I was going against the holiday traffic. Almost two hours later, I'm back in the city. I did laundry and cleaned up the apartment. I tried napping but couldn't really get my eyes to rest because my skin was burning. I fried spring rolls at Sheryl's and hung out with her kittens. They are definitely different. One is super active and the other one likes to take it easy. They remind me of my twin nephews. Instead of watching the fireworks, I was knocked out by 10PM. The next day, my attempt at making an easy sinh to bo proved to be an unexpected challenge. I added way too much ice and I didn't chop them before adding the ingredients. You are supposed to chop the ice then add the stuff. I was sweating like a mad man trying to get the blender to essentially blend. Later in the evening, Paul came home to Popeyes fried chicken and homemade cookies. The soccer game went by pretty fast. I didn't really follow True Detective. Wayward Pines is crazy good!

July 1, 2015

Yesterday night was the last day of class. Only two students showed up. The second student brought us all iced tea from TenRen. That was nice of him. He actually left early since Tina and Nelson ended up talking to one another. Also, his assigned teacher didn't show up. Ceasar and I ended up having a one on one session. We will all return in September after Labor Day. I have to meet Sheryl and Ting's kitties at some point. The phone woke me up this morning at around 4AM because of a flash flood warning. Right after the warning went off, I started to hear rain pellets hitting my apartment windows. Earlier in the day, the phone set off an amber alert. These alerts are quite disruptive. I wonder if some of the Miss USA candidates will pull out of the competition. It sucks they all worked so hard to prepare for the competition and to have it all thrown away because of Trump's remarks. This guy really needs to shut up and keep his opinions to himself. This is all bad publicity for him.