March 5, 2015

Flat bed seats...finally!

March 4, 2015

Yesterday was a big ole mess. Snow turned into rain. The rain kept coming all night. I walked in slush and more slush. Today we have some light rain but then the snow returns tomorrow. It's a never ending cycle. Thomas keeps telling me to get these vitamins, but I'm too lazy to go all the way to Alphabet City. I thought the cashier charged me double and I asked her to double check the receipt. I walked out of Duane Reade with about $100 worth of goods. I looked at the stuff I bought again and realized Zyrtec was the killer. Zyrtec is good stuff, but it's super expensive. I prefer Zyrtec over Claritin because Claritin makes me thirsty. My student uses fancy words like seldom and scold. I like that. We should replicate Downton Abbey as much as possible. She learned English from the British. Elicia will be getting her first stand mixer. I am still using mine. It helps to have your hands free while the machine mixes all of your ingredients together. My next project will be dinosaur sugar cookies for the twins. I now know the difference between flooding and decorating.

March 3, 2015

I went to an ENT doctor this morning to get a hearing test. The doctor saw me first and barely cleaned my ears. He said my ears were perfectly fine with no build up of any wax. He condones using cotton swabs on a daily basis. This is the first doctor to say such a thing. He admits that he is probably the only ENT doctor who supports swabbing. The audiologist conducted a hearing test that included sticking sticks into my ears and sitting in a sound proof room. The conclusion is that my hearing is excellent, not good, but excellent. The problem I have is that when people talk to me in a loud environment, I have difficulty hearing. Yet, the person sitting next to me can hear the same person across the table. I explained this to both the doctor and the audiologist. They believe I may have trouble deciphering what is communicated to me in a loud environment because I cannot focus on the person speaking. I am distracted by the loud noise surrounding me. They say children have this problem but it is rare for adults. They suggested additional testing at Hunter College if I am interested, but I declined. Because my hearing is perfect, I am picking up all of the noise around me and this in turn distracts me from hearing the conversation at hand. At the end of the day, this is good news and bad news. The good news is that my hearing is fine and there is no chronic wax build up. The bad news is that there is no solution to hear better in a loud setting. My best bet is to sit closer to the person or have him/her speak louder.

March 2, 2015

Instead of cooking Chau's vegan food, I ended up watching the rest of "The Fall". Will he survive? Stella went straight for him and not the guy she hooked up with. It was a very nice cliffhanger. I hope they renew another season. Sandrine met me for a late lunch. She went for a massage after that. I did laundry instead. The laundromat was a mad house. Heavy snow did not deter people from washing their clothes. I think I went overboard with the white chocolate macadamia cookies on Friday night. Dat and I made our way to the Bronx to see TD perform. I skipped out right after that to head to Astoria. I'm almost done with House of Cards.