May 21, 2019

We had a lot going on this past weekend. It was supposed to be a quiet weekend with no scheduled appearances. Well, the commitments came in and we fulfilled them all. I even thought about canceling the Yelp event on Sunday night that afternoon but Tess walked me off the ledge. We did some hopping around on Friday night. We never made it to the engagement party locale because we ran late. The party moved onto a couple other places until we finally got reunited with the happy couple. I managed to offend Paul's hairdresser without even knowing it until the morning after when I was called out. The next day, I met up with Katy to run the 5K that never happened. The thunderstorms were too much for the race organizers to they cancelled 30 minutes before starting time. I went back home and chilled for a bit before doing the cycle class with Marci and her people. The cycle class was fun and we continued on at Upper Crust. That night, we went on the party bus to celebrate John's birthday. He needs to start curating tours for the locals as well as tourists. He would make a killing! The next day, Tess and I did some baking which took all day. Paul and I met up with the Catos at the Deep Deuce event. We had a late dinner at Broadway 10 and called it a night. The next day, we were on alert for dangerous weather. All of OKC shut down and I worked from home. The rain didn't come until 9pm that night. Yes, it was underwhelming but I'm glad OKC was spared.

May 14, 2019

We are half way through May and the wedding will be here before we know it. Closing on the house is about two weeks out. After closing, the renovation begins. We will not have any free time to socialize. All of the free time will be dedicated to fixing up the Belle Isle Beauty. Hopefully it will be done in time for the wedding. I'm looking forward to spreading out a bit. The house we are in now is good, but it can get stuffy considering there are four adults living in a 1,200 sq ft home. Other than the house being a bit on the small side, everything else is good. We always have food in the fridge and pantry. When we house sat for the Knapps over the weekend, we notice that their fridge only has liquids and condiments. Their fridge looked like our fridge at the Linwood house. We never really cooked. When we did cook, we bought what we needed and that was that. Here at Chris and Sharon's, you always have a fridge with all kinds of goodies. Their fridge reminds me of my mom's house because she always has food too. It must be a generational thing. They either love to cook all the time or they think the grocery stores will run out of food. Either way, we never go hungry at Mama Cass's Casa!

May 7, 2019

Just when you think people are done popping out babies, Di Chang and Chu Stephen are expecting. I am super excited for them. I told her that I am still accepting applications for godkids so they should seriously consider me to be their baby's godfather. Chang said they'll think about it. Stephen asked if I already had enough godchildren. I told him I will never have enough because I won't have kids of my own. I am happy to report that I tried doing my first sudoku yesterday night thanks to Linda's words of encouragement. It was a hard one so I managed to only complete three of the quadrants. It's actually not that bad once you realize what to do with the puzzle. We are under contract for a house in Belle Isle. If everything goes well, we close by the end of the month. We are buying the home with Paul's parents and will work on renovating it together. I hope we get it all done before the wedding. The house is very spacious and the neighborhood is growing on me. The neighborhood association held their annual May Fest last Sunday that coincided with Cinco de Mayo. I am going to stay clear of my fellow neighbors. I learned my lesson with getting friendly with a fellow neighbor in Linwood.