September 1, 2014

It is already September. Where did summer go? Instead of having the day off today, I am working. This country does not recognize the official close to summer. Summer is practically year round here. The good thing about this is that I have a floating holiday. The trip to the mall went very well. I managed to pick up some chocolate covered dates and house slippers. Yes, I've been wanting house slippers for the longest time. The floor in my apartment is quite dusty from all of the construction work. On the first day of my arrival, I swept and mopped the entire apartment. However, my feet still felt dirty and dusty as if I was walking on concrete. The solution was to wear house shoes to separate my bare feet from the concrete floor. I picked up a $5 pair from Carrefour. The store pretty much have everything you can think of. I stocked up on souvenirs among other things. We moved the count to Tuesday to minimize the disruption considering it's the first day of classes. I survived a spinning class and will return to KP for a couple more classes. The gym changed its opening time from 7AM to 6AM. This is exciting news because I have been getting up quite early and waiting for the gym to open. I can get two sessions in before going into work. I need to drink up the almond milk. Everyone seems to be Australians or British here. All of the Australians are personal trainers and instructors in the gym. The British stick to the office work. Plus, they are quite out of shape. Speaking of which, the Melbourne housewives look and feel just like the ones in Beverly Hills. I am almost done with first season of "Under the Dome".