October 28, 2020

The crazy ice storm is still happening but today should not be as bad as the past two days. Trees are dropping like flies and people are without power. Half of those in the OKC metro area still do not have power. We took in the Williams and they will likely stay with us for awhile until power is restored. It's like a war zone out there. We have less than a week before the crazy elections and this ice storm is not helping at all. Hopefully power will be restored soon and tree limbs will be picked up. We are off to Florida for the long weekend so who knows what OKC will look like when we come back.

October 20, 2020

My brother, Eddie and his wife, are expecting a baby girl. The baby is due in early March. Talk about a baby boom that is happening this year...everyone is having a baby! I thought COVID put a damper on reproducing due to health precautions but I guess people think otherwise. She will be our first niece in the family.

October 19, 2020

Election Day is almost here. I can't believe it's been four years since we last voted for a president. What did we accomplish these past four years? I already turned in my absentee ballot and it was accepted by the local election board. The ballot won't be opened and counted until the day of the election. I'm really surprised that Oklahoma has the technology to track the ballots coming in. You get to see when it was sent to you and when it was received. There's also a status for counting the ballot. We will be coming back from Florida on Election Day so I'll be on my phone all day and night tracking incoming results and projections.

October 16, 2020

This scene came out of nowhere at the end. I almost freaked out. It was very sad to see her leave. The song is uplifting sounding, but this scene was the saddest part of the movie. It came out of nowhere!

October 15, 2020

We are headed back to being in lockdown once again. The spikes are happening all around us. I am going to limit indoor gatherings going forward. We really do get all four seasons here in Oklahoma. Fall weather is the best because my allergies are not that bad. When spring rolls around, this is when I start sneezing a lot. The Plenty folks visited us on the patio last night. I couldn't stay up late with them so I escaped to go to bed. Today is finally Thursday and I have a day full of meetings. Tomorrow I am meetings-free. I was on a call with a client and we were trying to schedule the next meeting. She was like me in that Fridays are reserved for playing catch up. This is the day I don't want to meet with anyone.

October 13, 2020

I may have seen the best meme this morning coming from Mike. It was a combination of pro-choice and the mask mandate. People really do pick and choose what they want to do and it is never consistent across the board. You can say you are pro-life, yet you don't wear masks to protect others from dying. You may be immune to it all and that's great for you. However, look at the person next to you and you probably can't tell that they have underlying health conditions. You breathe that virus on them and they are more than likely to get really sick or die. You're good though because you are still strong and can live your life. Let's be kind to one another and stop playing the freedom card. We all have our freedoms but when it's a public health crisis, how about we protect one another?

October 1, 2020

How did we get here? We now only have three months left for the year. I am ready for 2020 to be over with but I'm not sure how 2021 will be.