September 24, 2020

I have to attend another catholic seminar to be Parker's godfather. It's called a baptismal seminar. I have already received my sacraments of initiation, but I really don't adhere to the Catholic Church by going to mass every Sunday, etc. I wonder if me sponsoring Blain from a couple years ago will grandfather me as an "approved" godparent for Parker. It's just a lot of red tape just to do all of these things. Parker's mom confessed to me last night that she is only doing this to make Mom and Dad happy. According to the church, if you die before getting baptized, you will not go to heaven. This is why it is very important to get a baby baptized as soon as possible in case something happens. Like I told the nurse who saw my mom drinking holy water while getting checked up and cleared for surgery, it's all magic and mysticism!

September 23, 2020

I went into work yesterday and stayed there until my annual wellness visit. The entire physician group and the hospital's systems were down so they really couldn't do much. I can tell my doctor was trying to kill time by talking to me about nutrition, exercising, etc. There wasn't much to talk about because I had nothing going on. I did get a flu shot so I'm all set for fall to get here. After about 15 minutes with the doctor, I was sent on my way. I couldn't get any lab work done downstairs because he couldn't electronically send the lab order down to the lab. I am to come back in the next couple of months to get the lab work done. The nurse who used to take my vitals has been replaced by another nurse. I ran into her on my way up the elevator. We visited a bit and she said she is now with the senior medical practice instead of internal medicine. It's really difficult to recognize people when we all have masks on, but I'm glad I ran into her.

September 22, 2020

The house party from the Home Alone guy didn't happen. I was pretty much all by myself on Saturday. I woke up at 5:30am and could not go back to sleep. I baked a banana nut bread and a batch of brownies when I woke up. I then moved on to doing errands and picking up snacks at Super Cao Nguyen. I think I was home by like 10am. I didn't leave the house after that until the next morning when Marci invited me for coffee with Brandi. I think I was also up by like 6am on Sunday. I came back from coffee and lunch at Plant. Chris and Sharon came home right after I got back from lunch. Jason and the rest of the gang had a Sunday fun day so I hung out with them for a bit. After I was done with them, Sharon and I went to look for American flags. We found some at Home Depot and placed them on our lawn. After a few hours of TV, Paul was home from his softball tournament. Sunday turned out to be a busy one in comparison to Saturday.

September 18, 2020

September 17, 2020

I finally got my bracelet back. It was under a seat cushion at the lake house. The cleaning person looked for it and found it. When it came back to me, the latch to keep the bracelet intact stopped working. I dropped it off to have it fixed. The girl said it would take about a couple weeks but it was done within a few days. I was also informed by Sharon that they are going away this weekend. Paul is also out this weekend. I think this will be the first time I'll be home alone in the big house. I am looking forward to doing nothing!

September 16, 2020

We are officially done with the first half of September and now moving on to the latter half. KNT and her family made it to Canada and are officially out of New York. Sheryl is expecting and her baby is due in March. Taylor is also expecting and I think she's due in March as well. Chi Mai bought a new home out in the bay area. Jacq is looking for a home in Rhode Island.

September 15, 2020

Everyone tells me this year has gone by so fast. I agree that it's been lightening speed since mid-March. You think we will come out of this soon but it keeps dragging. Marci and I decided that we will work in the office twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way, we can slowly acclimate ourselves to being back in the office. It will be a tough transition to get people back in the office mindset. Within a few weeks, we will be back to normal...well, close to be being back to where we were before covid. I guess people won't hug, shake hands, and speak close to one another when we are back. I wonder if getting the vaccine will change anything as well. In other news, Hurricane Sally could not get further west so NOLA is spared yet again. It's unfortunate for the Alabama and Mississippi coasts, which will get torrential rain and strong winds. If you are ever on the west side of a hurricane, you are in good shape because the winds are not as crazy and there is barely any rain. If you are on the east side of the hurricane, expect significant storms and heavy winds.

September 12, 2020

I enjoyed the past few days where we had really cool air during the day and night. Marci and I sat out on the backyard patio yesterday afternoon and it was perfect. There was no wind. There were about two flies. That was pretty much it. I've moved onto the bigger Will & Wiley can versus the regular size. It's like drinking water at this point. It doesn't do much for me other than the cherry lime taste. I've noticed that anything with a cherry flavor is good. Cherry just makes everything better. All of the other flavors are okay.

September 10, 2020

I pretty much acted as Paul's assistant yesterday. Last week, Marci and I had to go drop off a part for a plumber at the 21st street site. Yesterday, I accepted two packages from the UPS man and paid Susy for the work she completed. I wonder what today holds. I won't be working from home today so he may just be on his own. We survived Wasted Wednesday and today is Thirsty Thursday. Friday Fallout is tomorrow.

September 9, 2020

It's definitely a weird time for everyone. Do you get together with people or not? Do you continue keeping your distance and live your life? It's funny how we start creating our own social bubbles. We have a few bubbles and some of them do not overlap at all. Within a bubble, there may be sub-groups within the bubble. The big bubble gets together for adult birthdays and any other reason to celebrate.

September 8, 2020

We survived the long holiday weekend. I think we were out every night starting on Thursday. I needed to not do anything yesterday to fully recover from the weekend. I managed to keep the pineapple cup near and dear to me all throughout the party but when it was time to leave, I left it behind. Jessi picked it up for me. I think I ate about ten slices of pizza over the three-day weekend. I can never get enough of pizza. I realized from last week that I need to go shopping on Sundays when it's double points for all purchases. I need to do better with planning what I want during the week and next so that I can hedge for Sunday purchases. The rewards are endless and I've already redeemed like five times.

September 4, 2020

September 3, 2020

Jake and Haley are supposed to get married tomorrow in Mexico. I forgot all about it until I saw my calendar with my flight info. It would have been a good trip but it's too much of a risk to travel all the way to Mexico at this time. Going to New Orleans was not so bad because I only stopped twice to get gas and for restroom breaks. Chi Mai asked if I took breaks to rest. I told her if I take breaks, who will drive the car while I'm taking a break? It's not so bad driving long distance because you leave the car on cruise control for 80% of the time. The thing that gets me is the countless long stretches with no end in sight. You get excited when you get to a big town or city. After passing through the town with one or two interstate exits, you are back to being bored again.

September 1, 2020

Mama Nguyen's surgery went well and, knock on wood, she will recover from home just fine. The surgeon ordered home health nurse and physical therapy for her but we decided to opt out of that. I'm happy to be back in Oklahoma City. It was good catching up with Chi Chinh and the boys, but I couldn't get a lot of work done. Also, NOLA was lucky to get some of Hurricane Laura's outer bands. The storm made its way to Lake Charles instead. Congratulations to Alex and Tammy for welcoming their newest baby girl, Sienna. I had no idea they were expecting. I'm happy they made it out of NYC in time and Tammy was able to deliver a healthy baby. Sterling now has her baby sis to play with. Mrs. Diez is expecting. It's funny when she asked me, "Guess what?" In the past, I would assume she's pregnant and asked if she was. I stopped asking her that after a few times. People are having babies left and right. KNT, all the best to you with your move north and keep me posted on your whereabouts. Chi Mai also reached out to me after a long hiatus. We caught up a bit and she's finally a homeowner again. We have quite a few people to visit out in California. I'm done with traveling for awhile.