November 18, 2020

He needs to leave the position gracefully and be gone. It's highly doubtful that will happen considering he's a big baby about losing. We are all ready to move on from this and he needs to as well. It's insane how they are still trying to fight frivolous claims of election fraud. KNT, I'm glad you and your family made it to your new home. Unpacking is certainly a daunting task and hopefully you'll get it done before the holidays are here. Governor Stitt finally enacted statewide restrictions this week. Before this week, it was up to local governments to mandate their own restrictions such as face coverings in public places. We still do not have a statewide mask mandate, but bars are now supposed to close daily by 11pm. State employees in the executive branch are supposed to wear masks while in the office. Last time I checked, I thought we are supposed to wear masks while indoors anyway and certainly at the State Capitol. It's just insane how the mask thing is still a thing.

November 3, 2020

Nail biter...