February 29, 2008

Bring a whole bottle of Febreze when eating at a Korean restaurant. They stowed my coat away in these coat bags to minimize the smell of grilled meat. The bags did not help. I walked out of the restaurant and rode in the train in shame. My fellow passengers probably gave me dirty looks. No one really came up to me and told me I smell like food. I came home and sprayed Febreze all over my coat and jacket. I got under the shower to wash my hair. I even sprayed my gym bag. This morning, I gave everything another good spray of Febreeze. Note to myself...bring an extra set of clothes when eating at an open grill joint or carry a big bottle of Febreze. I am seeing an ENT doctor later today. I had to wait for a month to get an appointment. It better be worth my wait. Happy Leap Day! It sucks if someone has his/her birthday on February 29th. They can only celebrate it every four years, just like the Olympics. McCain was born in Panama at a US military base. Does this disqualify him from becoming president? Military bases and embassies around the world are considered US soil. Let's see what the Democrats will do to kick McCain out of the race. Prince Harry is leaving Afghanistan after fighting for 10 weeks. He will return to England. Last night's "Lost" rocked my world. Penelope waited for him after all. The time travel deal seemed unrealistic, but made me glued to the tube. It is getting better. They better end with a bang.

February 28, 2008

You got me! You found my little diary of dirty secrets. I will now refrain from bad mouthing you and the office...KIDDING! One thing I like about this is it's a 1-way street. Last night I went crazy on Chinese food. I ate Shrimp Lo Mein, Crab Rangoon, and Wonton Soup. Bloomberg says he will not run for president. Miss Jackson has a new faux reality show on MTV. I've seen clips and they are hilarious. She left Bel-Air for Compton. Hillary needs to win this coming Tuesday. Yes, I keep talking about Mrs. Clinton. I'll stop talking about her when she officially ends her bid for the democratic nomination. Chelsea continues to work in lower Manhattan at a high-paying job. It is fuh-reezing today. I am low on cash. I think I have $3 on me. Time to hit the ATM again. Yes, I did not touch your stocked cellphone. How much is the per call surcharge from St. Martin? The dollar is now the lowest it has been when compared against other currencies. High-end retailers in New York continue to do well because of foreign tourists.

February 27, 2008

Yesterday in Chinatown, NYPD confiscated "knockoff" goods after months of undercover investigation. They took fake luxury handbags, accessories, cologne, perfume, etc. No one was arrested. Why did they not arrest anyone? When you walk out of the train station, those folks in North Face jackets are up in your face mumbling luxury brand names and showing you crumbled pieces of paper. They did not arrest any of those people? I get irritated when they block passengers from leaving the train station. It's ridiculous. I have shoved my way through the line of hecklers on many occasions. They loiter the streets and should be fined or jailed. They are a menace to pedestrians and business owners. I am surprised no one was arrested in yesterday's raid. I have a feeling some City Hall insider asked for leniency. In other news, Mariah Carey has a new video. It's all about touching her body. What does one do at A CHORUS LINE? One would get in a line and sing a few show tunes. I think that's what one does at a chorus line. Never eat Junior's late in the night. You will lay down and can't get up. I paid a cab fare with a credit card for the first time. When you are at your destination, just tell the cab driver you want to pay with credit. The touch screen will show the cab fare giving you a choice of paying credit or cash. Just follow the easy instructions and you're set to go. You don't even have to sign the credit card receipt. I ate way too many grilled cheese sandwiches yesterday. I became officially fat.

February 26, 2008

Happiness is real when shared.

February 25, 2008

Last night's Oscars belong to the Europeans. Jon Stewart was too nice last night. The jokes did not offend many people. The more you piss people off, the funnier the joke. I didn't stay until the end. I gave up on the show a few minutes after 11PM. Yesterday, I was able to get a 2-hour afternoon nap. I have not done this in a very long time. John, are the mainlanders not honoring pinyin any more? I have "lien khuc" songs beating in my head. When you get drunk and fall asleep, you wake up in the same position. There are no real movements throughout your sleep other than breathing. Our flies crisis may have died down. The last one appeared yesterday morning. I didn't see any after that. Do not use Country Crock spread when making grilled cheese sandwiches. The cost of groceries continues to increase. Maybe a Republican will win in November after all considering Nader's entrance into the race. My co-worker had a European radio station on and I overheard the song below. ..good times! Where were you when this song was all over the radio?

February 24, 2008

I am still experiencing the stuffy nose syndrome. I worked on Part III all throughout yesterday before Viet class in the afternoon. After class, we ate at Nha Hang Tu Do. Instead of eating real food, we ordered from the appetizer menu. Bo Luc Lac was the only "real" food at the table. The waiter gave us a bit of attitude. I guess he wanted us to order more expensive items. Yes, I am a beer drinker. It's either beer or red wine. I can't do white wine and mixed drinks. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting a baby. It's all about the high pitched female vocals and tribal beats. Who will take home the Oscars tonight? Tune into ABC for details. Have fun in France's "Hawaii"! Is Ralph Nader attempting to run for the White House again? Mrs. Clinton, if you don't win the democratic bid, finish out your second senate term. Run for re-election again when your term ends. If you can't return to the White House, you'll still be in Washington representing the great state of New York. Mazel tov!

February 23, 2008

My nose gets stuffed up quite easily nowadays. I'm having to blow my nose throughout the day. What is in the air? As of March 2nd, the monthly Metro card pass will increase in price from $76 to $81. Be sure to buy next month's pass before the price increase. Sorry, I don't do Xanga. Facebook is all I can handle. We have our midterm in Vietnamese class today. The snow finally ended. If a landlord does not clear his sidewalk of snow, the city will issue a ticket. The sidewalk should be clear of accumulated snow. I am on a white rice eating binge. Loan, those soldier pictures are from my performance at a Tet show. A video clip will be available soon. I had a very weird dream last night. In addition to paying tuition for a class, the teacher charged fees to eat regular food and dessert. To eat food, you must pay $25 and $15 for dessert. I filed a complaint with the dean but he did nothing. I became very frustrated because I like to eat in class and refused to pay those ridiculous fees. I woke up feeling dissatisfied. Hopefully, I will revisit that story in another dream. My spare tires are getting thinner...no thanks to you, Thinmaker! I'm getting my small refund from Uncle Same next week. I should get married and have kids. Those folks pay the least in taxes.

February 22, 2008

It finally snowed today! I wore my old shoes in anticipation of the icy slush. It's nasty out there. Snow continues to fall. In the afternoon, it will change into sleet and icy rain. I had planned on doing laundry tonight. I may wait until tomorrow morning instead. Is Baby Aaron one of the Oceanic 6 survivors? Does the baby count? Next week's episode will focus on the helicopter ride. What happened to them? I have not lost interest. I am still on the edge of my seat. Today is a good day to chill out and drink hot cocoa. My dry cleaner did not show up. I dropped off my shirts at a dry cleaner near my office. I'll pick them up Monday morning and change at work. I might do that from now on. I don't wear those shirts on the weekends. Obama and Clinton hashed it out last night in Austin, Texas. The debate focused on immigration, the economy, Fidel Castro's resignation, and the English language. Geri, don't give up on the subway. We all need it. Open a book and immerse yourself in an interesting story. Don't move to Dallas. Serbian rioters burned attacked the U.S. embassy in Belgrade. Change can't be xeroxed!

February 21, 2008

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Mayor Bloomberg and his team hosted a lunar new year reception last night at the mayor's mansion on the UES. He was a pro at taking pictures. I got yelled at for taking pictures. Thao, you represented us well. Now we know that Bloomberg is a horse. Yes, I am fast at posting pictures. I hate seeing pictures that happened two months ago. It's always good to see them instantly. We live in a world filled with instant gratifications. We demand everything fast and easy. There are express trains, limited buses, the express checkout line, VIP lines, instant mac-and-cheese, frozen dinners, and overnight deliveries. I thought I had given up eating out for lent. Mom hooked me up with some yummy food. I'm all set for the next two months. Tien and Vy, have fun in California and don't forget to come back to NY.

February 20, 2008

Obama wins Wisconsin. He might as well win the democratic nomination. At this point, I don't think Hillary has a good chance. I hate to say it, but she should drop out already. If Hillary wins, she will appoint her husband as the V.P. candidate. Nothing in the constitution states that a former president cannot sit as the V.P. under a separate term. Also, the succession from V.P. to President doesn't specify that he/she cannot be a former president. The president is limited two terms...that's it! I'm living in a dream world. That will never happen. Wouldn't it be awesome though? Castro steps down as Cuba's president after 49 years of being on top. He recommends his younger brother, who is also in his old age, to take his place. Many Cuban Americans do not expect to see any real change. Some say Castro is the equivalent to Uncle Ho. The latter never really ruled a country, yet they both share the same socialist ideas and propaganda. I have a feeling the Cubans will mummify Castro's body and build a great tomb in his honor when he passes away. I think it's the communist way of honoring their "great" leaders.

February 19, 2008

I dropped off my brown shoes for repair. It sucks how the shoes are practically new but have gone through so much stress. Walking in rain, sleet, and snow did not help. The repair folks will need to stitch up the hole pointed out by my dearest, Agnes. I didn't even know the hole existed until she pointed it out to me. I found a new barber up the road from my apartment. The guy that I have been going to closed his shop. According to the note on his window, he couldn't renew his lease. Now that I think of it, the entire building is vacant. I have a feeling they will tear it down and build a luxury building. I'm okay with the new barber. He is $5 cheaper than the other guy. This one doesn't talk at all, which is perfect for me. I don't like to "small talk" while getting a haircut. If I move my mouth to speak, my scalp may move as well. As a result, the haircut might get screwed up. I saw Aishwarya Rai's latest flick. It was a bit slow at first, but progressed with the usual dramatics. I'm thinking they put eye drops as fake tears. Addison is finally going to school. He gets to wear his backpack for real instead of faking it all over the house. If I leave my wallet on the table, I wonder if he'll recognize it and say "Cau Bee". Brad, good luck on day #1! Knock 'em dead! I ran into that stylist guy from ANTM at Astor Place yesterday. Some homeless guy approached him about something. People really do look the same in person. I can't wait for Mama's ruoc! I already have my jasmine rice in the kitchen cabinet. Viet-Ha, please change your clock to eastern standard time.

February 18, 2008

As of yesterday, the world welcomed a new country. With support from the U.S. and other allies, Kosovo detached itself from the bigger nation of Serbia. Albanians in New York celebrated all throughout Times Square. Red flags with a black eagle-like image took over the city. Is it me or does the flag remind you of a futuristic society where all its citizens must comply to a harsh dictatorship? I don't know why, but that flag just rubs me the wrong way. President Bush is in Africa visiting somewhat peaceful nations and staying clear from conflict ridden countries. I covered one chapter today. I meant to cover two more, but I ended up getting a snack. My Subway sandwich gal recently moved to New York from India. She left her high-paying job at IBM for the good life in New York. I have trouble taking afternoon naps. I can no longer dose off and wake up two hours later unless I am sleeping for the night. My new Egyptian cotton bedsheets kicks ass! It's worth it to pay more for comfort. I am off from work today to celebrate our nation's presidents.

February 17, 2008

Yesterday was very productive. I finished reviewing two chapters and made it to class on time. I signed up to be a bone marrow donor. They will call me if there's a match. I wonder what will happen afterwards. I hear the surgery can be quite excruciating. Oh well...we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Thao, you didn't come to class! Let me know if you need notes. We have our big mid-term next week. I sat on the 10th floor of Bobst facing the Empire State Building set against clear blue skies. It doesn't getter better than that. I brought Wendy's back to the library and ate while watching election updates on CNN. Hillary wants the party to count Michigan and Florida? It's a pretty desperate move on her part. I got rid of the cheesy earphones that Chang got me. I'm sorry. Those things never stayed in place. I bought new ones from the computer store. They didn't give me a discount. A disadvantage to wearing those puffy North Face jackets is you sweat easily when indoors. I stepped inside Kmart and a few minutes later, my back became completely wet. The "down" material keeps you warm, yet keeps you even warmer while inside. I shouldn't complain. It's off to studying again where I can pretend to be a student. Those years of not working full time bring back good memories of being lazy, getting fat, and getting way too much sleep. A suicide bomber kills 80 in Afghanistan. The French enslaved the indigenous people instead of "colonizing". Yes, they brought new technology and improved the infrastructure. At the same time, the colonialists exported heavy amounts of raw materials resulting in permanent damage to the environment. I don't think the natives have any resentment toward the French. The past is the past. We moved on. Being overweight increases your risk for cancer. Did we not already know that?

February 16, 2008

I have had a runny nose for the past two days. It's been going around the office too. I got my flu shot last fall so hopefully it will protect me from all the germs out there. Last night was very productive. I walked on the stair machine, washed two loads of clothes, and bought groceries at Associated. I loaded up on sale items. Today it's all about studying. Actually, I plan to study all throughout this weekend including on Monday. If Hillary loses Texas and Ohio, she should drop out of the presidential race. Obama has gain quite a momentum. It may be an Obama v. McCain race after all. Another campus shooting occurred earlier this week. This time, it's on the campus of Northern Illinois University. Six people were killed, including the killer himself. The manhunt on the Upper East Side continues. A friend of the victim was interviewed in Pennsylvania. Police questioned him for hours, but they could not charge him for the murder. San Jose residents cannot get their own "Little Saigon". A small, yet vocal group of Vietnamese Americans refuse to accept "Saigon Business District". The bodies on display at "Bodies" may have come from executed prisoners in China.

February 15, 2008

I didn't get my cold noodles at Menkuitei. Instead, I ate Thai food at Klong. There were some TMI moments. Nita, welcome to blogging. Now I know where to go to get the skinny on your adventures. Chang, how is the weather down south? Yesterday's episode of "Lost" focused on Sayid and his post-Lost killings. As always, the kicker happened in the last five minutes of the show. I don't think Ben is considered one of the Oceanic 6. I tried calling the toll free number to find out more about the crash. I could not get through. I am more lost now than ever. Is Sayid killing these people to save his friends left on the island? He said he would never trust Ben. Why is he working for Ben? Ben left the island on many occasions because of the fake passports Sayid found. I ate one too many Crumbs cupcakes. The line went out the door. I skipped the gym this morning because I woke up late. I'll make it up by going this afternoon. We have no work on Monday! I don't remember getting off from work last year. Khanh, good luck on getting that new car. Sorry, I don't know any car dealers here in the city. If Mrs. Clinton wins the general election later this fall, she will eventually morph into the image below.

February 14, 2008

Today is the holiday for all the lovers out there. Who is my Valentine? Do I have one? Do I need one? It rained all day yesterday. I wore my old pants to work in anticipation of the soaking weather. There is a man at large in the city. The guy who committed the murder in my neighborhood is wanted by the police. I see WANTED signs posted on every business in my hood. This reminds me of the time when a man laid flat face down across the street from me at my Richardson apartment. I opened up my french doors and saw a dead man with cops hovering over him to collect evidence. We live in such a violent country. Remove all guns from private citizens. Leave them with the authorities so they can do their work. Those police cars and television network vans continue to block my M79 buses. Anh Quan, where is that 5-minute video of yourself? Emily, I will jump parties if something happens. Agnes, we missed you at work today. Were you really sick or did we irritate the heck out of you? I ate two chicken wraps and an apple pie from McDonald's for lunch. For dinner, I ate a slice of pepperoni pizza from Gotham Pizza. I'm not a happy camper. I will pay for it later. The belt is getting a bit tight. Any advice on controlling one's food intake is greatly appreciated. You no longer need a prescription for Zyrtec. I bought some today off the shelf. Kumar got stuck in Cuba. Harold came to rescue him. What happened to Amsterdam?

February 13, 2008

Snow blanketed the city all throughout yesterday afternoon and night. I walked in real snow for the first time this season. A horrific murder happened down the street from my apartment. At my morning bus stop, I noticed the news vans with their antennas high up in the air. Every single network channel plus NY1 were on site. As I waited for my bus, I overheard one of the reporters broadcoasting a live feed. Apparently, someone killed an apartment resident and wounded another resident. The guy escaped leaving everyone shakened and clueless as to what happened. We'll find out more later this afternoon. I am in my sandwich phase. For lunch, I ate a ham and cheese sandwich. For dinner, I ate a Subway seafood sensation sandwich. I don't know if I should hate the matchmaker on Bravo. It's funny to see her yelling at people for being "clueless". Kim-Thao, I'll try to do the real peace sign next time. To view pictures from last weekend's Tet show, click here. Many thanks to Paul and Hung for taking awesome pictures!

February 12, 2008

In observation of Lincoln's birthday, employees for five states, including New Jersey and New York, are off today. Should I expect them to be off on Valentine's Day as well? The rate for first class stamps will increase from $0.41 to $0.42 beginning in May 2008. I am not a happy camper. I just stocked up on $0.41 stamps. I now need to buy $0.01 stamps to make up the difference. If you are smart, buy the "forever" stamps. Stop hating on other people, Kanye West! Do something with your hair, Amy Winehouse! I can only imagine all the birds chirping in that nest of yours. Thoa and Horatio, thank you again for a great evening. I enjoyed the delicious food, my non-winning lottery ticket, and the great company. Lucia, don't forget to call me next year for Mawdi Graw! The fire alarm went off yesterday night at the gym. When I left the locker room, the entire place was silent and empty. One of the employees told me to step into the swimming pool area. I was one of 10 people "left behind". We could not exit the building and were told to stay in place. I thought to myself...if the building is burning, why can't we leave already? Did they think the chlorine-infested water from the swimming pool would save us from falling burnt debris? Five minutes later, the locked down ended and we were free to leave. As I left the building, a horde of people rushed in. I made it out of the building unharmed.

February 11, 2008

Hillary may win the democratic nomination after all. If the Superdelegates continue to support her, the popular vote from ordinary Democrats like us would not matter in the end. Loan, I can only afford $2,008 this year. Next year, I'll give you an extra dollar. Anh Quan, good luck on your audition. I hope you make the cut. We'll see you on Bravo in no time. Last night's show was a success (in my eyes). Thao, please stop being mean to me. I'm a fragile person. Merci beaucoup! I wonder if the girls got the letters in the correct order. Mass was boring. The priest spoke more than he normally does. I never knew catholic "xuan" songs existed. This morning, I experienced the coldest weather of the season so far. It should warm up later this week. Chi San, it was nice to catch up with you. I'll see about the Cherry Blossom deal in DC.

February 10, 2008

When I did my laundry yesterday morning, I was the only guy in the laundry room. Was it because I washed my clothes at 8:30AM on a Saturday morning? The same deal applies to the early morning gym warriors. I would be one of a handful of guys in the entire gym. Everyone else is a female. Do females wake up earlier than men? Do guys stay out late and drink while females are home in bed waiting for their men to come home? That's such a chauvinist thing to say. I was yelled at today for not having a clean, pressed white shirt. I am not Hitler. The last time I checked, Hitler hasn't been alive in decades. I am all "banh mi" out. For the past two days, my diet consisted of mainly banh mi and Vietnamese desserts. Let's get the party started. If hanging decorative ornaments on the ceiling, be sure you have strong adhesive. Otherwise, wear helmets to protect your head from falling objects. Snow never came today. I forgot about my slice of Patsy's pizza in the fridge at work. Too bad it will go to waste. Yes, it's the waste bucket with real trash and not just paper. I bought 300-count Egyptian bed sheets because the old one ripped for some apparent reason. No more eating on the bed.

February 9, 2008

I learned a few things yesterday. People who are the only child have a problem sharing things. They think they deserve everything. It is quite difficult for them to consider sharing a glass of water or a slice of cake. The idea of splitting a sandwich in half never crosses his/her mind. They were raised to consume the whole thing. I also learned that Yeungling beer comes from America, and not China. Apparently, that name originated from a European family and not someone from the Far East. Who would've known? Before I moved here, I have never heard of that beer. It's a northeast thing. Hillary Clinton is the next Evita. Madonna hosted an A-list celebrity party last week at the U.N. Our rebate checks will be mailed in May. I still haven't watched the entire episode of this week's "Lost". I saw the ending.

February 8, 2008

Chi Dao, thank you for the ride home. You saved me a lot of headache. It's always nice to get a ride home in a private car. The train and bus are necessary during rush hour. What is up with Hannah Montana? All she does is sing, dance, and act. She continues to break records at the box office. John, Chongqing was in New York's news this morning. Someone burnt down a temple because of new year festivities. The Empire State Building had red and yellow lights in observation of the lunar new year. We ate at Xe Lua. The soft shell crab was excellent. I found my new favorite dish. Is anyone paying attention to fashion week?

February 7, 2008

Happy New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Gung Hay Fat Choy! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Today was a long day. We were asked to attend lunch at Saigon Grill. Rafael had big news to tell us. You will be missed, but I'm sure we will remain in touch. Besides, you need to return those DVDs to Karen. I ended up eating half of your cupcake. You threw it in the trash can. I did not eat out of a trash can. The cupcake was clearly wrapped in paper bag. You have two kinds of trash. The first kind is your normal, everyday trash in the kitchen. Contents of this trash include banana peels, spoiled milk, crumbs from sandwiches, and scraps of rice. The other kind of trash is the one at your desk. This would include mostly paper products. The cupcake was in the trash can by my desk. Why am I explaining all of this? I have no clue. I had to explain myself. You guys probably thought I ate out of a dirty trash can, but I really didn't. I made my TV debut yesterday. Vy's mom acknowledged my existence.

February 6, 2008

Hillary and Obama should just hold hands and run against McCain and Huckabee. Obama can be the VP candidate. I couldn't stay up last night to see who won California. Subway on St. Mark's closed down. In its place are two Korean yogurt parlors. One of them is Pinkberry. I think there are more than a handful of Pinkberrys in Manhattan now. We walked all the way to 12th St. for our Subway sandwiches. Great Jones Cafe served cajun food, but not the kind we want. Plus, the wait took too long. After a bottle of Abita, we ventured down to Chinatown and ate at Xe Lua. There goes eating cajun food on Mardi Gras. Dr. Sharma, that was thoughtful of you, but the apartment is way too small for a printer. I missed out on the Giants parade. Don't forget your ashes today!

February 5, 2008

Pheezy, why do I care about those cookies in Scarsdale? Do you want me to get you some? Scarsdale is not near me at all. United Airlines will begin charging $25 for your second checked-in luggage. You won't have to pay the fee if you fly at least 25,000 miles with them annually. Southwest Airlines is no longer contracted with ATA to fly in and out of New York LaGuardia. The closest you will get to New York City is via Long Island Islip. I voted this morning along with three other people. Everyone else will vote later tonight after coming home from work. A note to myself...do not buy those candied fruits and vegetables for the office. Just stick to shredded coconut only. I don't even like that stuff. I don't know why I bought them. I ate the last of the pigs in a blanket. I have been talking in my sleep for the past few nights. I have also had very weird dreams about ridiculous things. My co-workers and I are getting fat off of sweets. Happy Mardi Gras! New Yorkers will welcome the national champions with a ticker tape parade. Chang, make sure to take lots of pictures. I hear that you guys will be the ones throwing shredded paper onto the crowd. My polling station has signs in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

February 4, 2008

Go Giants! It's almost 1:00PM and I haven't eaten anything yet. I had some stuff I needed to get done this morning. I also ate way too much food last night at Thao's. Thank you again for hosting. You are the hostess with the mostest! The next meal is on me since I took most of your money. Texas Hold'em was fun, but I had a better time winning $1 bills playing blackjack. Food Emporium didn't have my cheesy mini sausages. I inserted pieces of Kraft singles in the rolls to give them a cheesy taste. I think we perfected the soldier dance. I'm sure we'll mess up on performance day.

February 3, 2008

After running in the park with Thao, I did my laundry, picked up dry cleaning, went to the bank to get some $1 bills for gambling, and cleaned the restroom. According to my Vietnamese teacher, I should not shower and clean the house on Feb. 7th. It will be the first day of the new year. You don't want to wash away your good fortune. I think I'll take a shower on that day. I'd hate to walk around not feeling fresh. Today is the Super Bowl. It's the NY Giants against the New England Patriots. It doesn't get better than that. I am to make pigs in a blanket today for "Studio 54". The two ladies at Xe Lua are not sisters. I confirmed it last night. I bought some candied fruits for the office. John, you're now getting to hanzi? Good luck with those strokes. If given a choice, I prefer pinyin any day. Unfortunately, no one really uses pinyin. Stay warm in the cold weather and don't forget to give your students good luck money for the new year.

February 2, 2008

It rained all day yesterday. I walked soaking in the rain from Houston St. to Grand. I had dinner with my closest Vietnamese buddies to ring in the new year. Well, it's not really the new year yet. The best dish was by far the porridge. Yes, I'm not big on soups, but the porridge had the right taste and consistency. One bowl was not enough. For lunch, we went across the street to a Japanese place. We ordered the usual bento lunch boxes. On my ride home, the train stalled at Grand Central due to a sick passenger. After waiting it out for almost 10 minutes, I switched to the express train and walked from 86th and Lexington. Thankfully the rain stopped. The new oasis contacts are well worth the extra cost. My eyes did not experience dryness at all. I usually get irritated around 8PM because of my dry contacts. Not anymore! We are bad students. No one did their homework from last week. Completing the assignments last minute seems to be norm. Melanie, you get more fake money and your son gets less real money. It's a good deal. I became a bit edgy towards the later half of my day. We are not the special ones here in New York. The Europeans get all the attention.

February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anh Hoang! Women wore red today to raise awareness for the #1 killer in females- heart disease. I did a preliminary filing of my taxes and I'm only getting back half of what I received in previous years. I'm not a happy camper. There goes my big vacation this coming spring. Melanie, I'm glad you did the evaluation. Now we know what we need to do. If you get more information, let me know. I will do the same. It's February already! I was not too thrilled with yesterday's premiere of "Lost". They showed us flash forwards instead of flashbacks. We know for sure that six people left the island. We already know half of the six. Who are the remaining three and what really happened? The show is now on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays. Chang, did you even sleep? Good luck with your first day today. Make us proud! For those who received little red envelopes with "money", it is to celebrate the upcoming the lunar new year on Thursday, February 7th. Chuc Mung Nam Moi!