January 31, 2008

Although this month has a total of 31 days, it seemed as if it went by really fast. Edwards is out of the race. He has not endorsed either of the two remaining Democrats. He is playing it safe because one of them will likely appoint him as the V.P. candidate. On the Republican side, we are left with McCain and Romney. McCain will definitely win his party's bid. Unfortunately, he may be stronger against the two remaining Democrats. He is not a conservative Republican, which sits very well with some Democrats...including me. I thought to myself how I would flee to Canada if a Republican wins the race. I'm having second thoughts. If McCain rules this country, I think I can sleep at night. I am ready for next Tuesday's primary here in New York and countless other states. Bring it on, Obama! I'm not having Mexican food ever again. I guess sprinkling Cascade soap over Mexican rice is the norm. Do not go see "Spring Awakening", especially if you are a conservative Christian. The "Christian" music was great, but I didn't care too much for the characters. Meredith Grey's mom played the adult female roles. I thought she looked familiar. I confirmed it by reading the Playbill. Speaking of "Grey's Anatomy", the show is on hiatus due to the writer's strike. In its place tonight is the season premiere of "Lost". Rafael, sorry, I can't join you and your buddies tonight at another Mexican joint. As I said, I am done with Mexican food! Brad, don't forget to TiVo the premiere. Dr. Nguyen, let's whip up something to ring in the new year!

January 30, 2008

My efforts paid off. It's just one more day until the season premiere of "Lost". Yes, I keep talking about it. Can't you see I'm overly excited? I have one apple left in the fridge. It has my name on it. The former mayor of New York will officially end his bid for the executive branch. He will endorse McCain. I have nothing else to say. I overworked my butt off on the treadmill this morning.

January 29, 2008

What was Edward Kennedy thinking? He and his niece are brainwashed. I still support Hillary. Now we know why his lips are blue. I fixed the "Rent" tickets debacle. ABC World News with Charles Gibson only has one commercial break. Four more days until we get "lost" again. The U.S. government gave millions of dollars to Vietnam in preparation for direct commercial flights between HCMC and Los Angeles. United Airlines currently offers direct flights with a short layover in Hong Kong. Beginning later this year, Vietnam Airlines will offer direct flights with a layover in Osaka, Japan. I flagged down the NYU shuttle bus from Alumni Hall to NYU Medical Center. The bus almost passed me up because two M101 buses blocked me. The Chinese are stuck in airports and train stations. The weather has not been kind to mainland China. Congratulations, Chang! I look forward to getting that rent money soon. If your phone vibrates and you can't pick up the phone, just press the side button to stop the vibration. You don't need to call later and yell at the caller. Our "president" spoke to us last night. There was a definite split in the audience. You may have noticed half of the audience standing up and applauding while the other half sat still with no expression.

January 28, 2008

According to the lunar calendar, every year is represented by an animal. There is a total of 12 animals and they repeat every 12 years. If I was born a snake, does that mean I celebrate my birthday again in 12 years when the snake reappears? I'd hate to be a Chinese kid waiting for my birthday presents every 12 years. Alex and Tammy, how is Hong Kong? The Killing Phantoms rocked the house on Bleecker! I'm wearing my new oasis contact lens. It feels very moist, but something is off about them. I can't put my finger on it. Loan, is your two weeks of vacation up yet? Let me know about your "transition". I can't beat those darn drums. I have no rhythm. Ronald, good to see we finally connected.

January 27, 2008

What did I eat and drink yesterday? I drank a big glass of orange juice for breakfast. I ate bo luc lac and goi cuon for lunch. I ate two oranges afterwards. For dinner, I ate three pieces of Popeye's chicken, one biscuit, a side order of mashed potatoes and gravy, and a side order of macaroni and cheese. I drank three bottles of Bud Light at the end of the night. Do you some times suck your stomach in pretending you don't have a belly? I often do that when I am sitting. Yes, I really shouldn't be eating fried chicken and drinking beer. The belly issue is a big deal. It sucks having to work it off. I wouldn't want to look like Drew Carey...no offense, Mr. Carey. Carolyn, it's about time you become active on Facebook. You know how you don't become active and you lose out on opportunities? Well, it's great that you were active with the student chapter at UTD. Look where it led you. You ran out of excuses to tell your boss. You had interviews left and right. If I recall correctly, you had the most interviews out of all the students. Accept your friend requests and move on. Sandrine, it was great speaking with you earlier. I'll try to swing by in the fall. It would be awesome for you to celebrate your birthday here in New York. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Obama won South Carolina, but he has a long way to go. I can't wait for Super Tuesday! Registering as a democrat has its perks! Ugly Betty is scandalous. Joe and Brad, what is up with those Johnnie Walker drinks? Can't you have regular beer like everyone else? Dr. Sharma, thank you for the tickets. I'll let you know how she performs. Too bad you'll miss out on Webster Hall. I now know the Vietnamese alphabet thanks to Co Vy. Khanh, record a real album already. Quyen loves Ngoc Ha.

January 26, 2008

Instead of going to the movies, I did my laundry. I don't talk to nasty people. Living in Vietnam sounds tempting. I'm not sure if I can get used to the hot, steamy weather. Many expatriates are returning to Vietnam to live and work. It's not safe. Once they find out that I am an overseas Viet, they will take advantage of me. Am I being paranoid? Maybe I should give it a try. I have a problem with shaking my legs when I sit. I'm anxious about something. The protest needs to end. I'm done watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy. I asked everyone to come eat lunch with me today because I had an announcement. Well, it was more of a joke than anything. I should have waited until April Fool's Day. Megan, sorry I got you all emotional and flustered. I forget that you are displaying emotions for two. Mom and Dad will always be disappointed. Oh well...get over it! It's no biggy. Lost premieres on Thursday. Are they switching days on me? I was served with the apartment renewal today. I have 60 days to respond even though the lease won't get renewed until June 1st. The train stalled on my ride home. People got anxious. The conductor yelled at passengers who blocked people from getting off. It was chaotic! You gotta live the commute. If it's not bumper to bumper traffic on I-10 or I-635, it's those crazy commuters on the train. We can't get away from the madness. I stole Karen's cupcake. I had no idea. I redeemed myself by switching the cupcakes out. Next time, I'll try to listen before making a fool of myself. I corrected UTD and LSU. Go Comets and Tigers!

January 25, 2008

At this year's Australian Open, the #3 kid defeated #1 Federer. This ends Federer's very long streak of wins. The New York Times endorses McCain as its Republican choice and Hillary as its Democratic nominee. Eddie, did you get telephone calls or emails from potential buyers? That's how Chang sold her Civic. That's how I found my apartment, half of my kitchen supplies, microwave, and bookshelf. They were all free, except for the monthly rent I pay for the apartment. London is out of the question now due to conflicting schedules. My next trip out of the city will be to Boston. I got played with those "Rent" tickets. Should I stand in line today to get the remaining 12 tickets? The show is coming to an end later this summer. Is it worth it? Real friends would give up the tickets to those who really want them in the first place. There's always "Spring Awakening", which is next week. I watched "Project Runway" for the first time in its entirety. It's hilarious! The Ohio Congressman threw in his towel. He will now focus on keeping his seat in Congress. He is way more liberal than Hillary. I thought she had it bad. I accomplished my goal this week of not eating take-out or eating out for dinner. Time to celebrate tonight by eating out. LOL!!!

January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Loan! Enjoy the rest of your day. Don't party too hard this weekend. We have a slumping economy and all the media can do is talk about Mr. Ledger's death. The Palestinians breached the wall separating them from Egypt. They cleaned up shop on the Egyptian side and went back home. I am not wearing a hairnet. If you find a piece of black hair in your cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, white rice, or mac & cheese, just take it out. I refuse to look like a cafeteria lady. My hair, whatever is left of it, needs to grow and breathe. Last night when I walked home, I felt the cold air blowing against my face. It felt as though it's the same arctic air that killed people in the "Day After Tomorrow" movie. I have this strange fear that the cold air would somehow freeze me on the sidewalk. I'll look like one of the Pompeii people fleeing from the fast-moving lava. Bobst is an excellent environment for studying. I told you so!

January 23, 2008

S. Stallone continues to make movies. His latest, and hopefully his last, take on Rambo will be released later this year. Didn't he recently play Rocky again? He is running out of ideas. Heath Ledger died yesterday of an apparent drug overdose. He was found dead in his New York Soho apartment. An autopsy will be performed today to determine the cause of his death. He is survived by his 2-year old daughter. The weather is starting to shine again, yet the temperature remains cold. Why do I talk about the weather? Am I running out of thoughts? People really do walk on all fours according to last night's NOVA. Maybe I should have watched "Michael Clayton" after all. It ties with "Atonement" in having the most Oscar nominations this year. Each movie has 7 nominations, including Best Picture. They may not have the awards show due to the ongoing strike with the writers guild. I would hate for Billy Bush and his gal to comment on the winners. They have no credibility. Wait, who am I to judge? My comments are just as ridiculous. Mrs. Nguyen, I can write whatever I want. Thank you again for keeping us posted on pop culture and the latest gossip in Hollywood. What would we do without you?

January 22, 2008

Can't we all just get along? It is getting quite nasty between Barack and Hillary. Bill is jumping in too. The gym had a long line this morning. School is back in session today. All the kids have woken up from hibernating. Thao, I'm having second thoughts about running on the weekends. It's way too cold to be outside. We don't look so bad. We just need to clean it up. Other than that, we are set to go. Instead of buying McDonald's egg mcmuffins, I bought some gala apples for the week. The apples should keep my stomach at bay until noon time. Per a co-worker's advice, I will attempt to record every incurred expense. This will give me an idea of what I need to budget. I should have started this back on January 1st, but now is better than never. Last year, I stopped using my debit card and made all purchases on my credit card. This year, it's all about recording what I'm spending. Thao (Dallas, TX), congratulations on getting certified! Melanie, are you still looking for your name?

January 21, 2008

I ran all over the city yesterday. I studied at Bobst. After a quick bite to eat at Bon Au Pain, I walked to Chinatown for mass. Yes, I sat through mass. After rehearsal, I walked back up to eat at Stand. I finally ate their chicken burger. It is way better than Chik-fil-a's sandwich if you are willing to pay Stand's $8 sandwich. I bumped into Rafael's buddies at Stand. Yes, it's a small town. I wanted to go out last night but the cold weather finally got to me. My face froze and I could barely talk. My conversation with Hoa was cut short because I could not make out my words. Go Giants! It's time to study again today. The test is in May, but I can't risk failing again. It's time to pass with flying colors. The Barnes & Noble at Astor Place closed down. Geri, just call me the ladies' man! As they say in Chinese, it's "shay shay".

January 20, 2008

How does one get rid of a runny nose? It doesn't help when the cold wind blows against my face. Perhaps the wind would dry up my snot? Nope, it doesn't! Have just the right number of quarters for your weekly laundry ritual. Duane Reade had a sale on cookies and snacks. I stocked up. Poland Spring water has not been on sale. I've been waiting for the big bottle to go on sale. I bought the last half gallon of whole milk. Dinner consisted of leftovers from previous meals. I combined them all together to create a feast for a king. Well, not exactly...but you get the point. I now know how to name and pronounce the Vietnamese letters. Vy, you did a great job teaching us. I hope you can continue with your mixed bac and nam accents. Karen's has the best chili. On top of that, the chili doesn't even have real meat. It's a vegan chili. Geri, where you at? Carolyn, it was good chatting with you. Melanie, I got your message. I am going to request the first week of July off. I'd rather take that week off instead of the previous week because of the July 4th holiday. The trains were empty this morning. Everyone is hibernating today for two reasons: the cold weather and the Giants game. Anh Linh, good to hear you are settled. I was getting a bit worried there. I have off from work tomorrow. Go MLK!

January 19, 2008

For all you New Yorkers out there, be sure to live today like it's your last or else a monster will come and kill you. Other than being a bit dizzy from the "raw" footage, "Cloverfield" lived up to all the hype. Look for a sequel coming to a theater near you. I shouldn't have eaten cheesecake after midnight. I am feeling the damage and it's not nice. I have collected lunar new year stamps from the USPS since 2001. I just bought a new batch for this year. The design finally changed. We now see a red lantern instead of the usual Chinese animal zodiac signs. I'm missing stamps from last year. They are no longer in circulation. I have "permission" to bring a guest overseas. Walking up five flights of stairs while carrying laundry, to-go Chinese food, polished shoes, and talking on the phone is no easy task. Rats know when to run away from monsters. I hope guys got a table at Momofuku.

January 18, 2008

Gala apples are the best. They have just the right touch of sweetness. President Bush will finally do something good before he leaves office. He plans to give everyone a tax rebate of $800 for individuals and double that amount for couples. Hopefully, this will boost our dead economy. Like Joe said...all this globalization is catching up to us. In the near future, manufacturing will return to the U.S. where labor is cheap. China and India will outsource to us and our very brightest will go work for Apple and Google in China. Someone asked me this morning who I consider as the smartest in the world. I said the Japanese. The guy asked why everyone wants to come here to study if their countries are filled with smart people. I didn't reply and kept on moving. I thought to myself how our elementary and secondary school systems lag behind those of other nations. When we get to the collegiate level, we are by far ahead of everyone else. Here you have the freedom to research or study whatever you want. Maybe that's why we see so many foreign students studying at our colleges and universities. Keep your kids studying in your native nations up until they are ready for college. Loan, are you enjoying your vacation?

January 17, 2008

I have not had 8 hours of continuous sleep. If I sleep at 10PM, I end up waking up at 4AM. Maybe I should take some Benadryl. My running on the treadmill five days a week has caught up with me. I felt an aching pain in my right knee. The pain subsided this morning. Instead of running on the treadmill, I did the bicycle machine. Theater originated from London's West End, not New York's Broadway. Londoners refer to their underground transport system as the "tube". On the side of the pond, we like to call it the subway. I may be going to London in the next couple of months after all. It will be my first visit across the Atlantic Ocean...sad, but true. The U.S. dollar can only get me half of a U.K. pound. The Euro is a bit better with approximately 2/3rds of its value to the U.S. dollar. I'll be surprised if I see Americans in London. Who would want to go there when you'll get screwed left and right. The song below reminds me of the chiropractic session we all endured on New Year's Eve.

January 16, 2008

Oprah will start her "OWN" network. I'm telling you...she is slowly taking over the world. I expect to see Obama all over her television network. Hillary and that Mormon guy won in Michigan. However, Hillary's win is useless because none of her Michigan delegates can attend the national convention. The "uncommitted" people still lost against her. I tried eating turkey for lunch yesterday, but could not go through with it. The meat had that same odor I smell whenever it goes bad. My sense of smell is overly sensitive. I try explaining this to people, yet they continue to eat the meat and not notice the odor. I had a grilled chicken sandwich the other day. The whole thing was good up until the very end when I smelled that odor at the tip of the meat. Imagine eating a watermelon that was cut by someone with dirty hands. That's the odor I'm talking about. Maybe I was destined to be a vegetarian. Those dark cookies (3 for $1) are dangerous. Proceed with caution. Eat anything you want. Just make sure to work it off with regular cardio exercise. I sound like Obama...PREACHY! John, you got yourself some Tet goodies from Hanoi. I envy you. Jasmine is at the top of the rice totem pole. BTW, what is jasmine? What is up with the new MacBook Air? It's amazing! Can it get any thinner? It starts at $1799. I knew I saved out on getting a new macbook for a reason. Happy 8th!

January 15, 2008

Sixteen more days until the premiere of Lost. Obama needs to back off of Hillary. He is taking cheap shots at her. Is he that desperate to start a nasty campaign? I thought he represents the new America where politicians are clean and honest. It's all bull crap! KPH, it's about time you posted those pictures. You must have been really busy or got some editing done. I'm thinking it's the former since my "DC" was all over the place. I detagged myself. I just had to. Loan, you'll be okay. At the end of the day, you have a new job waiting for you in February. Do whatever that makes you feel comfortable. The radiator in the kitchen keeps leaking. They already looked at it once. It's a big headache.

January 14, 2008

Did anyone watch the Golden Globe Winners Special? I felt like I was watching Access Hollywood or some other celebrity gossip show. The team leading the Amazing Race speaks one too many languages. Japanese and Mandarin came in handy when they made pit stops in Osaka and Taiwan. Are they ahead of everyone else because of their language skills? Regardless, you should be able to speak more than one language any way. Too bad the fighting couple came in last this week. They make good TV. California still produces sweet navel oranges, even in the middle of winter. Go to Chinatown for cheap fruits and vegetables. Actually, you should go there for anything cheap. We practiced in an abandoned apartment. A crazy man loitered and the situation increased in intensity. Let's hope he doesn't return next week. Sandrine, it was great to hear from you. I freaked out when I saw the incoming phone number. I think you are the first international call I received on my cellphone. Billy Bush doesn't know what he's talking about. Who is he to comment on the winners? Chang, good luck with your first day! KPH, the video posted yesterday is random, like every other thing on this website. That's all I can say. Don't you just love how Viets sing other people's songs?

January 13, 2008

Thanks to Karen and Megan, I ate a piece of the strawberry shortcake. The big piece was waiting for me in the fridge at work. According to Rafael, the piece should have been for Agnes and me. Unfortunately, I found that out after I ate the entire piece. Sorry, Agnes! When you snooze, you lose. After an appetizer of strawberry shortcake, I ate my usual bo luc lac and goi cuon at Xe Lua. Two California navel oranges finished off my meal. I made some phone calls before heading to the Chinatown YMCA for the Vietnamese class. The turnout was great! We introduced ourselves. If you lose the textbook, you owe $10. We also have a midterm and final. If your final score is below 75%, you cannot move onto the next level. It's some pretty serious stuff. Melanie, I'm not sure if skiing is a good idea. It can get pretty expensive. Also, how will Addison deal with the cold weather? I say we stick with California so Mom can tag along. That reminds me. I need to call her back. After class, Thao and I had our first meal at Szechuan Kitchen on St. Mark's Place. According to her, the soup dumplings were okay. We hoped on the bus uptown to Kips Bay. I finally saw "The Kite Runner". The movie stayed true to the book, although some of the events written in the book were left out of the movie version. A lady yelled at a man for talking in the movie theater. You gotta love New York! Oh, we had stadium seating. I'm a returning customer to Loews Kips Bay. Gotham Pizza satisfied my hunger on the way home. Thao, sorry I bailed out on running. It should be better when we do it weekly upon your return to NY. Chu Bee looks young, eh? I'm fine with size 30.

January 12, 2008

What is up with blonde European female singers and dance music? Their angelic voices pitched against synthesizers and tribal beats give me comfort. The heavy rain finally ended in the late afternoon. I got this week's laundry out of the way. I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning. I stayed in last night. I am no longer making plans with you, Rafael! You deserve the name, FLAKE! Don't blame me for making you fat. I feed the needy. That's what I do. I can't help it. You decide whether you want to eat or not. It's not like I placed a gun against your head. Is the new Harold and Kumar movie out yet? Maybe I'll wait until "The Kite Runner" comes out on DVD...or I can watch it soon before it leaves the theaters. "Cloverfield" comes out next Friday. Don't forget to check it out. It's another movie about the destruction of New York. It's either living in New York or destroying it. What happened to creative ideas? One person works too much and the other one not enough. Where is the middle ground? It doesn't exist in my world. Only perfect people get to experience the middle ground. Melanie, maybe we should do Orlando? You guys went without me last time. I wonder why I didn't come along. I could always do California again. I never get tired of the nice weather.

January 11, 2008

Phuong, I apologize for the late entry. I was at an all-day workshop at MSG. I am now home entering today's entry. I hope you were able to function today without your daily dose of TwanWinn! Bank of America will buy out Countrywide. The Barefoot Contessa cooks yummy food. In the year 2020, China will lead the world economy. Make sure you brush up on your mandarin. I have nothing else to add today. Check back tomorrow.

January 10, 2008

A Vietnamese man down south threw four of his kids over a bridge. He was a drug addict and admitted to committing the crime. He also has a known history of mental illness. I went to a panel discussion yesterday on immigrant access to mental illness. Granted the discussion was limited to immigrants within the NYC area, many of the topics addressed apply to all immigrants within this country. Asians in particular do not really believe that mental illness is a medical condition. They blame evil spirits or bad taboos instead of seeking counseling and medication. We are also taught to stay silent and not cause chaos or disrupt harmony. I believe the younger generations have learned to believe science and speak up, while the older folks continue to stay silent. Britney may die soon if she doesn't seek serious help soon. The French president may marry again after all. Did Iranian speedboats aggressively maneuver around a Coalition warship? I say it was a fake video, much like Brad's picture with Bea Arthur. I have to admit that it was a very good picture. Why are all TV shows based in New York now? Is New York the new LA? I'll try to be home in time for the last new episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. The writers are still on strike. They need to end the strike already so couch potatoes, like me, can enjoy new TV shows instead of reruns. If they cut into my time with LOST, I'll be very upset. I already waited almost a year to find out how they got off the island. I'm sure they won't tell me after the first new episode of this season, but I'd like to have my Wednesday nights back.

January 9, 2008

If given a choice, please eat jasmine rice over any other rice. When I was home in New Orleans, I realized how much I miss it. I bought some yesterday from the Japanese market across the street from my office. I ate it with my mom's dried pork. I also ate gio lua from Tuyet Huong. Go Hilary! The sugar cookies came out okay. I brought some to work. It's snuggled in my drawer of snacks. Yes, I still have my drawer of snacks. They come in handy during the late afternoon when you can't really eat a good meal until dinner time. I need to replenish my supply. I emptied it out before I went on break last month. Stores don't sell Carmex here. I break out when I use other chapped lips products. I stocked up on some last night at Duane Reade. They usually never have them. I was pleasantly surprised to see those yellow tubes with red caps flashing before my eyes. Yes, I get excited over little things.

January 8, 2008

I have the a/c on full blast. I can even walk outside with just a t-shirt and shorts. Did Al Gore really make up all that stuff or is it just pure coincidence? Later this week, we'll be back in the 30s. We should no longer expect a constant dose of freezing weather. God is punishing us for polluting the planet. Instead of 30 minutes on the treadmill, I added an extra 10 minutes. It was a good run. I skipped the weight room. I remember why I hate going in the afternoons. It's just too crowded and class has not even started. Auditors do look like geeks. I still find it difficult to find dress shirts that would fit me perfectly. My measurements are all off. I'm looking at the "Virgin Mary" from Haiti. I feel the urge to attend mass every weekend now. Will I follow through? I'll keep you posted. Carolyn, don't go cheap on your man. Get him the cream of the crop. In my eyes, Addison should already be in 3rd grade. Julie, the 10th is two days away. We already know the outcome. I didn't eat lunch until 1:30PM yesterday. I wasn't even hungry. Is it L-S-U or L-S-shoe?

January 7, 2008

Today was my first day back to work. I did not want to get out of bed. I have been staying up late and waking up even later. The good ole days of sleeping in are gone. The temperature increased. I did not wear a coat this morning. It's way too mild. Sorry I missed out on the fancy steak dinner. I'm more of a seafood and chicken kinda guy. Did you guys even get a bite of a Junior's cheesecake? Don't tell me what your mom would say. If I wanted your mom's opinion, I would ask her. The BCS Championship game is tonight. I have my LSU gear out and ready to go. Go purple and gold! Around this time of the year, I get rashes below my face. It's where I normally shave daily. I'm not sure if it's the cold weather or if I'm allergic to something. Perhaps I should apply Eucerin to offset the itching. Just be patient, Rafael. There will be a free skating event at Central Park. Don't do the admission-based event at Chelsea Piers. Please don't let Obama or a republican win. I tried out the CIA software. I like how it tracks your performance.

January 6, 2008

How should I sum up yesterday? Let's just say there was more drama for my mama. Action will be taken to rectify the situation. A former Road Rules person held hands with another gal and poured ketchup for her girlfriend. Brian's love interest from "What About Brian" sat behind us across from the "Enchanted" princess. We thought Jodie Foster sat not too far away. The look-alike could was a dead give away at a distance. We arrived too late for TKTS matinee tickets. We could not stay for night tickets because our empty stomach wanted breakfast. Can eight people eat three large Italian pies, family-size salad, and an individual portion of pasta? We came close but not good enough. Rain dampened the mood. We called off Hotel G. The doorknob is very important. Make sure you fix it or else you'll find yourself stuck outside your home. Luckily, I was in town! My assessment at the medical center was quick and to the point. Viet class starts next Saturday.

January 5, 2008

I caught up on some reading today. I need to start studying the software that David got me. I went to the Times Square area to pick up Mama's eggrolls. I bumped into Rafael at the B&N in Chelsea. It's a very small world! The fondue at Max Brenner stayed at room temperature. I think Sushant made it better (minus the floating oil). As always, it's a hassle to do coat checks. Glass welcomed us with open arms. We were like any other "VIP" person at Marquee. Make sure you have more girls than guys. Guaranteed admission versus possible cover charge...that's easy math. It is close to 3AM and I am wide awake. Caffeine from the hot chocolate continues to flow through my body. What would happen if I eat cocoa beans? I would go ballistic! The chandelier hung right over our table at Room Service. We saved our stomach for Pinkberry instead of indulging in Thai desserts. The two newbies did not like the original or tea flavor. It's an acquired taste. I stepped up my game by buying gold AMC movie vouchers instead of the usual silver passes. I no longer need to wait 10 days to see a newly released movie. Watching movies in NY theaters can get pretty expensive. MOMA's admission line stretched beyond the barricades. After zigzagging through the queue, we breezed through the museum. Eventhough it was a short bus ride uptown, no one wanted to visit the Guggenheim.

January 4, 2008

Geri was fashionably late. She should show up late since it was her bday. The waiter did an excellent job. I only say that because he gave us free shots. Each shot looked like a double dose. I think the last time I saw Alex was when we had soup dumplings in Chinatown. Is that correct? I saw Aamir Khan's latest movie yesterday. I almost cried throughout the movie. Yes, I said almost. The movie centered around a dyslexic boy and his art teacher. The teacher was once dyslexic himself and helped the boy overcome his learning disability. The child actor cried in several scenes. I'm thinking they left onions in front of his face to make him cry. I don't care how they did it. The kid was amazing. The movie is called "Taare Zameen Par". Check out the flick at your local Bollywood theater. Aishwarya Rai returns later in January with a new period movie. I hate heaters. I hate warm weather indoors. It gives me serious headache. I had a terrible headache on the flight back to New York. The entire cabin was ridiculously warm. I turned the air on full blast, yet the headache continued. At the theater yesterday, it was very warm. I watched the movie while experiencing excruciating headache. I stepped onto the street and the headache disappeared. I DO NOT HAVE TEXT MESSAGING. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME TEXT MESSAGES BECAUSE I WILL NOT GET THEM ON MY PHONE. The best way to contact me is via e-mail or just pick up the phone and call. I still think my souvenir from Haiti represents the Virgin Mary. You guys need to get your minds out of the gutter.

January 3, 2008

I woke up early to do beaucoup errands. I unpacked my luggage. I did my laundry. I went to the bank to make a deposit. I dropped off some work clothes at the dry cleaners. I dropped off my jeans to get hemmed up because I'm short. I asked the post office people if they have the new Chinese New Year stamps. They don't have them yet. They expect to have the new ones later in January. I went to Circuit City and Best Buy to buy cabling and a splitter for my TV. After more than a year of staying in this apartment, I finally have basic cable with perfect reception. I was too lazy to buy the cables and splitter. I'm glad I got it done today. I was glued to the Food Network for most of my afternoon. I exchanged a gift for store credit. It snowed until the late morning. I uploaded pictures from my camera. I deleted pictures from my camera. I charged my nano. I tried using the new earphones, but they kept falling out of my ear. I should have worn a thick coat instead of the puffy vest. My hands wanted gloves to keep them warm. I paid rent. I picked up Carolyn's gift from the management office. I called management to fix a leaking radiator and my unclosed door. A guy came by in less than an hour to fix the stuff. I can now close my door completely. David, sorry that you had crappy TV programming in a semi-private room. I cooked non-Jasmine rice to eat with Mom's shrimp patties. I bought on-sale items from Associated. Duane Reade does not have water bottles on sale! Happy Birthday, Geri!

January 2, 2008

What happened, David? I hope you didn't try to text message me because I don't have that capability on my cellphone. In other words, I cannot receive or send text messages. If you are not with Verizon, you will not get an error message as my response to your message. This goes to everyone out there who tries to text message me. I don't have it on my phone. The landing at LGA was very bumpy. The passenger next to me freaked out at the rocky landing. MSY's airport was dead. I left Marrero early for nothing. I caught up on my reading. Can you believe it? I haven't even unpacked yet. I put Mom's food in the fridge, but everything else remains in the luggage. D & J, thank you again for the laptop and blender. I should pass part III this year. If not, I'll keep your laptop until I pass that sucker. Luckily, I ate dinner instead of waiting on you guys. I take it you fell asleep? The North Face vest overheated my upper body. I got rid of the light jacket beneath the vest to stop the sweating. The M60 bus from LGA to the 125th St. stop took approximately 30 minutes. Anh Hoang and Chi Chinh, thank you for hosting. We always like to trash your place. Sushant, thank you for providing professional photography, champagne, and fondue. You are way too generous! Save that money for your new practice. Hong, I do feel better...thank you! I'm glad people appreciate my artistic talent. I should do family portraits from now on. Addison, sorry for yelling at you yesterday. I hope you got all that energy out of your system. I should have stayed at 1201 King Henry Ct to bypass going to mass yesterday morning. I managed to keep my eyes opened. My eye contacts will be sent from Sam's Club later this week. No, I did not go to Sam's Club for the other stuff. It's about time I switched to the good stuff. Let's hope they keep my eyes moist into the wee hours. I will need them to keep up with those NOLA gals this weekend.

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! I woke up way too early this morning to attend mass. Today is another one of those holy days of obligations. I am due back in NY later tonight. Yes, I like to go to the airport early just in case I run into something. Am I a hot mess? People don't like to show up until at least an hour later. Zantac made my face less red. I am wearing thermals as I am typing this entry.