March 31, 2008

Mrs. Clinton refuses to step down. She is in it to win it! I ate too much sweets. I am left with an after taste in my mouth that keeps me quenching for water. I bet I'll be in and out of the restroom tonight because of all the liquids I'm drinking. It's nice not having to shave. Sundays are my days to let it all out. If I start growing a "clean" beard, I wonder if my boss will notice. I'm a grown man. I'm allowed to grow facial hair just like everyone else. If I keep it outlined and trimmed, I'm sure the office can't make me go smooth again. I scrubbed the kitchen floors. The last time we cleaned the floors was last year's Labor Day. Yes, the dirt and other smut have slowly collected on our pristine tiled floors. It took us months to realize that we've been walking on dirt. Give me another six months and I will clean the floors again. Rain will come this week. Get your rain gear ready. The test questions on David's laptop prove to be very helpful. I'm learning new things that the Gleim book never taught me. I'm done reading the same info over and over again. I'd rather do test questions as a studying tool. The library can be too quiet some times. My nano comes in handy to create some commotion and much needed noise. The west side should give up some of their subway lines and give them to the east side. We want more mass transit. It's just not enough. I've learned to be patient and not complain. The 2nd Ave. will come soon enough. Don't speak to me in Chinese. I don't understand. Co Vy, sorry we freaked you out. At least we bribed you with some cash. Look at the picture below and let me know if you see something out of the ordinary.

March 30, 2008

I'm done with Vietnamese class. We have next week off and we're back in session the following week. The first che place didn't have my che xoi nuoc. We walked a couple blocks and found a second place. It was sitting there waiting for me. I miss those days when I helped my mom in the kitchen make che xoi nuoc. I would roll the small balls without the mung bean stuffing. The next time I am home, I will ask her to make them. She has not made them in a very long time. The oldies left early instead of staying at the 5-bedroom apartment, which took up the entire floor. The grocery game is always a hit at every gathering. Your frustration will turn into elation as you compete to not become the last clueless person. Another guy in the laundromat washed women's delicates in addition to his own clothes. I didn't feel so bad this week. Addison, thank you for the invite. I won't be able to make it this year. You'll definitely get something in the mail like any other year. Kids no longer want to attend NYU as much as they have in previous years. I haven't walked from Lexington to York in a very long time. I am dependent on M79. Glass vases are good organizing tools. You get to see contents through the glass. Zyrtec is on sale at Duane Reade for $18.99. That's a savings of $5. Some Democrats want Clinton to step down. It looks like Spitzer won't get convicted. The trees are blossoming in DC.

March 29, 2008

It took me 15 minutes to walk from 3rd Ave to 7th Ave. I had planned on taking the crosstown bus but realized that would have taken a lot longer. I showed up just as everyone was prepping for the annual seminar. People go to these things to get their CPE credits. Unfortunately, we did not hand these out until 3:30PM. I added dau mu and dau nga to a "Nguyen" person. I added a dau mu to a "Le". I stayed for the cocktail hour and drank two glasses of Cape Cod. I stumbled home on the C train and M79 bus. I never saw rain yesterday. The weather people lied! I slept for a couple hours, even through Joe's surround sound system was on full blast. I was too exhausted to notice any bangs or booms. I needed that much needed nap to re-energize. Instead of doing laundry last night, I did it this morning. The room was at full capacity. Luckily, I started my two loads early to beat the late morning crowd. Remember to look down and scan your path when walking on the sidewalk. A few inconsiderate folks do not clean up after their dogs. It's a big no no! Speaking of dogs, Harvey doesn't care when I come home any more. He used to get up off of his bed and anxiously wait for me at the door. He knows I don't play with him so he stays on his bed and minds his own business. He doesn't even look at me as I pass through to the kitchen. When a new person comes in the apartment, you can expect him standing right at the door sniffing and getting in the stranger's face. How does a dog know who's coming in and out even if he can't see you coming and going? I guess they have one of those senses that we humans will never know.

March 28, 2008

Yes, this entry is posted one day in advance. I have a very early day tomorrow so I won't have time to update you all on my hip happenings. Yes, I said hip. I wore old socks today because I somehow ran out of socks for the week. I wonder why. I hate having the certification exam hovering over me. It's the one last thing I need to do before I can relax. If I don't pass it this coming May, I have 90 days to retake it. That's one of the perks of taking it on a computer. The bad thing is the price. The price to sit for the exam has sky rocketed because of the switch from paper to computer. My rebate money from Uncle Sam will pay for the exam in May, provided that I get money from Uncle Sam in time. So the fee to take tests has increased along with the cost of grocery shopping. Everything else is increasing while the value of homes continues to decline. Something is just not right. Iraq's Green Zone is no longer safe. Douglas, I hope you get the apartment! I can't wait to get some home-cooked meals. There's nothing better than making food from scratch. If I stop buying processed food and focus strictly on all-natural, raw ingredients to make my meals, I would be in heaven. However, I think it will be very difficult to maintain that standard. You're talking about no more potato chips (unless you buy whole potatoes, chop them up, and fry them in oil you extracted from meat). I'm already covered in the dessert department because I usually make these from scratch. That really leaves me with white rice and eggs. I can't even use Maggi sauce because that's processed soy products. I would need to season with just salt and pepper. I don't know how those all-natural foodies do it. I'd go crazy. Carolyn, stop flying around and come to NY already. You can't miss the US Open this year again.

March 27, 2008

This month is almost over with. This year has gone by so fast. Before you know it, it will be Christmas all over again. Homeowners stormed into the Bear Stearns building to protest the recent buyout by JP Morgan and the feds. Unfortunately, they couldn't get into the JP Morgan building. Stop bailing out Wall Street, how about saving Main Street, USA? Argentina farmers are not happy with paying more taxes. Who isn't? China's government now allows a group of journalist to come see Tibet (after they killed off all the natives). I don't do cheesecake. You'll get something in the mail alright. Cuban cigars are illegal. Alex, thank you for sharing your pictures. The best ones were definitely in Thailand, especially those "showgirls". I can't believe they look so good. The best picture was by far the snapshot in Hong Kong's subway...sheeesh, I thought the Japanese ruled at the top of the hygiene totem pole. I wore heavy coat today instead of wearing a thin one. Sweat dripped down my back as I walked to the office.

March 26, 2008

Tonight is the night to catch up on my sleep. I will sleep at exactly 10PM eastern standard time. If you wish to reach me, please wait until tomorrow morning after 9AM EST. Thank you for your cooperation. It was fun meeting folks from the "UN" community. I didn't finish half of my panini. I'm not a soup person, but ended up getting lentil soup for dinner. Yes, I ate like a lady while other ladies at the table ate regular-sized entrees. I've been breaking out. Is it because I've been talking smack about people? My trench coat did not do justice to the cold, windy weather. No more smoking for you. You are now given a second chance to live a clean life. You wouldn't want to get an anxiety attack at the next cat scan. My new favorite bagel is everything bagel. No more bialys for me! The smell of Angel cologne reminds me of baby powder. What's going on in The Hills? Sarkozy may skip out on the Olympics if China doesn't get their act together. Clinton is all about the birth family and not her religious contacts. Should you haggle with your friends or is haggling reserved for Chinatown vendors? Read the fine print before opening a package. If the fine print takes up the entire box, don't open it. Pheezy, congratulations on your promotion. I heard it through the grapevine last night. Be sure to take me out the next time you're here. As I said before, it's not nice to talk to someone while they sleep talk. Stop it already! Just ignore and go about your business. Pregnant women on Staten Island like to smoke. People from Mississippi travel to New Orleans to shop. It's all about the trench coats today! Do I do khaki or black? Mollly's had sand on its floor. Don't ask me why.

March 25, 2008

Can we say gruesome? "No Country For Old Men" made me squirm throughout the movie. I thought the premise had something to do with oil rigs in Texas. I later realized that I was wrong. A couple people left during the movie. I guess they felt sick. The Spanish actor who played the killer definitely deserved his Oscar. I ate mussels and mac and cheese last night for dinner at this Belgian place on the east side. The place was huge considering its location in the middle of Manhattan. I took the M15 bus home. Protesters managed to get pass tight security in Greece at the torch lighting ceremony. San Francisco will be filled with protesters as the torch makes its way there. Obama relaxes in the Virgin Islands while Hillary defends her trip to Bosnia. McCain wants to keep U.S. troops in Iraq. Bush smiles and stands next to the Easter Bunny for a photo-op. Pakistan has a new prime minister. Japan will continue to hunt and eat humpback whales. Does anyone even watch "Dancing with the Stars"? I stopped using Carmex. It's causing way too much damage.

March 24, 2008

I spent all day lounging around in Yonkers. Thank you to Chi Dao and Gustav (I'm not sure if I have the spelling correct) for hosting an awesome Iron Chef competition. Let's see if I can remember all the dishes that came out...spinach quiche, xoi dau xanh, goi cuon, banh xeo, cha gio, stuffed mushrooms, fried tofu, pheasant, sausage with curry chickpeas, chocolate chip cookies, and lemon fruit cake. We all have to bow down to Viet-Ha for winning the big prize. The trip uptown did not take too long. It was nice riding the train above ground for a change. We can literally see the bus from Chi Dao's place. We didn't take advantage of the buses though. Sabotage was the word of the day. I did not place your mints outside on the fire escape. I was too busy whipping up the cream and washing dishes. Pheezy, the dish came with three pieces. I barely finished one. The remaining two pieces are still in my refrigerator. How the heck do you eat cheesecake tacos? Don't tell me the frosting on top consisted of beans and salsa? Jacqueline, I want more of your che even if you can't say salt correctly. Just listen to us northerners. We know what we're talking about. Chang and Thao, I don't like all that tag teaming! Yes, I got home at midnight, which was past my bedtime. I woke up at my usual time and completed my daily morning task.

March 23, 2008

Picture're sitting at the doctor's office waiting to be seen. The wait room is pretty big. There are approximately 50 people. You occasionally look down at the floor as you're reading a tabloid magazine. Then out of no where, You see a little baby mouse. It is barely alive and slowly walking towards you. You obviously freak out and cause a commotion. Next thing you know, the baby mouse starts to fly and hovers around you like a nasty house fly. That scenario woke me up this morning. I had set my alarm for 11:00AM, but woke up at 7:00AM because of the flying baby mouse. That's just a very scary dream. In my case, I would call it a nightmare. After class, we had our usual Nam Son and desserts at Thai Son. Apparently, those two restaurants are not related at all. After some decision making that took some time, we axed the Sullivan Room for desserts at P*ONG. Thao ate the warm date cake and I had a cheesecake with olive oil. Yes, there were some unusual twists to every day food. My weight is at a steady 140lbs. A day like today would add a couple pounds. I'm leaving the city to kick some butt in the kitchen. I won't win because I'm not using the secret ingredient. How could you possibly incorporate that ingredient into dessert? I'd probably need to consult with the chef at P*ONG. Congratulations, Chang! You're well on your way to becoming an official arguer. Happy Easter!

March 22, 2008

My work was quite labor intensive. I spent all day filing papers and stapling them together. It took a lot of precision. I accomplished my task towards the end of the day. Our boss allowed us to leave an hour early for the holiday. I jumped on it and left on the dot. I managed to squeeze in doing laundry right before dinner. I definitely prefer May's Place over Zen Garden. Yes, the city is small. You bump into people left and right. St. Mark's was Asian Galore as usual. I tasted a couple spoons of Pinkberry. Mango is the new topping. Anything mango is okay with me. Phuong, you rocked the house! Sorry I didn't stay to have drinks with you. I had a very long day. Someone wants to moonlight as a photographer. I'm tried of people thinking I like to wear women panties and bras. When I do laundry, I also have my sister's clothes in the mix. A hot pink thong will appear in the midst of white men's underwear. Yes, this is sort of TMI, but I have to put it out there. Is it not okay to do laundry for both men and women's clothes? If a woman washed men's clothes, people won't give her dirty looks. These ladies in the laundromat probably think I'm a pervert for having female delicates in my washables. The wind blew everything in sight. Layering helps to keep you warm even if each layer is thin. Karen is right. Who cares if someone looked at your passport records. Those contracted employees have access to view passport records. If they have full access, then there really wasn't a breach. If someone from the outside broke into the passport system, then I would be worried. Otherwise, those presidential candidates need to chill out and let Condoleezza do her thing. Pheezy, you'll appreciate this...for breakfast, I ate two packs of mi mama, two tuna sandwiches with sun chips, and a ripe banana. I also drank a glass of orange juice and a glass of whole milk. This will cover me until dinner time.

March 21, 2008

Obama gets a key endorsement from Richardson. I thought the guy would give his vote to Hillary considering his long history with the Clintons. Someone wanted to look at Obama's passport records. You can't trust those federal employees. It was all about Michael last night. He jumped from one island to another. If I left the island, I could care less about my fellow passengers stranded on the island. As long as my son is okay, I can easily move on with my life. Ben convincing Michael to be his spy was difficult for me to grasp. Oh well, it makes for a good plot. Syed pulled a "Juliet" on Michael just as the three temple visitors got played by Ben. We won't know anything else until a month from now. I am stuck with those crazy surgeons from Seattle in the mean time.

March 20, 2008

I tried sleeping in this morning, but could not go back to sleep. I am used to waking up at 6:30AM. My eyes remained opened at 7:20AM and would not shut again. After taking it easy at the gym, I went to Trader Joe's to pick up some much needed snacks. I liked not having to wait in a long line. I took my time walking to the office. I'll try to walk at a different pace so Agnes can't identify that it's me coming. I have a teeth cleaning appointment within the hour. Congratulations to Agnes on getting the big promotion! I guess we can't be "friends" any more. It's not nice to talk to people while they "sleep talk". I talked about my work, which implies that I'm spending too much time thinking about work. My sleep discussion was about another audit engagement that I'm not even working on and will never be assigned. Bush wants to continue fighting in Iraq. The Iraq War is now the third longest military engagement involving the U.S. He needs to give it up and focus on our depressed economy.

March 19, 2008

I accomplished a lot at work yesterday. I started on time and finished on the dot. I ate lunch at my desk. I went across the street and picked up a potato salad and some spicy salmon roll. The chocolate chip cookies were a hit at the office. The test batch came out okay. I thought I added too much cocoa powder, but the fans didn't complain. I now know how much to add if I want to do chocolate on chocolate. I moonlighted as an apartment broker. I showed a 1-bedroom down the street from my own apartment. The $1600 per month apartment is essentially a good deal considering the location and space. A 1996 Dodge Neon is also on sale if anyone is interested. According to Karen, I will receive my rebate check in May. The IRS is distributing checks based on the last two digits of your SSN. I stopped running on the treadmill because my knees began to ache. I am now bicycling and I'm not sweating as much. It's a good contrast to the heavy duty treadmill. The NYC housewives on Bravo are fast talkers and extremely direct...very appropriate considering the area of the country. Obama spoke about racism and how America has a lot to accomplish. Hillary agrees. John, be careful in Chongqing. Let's hope the riots end soon. I ate breakfast as my dinner. You can't top eggs with soy sauce! Juniors charged me twice for one meal. I called them, but kept getting the run around. I contacted my credit card company. They filed a claim and will investigate. Juniors called me back and told me they made a mistake. They have contacted my credit card company. I should see a credit issued within a week. Please check your credit card and bank statements daily. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to perform this task is so worth it. Is the secret ingredient really spinach? How do I make cookies with spinach?

March 18, 2008

I killed two birds with one stone. I baked a test batch of chocolate on chocolate chip cookies and met with neighbor, who I have not seen in a few weeks. I might revert back to the regular chocolate chip cookies this coming weekend. I find the chocolate ones to be a bit on the sweet side. I liked the alternative ending to "I Am Legend". If that was shown in theaters, would they need to change the movie title because Will Smith is alive? He is only a legend if he died and the girl would tell his story to the survivors. People packed into the train like sardines yesterday afternoon. There was of course some exchange of words between two very stubborn people. As always, spectators laughed and giggled. Authorities pulled the last body from the crane wreckage. The death toll stands at seven. Carole, don't sweat it. Tell him who's in charge. If you are a busy surgeon, you lose out on homemade cookies baked from wholesome ingredients. Smoking kills and will only increase your risk for lung cancer. There is nothing cool about it. I am a big fan of "Law and Order: SVU". With so many twists and turns, you must watch the show from the very first minute. If you happen to catch it in the middle, you'll be very lost. Just skip to the next channel. I made sure to stay clear of drunk pedestrians. Obama didn't really attend any St. Patrick's parade. What's up? Upstate New Yorkers eat Oriental food instead of Chinese food. That's just hilarious! I learn something new every day.

March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day! New York will have the biggest St. Patrick's Day parade in the country today along 5th Ave. starting at 44th St. and running uptown to 86th St. The parade will start at 11AM and end at 5PM. Maybe I can catch the latter part of the parade on my way home from work. Yes, I work today like everyone else. Who would go to these parades any way? Three people remain missing under the crane collapse over the weekend. Authorities are working around the clock to find the trapped individuals. Midtown's 2nd Avenue remains closed other than crosstown traffic. The kids are all out on Spring Break this week. Chi Dao has way too many rules for this Sunday's feast. I'll end up throwing some shortcuts in there hoping she won't notice. If you are using Internet Explorer to view this website, the side menu's formatting may be off. Sorry for the inconvenience. I suggest using Mozilla Firefox. JP Morgan buys Bear Stearns for quite a bargain at $2 per share. I have my green tie on today. Be sure to pinch those without any green. That used to be a big deal growing up because kids are cruel. I wonder if the tradition continues today. Melanie, you are one tough mofo. I'd hate to not visit Mom and Dad. I wonder what you'll do to me. Welcome back, Karen and Tammy! MC worked it on SNL. Too bad JJ missed out. It would have been a good promo for her new album. Obama's wife licks her lips and mouth when talking. She orchestrates every word with a hand movement or gesture. I find this very irritating. Happy Birthday, Yumiko! Are you the king's first wife?

March 16, 2008

We have two more sessions for Vietnamese class. The next quarter of classes will begin in mid-April. I enjoyed "Owl and the Sparrow". The short cartoon before the movie was hilarious. The movie centered around three strangers who come together to create moving moments. The kid glued the trio together. Like Joseph said, it was like watching a Vietnamese version of "Crash". Thuy, thank you again for getting the tickets in advance. It sucks that you couldn't enjoy the movie with us. It was off to Nam Son after the movie. Jacqueline and I ate a bit more than others. After class, some of us went to the Asian Pub for some cheap food and drinks. I was idled for an hour and a half before picking up momentum again for the Village Pourhouse. Paul and Dr. Sushant, thank you for footing the bill. The fashionable place mats and cool shades were very "original" party favors. Jesse, what happened to you? You disappeared! D'AGNYC rejected Khoi and me. I ended up getting dried up desserts from Starbucks and a large caffeinted cup of joe. I slept through several disruptions throughout the night. I am now sitting here waiting for the super to fix the sink and doorknob. After they are done, I am off to the library to study. Yes, it's a fun day!

March 15, 2008

Tibetans fight for their freedom. The Chinese press reports 10 dead after several clashes with protesters. Mary, I enjoy wearing your "Proud Democrat" t-shirt to the laundromat. People smile at me for representing the donkey party. I don't think I would get the same reaction in Texas. Instead of smiling, Texans may just laugh in my face. People are less sympathetic towards Spitzer's call girl after her photos surfaced to the media. Raquel, it was a pleasure working with you for almost two years. I sent you this long message at the end of the day but your e-mail account was inactive. An error message kicked back to me. I'll see you in a couple weeks at the annual conference. Megan, good call on the personalized cupcakes. I had to wait for a girl to come back from her break to write the letters. I got some color and partial sunburn from all that walking. My skin is peeling on my face as we speak.

March 14, 2008

Yesterday was the only day I left on the dot at 5PM and my boss could have used my help. He wanted to scan a document, but could not get it to scan to his computer. The Irish flags are flying high all over the city at Irish pubs and bars. It's all about Guinness beer this weekend. Can we say Korean soap opera? Last night's "Lost" was another tear jerker. I bet some fans got aggravated with the constant supply of subtitles. Is Sun the last Oceanic 6 survivor? Hurley came to Korea to see the baby and to pay his respects to Jin. What happened to Kate and Jack? Sayid is too busy working for Ben to worry about a little Korean baby. Juliet created some crazy drama by revealing Sun's infidelity. She deserved that slap from Sun. Juliet is evil. Ben wants her to stay with Jack to keep an eye out on Jack's group. On top of all this, Kevin aka Michael returns as a janitor/Ben's spy on the boat. Some of you are reading this and think I'm crazy. You probably don't know what I'm talking about. However, a bunch of you probably DO know what I'm talking about. Sorry, I have to dedicate most of today's entry to last night's episode. President Bush is here in New York today to talk about our low-performing economy. My street, as well as others around town, is blocked off completely in anticipation of the president's arrival. I heard Cascada's song at the gym this morning. The song reminds me of my driving days in Dallas.

March 13, 2008

Agnes was so wrong about "The Lion King". The show had some boring moments, but they all came together with spectacular costumes, props, dancing, and awesome songs. We already know most of the songs, including "Hakuna Matata" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". Anyone visiting NYC should go see "The Lion King" as a mandatory tourist attraction. This show definitely trumps "Curtains". Janet Jackson will not attend SNL this Saturday because she has the flu. Speaking of the flu, the Avian flu may be making a comeback. Hong Kong closed all its kindergarten and primary schools for two weeks. The kids can stay home and infect one another out in the streets instead of infecting each other in the classroom. Mariah Carey will substitute for Miss Jackson. Congratulations to Dr. Schwack! You really didn't need to study after all. I wish I was that smart and not have to study so much. Some of us have to work harder than others. Oh and BTW, my membership at Sam's is paid in full. I don't need a ride from Sam's parking lot. I can walk right out of the parking lot and hop on a train. It's how we do it here in Manhattan!

March 12, 2008

A person who commits a crime is considered guilty until proven innocent. It's unfortunate that we see it this way. Why the heck do we need a legal system? Let the cops round up criminals and take them straight to jail without due process. Spitzer should step down as New York's governor. Although his affairs with an escort service may be personal, he betrayed his wife and family. If they can't trust him, we as his constituents cannot keep him in office. He may have spent $80K of our tax money. His story and the democratic race continue to feed the high-strung politics-loving media. I took the M79 bus yesterday from the UWS back home and noticed television media vans parked along 5th Ave. Those vans are there to videotape Spitzer's every move. He is hiding out of his home on the UES. First, it was the NJ governor with his gay affair and now this guy. Who's next? I'm off to see "The Lion King" today. I'm a sucker for mainstream Broadway productions. Chang, you shouldn't have bailed out on me at the last minute. It's okay though. I managed to find your replacement. Have fun on your trip and don't forget to get me a magnet. Cheers!

March 11, 2008

Mel, you are a big geek! Stop trying to ruin it for everyone else in your class. Just go with the flow. I know you want to be the best student, but some times it's best to step aside and let someone else shine. It's called equal opportunity. I heard about Addison's visit to the dentist. The poor little boy ended up laying on grandma's stomach. Khoi, think about what I "proposed" to you. You'll save a lot of money. LOL! We may get a new governor after the Spitzer debacle. The next person in line will make history as the state's first black governor. I will never drink cafe sua da again unless I have intentions to stay up all night and day. I drank one cup yesterday to keep me awake at the library. I went to bed at 10PM, but did not sleep until 1AM. The strong coffee kept me up. It's not worth it! The stack of nasty clothes finally disappeared. Facebook now has a French version. It's obviously useless to me, but you Francophiles out there should be jumping for joy. I missed out on the $1000 round trip flight to Vietnam from Newark. Flights cost approximately $1500 starting in late April and through the busy summer season. Check out Miss Abdul's latest jam. I am spoiled when it comes to the grid street pattern of New York. I became very frustrated with Boston's endless array of zig-zagged streets with no unifying intersections.

March 10, 2008

My landlord now accepts ACH payments. I no longer need to send in my rent money. I'll have more to talk about later today. It's my first day back at work. It's been a very long day. As you can see, I am updating today's entry after 6PM. I normally add the daily entry first thing in the morning before doing anything else. I got sidetracked this morning and stayed "busy" until the very end. Our governor was caught in prostitution sting. Some are calling for his resignation. His wife stood by his side during his press conference. I didn't get a chance to eat Agnes's Polish dish. I ate a tuna sandwich, pasta salad, chips, and several cookies for lunch. When it's free food, you have to answer the call and not leave any leftovers. Oprah's new show is starting to make me shed a couple tears. I'm not one to cry, but some of the scenes on that give away show were very moving. Julie, sorry that I don't know anything about synthetic oil. Like I told you, you called up the wrong person. I have never changed my own car oil. Also, I don't think I even drive any more.

March 9, 2008

Don't forget to spring your clock one hour forward. I've noticed the sun staying out a bit longer than before. I can still see the sun when I come out of my basement office. Yes, they stick us in the basement instead of a high-rise because we are not a profit center. Our service is a cost to the University. I can't wait to see "The Owl and the Sparrow" next Saturday thanks to my quick-thinking classmates. Please don't talk to me about this week's homework. I am done talking about it and refuse to discuss it further. Obama wins Wyoming. The real battle will be in Philadelphia. Emily, excellent job on your site! I thought those words came from you. It's good to read something from a different perspective. Some may say I only see black and white and nothing in between. I am working on improving the gray area. The Korean market near my office ran out of Gala apples. I drank water instead of chowing down on apples. My belly is slowly returning thanks to my constant binge of sweets and snacks. Pheezy, I won't tell you what I ate. I'll leave it up to your imagination. You probably know what I enjoy eating. Just refer to my previous entries. Walking around town can result in humongous calves. President Bush likes to torture his prisoners. Anyone out there on Facebook?

March 8, 2008

Will there be a dream ticket? McCain does not look too good if he runs against either of the Democrats. You don't need to purchase anything to win sweepstakes. Wyoming makes its decision today. Melanie, get more information about your possible promotion. Let's hope they place you in a suitable school. I shall try to get Pinkberry pictures today. When I have my TV on, my internet slows down. People in Guatemala like to weave intricate patterns. I skipped the gym for the past two days. Rafael, how was Spamalot? I need to pick up tickets at Ticket Central. "The Lion King" is my next show. Ticket Central no longer offers "Jersey Boys" specials. I should have jumped on the wagon when they offered those tickets. Someone ordered a large pizza last night. I was tempted to eat at least once slice but I declined. I already brushed my teeth for the night. The trick to not eating late is to floss, brush your teeth, and gargle right after you eat dinner, even if dinner was at 6PM. If I eat again before I go to sleep, I'll have to brush my teeth once again. I'm too lazy to brush again so I try not to eat after dinner. Opposites do not attract. It's a known fact that people gravitate towards folks who are similar to their own. Why would a businessman hang out with a goth? Why would a Japanese princess decked out in Chanel eat dinner with a homeless man? The rain continues to dampen the streets and subway lines. Someone in the paper announced to the world that short people should not use big umbrellas. Only tall people are allowed to carry big umbrellas because the umbrella will hover over everyone including short people. Short people should stick to a mini or regular sized umbrella to minimize the risk of bumping into fellow pedestrians.

March 7, 2008

I came home to a very messy room. If you plan on driving in the rain, please be sure your windshield wiper blades are sharp. It makes no sense if the blades barely work. You might as well drive with a blindfold. Boston's street intersections have way too many streets converging. On top of all this, the crosswalks do not sync up with the traffic lights. If the light is green, the crosswalk parallel to the "green" street should allow pedestrians to walk. Instead, crosswalk lights go on and off on their own without much consideration for car traffic. The T lines are good, but not as great as NYC's subway. Other than the traffic headache, Boston has beautiful brownstones and some of the friendliest faces. JFK's Library sits on the water. Brookline surprisingly caters to corporate chains. Newbury Street reminds me of Madison Ave. I am very hungry as I type away this entry. Tomorrow is another rainy day with endless studying. I managed to add a few more wrinkles during the past two days.

March 6, 2008

Carole, you need to get rid of your dial-up and buy some satellite internet. I bet it will be a lot faster. You will be a lot more efficient. You'll also get to see all my Asian friends. Thank you for removing this website from Shari's remote computer. I am off to Bean Town. Nita, thank you for the info. I don't even know where I'm staying. I am so proud of Mrs. Clinton. She deserves to stay until the end. Pennsylvania will belong to her too. I can't get Mariah's new jingle out of my head. Yes, I like to get ready really early so the other person doesn't have to wait for me. People yelled at me for not moving further into the train. I had my big bag and could not drop it on the person sitting in front of me. It was either that or have an extra space for the bag. I'm irritated with Christian's hair. Is it supposed to be a rooster or a side mohawk? "Make it work!" I did the bicycle instead of the stairs machine. I didn't sweat as much. I dropped my dry cleaning right before the 7PM cutoff. Is someone really listening to you when they're typing away on the keyboard? They say they are listening to what you have to say, but the fingers keep tapping against the keys. I say tell the person to turn away from the keyboard and demand his/her full attention by looking him/her straight in the eyes.

March 5, 2008

Clinton wins Ohio and Texas. John McCain is the Republican nominee. Who will be his V.P. candidate? Walking in New York with both hands free is a luxury that's hard to come by. I either have my gym bag, messenger bag, or a small shopping bag filled with stuff for someone. It's never a "hands free" day. It will rain today but I have on my newly pressed pants. Let's hope the rain won't ruin my perfect crease. Addison, I hear you can use a computer now. That's awesome! We'll have to play Tetris when I come home. Julie, I haven't forgotten about you. I'll try to stop by Pinkberry some time this week and take some snapshots for ya!

March 4, 2008

Something is brewing in South America. Ecuador has cut diplomatic relations with Colombia. Venezuela is fighting with Colombia. Does the U.S. even have a military base in South America? I believe Panama is the closest, but it's considered Central America. Will Bush send troops to South America? Can't we all just get along? We'll find out today whether Mrs. Clinton should stay in the race. McCain gets an endorsement from a very conservative evangelical who claims that the Catholic Church is a whore. The MTA plans to increase its service by adding more express bus routes and additional trains to underserved subway lines. New York continues to fight to stay at the top. Shanghai, London, Hong Kong, and Paris all remain a big threat in this very global world. Did anyone get their rebate checks from Uncle Sam yet? Chi Dao, I can't wait for your food bonanza on Easter Day! I'll make sure to bring bunnies and chocolate eggs for the "kids". Yes, you need to unplug it. Yes, you are talking to me. It's funny when you talk back to someone who talks in his/her sleep. They tend to argue with you. Sheryl Crow filmed her latest video in New Orleans. I noticed a guy wearing a UNO t-shirt. Go Privateers!

March 3, 2008

Welcome back, Brad! Let's see if you picked up any Caribbean sun. The French actress who won the Best Actress nod at the Academy said some nasty things about the 9/11 tragedy. What is up with all these dance shows on TV? Fares are up throughout the city. I bought my monthly pass right before the price increase. I'll have to change my commutation deduction starting next month. Today and tomorrow will be in the 50's. Spring is here and should stay. I'm tired of bundling up and shivering in the cold wind. I ran into Rafael and Paul in Soho yesterday. I think I also saw Conan O'Brien. It's a small town. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to folks around you. You never know who you'll run into. Xe Lua got my Bun Rieu. They cook that sucker only on the weekends. Was everyone in DC over the weekend? The Cheery Blossom deal is weeks away. I opened my gmail this morning and had nothing in my inbox. Either people don't care about me or everyone went to my spam box. I delete the spam box without checking its contents. I have a short week this week. I'm off to bean town later this week. Let's hope the weather is dry and comfy. Joe, quit playing with your crackberry. I can only handle one addict in the apartment. The radiator finally blasted some warm air. I felt the difference this morning when I woke up.

March 2, 2008

I now know how to address my elders, peers, and young bucks. Co Vy also gave us pointers on how to pick up girls by asking them if they have a family yet. I finished the last chapter of the prep book. I now need to focus on the more difficult chapters. My clothes always smell like food. Why is that? When I'm in the office on the weekends, the security guard makes fun of me for coming in. I should spend the day walking around the city instead of being stuck in the library. I went crazy on che at Nha Hang Tu Do. I'll tell you where to go to get good che. I am moving to either Canada or Vietnam if my candidate does not win the election. My mom freaked out when I told her I may move to Hanoi. She hates the north and hates it when people talk about the north. My aunt tells me it's very scenic and beautiful in the north because of the endless natural wonders. I've never been and would be happy to get on a direct flight. The Whole Foods at Bowery and Houston is freakishly huge. The second floor wraps around the entire building. It reminded me of the Starbucks in Big D's The West Village. People go there to hang out and not really eat. We're supposed to give up our seats if someone eats real food. I don't think people follow that rule.

March 1, 2008

This month marks the one year anniversary of It's been a great year filled with random thoughts, some mama dramas (the guest book was removed to mitigate the risk for potential dramas), requests for censorship, positive feedback, and pure boredom entertainment. Emily brought up a good point. What happens if my host server goes out of business or shuts down completely? The website content will disappear forever unless I save the content on my hard drive. I need to look at the host's contingency plan and assess its effectiveness. The apartment's radiator stopped working. That explains the very cold air in the apartment for the past two days. They produce hot air when it's not needed and stops working when it's freezing outside. One of the patients mistook me as one of the doctors who just came back from lunch. Speaking of doctors, I didn't even get to see an ENT doctor. I looked at the person treating me and saw her title as Physician Assistant. I waited for over a month to see a PA. Not that there's anything wrong with PA's. I expected an MD considering my long wait for the appointment. I practiced my Mandarin on a couple patients. They asked if I was Chinese because they needed help with translation. I responded in Mandarin indicating that I'm not Chinese and cannot speak Mandarin. After a few minutes of confusion, they finally realized that I did not speak the middle kingdom's language. I asked the front desk person if an interpreter was available. She looked at me and told me to interpret for them if I'm available. I told her I am not the same Asian as the person asking for help. It's not like Puerto Ricans and Mexicans where they share the same language. My ears were washed out with water. It took them a few minutes to get rid of all my wax. My hearing should improve now. We'll see when I sit in a loud restaurant. I just got back from Hoi An and had to get a snapshot of the beauties below.