November 30, 2007

I hope it stays in place. I am going to report what your little friend did for you. As an auditor, I must report everything. Addison likes to say Cau Bee. I'm the only one who uses an electric toothbrush. Agnes made me walk to get dumplings at Vanessa's. In return, she picked up my "The Nutcracker" tickets. It was an even trade. Tell Alexis I said hello. I'm sure she appreciated your NYC knowledge. Don't forget to bundle up in the cold weather. We should get some wintry mix on Sunday. Like Addison's friend, Eva, used to say, "It's about time!". I paid $8 for two bagels. Was that too expensive? One of the bagels had lox and cream cheese. Joel, did you make it on "Big Brother"? I was not surprised that the only Asian contestant won the trivia questions on "Survivor". Those questions were way too easy. Kim Pheezy, this blog is about me. It's all about me. It is not about Chang. Again, it is all about me, what I think, and what I've done. BTW, your name is PHONG (it's not a typo). I don't know any pheezies. I know...we're such hypocrites. Someone should come in and smack us in the butt. Good luck, Chang and Joseph! I want to see smiley faces when you guys leave the exam room.

November 29, 2007

I got paid today! I just checked my bank account. My employer is supposed to pay me tomorrow because the 1st would have been on a Saturday. I asked my office-mates and none received the money. Could it be an error on my bank's part or the payroll department? Oh well, it's better to get money early than later. Did anyone catch the Republican debate last night on CNN? Unfortunately, I don't have cable so I may need to piggyback someone's TiVo. Why do I care? I think Hillary is going to win next year any way. It's time for the Clinton regime to take back the Maison Blanche! I kept my end of the bargain by getting a salt bagel with lox and cream cheese. Yesterday's lunch at the Blue Water Grill was yummy. Will it be another night of Subway sandwiches?

November 28, 2007

I am not giving any more names unless I get names in return. The weather has finally dropped to where it should be for this time of year. Subway has a special going on right any four 6'' sub for $9.99. The deal is only good after 4PM for a limited time. If given a choice, I prefer Quizno's. It's something about having your sandwich toasted on that conveyor belt. I finally finished Ken Follett's novel, "The Pillars of the Earth". I hope they make a movie or a television mini-series. I hear that the author may come to NYU in January for a book signing. I'll keep you all posted. What's my next book? It's time to read Gleim's CIA Part III test prep. I've been putting it off long enough. Ticketmaster charges way too much to buy tickets. For a $10 ticket, you will end up paying 50% more for taxes and fees. Thank you for the info, TL. I am all about documentaries!

November 27, 2007

Rafael and I ate lunch at the Italian place with deep-fried pancakes. We didn't eat the pancakes. They only have them for breakfast and brunch on the weekends. We had trouble deciding where to eat for lunch. We have always gone west of 3rd Ave, but never really ventured alone 2nd Ave. I ate a crab meat quiche. It was delicious. The servers kept refilling my water, which kept me happy. We were one of two customers in the restaurant. We wondered why no one came in for lunch. I am seriously running low on eye contacts. I scheduled an eye exam for late December. I am totally blind without my eyeglasses or contacts. Yes, I even need my eyeglasses to go pee at night. Like Karen said, it's 24 more days until the Christmas holiday. I don't think people work between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Who wants to work when people are too busy shopping, putting up decorations, playing in the snow, and drinking alcohol to keep them warm.

November 26, 2007

The treadmill killed me this morning. Four days of being lazy and eating a lot caught up to me. I decreased the running speed from 7.0 to 6.0 after running 12 minutes. I stayed at the 6.0 speed until the very end. My new brown shoes suffered this morning as well. The heavy rain created mass puddles all around the city. I saw "Muoi" again last night. Seeing it again made sense. It may seem a bit confusing at first because you don't know if the girl is hallucinating or seeing something real. The Italian place near campus has opera nights on the weekends. I guess they will be singing in Italian. Will there be supertitles? Don't you hate it when you eat nasty chicken? I'm talking about that odor you smell from eating old, rotten chicken. I can't explain it, but the smell is horrifying and makes me want to puke. I had some of that chicken last night. That's one of my biggest fears when eating chicken. You can't be sure if it's odor-free or not.

November 25, 2007

Arkansas kicked LSU's butt! I ventured to Chinatown again this morning to pick up some food from Paris Sandwiches. Bobby Lee likes to make Asian or Korean jokes. I am almost done with "The Pillars of the Earth". People who lived during the Middle Ages can be so mean and brutal. There is so much drama surrounding the construction of a cathedral. I completed my Christmas wish list. Please try to get me everything on the wish list...just kidding! You guys can get me whatever you want. Malibu now has another wild fire to deal with. Yes, I have "Under the Tuscan Sun". John, there are plenty of other awesome Vietnamese movies out there. I'm not a big fan of the guy who directed "Cyclo". His other films tend to be very slow, somewhat artsy, and his characters rarely spoke. He focused on their facial expressions, which may be confusing sometimes. Thanks to Alex, I learned a new Mandarin word--feichang! I always thought my style was mediocre. I had no idea you enjoyed it so much. Good to know I made your day or lifetime! Today is the end to a 4-day Thanksgiving holiday. Three more weeks and it's Christmas. I plan to "lazy around" when I am home for the holidays. I learned from Chang that New Orleans experienced a "white" Christmas not too long ago. With all the global warming going on, I doubt that NOLA will experience another "white" day. I recently came across an article about an anti-communist protest in Orange County, CA. Yes, it's another "chong cong" protest in our lovely Little Saigon, USA. I support the protesters. As Americans of Vietnamese descent, we do not want corrupt communists and their kids in America. They come here to study as foreign students and pretend not to have any political propaganda. I highly doubt that. One of their objectives of studying here in the states is to change the mind of at least one pro-democractic Vietnamese-American. After you are done "studying" here in the states, go back to Vietnam and continue the corruption with your fellow comrades. You are not wanted here.

November 24, 2007

Yesterday was supposed to be a busy shopping day. Fortunately, I was out of bed by 6:45AM. I left the apartment 30 minutes later to find the streets empty. Some people were in their work clothes. I took the M79 bus to 5th Ave and transferred to one of the M buses running downtown on 5th Ave. I realized that I can do two bus lines to get from my apartment to 5th Ave's midtown shopping mecca instead of taking one bus line and two subway lines. All the transferring can be very complicated. Rafael met me at H&M where everything was 25% off between 6AM and noon. I picked up a few items for work. I was disappointed to see a limited selection of suits. We passed by the Today show and hopped on a bus going downtown on 5th Ave. We got off at 14th street. I ate a couple $0.99 breakfast sandwiches from Wendy's. I wanted to strangle the cashier because she was slower than a turtle climbing out of a thick pile of mud. I stopped by a few stores in Union Square and breezed through the open air holiday market. I was passionate about many things. I went home to rest before heading to 86th St to get a few more goods. I finally got a pair of brown shoes from BR. I took a 15 minute nap and felt refreshed. I dropped off some dirty shirts at the cleaners and bought milk at Duane Reade. It is $0.20 cheaper than D'AG!

November 23, 2007

I looked up to see big balloons. I could not see anything else among the massive crowd. We made it almost to the front, but it was extremely crowded. I barely had room to breathe. We went back out and stayed on 68th St. There were beaucoup kids all over the place. Their parents bought noisemakers that, unfortunately, worked properly. I went back home and tried to take a nap. I caught up on e-mails. Dinner moved from 3PM to 5PM. Instead of being on the UWS, it would be in Harlem. Instead of going hungry, we skipped dinner in Harlem and headed down to Chinatown to eat. Before eating, I picked up a couple ear muffs. Never buy something in Chinatown at the asking price. You can always find a better deal at the next stall if he/she won't budge. Instead of getting super huge cupcakes, we bought a log of pound cake. That thing better not go bad before the weekend is over. Then it was up to the Lincoln Center area for a cheesy movie. If you planned on watching "something something love in cholera", don't do it. It's a horrible movie filled with idiotic lines for unlikable characters. They decided to switch the actor when he became older but kept the boring forever-breathing actress to play the lead. The temperature finally dropped as we left the movie theater. The ear muffs came in handy!

November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday afternoon, I slaved over the stove frying spring rolls and baking chocolate chip cookies. The latter is for F.A. She likes to wait a day or so because the staleness kicks in at that point. I also save some for dinner tonight on the UWS. Good thing I bought a couple bottles of wine at Trader Joe's not too long ago. I'll also bring wine to dinner. The wake up time this morning is 7AM. I get an extra 30 minutes. I was hoping to sleep in since there's no work. It's either sleeping in and missing out on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade or wake up early to be in the crowd. For those who regularly visit my website, I thank you for your continued support. I will install a PayPal Donation box shortly. You may donate as much as you want. If I am keeping you entertained, I need something in return. I'm KIDDING! You're doing me a favor by adding traffic to my website. There will never be a fee for accessing this website unless I am selling a service or products. It's up in the air as far as I know. Another person, who shall remain nameless, is too busy to travel a few blocks uptown. If someone thinks someone is hot, that person should step up and make it known instead of going through the messenger. I refer to all these nameless people thinking they know who I am talking about without having to mention their names. If I am talking about you, please drop me a note to tell me that I am right on the money. Thank you and have a great day getting fat! If you get bored today, take a look at my girl Rihanna singing against Chris Brown. She wants her umbrella and he wants a Cinderella. Carolyn, don't burn the turkey. I know it's your first time cooking, but don't disappoint your guests!

November 21, 2007

Is it catsup or ketchup? According to Carrie Heffernan's dad, rich people refer to the tomato condiment as catsup. A big welcome to Karen! I'll try to speak in a foreign language so you won't have to eavesdrop. Yes, in America we say "theater", not "theatre". I don't know what I was thinking, Mrs. Wilt! I wonder if I should go to IKEA this Saturday to get some shelving for the closet. I will fry Mama's last batch of frozen eggrolls tomorrow night. I'll try not to forget tomorrow's session with my Mandarin-speaking tutor. I have seen almost every episode of "King of Queens". Eddie, if you need to call me during the day, please call me at my office. My cellphone sucks from being in the basement all day. Yes, my office is in the basement of a dormitory. I am lucky if I can get two network bars appearing on my phone. I am not your OnStar Help Desk. You can't just call me and ask for directions. Actually, you can. LOL I don't mind taking a break and looking up googlemaps. I like to end my telephone call with, "Thank you for flying American Airlines. Have a blessed day!"

November 20, 2007

Vi oi! I will try to make it to church this Sunday. I will definitely stay for the party afterwards. I can't pass up leftover Vietnamese turkey. Joel, sorry that you forgot your essentials at the casting call on Sunday. Be sure to bring the required documents to Brooklyn on December 1st. Don't fail me! I did some shopping at Kmart before work yesterday. I walked away with two big bags of household goods. I like to buy stuff in bulk because it's cheaper than buying one item at a time. The only problem, if not a very major problem, is to schlep all the goods from the store home. Since I don't possess a car and can't put my goods in a trunk, shopping can be a pain in the neck. Therefore, I don't really mind the hassle during my monthly trips to Kmart to stock up on toiletries and other bare essentials. I uploaded a few short clips of Addison. Check them out on the pictures page. My family has a crazy obsession with that little boy. How are we going to deal with a second nephew or niece? In my parents' case, how will they treat their other grandchildren? Will they all be spoiled and treated like royalty or will little Addison remain the supreme emperor? Only time will tell. My siblings and I need to get a move on in creating grandkids for our parents. So far, Mel has one up on everyone. I think she'll have the next kid to share the ever famous Nguyen last name. John, if you want to see or hear something that may be on youtube, let me know. I can post it on here. Perhaps the red guards put restrictions on what you can see on youtube. The Rockettes got me into the holiday spirit. How about some MC to get you all going!

November 19, 2007

I switched out my shirt last night because it was soaking wet. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. Let's see how long this will last. At the suggestion of Miss Winfrey, I am reading "The Pillars of the Earth". The book is ridiculously long with almost 1,000 pages. I spent most of my yesterday reading it. Jim was in town so I took him to the soul food place in Greenwich Village. The place reeked of deep fried oil. Of course you have to expect that. I stayed on the UWS to do some more reading before the movie screening of "Journey From the Fall". I saw this movie when it was released earlier this summer in theatres. Chang has not seen it so we went. The director took questions after the movie, but I was too tired to stay for the Q&A. Today is my first day back at work. It will be a short week with three working days. Then, it's Thanksgiving! I had tickets to yesterday's "Rent", but it was canceled due to the stage hands union strike. I returned my tickets to Ticket Central today for a full refund. I looked forward to seeing the Broadway show. I like the opening song and the rest should be equally entertaining. Ignoring protests from environmentalists and whale activists, the Japanese will embark on a massive hunt for Humpback Whales near Antarctica. The crew has orders to kill up to 50 whales. As if the Japanese people are running out of sushi, why must they go after the beloved whales? A cyclone in low-lying Bangladesh may have killed up to 10,000 people.

November 18, 2007

I am sick. I have had the chills since yesterday afternoon. Advil Cold & Sinus temporarily relieved my pain, aches, and feverish feeling. I wonder why Duane Reade has the medicine behind the counter. They even made me show my ID and sign my name. Is it some kind of dangerous painkiller? Hopefully, I will recover today so I can return to work tomorrow. I'd hate to call in sick the day I return from a week-long vacation. I bought some Vietnamese movies on Thursday and they came in yesterday. It was a delightful surprise. I watched "The Rebel". Dustin Nguyen's Vietnamese sucks! He spoke as if he just learned Vietnamese. The lead female actress kicked some serious butt. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I had dinner at Cafe Charbonne. Everyone had their usual dishes. We all drank the once-in-a-year wine from France: Beaujolais Nouveau. Berrywild's yogurt did not have the same texture and taste as Pinkberry's.

November 17, 2007

Target paid for my admission to MoMA. One dollar got me into the Guggenheim. If you are along Central Park and need to travel uptown from midtown to the Upper East Side, I highly suggest the M1 to M5 buses because they all run on Madison Ave. Can you imagine...5 bus lines on one route? To make a long story short, a bus will frequently appear at your stop. Yes, I'm a bit overly excited about this, but you can never top reliable public transportation. I enjoyed Kandinsky's paintings the most! Everyone gathered around Van Gogh's "The Starry Night". I don't like how they frame some famous paintings behind glass. You cannot see the painting's texture. Many of the artwork went way over my head because I am not an artsy person and will never be. Just as Mike Birbiglia had said, the artwork was like Kenny G! (display movements as if you're playing a saxophone and make whiny noises)

November 16, 2007

Yesterday, I went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. I enjoyed each and every scene. The toy soldiers scene was by far the best. I learned a new term: precision dancing. The ushers gave each audience member a stick with glowing lights. We had to flicker the lights on towards the end when everyone sang "Joy to the World". I kept mine in its original package. It's a 75th anniversary memorabilia. I have never been to the music hall. I was amazed at the art deco interior. I felt as though Desi and Lucy would come on stage and perform for us. Whoever renovated the place in 1999 did an amazing job. It rained all day, which made walking around town a hassle. I also had my gym bag with me. Chase Bank does not cash Chase checks unless you have an account with them. After a stop at K-Town's Pinkberry and Union Square's B&N, we went to Jimmy Chan's Planet Desi premiere. Yes, I felt a connection with Gogol's mom and my nickname can be "Tom". I never made it to dinner. Instead, we ordered in and ate in front of the TV as the Democrats battled it out on CNN. It was all about Hilary and Obama as usual. I find it odd that the candidates refer to Mrs. Clinton as "Hilary". Whatever happened to Senator Clinton? Happy Birthday, Brad!

November 15, 2007

Being moody ain't gonna get you any where. This goes to BS and CN! I saw a comedian perform his stand-up routine for a Comedy Central special. It was nice sitting up front. I have never sat in orchestra. The closest I came to the orchestra level was when I stood in the back in "standing room" for a very long Lincoln Center opera. TL can attest to this. Luckily, we traded seats with a couple other folks during intermission. We sat on the second balcony for the remainder of the show. The funniest joke tonight was when he talked about crackers. I also enjoyed the Bush jokes. I had no idea there are so many atheists in New York. I figured everyone is either Jewish or Catholic. Rafael, thank you for the cake invite. Sorry, I couldn't make it. I was around Astor Place all morning, but made it back home when you called. Enjoy your trip to the Turk Islands. I learned something new today.

November 14, 2007

Today is hump day. I finally posted pictures from Halloween and the NYC Marathon. Check them out in the Kodak Gallery link. The Writer's Union is on stike. Many of the television shows and Broadway productions canceled. I haven't been keeping up wth the news. When I commute, I read a book instead of catching up on current events. My goal is to try the chicken wth cashews dish at every new Thai restaurant I visit...actually, that dish and green curry. The same goes for restaurants with crab rangoon. I can't resist deep fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese and crabmeat (real or fake). Deep fried food, cheese, and seafood are my weaknesses. No wonder I have borderline cholesterol. Carolyn, how was Vegas? Uzma, good luck with your test tomorrow! Brad, good luck with your quiz today and your big test tomorrow! We cannot get away from these so-called tests. The authorities like to keep us on our toes and continuously question our intelligence.

November 13, 2007

I woke up way too early this morning. We saw Alicia Keys perform live on Good Morning America. The "Addison" poster made it on TV when the weather girl gave us the day's weather. Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer look extremely tall. The rain trickled down as Alicia played her last song. When we arrived at the venue, we were told where to stand before actually mixing with the concert crowd. I think it was a racial thing but who was really noticing? As real people went off to their real jobs, we went downtown to the Pink Tea Cup for some homemade pancakes and eggs...nothing like some good ole Babyface to wake me up. I went to the gym and Trader Joe's afterwards. The line at their liquor store was non-existent. I was the only one in line. It's good to stock up on cheap wine because the holiday season is upon us. You never know when you'll need wine for a party. I just took a 3-hour nap. I'm off to dinner in Murray Hill later. Tomorrow, it's a Comedy Central show at NYU!

November 12, 2007

I saw Chang's stalker at Paris Bakery. She really didn't talk to me. She offered coffee to her VIP customers. I was never offered one drop of it. Thanh, thank you for the pictures. They bring back good memories. When going to a museum, always ask for the student tickets. They are usually half the price and will often not ask for your student ID. If so, just show them your college ID. I'm sure many of you still have it. I went to the Skyscraper Museum and the Museum of Jewish Heritage. I highly suggest the latter because it takes you through a comprehensive history of the Jewish culture. Don't expect to see any artwork from Jewish artists. You would need to go uptown to the Jewish Museum for some fancy schmansy paintings. I started reading a book about an Afghan girl. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Oh, and today is the first day of my week-long vacation.

November 11, 2007

I ate my usual at Xe Lua. A customer at a table across from us ordered che ba mau. It made me want one for myself. Apple employees like to wear black. I like the Soho store because of the upstairs auditorium. The propaganda towards the end of "Ao Lua Ha Dong" rubbed me the wrong way. The story should have stayed neutral because both sides suffered. Veselka had the best banana cream pie. I got some money from Dr. Schwack for my cab ride back uptown.

November 10, 2007

Yesterday was my co-worker's birthday. He does not look his age. All this time, I thought he was in his late 40's. We ate the same chocolate cake I got for TL's birthday. We did not save a piece for our director, but we managed to cut a piece off of Rafael's "double" piece. Rafael ended up eating the entire piece any way. I want to re-use the cake box and plastic bag. As Megan mentioned, I may use the box as Christmas wrapping. Ever since Al Gore's opinion on global warming went mainstream, I have been trying to be my part. I feel very guilty when I throw away plastic water bottles in regular trash cans. Be prepared to listen to people talk in "Lions for Lambs". I love how this country is protesting the war by producing anti-war films. Check out Chang in a "bhangra" video: One Peg More

November 9, 2007

Friday is finally here! Never take a crosstown bus in midtown during rush hour. I got so fed up with waiting for a bus that I walked from Lexington Ave. to 12th Ave. Yes, it was a brisk 15 minute walk. If I had waited for a bus like everyone else, it would have taken me close to an hour to get to my destination. I attended a contemporary art fair at Pier 92 (all the way on the west side). Thanks to the AAAA, I was given full access to the event. There were probably a handful of servers with appetizers walking around...not a lot of food considering the large crowd. I made sure to stand near the kitchen where the servers departed with full trays of food. I think I sampled all the appetizers. I almost threw up on myself from eating duck. It was nice to see Asian artists produce work other than your typical Chinese-calligraphy-on-a-scroll or an Asian woman depicted as a sexual object for the western hemisphere to drool.

November 8, 2007

John, the book is called "The Tapestries" written by Kien Nguyen. I finished it this morning. Someone should make it into a movie. No, it is not in Vietnamese. I would kill myself trying to read something in Vietnamese. Unfortunately, I am not fully fluent in that language. I'll reply back to your e-mail in greater detail when I have time this weekend and next week. I have all next week off. It looks like Planet Desi is making its official debut. I can't wait! I ate the same thing at Apple yesterday for lunch. I usually hate lemongrass, but I enjoyed the dish. It was not as spicy as I had expected. My half of the table ordered chicken while the other half ate beef. There was some discussion as to how to pronounce my last name. Brian from "The Family Guy" pretty much summed it up. Karen, thank you again for Season 1. I am going to watch it again and relive the good ole memories. Rafael, sorry for intruding on your Saturday party. I should have stayed at the office like Agnes had insisted. Brad, go and do your Friday rendez-vous! To those who watched "Halloween 3", please let me know how the movie ends. The TiVo contraption stopped recording right on the hour. I need to get off this thing to catch the 9:12AM bus to the medical center.

November 7, 2007

This stupid kid at the gym had his shoes in front of my locker. He knew that his shoes were blocking my locker. I stood there and waited for some kind of action on his part. Nothing happened. I told him if he minded moving his shoes. He said okay. It took forever for him to move them. I mumbled under my breath how his mama never taught him common courtesy. I bet he heard me. On top all this, he wore jeans that rolled up at the bottom and he secured the "roll-ups" with safety pins. What the heck is that all about? I remembered rolling up my Girbaud jeans to make them narrow at the bottom, but I never used safety pins. I voted yesterday. I was disappointed to see only two positions up for grabs. I voted on an amendment about a water reservoir. The ballot contained way too much information about the amendment. I got bored reading it. I hope I made the right choice. Mary, I got your postcard. I think you'll end up marrying before any of the Nguyens in New Orleans and New York. Keep working hard!

November 6, 2007

I finished a few more accounts for work. I am trying to get a lot done before I go on vacation next week. I have not decided on what to do. Should I stay in New York or leave for Boston or Washington, DC? That is the million dollar question. I ran from the bus to my train station without my umbrella this morning. I figured the rain would stop, but it was relentless! I am reading a Vietnamese novel. You are miles away from redeeming yourself. A simple apology won't make it better. Go ahead and ransack my apartment. Chang and Harvey will be waiting for you. Pakistan has turned into another Myanmar. We are on the brink of WWIII!

November 5, 2007

I lost my voice. I spent too much time cheering for the runners. No one thought my cow bell was irritating. We stood in the spot where everyone cheered. I kept my eye out for Thao, but never saw her. The couple next to us was cheering for someone I met at a 4th of July BBQ. We missed her as well. It's such a small world! We never made it to Chinatown for cheap Vietnamese food. We ended up eating on 2nd Ave. at a Thai place and Pinkberry immediately thereafter. A big fat dog took care of his business and ran away. The U.S. media spends way too much time with footage supporting the war. Last weekend's nationwide protest received minimal coverage. My neighbor upstairs likes to cook with garlic. He also likes to stomp his feet. Luckily he stays above my roommate's room so I only hear him walk whenever he walks in the hallway. I forgot to mention that Nikki Beach reminded me of a South Beach cabana. I was waiting for Desi Arnaz to come and sing Babalu! Everyone is in Macy's holiday commercial.

November 4, 2007

Mad props to Luna! Thank you again for eating like a pig with me. The food was delicious. Also, thank you for listening and offering me valuable advice. I may take you up on it. I'll let you know how it goes...if it continues. TL, it was great seeing you again. I'll remember your generous offer. I wish you all the best with Hiep! All over New York will be filled with runners today. I think I am going to train for next year's race. Thao, you are my inspiration! The exercise map remains unused. BR does not have anything for me. Maybe I should wait until the holidays. I stopped by Associated to pick up some "on sale" goods. I only found fish sticks and Nathan's french fries. Hunan Delight's curry fried rice came in handy. My milk has not expired. I thought it expired a couple days ago, but the actual expiration date is the 10th of this month. I don't like getting poked on Facebook. If you want to poke me, do it in real life! Hoang-Anh, I bet your cheesecake is delicious. Let me know how the baking went. My shoes are polished and shiny!

November 3, 2007

The weather finally stayed cool. I was getting used to the warm weather. I found some thermals at K-mart. I remembered looking for them last year in the middle of winter. Every store in the city ran out of thermals. I wanted to buy these cheap snow boots from K-mart, but the bottom soles looked slippery. I think they were made of plastic material instead of slip-resistant rubber. Chang, I did not buy the warm-up mat for nothing. You better start using it. I have decided to cut beer from my diet. I switched to red wine. I notice a more uplifting buzz as opposed to the depressing "high" I get from beer. Also, it doesn't add inches to your belly. My brown shoes are shiny. I need to get the black ones polished too. David, I received your itinerary. Thank you for the info. I'll let you know if you are needed for dog-walking duties. I am reading a "Viet Cong" book.

November 2, 2007

Last night's performance in Hell's Kitchen was a bit too contemporary for me. Am I not artistic enough to understand those dance movements? I almost fell asleep after intermission. Instead of eating out, I made a couple sandwiches. My milk expired. This morning, the steam machine in the basement woke me up. It sounded like someone banged on the pipes so hot water can produce steam. It lasted for a good five minutes, then it stopped. I felt warm air oozing from the pipe. Like Addison's friend Eva says, it's about time! Most of us from the office attended Larry's wake yesterday afternoon. We met his family and said our goodbyes to Larry.

November 1, 2007

November is finally here. The leaves are still green. It has been a warm Fall season. Last night, the servers at Cafetasia wore the best costumes. I wonder if their make-up contaminated my food. I ate with a scandalous nun, an evil photographer, and a wannabe cholo. The cholo thought I stole his thunder all throughout last night. I think I did. Almost everyone gave me weird looks as they tried to figure out my costume. If a person looked long enough, I told them "Mucho Deniro". Most people got it and thought it was clever. A lady from Lithuania was confused. She was expecting something in English, but I threw her off with the Spanish. She took pictures with me anyway. She was surprised when I told her she came from a Baltic state. She thought all Americans never heard of such a thing. I actually met a real "Deniro". He was probably a long lost cousin of Mr. Deniro himself. Was Addison a mortal kombat soldier? He looked like he enjoyed the costume. Tammy, make sure to wear your gear at the next football game. Chang, don't forget about the show tonight! I will work from my office today instead of schlepping to Greenberg Hall.