April 28, 2017

Friday is finally here. It's been a very long week and it's not quite over just yet. I am leaving work a bit early today to head down to Marlow to judge the Miss Marlow pageant. When they invite you to judge a pageant, you should gladly accept and do your duty! Marci and I expected a big event last night, but it was very intimate. It was so intimate that we ended up in the private dining room instead of the main ballroom where a bigger event was taking place. It was so intimate that we all had to introduce ourselves to the group. I think there were about 25 people at the dinner. It was very nice of the conference organizers to invite sponsors to the dinner party. The salad and dessert were both the same from the lunch meeting, but the entree was a bit different. This time, we were served stuffed chicken and steak. The lunch meal only had roast beef. After some schmoozing for about an hour and a half, Marci and I called it quits and headed home. I think I was knocked out by 9:30pm. Tess, this video is everything.

April 27, 2017

Our little girl is moving on to bigger and better things. She will step away from consulting and do her own thing with the MIL. Different kind of work for sure, but definitely the same premise. It's definitely a smart move and I know you will succeed in your new adventure. Get ready for a tour of Little Asia next weekend as you leave Little Mexico. Tess, get on it with Sam! Don't let it slip away. I have one more day of running tomorrow before the big marathon relay on Sunday morning. I am not happy that the high for Sunday will be 55 plus it will be windy. The path along the lake is not very forgiving. I will definitely be running against the wind like I did last year. Charli says she runs at a very slow pace. If that's the case, I may continue on with her to meet Paul at the hand-off. I think she has about three more miles on top of my own miles to run. The tank top is a bad idea this year considering the low temperature but we should warm up once we start running.

April 26, 2017

Ivanka has no business attending forums about women. On top of that, she has no business sitting up there alongside other women who have done so much for the masses. She only got to where she is now because of her family connections. She and her husband have no business in the White House. Her dad has no business being there either but unfortunately the ignorants of America voted him in. I blame the Electoral College for him winning the election. Hillary by far won the popular vote but that's just not enough. Less populated counties in rural America have equal weight with larger urban areas of the country. I'm excited about the French election. I hope Macron wins it in the end. Yes, he has no political experience but he's not an extremist like Le Pen. Trump seem to keep losing at the federal courts. His shouting match on Twitter is pretty ridiculous. He continues to divide us all instead of working across party lines. He has an agenda to make the rich richer and keep the poor down by raising their taxes.

April 24, 2017

This is starting to be a weekly update as opposed to a daily update. Despite the crazy rain, thunderstorms, and hail that came on Friday morning through mid-day, we continued on at the office. We stayed put in hopes that the streets will dry out in the afternoon. The flash flooding went away and we went about our business. I left a bit early to get some last minute errands in thinking the slumber party would start before the game. Yes, it was a lack of communication. Next time, we are to agree on the time so everyone is on the same page. Instead of staying up until the early morning, I think everyone was knocked out before midnight. The next day, we rushed to Sarah and Jim's house to get it prepped. We went to a few estate sales. Tess found a couple items. These crazy Christian kids wanted to convert us to their faith by handing us Jesus books. It was quite funny. We headed down to Norman for Angela's charity event and headed back up to go out. I had about six hours of sleep that night and rushed to get home. We had to get something for Nathan's housewarming and crawfish boil. Paul skipped softball practice so we stayed for a few hours there. The game was good up until the very end when Houston kicked our precious butt. We had dinner at the Greens to visit with Baby Colin. We finally finished Homeland. What is going on with President Keane? Poor Quinn!

April 20, 2017

Welcome to the world, Baby Green! How appropriate that you come into the world on 4/20.

April 19, 2017

Yesterday's yoga class was a bit of a struggle. One thing I got right from the class was my crow pose. I still got it. Class was supposed to start at 6pm but the teacher already had people in poses and giving instructions as I made my way into class. That was a bit annoying. It was nice to be back in it though. The teacher was good, but I still miss my Heather. I wonder where she is now. Last I heard, she moved back to California where she is originally from. After class, I changed into regular shorts but they were super tight around my thighs. Tuesday was leg day and combining that with yoga made my legs extra swollen. I need to get back into my practice because stretching does help in how you move throughout the day.

April 18, 2017

First time back to doing yoga in over a year...I can't remember the last time I did yoga. Let's see how it pans out later today with rooftop yoga.

April 17, 2017

Chi San was in town over the weekend. We spent pretty much all day in the kitchen baking and cooking. She made her chia seeds coconut drink and her famous shrimp eggrolls. I baked the trail mix cookies early in the morning before stepping out for Blain's rehearsal. We met them for dim sum at Grand House at 10am. After that, we were off to the grocery stores to pick up some last minute stuff to make carrot cake for Chi San. I dropped her off so she can finish the dessert. I delivered Easter cookies to Suzanne. I realized I was out of powdered sugar so I went back to Walmart to pick up the powdered sugar. I made two carrot cakes, one for Chi San and the other for Emily Rose. I rested for a couple hours before heading to dinner at West. We were three minutes early but half of the dinner party was already seated. We thought we were early! The remaining guests showed up right on the dot at 6pm. I honestly have never seen all 19 people show up on time for a dinner. We then went to mass to officially induct Blain into the church. The mass was not so bad. Yes, there were a few more readings than a regular mass and way too much singing and chanting. However, it was quite uplifting despite the two plus hours of being in the church. After church, we went over to the parish hall for a lite reception. Blain's family left for Davis and we went back to our place for some drinks. The next morning, we took Chi San to get banh cuon. I like how they fully dress the banh cuon if you decide to eat in the restaurant. When I order to go, they only give you the banh cuon because they sell by the pound. After banh cuon, Chi San left and I did laundry. Then we were off to Chris and Sharon's for Easter brunch. After brunch, I finished the last load of laundry and was pretty much a zombie for the rest of the night. Girls is now over and Veep is back on again!

April 16, 2017

Happy Birthday, Chang!...and congrats on finishing that half marathon! Your next one should be a full marathon.

April 13, 2017

Happy Birthday, Marci! Here's a song to keep you trekking along...

April 10, 2017

The highlight of my weekend was the awesome finds at the estate sale in Quail Springs. We picked up Tess only to find out that the estate sale in her neighborhood doesn't really exist. We went to Sharon's to pick her up to go to one on Britton but that was a total fail. We went two a couple more places but there were literally yard sales. We drove by and didn't look back. Funny Lam's was a total fail too. The place was clean, but it had an odor that I didn't care for. The ordering process was a bit inefficient and the kitchen stove and vents were not even on. The lady taking the food order yelled back to the kitchen staff to turn on the stove. This was about two hours after the place opened. Why not have your kitchen equipment on stand by for customers? We were afraid it would take a long time to prepare our food so we left without ordering. Wyatt was very hungry so he ended up getting a two cheeseburger combo. Instead of bottled water, the girl gave him tap water. We returned the tap water and asked for bottled water instead. We dropped off Wyatt and Sharon and went to Tuesday Morning. A man in line at the store mentioned a great estate sale just up the road on Rosewood Lane. We followed the signage and found our new coffee table plus a mirrored top for the office coffee table. We dropped off these antique children's books and a teepee that Tess ordered from Etsy for baby Colin. Blain and Tess cooked us a very nice dinner. Sunday wasn't a total failure after all. Congrats to St. Catherine of Siena and St. Bernadette for officially confirming!

April 6, 2017

Happy Birthday, Addison! You are finally a teenager. It's crazy how you are now 13. Tonight we salute Marci and bid her farewell as she escapes to Tulsa and Florida to celebrate her big 3-0. Last night's dinner turned into a slew of Mercedes parked alongside our house. The non-luxury cars that came later had to be parked elsewhere. We have rich friends but we are not rich ourselves. We stick to our Toyota and Honda as with any other Asian household...ones that do not own businesses and work for the man.

April 5, 2017

Always a fun time when it comes to decorating cookies...especially when you have wine flowing. The box wine that Tess got for us is down to its last drop. We need to replenish. The royal icing recipe I used is better than the one before because the frosting dries faster and easier to work with. However, we need to loosen up the consistency for flooding. We need to make two consistencies for one color. One is for the border and the other for flooding. I need to add a sprinkle of water to the icing to make it looser. Tess, don't lose all hope just yet. I promise to get the consistency right. We get a break tonight. Paul comes in and clamors to decorate the best cookie on the table. We hate him for that. This video comparison is everything.

April 4, 2017

Paul wants to be Betty Who and he is on the prowl for backup dancers.

April 3, 2017

So Marci and the rest of the office got me on Friday. We talked about playing pranks on our loved ones on Saturday, which is the actual April Fool's Day but the joke was on me. We came back from lunch and I noticed my wallet was missing. I had to go downstairs to pick up something from Brian. When I came back up, my wallet was gone. It was sitting on my desk. I then called the restaurant where we had lunch and asked if they found a wallet. They got me connected with the waitress who waited on us. She confirmed that there was no wallet left behind. I then walked back to the restaurant and retraced my path. I went into the restaurant and looked for the wallet as well. Still, no success in finding the wallet. I came back to the office and wanted to call the credit card companies to cancel my cards. I then noticed that my phone was missing this time around. At this point, I got it. It had to be Marci who took my wallet and phone. She did it. Needless to say, everyone was on edge all afternoon. I managed to sneak downstairs to put post-it notes on her car windows, including the windshield. She knew something was up but couldn't put a finger on it. When she left for the day, this was when she realized she got played.