April 12, 2018

Today is the second and final day of the seminar. It's been a fun ride and I'm ready to pass the baton. Parking was a mess yesterday afternoon. We finally got through it though. I'm not sure if we are going to use this venue again. There are some good things going for this place, but there are more restrictions such as the parking and entrance/exit. We had to change the entrance to ensure the homeless folks stay out. Because the venue is located downtown, parking is a luxury. I am ready for the weekend. After tomorrow, I'll be in Tulsa all next week then I'm off to Denver for the first time. Yes, it's finally happen. Blain's big party is about to go down.

April 6, 2018

Friday is finally here! We are supposed to get thunderstorms all day today, followed by a really cold front later in the evening that will produce snow and wintry mix. Yes, we are already in spring and we are getting all this nasty weather. Lucky for us, there is no traveling tonight. Tomorrow there a few things going on. I am going to dress in layers for the crawfish boil tomorrow. Tess's shower is after that followed by the Ballet Ball after party. Happy Birthday, Addison!

April 5, 2018

We are all set to go to Miss Oklahoma later this summer. Our queens are definitely going to shine. I really think Miss Bond will be our next Miss America. Darwina hit it on the nail last night when she said I am not doing all of this to get you to be Miss Oklahoma. I am doing this so you can be the next Miss America...then I can retire, but no pressure. It was a good meeting in that we got to hear the girls sing and do mock interviews. Darwina spent a lot of time defining Maggie and Gabrielle. It was a good meeting, but I had to leave at 8pm. If I didn't leave then, I wouldn't know when the meeting would end. Unfortunately, I cannot make it to Tulsa this Saturday because of Tess's bridal shower. The canvassing for Saturday morning is now pushed to the following Saturday. This will help me out a lot in that I don't need to add another commitment for this weekend. When I get to the breaking point, people will know! Taylor, I am happy to report that I did seven miles in an hour yesterday morning. My goal is to get to ten miles before our race and be done with the "training". It should be a fun weekend when you and JC are both here. I'm thinking we can carb up the night before at the Vietnamese/Chinese buffet place on the south side. We should stay at the restaurant for at least three hours. Eat, take a break, and eat again.

April 2, 2018

Easter Sunday was a blast. It was pretty easy. We helped Sharon prepped and cooked lunch. After that, we hung out at their house. We were trying to get the crossword puzzle finished. I think Sharon finished it after we all left. We took leftovers home and pretty much vegged out all afternoon. The flower bed is done as of Saturday. We still need to install the edger so the grass can stay where they are. The weather dropped drastically. No one was at the gym this morning. Parking at the office is starting to be a luxury. The city put up street parking signs and meters so I suspect they will be enforcing the parking signs. It's really annoying because people work downtown and we have to worry about parking too. The Oklahoma teachers are out in full force today to demand pay increases and general education funding. The oil companies need to stop lobbying our legislators. Our elected officials need to do what's right for Oklahoma kids. Stop depending on the rich oil companies for campaign contributions. We really do have a corrupt political system. Lobbyists are essentially bribing government officials to do what is in their best interest.