August 31, 2008

Addison loves to be in the car. He was on his best behavior throughout the road trip. I felt sort of terrible throughout the day because I was out and about the city while my family evacuated in heavy traffic. The roads did not let up. It took my parents many many hours to get to Pensacola. A local Vietnamese parish welcomed the evacuees with homemade food and shelter. My parents found some friends who took them in for the night. Addison is afraid of Uncle Bee. The trip down to South Ferry was comparable to those evacuating from the storm. We took way too many detours to end up on the free ferry. We ran like everyone else to get back on the returning ferry. Carolyn's uncle showed up late so we removed him and his girlfriend from the party of 6. I waited in a short line at McDonald's, but it took quite a while to use the restroom. The Ambrose anchor awaited us. A crazy man asked us to complete some shady tasks. We did not hesitate and followed suit. After an afternoon of walking around, we ran through Times Square to show up on time for Avenue Q. I ran into Chi Mai at the theater. It really sucks to be me! Leave your kids at home. We ate at Junior's, took some snapshots of Times Square, and cabbed it home. I reminded the cab driver to turn on his meter.

August 30, 2008

One Nguyen heads to Dallas and the other ones go to Atlanta. The last time I checked, my parents are not leaving. All westbank residents must leave while the eastbank imposed voluntary evacuation. I went to the Met once again. After a stroll through the park, we used Apple's restrooms. The N train made local stops. We ate way too much food. I didn't like the fact that we threw away the last two remaining pieces of crab rangoon. Crumbs did not have a working restroom. We made a loop and settled for the B Bar. The humid air was quite uncomfortable. Khoi got wasted off of one Cape Cod. Carolyn made fun of my hearing. She was a good sport for wearing those Chinese Laundry sandals. I've never heard of such brand.I thought the Chinese only make cheap goods to be sold at Wal-Marts across America.

August 29, 2008

Gustav slowly moves across the Gulf. Where will it make landfall? Those Target commercials are addictive. The Sunrise Mart no longer has my shrimp bento box. Addison is no longer a stick. He has curves much like the Pillsbury dough boy. Go out to Washington Square and check out the entertainment. Obama spoke to America last night. I have to say that I'm sold. I already threw in the towel when my girl officially removed herself from the ballot count. Obama spoke on the 45th anniversary of Dr. King's famous speech in front of thousands. McCain selects the female governor from Alaska as his running mate. Does he really think female voters will sway his way because of the female VP candidate? I highly doubt this since the Alaskan governor supports pro-life, gun ownership, and other very conservative platforms. Women tend to be a bit more liberal than their male counterparts. I will go see Avenue Q after all thanks to Khoi.

August 28, 2008

I could not stay up to hear Bill speak. Fatigue is getting to me. Sleeping under eight hours just does not do it for me. Yes, I try to adhere to a strict 8-hour sleeping plan. I walked through Washington Square to take care of some business. My pit stops included Kimmel, Bobst Library, and the Student Services Center. The Bursar line had around 10 people. I skipped that task for another day. Those Bank of America employees mislead NYU students by wearing purple shirts. They're the same violet color as the school's. At first glance, I thought they were welcome week ambassadors. I looked at the tiny logo on their shirts and realized their sneaky scheme. Carolyn, thank you for following through on the single performance. I'll be right outside in case the fire alarm goes off. Alana, we need to stop bumping into one another. The town is not big enough for our lashes. I am a mix of both the north and south. I can't say the same about Ba Noi. She likes to extend those last few letters and add "ng" to everything. I stop when I get nothing in return. You better believe it. It takes two to tango. Chi Dao, thank you for treating your assistants! I represent the month of January 2009. Keep an eye out for the calendar spread. I went crazy on snacks at the Viet market on Bowery. It's just so much cheaper than any where else in the city. Yes, I am to blame for appointing certain titles. Yes, I'm still jealous because I deserve at least one letter. You received a whole message written in a foreign language. Well, it's not really foreign to you. Get your comfy shoes ready for Sunday. It will be an adventure!

August 27, 2008

Hillary addressed her people last night. Did she really mean what she said or was it all for show? Red Mango stands at the top of the yogurt totem pole. I found a new shirt that fits me. I didn't have to spend a penny. Addison has a growing fan base. Perhaps we should organize a fan club for Addison that is comparable to Hanny Manny. The poor boy does not know we exploit his existence left and right. I made a boo boo by buying one ticket to a Broadway show. I hope someone gets it from me or I will end up watching the show myself. I juggled throughout the day. Sandrine has holy water for me from Lourdes. I will safely transport the water from London to New York to New Orleans without a problem. What is the policy on flying with liquids again? Summer heat go away! The East Village Cheese store closes at 2:30PM. How do they make money? They sell the cheapest cheese in town. Professional female golfers are required to speak English when competing.

August 26, 2008

Doug and Kerry Heffernine crack me up. She always yells at him for acting stupid. Congratulations, Anh Chi Hoang-Melanie! I should check the day and time of my voicemail before listening to the message. Who needs a land line any more. The monthly internet rate will increase by $1. Someone caused a real fire alarm at the office. It's the first full day of students moving in. I guess we should have expected this. The Democrats convene in Denver to bash against the Republicans. Kennedy is supposed to make an appearance. Many New Yorkers are moving to Buffalo. I can't see myself living there. The M79 bus schedule changed from 6:53 to 6:57AM. That's my goal for the morning ride. How does one walk and not get paint on his/her clothes? Unmarried people are considered single. My gala apples increased from $0.50 each to $0.79. I completed my task from yesterday. Another objective exists today. Solitaire is a game for loners. Harlem here we come...or is it Brooklyn? The two IIA champagne glasses sitting on my dresser look like prom glasses. They come in pairs along with a picture frame. Addison works on his finances in bed. He does not have time during the day to take care of his bills. Don't bother him when he's on his laptop. I also pimp out my friends and family. Inquire within.

August 25, 2008

The final medal count shows the US with the most medals, while China comes in second with ten fewer medals. However, China won the most gold medals. What do we medals or the total gold medals? Hundred Acres replaced Provence. I walked from Prince up to Houston and walked back down. They didn't let us sit outside. We sat against the wall facing a fake table of fruits, apple pie, and wine bottles. I lost out on the summer sale at The North Face. Go to the Apple stores to use their restrooms. So far, they have the cleanest restrooms. I don't know how to shop for art. Students and their parents scattered all over Washington Square as they load their belongings into dormitories to start off the Fall semester. Classes will begin the day after Labor Day. Is orientation all week long? I made reservations for the Slanted Door. Let's see what all the hoopla is about. Hillary referred to Obama this past Thursday as her opponent. Isn't her opponent the white-haired guy from Arizona? I wonder how she plans on addressing the delegates this coming week. Will she continue to talk about the what ifs, could haves, and should haves or will she focus on supporting Obama and Biden? Good luck, Carolyn!

August 24, 2008

Get to the park early for the best picnic spots. Early means 12PM. Anything before noon time is considered a ghost town. I did not follow through with the alcoholic fruits. It was a PG crowd. I don't curl my lashes. The curls come naturally. Addison went back to school. The kids down south start earlier than the ones here. Get your Stand burgers and complimentary sides after 10PM. The mayor likes his chair or should we call it his throne? The next bake off will be more intense. Michelle, I want more of those mini red velvet cakes. I still taste the moist cake and light cream cheese frosting. Alana, it looks like you do eat pork after all. Biden evens out Obama. I ran into the man who takes care of the Chinatown church. He left the 6 train as I boarded the car. I bumped into Mr. Ninh last weekend as the guys and I walked towards the boathouse. Khoi ran into her Japanese classmate in Union Square. Who could have asked for better weather?

August 23, 2008

Ellen and her long time girlfriend marry one another in California. Ricky Martin gets a surrogate mother to give birth to his twins. Obama will announce his #2 person. Hillary is not on the short list of governors and senators. Many couples have different political views, yet they stay together. Amelia made her debut in Manhattan yesterday afternoon. She was not afraid of anyone even when we all made faces and said crazy things to her. As we sipped our sangria and chowed down on Mexican food, she fell asleep. She probably thought we were too boring for her. I stopped by the stores on 1st. Ave and accomplished a couple missions for Mom. Megan, be sure to come back often with Amelia. Have a safe trip, Khoi! The first washer ate my 6 quarters. Don't use old butter when baking cookies. Throw them out if they expire. I don't like the new Facebook layout. Is anyone keeping track of track & field? When someone asks for your address, it means they will send you a wedding invitation. As suspected, the US leads the total medal count way ahead of China. Obama picks Joe Biden as his running mate.

August 22, 2008

M15's lined up 2nd Avenue for me. Yes, those darn limited buses lined up for me. Morgan Freeman does not want to spy on fellow Gothamers, unlike Mr. Bush. I thought the movie was good, but not spectacular. It sort of dragged. I'm still traumatized by Harvey's half burnt face. Jando, all the best to you on the 5th! My free wild thing will be a medium with three toppings. I can't decide on the third topping just yet. Amelia, get your butt to New York already! Agnes did not follow through for me on those wicked tickets. Looks like it's just me and a plus one. Hosting a party can be easy if everyone cooks and cleans up for you. Chi Kim, keep feeding that into Anh Vinh's head. Vietnamese classes begin on Sept. 13th. I am to bake cookies tonight. It may not stay fresh until the following Monday. My milk will expire soon. Why do you care? Playing a joke on someone at 1AM is never funny. Today is my last day to leave on the dot at 5PM. My unofficial summer hours end today.

August 21, 2008

It's very cold in this office. We tend to get the extremes. The thermostat doesn't get it right, especially during the summer. I'm considering getting one of those portable heaters to warm my frozen legs. It's that serious I tell ya! The US will definitely surpass China in the total medal count because of the track & field events. Why do they start with swimming and diving the first week and save track & field for the second week? What happened inside the bird's nest during the first week? We'll see how London presents itself at the Beijing closing ceremony. Do we need another viewing party for that? Yom Kippur falls on "Wicked". McCain takes the lead over Obama in a new poll. Naomi Nguyen does not represent all the Vietnamese ladies out there. To all you young people, stay clear away from her. I felt the chills yesterday morning as I boarded the M15 limited downtown bus. Karen may do Korean food because of excellent take-out service. I rode a bike in my suit while cruising Tribeca. According to Joe, I looked like a Vietnamese man on his way to work. There was nothing European about my bike ride. Jacq, let's go bike shopping for me. Instead of heading across town, we settled for next door. Chi Mai and I each had the $12 bowl of pho tai. The spring rolls from Nam Son disappeared within the hour. Minh, I hope you and your friends were able to raise a lot of money. I really wanted the autographed cookbook from Andrea Nguyen. I will try out the banh khoai mi recipe one day. People on the west side don't line up like those on the east side. MTA installed a bus shelter across the street from my apartment, but away from where the bus actually stops. I have no idea why they made this big mistake. Try coconut with your yogurt. It's my new favorite topping. I secured tickets for Saturday night.

August 20, 2008

In addition to auditing, I also provide tech support. Just dial my extension or send me an e-mail. I will make house calls if needed. "House" is too slow for me. The sarcasm in that guy's voice does not fly in my book. It's either Gristede's or The Food Emporium. We finally ate that carrot cake after a couple delays. We have a bottled water crisis at the office. We will begin to account for all bottles currently on-site. Bottles consumed by any of the employees will be marked accordingly. I received a couple more free dvds from Blockbuster. I'm surprised the subscriber has not notified Blockbuster yet. Kal Penn pretends to be a doctor. Korean films are screened in New York this weekend. I found a small fabric store for Mom. I'll check it out this weekend and report back to Mother. Kayla, sorry for making you cry. The downstairs cardio room remains closed. I hate beggars who yell at you for ignoring them. The crazy lady who yelled at us earlier this year has not returned to the subway trains. For some reason, she disappeared. She probably made enough money from begging and is now living it up in Scarsdale. Khoi, make up your mind! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that Mr. Hotshot from Astoria! Rafael, I'm not talking about you. Some university presidents want to lower the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 because they can't monitor underage drinking on their respective campuses. I am not evil. You are! Madonna turned 50 over the weekend. My invitation got lost in the mail. Apple said they will import files from my PC to my Apple for free. That's not a bad deal at all. I need new eye contacts. It's also time for some serious teeth cleaning.

August 19, 2008

The bug bite on my right arm turned into a cluster of bug bites. It's always the right arm with all the damage. My left arm remains spotless. I keep telling people at the office that I have tiny bugs on my desk. When I sit at my desk, I rest my right arm completely on the desk. The left arm just hangs because the desk has an L shape. I'll ask for bug spray as one of the office supply items to order. I can't get enough of cupcakes. Big Booty and Billy's are next on my quest for the perfect cupcake. We still didn't eat Karin's cake yesterday. Kerry is to hook us up with full coverage of the opening ceremony straight from the mainland. The following people should be taken away or fined a hefty fee: exit at the front of the bus even if there is a line waiting to board, sit with their legs wide open and not close them to make room for another person, play their music player loudly for all to hear, walk slowly on the left side, take forever to use a Starbucks restroom, walk across a big avenue even as the red hand stops flashing, leave the dog's poop on the sidewalk, don't believe in using deodorant (even on a hot summer day), and stomp on your newly polished shoes. I can't think of any other pet peeves right now. I'll add more to the list at a later time. I thought I change my mind all the time. I guess I was wrong. Yes, three people can really eat sushi for only $50. Jando will tell you.

August 18, 2008

Phelps re-writes history. Cindy McCain got into a fight with John McCain. He broke her arm. He's an abusive husband. I'm kidding! It was a pleasant and relaxing day with my two T's. I thought people eat PB&J on a regular basis. My portable chair did not break. Why do people lie? They lie because they know they did something wrong. Instead of being honest, they make up something to cover up the real truth. The truth would get them in trouble and they know that. Still, they continue to lie thinking the truth will never come out. I have the upper hand and don't you forget that. Yes, you heard me. It's the same voice that blasted through the SummerStage. Cellphone usage can cause brain cancer. We keep hearing it over and over again. Yet, no one does anything about it. I like my MacBook Pro. It's a huge upgrade from my 8-year old Gateway. I'll give my Gateway to Addison. He will need it to watch those exercise videos. Julie, I will start charging by the minute. I provide accurate driving directions on how to get from point A to point B. John, I'm starting to see a chinophile come to life. As long as you don't throw the red book in my face and force me to abide by its rules, I'm okay with your transition from white Texas America to hardcore Maoist!

August 17, 2008

Who could have asked for nicer weather? I like how the E train runs "express" in Queens. I went one stop more than I needed. My train took less than 45 minutes to Huntington. Chi Lien was at the station waiting for me. We headed east and stopped by the only shopping center in Bridgehampton. It sucks having to travel on that 1-lane, 1-way road. The air was crisp and the cool breeze made the long ride worth it. People don't really go there to watch the polo match. They want to munch on free appetizers and booze. Fruit stands lined every other intersection. We didn't go further east for Crumbs. I finally found my picnic chair for a really good deal. Too bad I waited all summer to get it. Oh well, it should come in handy for the next couple of weeks. Rats run on the subway platform now. They no longer remain on subway tracks. They feel equal to humans. They don't fear us. This is according to that rat in Ratatouille. Small dogs have the same Napoleon complex. They bark and bark thinking they rule the world. Big dogs don't bark as much. They know the meaning of chillax. Addison gained 15 pounds over the summer. He needs to get back to the gym to lose all that weight before school starts. How else will he fit into his school uniform?

August 16, 2008

Ang Lee likes to push the right buttons. We didn't eat Karin's cake because she was not feeling well. It's good news for Karen because we'll get some afternoon dessert on Monday. I took care of all my errands last night. The Japanese invaded other Asian countries during WWII to get rid of Western powers. That's according to the Japanese of course. Each year, at least one new country is created. People like to separate themselves from the majority. Before you know it, we'll return Oklahoma back to the Native Americans. I have one more week of afternoon workouts. I am boycotting American Airlines. I am not a mayor of any city. Who would want to vote me into office? I don't possess any of the good wholesome values my fellow citizens embrace. I'm more of a rebel in disguise. Give me some red wine and I'll show you the real me. I can't stand Addison. Grow that hair and stop cheating with those buzz cuts. Also, go outside and get some color. You look like you have permanent makeup. Track & field events finally begin as swimming unwinds down. Vietnam won one medal in weightlifting. I have a feeling this will be the only Olympic medal awarded.

August 15, 2008

I'm too lazy to write something, so I thought I would copy and paste an interesting article for you all to read. This was taken from a yahoo article dated 8/14/2008 written by Stephen Ohlemacher of the Associated Press. White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2042, according to new government projections. That's eight years sooner than previous estimates, made in 2004. The nation has been growing more diverse for decades, but the process has sped up through immigration and higher birth rates among minority residents, especially Hispanics. It is also growing older. "The white population is older and very much centered around the aging baby boomers who are well past their high fertility years," said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. "The future of America is epitomized by the young people today. They are basically the melting pot we are going to see in the future." The Census Bureau Thursday released population projections through 2050, based on rates for births, deaths and immigration. They are subject to big revisions, depending on immigration policy, cultural changes and natural or manmade disasters. The U.S. has nearly 305 million people today. The population is projected to hit 400 million in 2039 and 439 million in 2050. That's like adding all the people from France and Britain, said Steve A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington group that advocates tighter immigration policies. White non-Hispanics make up about two-thirds of the population, but only 55 percent of those younger than 5. By 2050, whites will make up 46 percent of the population and blacks will make up 15 percent, a relatively small increase from today. Hispanics, who make up about 15 percent of the population today, will account for 30 percent in 2050, according to the new projections. Asians, which make up about 5 percent of the population, are projected to increase to 9 percent by 2050. The population 85 and older is projected to more than triple by 2050, to 19 million.

August 14, 2008

It costs more to live in Mumbai than in New York. Kathy Griffin cries on TV. "The Hills" returns on Monday. The Spanish basketball team makes fun of Chinese people. Yao Mng didn't get to really shine. American male gymnasts take the bronze, while the ladies win the silver. China comes out on top for both the men and women. I played it safe at a Moroccan restaurant in the East Village. Eucerin is a lifesaver for my dry skin. More than one person noticed scratches on my right arm. Get the smooth version at BerryWild. I'm running out of clothes. I accept donations from everyone. A wine shop opened on my block. Holler at your boy says Tim Gunn. I get around. As Liem said, I'm like a dependable Vietnamese moped. My cellphone ran out of battery. My iPod also died. I am Kim Thao's uncle. What is your last name? John breaks up with Jen. Bush dispatches Condi Rice to Georgia. Retailers will be fined for leaving their doors open while the A/C is on full blast. Why do divers shower right after dipping into the pool? Divers shower in between each dive to keep their muscles warm after getting out of the pool. The temperature of the pool water and the air are usually different (the pool is usually around 80 degrees, with the air temperature between 68 and 72 degrees). This difference can cause muscle tightness. To combat this, divers warm up in either the showers or a hot tub.

August 13, 2008

WaMu sent the check to Marrero, but the recipient kept the check in her purse instead of cashing it. I called customer service. They asked for my name even if they have my name spelled out on the screen. I think it's to help them pronounce my name. Speaking of my name, "What is Nguyen?" was one of the answers in last night's Jeopardy show. The answer was "The name of Vietnam's last dynasty where more than half of the population share the same name." None of the teen contestants chimed in. Trebek pronounced the last name in two ways, "Nhu Yen" or "Winn".

August 12, 2008

A hypocrite lives among us. He detests the Olympics. However, he admitted to watching gymnastics and swimming last night. President Bush spent three days in Beijing to become America's #1 fan. He huddled with the American basketball players, slapped the back of a female beach volleyball player, and rooted Phelps as he won his second gold. As you can see, he has nothing to do between now and when his term ends. He condemns the Russians for invading Georgia. I see another hypocrite among us. Did he not invade Iraq and occupied it? Lunch was a pleasant surprise. I'll stick with regular water and leave seltzer to the fancy people. Rain came down abruptly throughout the day. I sliced up two hot dogs and pan-fried them before stuffing into my weiner buns. I figured frying it (with no oil) would remove some of the fat from the meat itself. My dry cleaners won't let me pay with a credit card if my total is below $10. I gave up a live show to drop off my DVD. Is marriage in the air?

August 11, 2008

Why is there such a thing as synchronized diving? The orphan invents pretty cool things. I liked the ending of "Meet the Robinsons". It started out slow, but they all came together in the end. Family or last names of athletes are written in caps. The Chinese athletes have their first names written in caps because their family names go first. Everyone else has their second name in caps. Is Vietnamese an extension of the Chinese language? I think Jacqueline wrote "I love Chi Kim" on her fridge. I don't know what I ate at Petite Abeille. It was a concoction of sunny side up eggs, crispy bacon, tomatoes, and cheese. I left Ms. Canada for Dr. Jersey. Finding a place to eat can be difficult if you are picky. If you're easy like me, you'll eat anything. Again, don't make fun of my tote bag! The umbrella kept me dry. It maybe time for a new phone. My battery does not last too long. The battle rages on in Georgia. UN employees do not pay taxes. Check out this funny yahoo commercial.

August 10, 2008

Harold and Kumar smoke weed with President Bush. They make it to Amsterdam after a few obstacles and detours. Something really bad happens to NPH. Powerhouse nations compete in the women's swimming freestyle relay. Who could have asked for a better day and night. I did not feel a drop of humidity. Astoria's beer garden is a nice oasis. Just a few minutes away from Manhattan, one can drink pitchers of beer in a big open-air courtyard where people sit in communal picnic benches. Downstairs in the basement is a restaurant serving Eastern European food. I highly recommend the spicy cajun sausage and fries. The fries are second best to those at that yakitori place on St. Mark's. They were very well-seasoned. I didn't really need to dip in ketchup. Bernie Mac dies from pneumonia at the age of 50. Carolyn, get your butt out there and do some serious research. Please keep me posted. An American is stabbed to death in Beijing. His wife suffered life threatening injuries. The daughter, an Olympic volleyball player, witnessed the horrific ordeal. After stabbing the Americans, the local Chinese man jumped to his death. Russia invades Georgia resulting in thousands of dead people. Phelps wins his first gold as Bush cheers him on.

August 9, 2008

Edwards admitted to having an affair. He will take a paternity test to prove he is not the father. L'Oreal made Beyonce lighter in one of its commercials. You can rent a celebrity for your upcoming party. Just fork over a few thousand dollars and you'll be set. If anyone figured out the Chinese alphabet, please let me know. I thought the parade of nations followed the pinyin alphabet, but that would be too simple. Instead, I think they lined up the countries based on strokes. Yao Ming carried the Chinese flag and some guy carried the American flag. All eyes were on Yao Ming. The guy towered over everyone else. The best performance had to be the printing blocks. President Bush looked very bored in his seat. Vietnam would do much better at the Math Olympics. I'm traumatized by those big eyes. We ate like there was no tomorrow. Jacq and I took the scenic route. Khoi, did you finish that darn paper yet? A. Vinh, how about smiling from now on. It would guarantee a continuous flow of good snapshots. C. Kim, I'm glad you made it back on time. You showed up just as we started to chow down. C. Mai, I want more of the salmon. It reminded me of home. Elicia, I'm glad you didn't get lost among the red buildings. Ngoc (trai) and Alana, it seemed as though you guys enjoyed all that egg business way too much. I'm scared of you guys. You can probably eat human meat. KIDDING! Thay David, we should have accepted your offer to ride back to Manhattan. A fatal bus crash in North Dallas killed at least 15 people on their way to Ngay Thanh Mau (Marian Days) in Carthage, Missouri.

August 8, 2008

The ATM ate my ATM card. When given a choice, don't choose the machine that eats up your machine. Use the one that allows you to swipe the card. I am to come back to the same branch and request that they break into the machine to get my card back. It's very irritating, This morning, the security guard would not let me in because I did not present an ID. I've seen him before and he's also seen me. We stood there gazing at each other for a good three seconds without saying anything. I presented my ID card and he allowed me access. Doing a "Lana" did not work this time around. Let's see what all the fuss is about in Beijing. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

August 7, 2008

I'm not doing a local bus ever again. It took me one hour to get home. Khoi, you're on your own next time. I'll try not to share a dessert with you so we can part ways and not stay connected at the hip. I walked in steamy weather from Kimmel Center to Alumni Hall. The suit jacket did not help at all. Kerry got away with just a shirt. What happened to his jacket? I didn't get a memo to dress down. Are my fingers and toes that much cleaner than before? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Angola borrows money from China. China gets oil as payback. I renewed my membership at Palladium. I have way too many payroll deductions. A second job doesn't sound so bad. So it's agreed that my next destination will be Napa Valley. Stop exiting in front of the bus. The feds will drop Ledger's investigation. That guy on "Flipping Out" is a total jackass. Why would anyone want to put up with him? He became homeless overnight. The Village does look like a village. If given a choice, I prefer drinking water over spring water. Spring water is more natural, yet has a salty taste to it. Drinking water comes from the tap and has a sweet taste. The A/C gets turned off in the middle of the night. It stays off until the following evening. I'm very proud of myself. Recycling is next on my list.

August 6, 2008

A bunch of climbers die from a climbing accident. Did Bill Clinton return from Africa yet? Some crazy kids compete to be P. Diddy's assistant. Our presidential candidates try their run as stand-up comedians. Starting this Saturday, a long stretch of from Lafayette Street to Park Ave will be closed to vehicular traffic from 7AM to 1PM. The same deal will continue for the following two Saturdays. Expect to see people doing yoga in the middle of the street. Some may even have sit-down picnics right on the asphalt. The spark lasted for a little over a week and it is now back to how it was before. I am ready to step off of the roller coaster ride, exit the amusement park, and go to Disneyland in Anaheim. Mel, congratulations on maintaining a 4.0. You're almost done! Yes, I am skipping tennis in Tribeca to drink in Astoria. I don't do PR. I am more behind the scenes.

August 5, 2008

ABC's Martin Bashir has a thing for Asian female reporters. I feel sorry for Juju. Sarah Jessica Parker may move down the street from my office. She has had enough of the West Village and wants to make her way across town to the East Village. She may get a divorce too. Governor Paterson attended his first Hampton party. He is now on the A-list roster. Mayor Bloomberg hosts a "welcome back" reception for Senator Clinton at Gracie Mansion. I didn't get an invite in the mail. The best part about eating a drumstick ice cream is the very end when you get an explosion of crunchy chocolate and nuts. Let's hold out for Danish bread. We'll save it as a reward later in the week. Texas is experiencing record high temperatures with the 11th straight day of triple digit degrees. Another hurricane will make landfall on the Texas border. My arm is dotted with war scars. It's my badge of courage for growing up in tough neighborhoods. Apparently, hanging out and taking snapshots in Sam's Club is the latest craze in NOLA. Who wouldn't want to be outside when it's pouring rain? Mary Kate fed Ledger his last batch of drugs. She wants immunity before talking to federal investigators. The girl is guilty! My September getaway has not been decided. Morgan Freeman crashed his car in Mississippi. A couple crazy wackos in the western edge of China crashed a dump truck into soldiers, got out of the truck, and started stabbing the soldiers resulting in the death of 16 men. Police apprehended the two men. They will definitely face execution. Another earthquake (measured at 6.0) shakes China in the same region where the last quake occurred. Who wants the new new face? Plump up your face and get that defined jaw line. Obama now wants offshore drilling. Mrs. Clinton remains in debt.

August 4, 2008

Yesterday's brunch turned out to be an all-day event with Ms. Truong. No, she and I do not share the same last name. She likes to think she has my last name, but she doesn't. L'Express was okay. Ten Ren Tea Time shook up its drinks as if they are alcoholic. I'm a sucker for taro. It's something about the purple color. I picked up the last two che xoi nuoc at that Viet market on Bowery. The bus took forever to pick us up. What we should have done was to do Soho, then fruit shopping and bubble tea in Chinatown. By the way, get your fruits and vegetables in Chinatown. The only bad thing is to carry all that stuff home. Don't let your little children watch "Little Children". Those suburban folks have some serious dirty secrets. Boredom leads you to do exciting things, yet may be detrimental to your family. Do I live the boring life or act selfishly? It's a toss up. Madame Bovary struggled with this balancing game. The skies are clear in Beijing. Let's hope it stays that way for the opening ceremony later this week. Phuong makes yummy east-west burgers. The extra lint remover came in handy. I try not to come empty handed. Express buses rule the streets of New York. I miss you too, Mai Lan! Tell your mommy to take you out more often. Your mom is not the only cool grown up. Happy Birthday, Tammy!

August 3, 2008

I like drinking water. Maybe I drink way too much. I finally ate some rice pudding from that place in Soho thanks to one of Rose's friends. We ordered the coconut coma with toasted coconut flakes. It was yummy! We brought it over to Pinkberry and ate the rest there because everyone else wanted Pinkberry. I left Flushing right before the rain came down. The umbrella I kept in my bag was useless. I lost to this kid in an Asian trivia game at the Verizon tent. He cheated because he kept pressing his buzzer way before the guy even finished reading the question. Asians love to wait in long lines to get free things. We have the frugal gene. I am guilty of such activities. I came home with a free bag of baked potato crackers. Why do we love Paris? Is it that romantic? Does anyone find America romantic? I bet the world sees America as Bush's country...filled with cowboys and cattle. Rose, it's as if I never left Dallas. I'm glad to hear you guys have a couple yogurt eateries. Remember to talk the talk. Let me know how it goes. Hurry back so we can eat some more. I know of a few more cheap, yet yummy places. Why can't I find the second free washer? As Joe mentioned, just follow the white knobs and I'll be okay. I have another month of free movies. Use up those coupons as if they are your last ones.

August 2, 2008

Mary, thank you for your postcard. What the heck were you doing in Milwaukee? You're still the most religious person on both sides of my family. Chang, I'm tired of having to "gui loi tham" from your buds here in New York. These people need to contact you directly. I am not a messenger. I am my own person dammit! Ms. Dang and Mr. Shum, have a blast on the west coast. The ice cream was pretty good. I ate a couple more pieces at Thao's shindig on the UWS. It's a temporary goodbye before she returns to New York. The subway system played me once again. I entered a subway entrance at 6th Ave. and 16th St. to get to the red line. After 15 minutes of walking underground (as if I was baking inside an oven), I came out to the red line platform. I already told myself that I can't do the long tunnel from the L train to the red line every again, but I was wrong. I fell into my own trap. I can't keep up with all the happenings. Because yesterday was Sisters Day, we were allowed an early start to the weekend. Klong is the new place to go for quick, yummy meals. Sorry, Cafetasia! You're too far away, especially in this weather. The name of the bakery is European Natural Pastries. It's in Woodside. The highlight of my night was seeing Alex's picture with Thao. That was truly priceless. Mazel Tov to Dr. Schwack! You came out on top after all! Try not to go crazy on the alcohol. I'm watching you.

August 1, 2008

Get yourself some Danish bread from Panya's. I'm glad I didn't get the boring raisin bread. Obama has too much publicity. McCain doesn't like it one bit. NYU Abu Dhabi will accept its first class in Fall 2010. Why is everyone funneling money into the UAE? Red Mango wins as having the creamiest yogurt. The mango wasn't so fresh though. Congratulations, KT! I'll see you again in two months. John, have fun in Portugal. It sucks having to fly through five different stops to get to your destination. IT Audit is Information Technology Audit. I don't like reverse discrimination in China. Rain never came yesterday. Stop hovering over me before I smack you. Happy Birthday, Mom!