August 24, 2016

August 23, 2016

The seller left me a really nice present in the toilet. I spent a good chunk of my Friday night tending to that gift. I am happy to report that the problem was corrected. I am learning a lot about various little things here and there. YouTube has everything you can think of when it comes to learning how to fix things. Just type your question on your Chrome browser and it will give you plenty of results. Who needs a handyman when you can do it yourself. Hilaire mentioned giving the window screens to Ace Hardware. They will fix the window screens for a fee. I looked at the instructional video and it seems easy to do it yourself, but it looks quite time consuming. The satellite dish sitting in the front yard is really bothering me. The Dish Network said they can come and remove it for a fee. The neighbors behind us decided to put our trash bins on the street for trash pick-up day. I think they are putting their trash bins against our garage as well, which is not cool. There is a total of four trash bins, which each house can only have a limit of two. If I go out there today and the four trash bins are back against my garage, we have a problem. They need to keep two of their trash cans against their own garage. Paul is finally back later tonight. He managed to get Southwest to ship two chairs on top of his one checked bag. I also sold two french doors to a lady from Lawton. She refurbishes the doors and makes them into tables and other furniture pieces.

August 17, 2016

I just saw Ly load up on Nike shoes at the employee store in Portland. I think she brought an empty suitcase into the store while she shopped. I've seen Chinese tourists do that in New York. I see them dragging suitcases into a store and fill them up with clothes they buy. I didn't think to load up on all kinds of stuff while in Portland since it's tax free. There's no such thing as sales tax in all of Oregon. Whatever price is on the tag is what you pay. If the burger costs $5, you only pay $5. When will I ever be in Portland again? Probably never unless someone gets married there. It's another week until Paul gets back. The Pilot should be ready for pick up then. They told me it will be the end of the week but now they pushed it back to early next week. The door dent really bothered me so now I'm getting it fixed. The adjuster found a couple more spots along the back end of the car. He will include them in the same incident so I won't need to pay two separate deductibles. Texas allows drivers to file a claim to get a $250 deductible reimbursement. New Mexico allows you to get a full reimbursement of your deductible. This is to protect drivers since many car owners do not have car insurance. Here in Oklahoma, we get no kinds of benefits. Speaking of which, I need to register the Pilot with an Oklahoma tag and license plate since the New York inspection will expire next month. I can't run the risk of getting a ticket for having an expired inspection. The attic beams were completed as of Monday. The foundation repairs should be completed today as well. The out of pocket at closing will actually be a few dollars than the down payment due to discounts and concessions.

August 15, 2016

We are halfway through August and I can feel the temperature in the high 80s again. It's a big difference when the weather is in the high 90s versus the high 80s. The early mornings and evenings are starting to cool down again. Since I finished "The Good Wife", I am on "The Affair" now. It's a complicated story about cheating on your spouse. There's more to it than just having an affair. Everyone is affected and not just the two having an affair. I'm almost done with season 1. I am off to Tulsa today for a quick meeting and then back. Tess and Blain have dinner taken care of on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have Tuesday and Thursday. The challenge is to not buy any new ingredients to cook this week's dinner. Yes, that means rummaging through your pantry, fridge, and freezer for stuff you can make to eat. If it means eating canned green beans, so be it. I already have an idea of what to make for Tuesday and Thursday.

August 12, 2016

Friday is finally here and I have no plans for the weekend. After this weekend and assuming the closing goes as planned, my weekends will be dedicated to rehabbing the house. I also have a few more weddings for the remainder of the year. It's a never ending cycle of people getting hitched all around me. When will it be my turn? Yes, that's the question everyone always asks.

August 11, 2016

Good hair day today...yes, it does give you that extra boost to conquer the world. I think it's time for another haircut. The sides need to stay short. If I can get one of the Bullards to master the art of cutting hair, all the guys in the family would save a lot of money. Growing up in Avondale, I went to this lady's house to get my hair did. Everyone went to her...young and old. My relationship with her ended when I got my own car and she stopped taking my calls. Her kids would say she's not home but we would often see her car parked outside. I think she realized these kids are not tipping her and it's not worth her time. I think she eliminated all men's haircuts and kept the female clients. I then found Kay on Westbank Expressway. She charged a little bit more considering she had a legit salon. I think she lived above the salon though. Anyways, I went to her for a number of years. Everyone else went to see her too. She was always super busy and she never hired another person other than the lady who washed hair. Kay started the eyebrow threading long before it became what it is now. She was busy with that too. All I did was wait, wait and waited at her salon because I needed my hair to look fresh. It's crazy how these salons don't really need us but we need them. Chi Connie is my go to lady now. It took probably five or six different places before I landed with Chi Connie.

August 10, 2016

Great news! Diane Lockhart and Luca will get their own spin-off show to air next spring. It will be on the CBS online platform instead of the regular network viewing. Alicia will make guest appearances, but the show will focus mainly on the two lead characters as well as new characters to be introduced. Oh hey Tess! I still need to find your blog. Try not to go home and rest today. Go straight to the gym and work it out. I feel like my days are spent going back and forth on emails and sitting in on meetings or calls. The only time I can do real work is in the morning when no one is in the office or when no one is working after 4PM. When 4PM rolls around, my brain is practically dead. I get to the office quite early these days now that Taylor is gone. We had our 7:30am meeting times. I am staying clear of red wine and coffee for now. My teeth have stained a bit since coming to Oklahoma. I didn't really drink coffee before coming here. We may not close on the 19th after all. Let's hope we can schedule the contractors in and have them finished before that day. I woke up to an earthquake this morning. I told myself I would run to the closet door when the next earthquake happens. Well, I didn't really do that. I stayed in bed and waited it out. Something needs to change here. I feel like the big one is coming and that's when we will see fatalities. Will Fallon and our state legislatures step in and put a stop to all the drilling? Probably not...the oil and gas business here is way too big for any change to happen. Like Blain said, "not in our lifetime".

August 8, 2016

I finally finished "The Good Wife" last night. I skipped out on the Olympics to binge watch the show. I left the apartment only once to go to church and stayed in all day. It's just too darn hot to be outside. "The Good Wife" really is by far one of my top five shows of all time. The drama of it all and the constant snickering keeps me engaged. It's a good balance of grief and laughter. She will forever love Will. I'm glad he paid her a visit on the last episode. We needed to see her say goodbye to Will because she never got a chance to do it. She was chasing after Jason because she wanted to fill a hole in her life. He, after all, was just lust that was masking as love. As for Mr. Big, he and her ended their marriage a long time ago. Instead of holding his hand after his press conference, she ran off looking for Jason. Diane gave her a good slap for exposing her husband's infidelity. His infidelity came out of nowhere. Now we know why he wanted to sell the company at a discount. It's to keep the mistress silent. All of this while trying to create and expand an all female partnership...Too bad the show ended. I would have continued on until the last season. It took me some time to catch up because I was waiting for the last season to be free on the Fire Stick. The apartment has been a bit lonely and will be for the next 2.5 weeks. It was fun working with Elicia. I am super impressed with your work and can't wait to see many more of your creations!

August 4, 2016

Happy Birthday, Tammy! Make it a great day!

August 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom!