December 31, 2008

2008 was a year of milestones and a few changes. I began taking Viet Ngu classes. I met some interesting folks who became my buds. I met Khoi. I made KNT cry by accident. I cried a few times myself. Yes, I admit it. I took up yoga thanks to Phuong Lan. I was promoted. I passed the last part of the certification exam. I almost jumped ship but changed my mind at the last minute. It turned out to be a very wise decision. I acquired a few wives. Ba Noi and I rekindled the flame. I said goodbye to Megan and welcomed Amelia. I traveled across the pond for the first time. I switched from a PC to a Mac. I now know how to "dang van". I reinstated communication with an old friend from back in the day. He is now half way around the world in Vietnam. I met up with old friends from when I lived in New Orleans. I received a phone call that addressed all my concerns. I found what's been in front of me since last year. I learned that I will be an uncle two more times. Chang moved on to greener pastures. Harvey gave Chang a present before she left. Joseph and I nurtured a colony of house flies. Thanks to Paul I sat in a very expensive orchestra seat that would have been rent money for an apartment in NOLA. I saw way too many Broadway shows. The Jersey Boys came out on top followed by Shrek and Equus. Addison started pre-school and got fat over the summer. I paid an arm and a leg for an extra firm mattress. I may have fallen off the bed a couple times. I rediscovered the five country songs I listened to during my days in Dallas. I stepped up and got out of my comfort zone. I sort of made the first move, but not really. I'm glad I did it. We'll always have Pieces. I caught up with all the pop music, including Britney's huge comeback. I voted for CHANGE! America sends its first American of Vietnamese descent to Congress. Our economy sucks. China hosts the biggest fake party! Palin puts Alaska, pro-life, hunting moms, and teenage pregnancy on the map. California voted to ban gay marriage. New York's governor slept with a hooker. A blind man governs New York. France's Sarkozy marries an Italian model. The Hills franchise gives birth to Bromance and The City. Thais take over Bangkok's international airport. Apple unveils its newest generation of Macbooks. A bunch of huge investment firms scramble to find banks and the feds to bail them out. Gas was at an all-time high and ended with the lowest prices in years. Holiday travel was a disaster for millions. The dollar sucks.

December 30, 2008

Why is there fighting in Israel again? I didn't write down Janet's home address so I rang the doorbell at her mama's. I later found out that the doorbell doesn't work. She called me back and waved me to come over. Her home was literally across the street from her mom's. She has two little ones now. The older son likes to experiment and may grow up to become a scientist. The little one is attached to his mom at the hip. We tried getting in touch with Manny, but have not had any luck. I shave every other day. If given a choice, I would have grown a beard by now. Caroline and her family are in the French Quarter. I recommended a few eateries to get them out of the quarter. Pheezy, I have not seen "7 Pounds". I gained 7 pounds. Perhaps Anh Hoang enjoys snacks a little too much. He went ballistic on the two boxes of chocolate biscuits. Addison kept me up with his singing and banter. I watched a documentary about Antarctica. The sun stays high above Antarctica 24 hours a day during this time. It is summer for them. Mel, good luck studying! Ngoc, I prefer the no-drama version of Em Gian.

December 29, 2008

I usually hate salads, but I am always down for Caesar Salad from La Madeline. The order-at-the-counter restaurant and bakery does not have locations north of DC. The guy gave Addison a chocolate chip cookie for looking cute. We didn't eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde. It was great seeing Hoang-Anh even if we didn't share an order of beignets. I don't know what to bring from New York. Do I bring apples since it's the Big Apple? I need flash on my camera. I caught up with Loan and give her some pointers on how to get TV cable from internet service. Come and visit already! When I'm not there, you're there. It's a hit and miss with you. Apparently, my sweaters are not up to par for New Year's Eve. I am to wear Theory. I don't know why people can't follow directions. I have lollipops and ass-whoopins and I'm all out of lollipops. I'm done with Christmas music. Lashes, say hi to Eva Peron for me!

December 28, 2008

I hate drinking because I end up getting a really bad headache. Let's not forget the continents on my face. Oanh looked beautiful on her wedding day. Well, she always looked good so I'm not surprised. Mary now has two kids. She wants one more. I caught up with Van and finally got to meet his son. I saw folks I haven't seen in almost a decade, including my old boss at Chun Lee. According to people at my table, I look like a dentist from Dallas. Red Baron came to the rescue. Chang and I continue the toilet seat war. Oahu had a massive blackout. Israel kills a few more Palestinians. Hamas fights back with rocket attacks. Pakistan sends more troops to the shared border with India. Wal-Mart will begin to sell iPhones with a $3 discount for the 8GB and $6 discount for the 16GB. I am a CNN junkie. What up Argentina! Elmwood looked quite normal last night. It was a huge change in scenery. Addison wore his new pink polo. We "went to church". My cough is slowly going away, but it seems to irritate me during my sleep. The photo kiosk in Westwego remains out of order. I drove down to the Walgreens in Marrero and showed a new digital camera user how to upload pictures onto the photo kiosk. My mom continues to stuff me with starchy foods. I asked her to put the brakes on the starchy foods. Give me some protein! Try to remember everything in your life because those memories can be helpful when playing "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!" Even slumdogs can come out on top!

December 27, 2008

A man, dressed up as Santa Claus, went ballistic on his former in-laws on Christmas Eve night. He killed at least 9 people before killing himself at another house. Do you see why we need gun control? I want a snuggie! I woke up early for nothing. Addison joined the ladies on Black Friday. My dad still doesn't have his rental car. Some of you saw previews of me "gian". Benjamin Button lived a good life. Why was Katrina included in the movie? I have no clue. Sharma bumped into Nagin at Saks on Christmas Eve. He has a snapshot of the mayor to prove it. Violence broke out at the local Elmwood Palace Theatre. We left before it went down. I saw the footage on TV the day after. I can't sleep straight. Alana thinks I have a mild case of scoliosis. Caroline finally spoke out on her bid to become New York's next senator. Jindal may be running against Obama in 2012. Betty Crocker baked another batch of cookies.

December 26, 2008

I got a pair of socks while everyone else get to see Celine perform in a couple weeks. Addison and his grandpa fought over presents. Did I mention how I enjoy my afternoon naps? I went to church for the first time since Tet. The priest talked about sex, drugs, addiction, and rape. The choir sang in Latin. My mom knows what's up. How do I get rid of this cough without having to take antibiotics? Khoi convinced me to sign onto gchat. I totally forgot about this application. UCI's new law school will offer three years of free tuition for its first class in hopes of attracting the best and brightest. Eartha Kitt dies at 81. It's getting crazy down in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Beyonce dances like a drag queen. Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" record seems like just another anthem for women getting over a bad breakup. The lyrics attack a jealous ex-boyfriend who can't accept that she has moved on and is now getting the attention of other men. His jealousy annoys her because he had his chance. So Beyonce quips, "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it," throwing the drama back in his face. Paul, have fun in Antarctica! Don't forget to take pictures of those melting icebergs and hungry polar bears.

December 25, 2008

I am becoming a Republican like Heidi. People down here say Merry Christmas. I was at Walmart and the greeters and cashiers all wished me "Merry Christmas". Even the folks at the post office and other businesses wished me the same Christmas greeting. They don't say Happy Holidays at all. It sucks for those who don't celebrate Christmas. Advil Cold & Sinus repaired me immediately. I should have taken it last week. I woke up all throughout last night. At every hour, I woke up to use the restroom. I also had weird dreams about keeping my comforter straight. It was definitely a weird night. The folks at Apple knew what they were doing when they installed international fonts on all computers. PC users must download certain font softwares. I ran into Huong Kha at Hong Kong Market. Lance Armstrong fathers a baby. Obama's transition team conducted an investigation to determine if the President-Elect had inappropriate contacts with Blagojevich. The team concluded that Obama's hands are clean. Why am I not surprised? Of course the investigation would reveal nothing. Why would the investigators want to incriminate the guy who writes their paychecks? It just doesn't make any sense for his staff to conduct the investigation. The Minnesota Senate race remains undecided with a few dozen votes separating the winner from the loser. Give the seat to Al Franken already! Obama's shirtless picture in Hawaii is definitely a motivation to stay healthy and fit. I'm listening to some Jay Chou stuff on youtube. Addison likes Dora. His dad wants him to go after Diego instead. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

December 24, 2008

It's one day before the big day. Mary gives birth to baby Jesus conceived through the immaculate conception. Joseph had nothing to do with her pregnancy. My saint name is John Peter. I was given two saint names. I'm that special. I watched some General Hospital. I grew up watching some of the actors. Most of them have not aged at all. Don't we all love plastic surgery! I remembered Rafael and me going to Greenwich on our last day in London. We survived the windy, rainy weather to see the Prime Meridian. We walked almost two miles to get from the train station to the actual site. We made it just in time before the museum closed. I still use the small umbrella I bought at the site. On our way back, we came across a pho stall. The lady and I talked about happenings around town. Before the year is over, I would have taken exactly six weeks off from work. I turned off the radio stream and played some lien khuc for my mom. Sure, I'll send some Louisiana seasonings to you. Show those locals how we kick it in Loo-zee-ana. Don't corrupt the little girl with stuff like MILF, eat a &*^%, and other idiotic phrases. CK means something else now. Melanie has 6 more hours until completion. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. A crazy man goes on a rampage in DFW killing two people and injuring another person during a rush hour massacre. The perpetrator remains at large. Obama vacations in Hawaii without a shirt. Kathy Griffin joins Andy Cooper again in Times Square. Spencer and Heidi never got married. I'm sure MTV had something to do with Whitney getting a job at DVF. The Real World invades Brooklyn. A water break in Maryland floods commuters on River Road.

December 23, 2008

We must all stick together and work toward the same objective. How can we succeed if we continue to bicker over the little things? Yes, we can! I printed a few pictures from the local Walgreens. The Chase ATM gave me the cash I needed. I was a few minutes late arriving at the airport. I acted as a tour guide for Mr. Shum and his gal pal. He was a virgin to NOLA. Yes, we must save NOLA. Brangelina was a no-show once again. I don't think they really live there. Viet ladies serve customers at Cafe Du Monde. I'm tired of looking at the Walgreens building when picking up Chang. I found a lapel pin for KNT. Alexis, what's your rating for Hip Stix? Good luck with the talk! I'm not sure about zapping those irritating flies to death. Is it animal cruelty? Lashes, I revealed you. Melanie already has guests for New Year's Eve. It's a game of flipping the toilet seat up. It never fails. When I come back to use the restroom, it's back down again. If I can't say it, you should continue to say it. Don't let it stop you. I would do the same if the table was turned. Remove the foil when heating in a microwave. Three layers did not keep me warm. I went back for a fourth layer. Khanh, I can't be there to hear you sing that Giang Sinh song. Congratulations Bao and Vi! Drop the "ne" and repeat the three words to Jacq. I feel like I'm repeating myself on here. We have a crisis back at the office. We won't know anything until our return in January. I asked my dad if I could borrow shorts. He gave me these short shorts I gave to him a long time ago. It's a size 30, but somehow it's extremely short. What up Sexiness?

December 22, 2008

The cold weather finally comes to New Orleans. The locals wore their long overcoats and thick jackets. It's about time we stayed below 60. I hear the warm weather will come back later next week. I couldn't stay out after dinner. Yes, this update is coming to you early. Ole Miss and Troy folks are in town for the New Orleans Bowl. Everyone found great deals at Canal Place. I bought brown work shoes. They were 70% off thanks to Mel's luxe card. I played phone tag with Lashes. I tried to be pleasant on the phone. I came home to a smelly house. I took out the trash. My mom threw out these herbs that sat in the fridge for quite some time. Anh Hoang cooked up some burgers. We forgot to buy ground turkey for me. Addison and the gang will make a gingerbread house. I'm not sure if I should eat the house considering the kids' hands will be all over it. I had Minh Tuyet's "Da Khong Yeu Thi Thoi" on repeat. We "went to church". Yes, it's pathetic that we can't stand up to our dad. A Continental jet skids off of Denver's runway injuring at least 38 passengers. Nguyen Huy ain't got nothing on Addison. Jennifer and Jon show some PDA in New York. Christmas shopping ends today.

December 21, 2008

It's a bargain when I come home. The large sake at Little Tokyo was $7.50 compared to at least $10 in New York. I stocked up on supplies at Sam's. The cashier called me out for using my own credit card. I ignored her. I went by Esplanade Mall in Kenner. We missed the Williams Blvd. exit. I made a u-turn at Loyola. I can't get this cough to go away. I was not sick all year. The second day I get back, I start to cough. It's getting better though. "I'll call you back in five minutes" turned into hours later. We canceled going to the movies because Chang can't control her chronic cough. Slumdog will need to wait until I get back to civilization. Oh, did I say that out loud? Dr. Sharma, thank you for dinner. The highlight of my evening was the warm pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream. Chang almost slipped while walking to the restroom. According to Mel and Chang, I'm too loud and obnoxious when I have alcohol in my system. It's either that or moody me. Which do you prefer? Addison fell asleep on the couch. He didn't want to watch TV with his grandparents. He never made it to Drago's as planned. KNT went on a date with her second husband. Her first husband left her for the holidays. My buddha belly continues to grow. I gained five pounds in one week. I am 1/3 closer to my goal. I'll try to stay up late. It's difficult once you hit 30. Do you see plenty of errors, Ms. Grammar Nazi? Paul, take scandalous pics of Macaire and send them my way to even the playing field. I shouldn't have packed sweaters and long sleeves.

December 20, 2008

I am missing all that snow in New York. When I return, I'm expecting clean streets with no sand and salt. Bush helps US automakers. Paul is a trendsetter. Congratulations, KNT! Please keep me posted. Anh Hoang and I hung two big portraits for Mom. I baked a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. We skipped out on the congressman-elect's reception. We ate the famous crunchy rolls at Little Tokyo. The Chase ATM at Walgreens fulfilled my requests. My last name comes first. I'll let you have it for right now just to make you happy. One of the cabinets in the kitchen reminded me of Old Spice. Melanie likes to eat dinner at 6PM. I hate sitting still with nothing to do. Send me on errands because I'd rather do something productive than stay home and sleep. Well, I don't mind napping too much if I'm sleepy. Radio Shack and Best Buy no longer sell that telephone port converter. I left it back in New York. I think I threw it out. It's a device that will convert your telephone port into an ethernet port. My old laptop does not have an ethernet port. You can imagine the age on that thing. Many of the Catholic churches in New Orleans closed their doors. If you're Asian and in Louisiana, you're most likely a Vietnamese. It's a given. I can't say the same for Dallas or New York. In Dallas, you're either Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean. In New York, you're any of the above except for Vietnamese. We tend to stay in warm areas. Jim Carrey and Larry King sipped champagne while sitting in a hot tub. Mr. King left his signature suspenders on and went bottomless. Can they go ahead and impeach the Illinois governor already? What's taking them so long? I have no idea why I was tagged in that baby chicken picture. Kim Pheezy, I saw your ad in the local Viet paper. It says you're fluent in Vietnamese. I plan on calling your office to test your fluency. I put an entire banh cam in my mouth. Elton John is not an American. Get your facts straight! How many times will you welcome me to America? Let's hope I don't come home to a flooded kitchen. Joseph is to put a rag around the dripping radiator. Maintenance can fix everything else but that leak. Harvey will stay in Queens. The apartment will be empty. The British Invasion happened a decade ago. Get with it!

December 19, 2008

The highlight of my day was picking up Addison from school. He was a bit confused because his grandma usually picks him up. His grandma sat in the back seat. The school runs a tight operation when it comes to picking up kids. The cars line up one by one. The teacher knows which car belongs to which student. The kids wait behind a fence. When it's the student's car, the teacher escorts him/her to the car. The driver must also initial his/her name to confirm picking up the kid. It's like valet parking for kids. I played limo driver throughout the day. I picked up Melanie, dropped off my Dad at his shop, and picked up Addison. Some guy ran into my dad's parked truck. We now have one car among 5 people. It's insane I tell ya. He is supposed to get a rental soon, but we're not sure when. Anh yeu em...em yeu anh. Remember your pronoun. I got it out of my system. I ate Melanie's dinner by accident. Sorry, you should have written your name on the food container. US automakers shut down for a month to save money. Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary's seat. Jeremy Piven is sick. Obama appoints a Republican congressman to lead the Dept. of Transportation. He's almost finished stocking his cabinet. Will Smith preached to the masses on Oprah. Steve Jobs will not speak at the upcoming Apple trade show. He may step down as the company's leader. Karen, is it Friday yet? Yes, I plan ahead. Sorry for all the Meetup mass mailings. Melanie never picks up her phone. Precious planned our upcoming holiday outings. I am here to take it all in. It's nice not having to organize! I got bored with Kung Fu Panda. I miss Lashes! You can control me as long as you're nice to me.

December 18, 2008

The gmail at Mel's house delays my typing. Yes, this is another irritation I must deal with. Oh, when I drive down their street, the neighbors always wave at you. I hate having to wave back at them. Can't a brother just drive in peace and not have strangers look at him and acknowledge with a wave? I slept for a good four hours today. I took some medicine, including Benadryl. That pill knocked me out for a few hours. My mom made banh gio. She hasn't made one of those in years. I like to eat my food cold. Addison, how are you? I'm fine. I declined going to Wal-Mart. My dad got the computer up and running without my help. Yes, it's a boring life here in Marrero, Louisiana. I get excited about my mom's food. The goal is to get back in those 32's. LOL The plan for February is to snowboard, ski, knit, and make jewelry...according to Jacqueline. I haven't tried going to another ATM machine. I'm afraid it will deny me again.

December 17, 2008

My dad woke me up this morning because he needed help booting up the new laptop. He wants to buy a Toshiba laptop from Wal-Mart after Christmas. I'm trying to convince him to get a Macbook Pro but he thinks it's a waste of money. He has that Vietnamese radio streaming throughout the day. I dropped off Chang at work again. Melanie wanted the car to go to Target. I couldn't help it any more so I vacuumed and cleaned her car. I felt icky driving that thing around town. After cleaning up her mess, I returned the wireless adapter to Best Buy. I got a haircut from my old barber. She and I have not seen each other in almost 10 years. She thought I was another guy, but then realized who I was after speaking with me. She thought I still lived in Dallas. We talked about her 21 year old twins and everyone else. I went by Walgreens to get cash from a Chase ATM. I wanted to get beaucoup money but it only allowed me to withdraw $100. I have exactly $7 in my wallet. All the banks around here are either Regions Bank or Capital One. Melanie picked up some stuff from Target. Sorry, I was not helpful in deciding what to buy. I was irritated. It only took me 15 minutes to get from 1341 King Henry Ct to 1010 Common. I sat in the car for 30 minutes. KNT has her own fan club now. Mike, I don't think I was talking about you, but thank you for the note any way. Either you're awake or sleeping. Is that what people do there? Sa, too bad you were in NY for a quick minute. Next time, ring me up and I'll be your personal tour guide. The Golden Boy is making his return. Watch out, y'all!

December 16, 2008

I woke up 2 minutes before the alarm clock went off. I always do this to myself. I set the alarm, but don't really need it. I dropped off Precious at her office in the CBD. I went looking for parking in the French Quarter. I found plenty of street parking. Everyone was off to work...either by car or on foot. A. Loc showed me the perfect parking spot across from his apartment. I moved the car and was tempted to call off lunch with Chang. The parking spot did not have a 2-hour time limit. We wanted to do a walking tour, but the tour guides all called in sick. We found a stalker standing in front of Brangelina's house. She stood there with a camera in hand. We ate breakfast on the patio. I picked up some "New Orleans" goodies at the French Market and along Decatur Street. We picked up Chang at her office and ate at Hip Stix. We ate the usual banh mi, crab rangoon, goi cuon, and ca ri ga. Hai gave us generous helpings of mango and coconut ice cream at the end of our meal. We went for drinks at Muriel's. Cox Cable reactivated internet for Mr. Nguyen. I bought a wireless router at Best Buy. They stopped selling the telephone port converter. My mom made her famous spaghetti. I ate two bowls in one sitting. My goal is to gain 5 pounds each week. I expect to weigh 15 pounds more when I return to New York. Lashes, so you won't read this unless it's about you? How about wanting to read all this because you care? I am on Central Standard Time. In other words, my 9PM is your 10PM. President Bush got the boot when he was in Iraq over the weekend. Talk about a quick response to dodging those two shoes. I'm disappointed that the shoes didn't smack him in the face.

December 15, 2008

We accomplished a lot before 10AM. I washed my clothes. Since there was no street parking, we took the car down to Chinatown to pick up banh mi, green tea waffles, and iced coffee. SSS was not even open. I wanted to take some cupcakes to the Nguyens down south. I picked up ingredients to make lemon cookies. A parking spot finally appeared on 81st St. Those sandwiches smell, but they are ridiculously good. Chang's mother-in-law said hi to me. She didn't care if I existed before Chang came along. She asked me try her new pastry. I told her it was good, but it tasted way too oily. I preferred a smaller version so we'll take care of it when I return to NY. I like door to door service. The meter had to be refilled every hour up until 10PM. We came out on top. Jacqueline secured funding for another year...I think. I wore Eddie's velvet jacket. I slept for a good two hours and woke up to Vietnamese programs blasting in the living room. My dad thinks he's getting my old Gateway laptop. I thought I am giving it to Addison. He has to reactivate his internet service. I will buy a wireless router so he can carry the laptop around the house. Paul thought the bag weighed 38 pounds. The scaled showed 41...very close, but not a perfect match!

December 14, 2008

I am writing this with two hours of sleep. I thought I could catch up on sleep immediately, but it's one thing after another. I went to the back of the plane and took advantage of an empty row of seats. I tried sleeping throughout the flight. Eddie complained about my big luggage. He has one of those 2-seater cars. I ate 4 banh baos before heading to Nine Roses. Last night, I left the coat in the car. Everyone showed up for the holiday party except for a couple folks. The party started with us and we shut it down. I came home with a Battle of the Sexes game. Joseph was off key. It was Paul's first time attempt at singing in public. The harem was in full force. The two were replaced by another two ladies in waiting. It's very hot in New Orleans. Melanie is fat. Addison likes the American flag. Anh Hoang will get an X5. Chang looks nasty on Sunday mornings. She "goes to church". I left my bedroom without making my bed.

December 13, 2008

Everything happens for a reason. We received a month's worth of rain in one night. The last time it rained that much was during the summer. The subways flooded causing major chaos for commuters, including myself. Everyone hopped on the buses because the trains didn't run. The MTA was prepared for the rain this time around. I left at a reasonable time. I anticipated working through the night to get those memos out, but we got the work done as planned. We went to MSG to pick up my certificate and rushed back to the office. The guy who sat at our table did not irritate me so much. He was with PwC. I rushed home, picked up some Chinese food, and will run out again. Equus awaits me. Welcome back, Emily! I'm glad you made it back safe and sound. Thank you for listening. I'll see you next year. I managed to carry two loads of dry cleaning and crap I bought in Chinatown/Soho through the heavy rain. KNT and Chang better be thankful. I couldn't find the bigger sized maggi bottle. It was either the tiny one or the humongous size. I chose the tiny one. Jacq and I finalized the guest list. The butter now sits on my countertop in the kitchen. I have Akon on repeat. No, it's his old song. Yes, I am behind mainstream America. Please forgive me. Karen, I will count down with you too. I'll do it from New Orleans. Next week should go by very fast. Staying busy should do the trick.

December 12, 2008

My boss is driving me insane. I can strangle someone. I thought I can take it easy the next two days, but she is hounding me. The south sees its share of real snowfall. Too bad I was not there to experience snow in New Orleans. Hopefully, we'll have a white Christmas. Only in NY where one can meet for Thai food, drink $2.50 wine, eat cupcakes, and see a concert all within a few blocks. Who needs to drive when you have two legs and good shoes? My shoes are falling apart. I'm not sure whether to get them repaired or buy a new pair altogether. I stood in the Bowery Ballroom for three hours straight. Khoi wanted to stay up front. It was a good spot up until this tall girl pretended to know someone up front. That was just lame. I told her she can stand directly in front of me provided that the two ladies accompanying me were not blocked. Yamagata was funny. I could have stayed on the bus, but was just too tired. I wanted to hurry home. I took care of all the Saturday errands on a rainy lunch hour. I did it all within 62 minutes. Yes, I am proud of myself. This will leave me with more "quality" time. I bought nasty cream medicine for Precious, picked up banh mi for the office, bought soy sauce (two kinds) for KNT, and picked up stuff at MoMA. I don't mind the rain too much. There's less pedestrian traffic. Congratulations to Anh Hoang! All the best to you on your promotion!

December 11, 2008

Paul likes to keep me on the edge by showing up right on time. It's a bit irritating, but if you think about it, I'm the one who showed up early. I am not following directions. My Saturday is already planned out. I didn't include time for packing, which may be a problem. "Celebrate Me Home" almost got to me. Wade, you and your buds did an amazing job. The 12 days audience participation was exhausting, yet fun. Those folks down in orchestra paid big bucks to exercise. We left Carnegie Hall immediately and didn't have to wait long for a cab and to get the car. It pays to be quick! Obama wants the Illinois governor to step down. Isn't he stepping down any way? How can you fulfill your gubernatorial duties from a jail cell? Jesse Jackson's son maybe one of those who was willing to pay to get the senate seat. Speaking of which, Fran Drescher wants to take over Hillary's NY senate seat. I can totally hear her laughing in the senate chambers. If that wrestler guy can become governor of Minnesota and that actor guy became the leader of California, who is to say the Nanny can't work for fellow New Yorkers? It's all up to our legally blind governor to decide. Leno will not leave NBC. Instead, he will host a new talk show to be aired right before the Tonight Show. The show will begin in Fall 2009. NBC executives feared Leno would start a new talk show on other networks such as ABC or FOX; thus, his fans would follow him and ratings for the new Tonight Show would deteriorate. It was a smart move for both parties. CNN changed its color from red to green in anticipation of the upcoming Planet in Peril program. A fighter jet crashes into two homes in San Diego killing family members inside the home. The pilot successfully ejected himself before landing. Addison, I hope you feel better. I need you back online to chit chat with me. I hear you have a new friend now. He'll give you great pointers on hunting expeditions. Who says you can't eat the entire box of mochi ice cream in one sitting?

December 10, 2008

Another day, another dollar...I can't wait for this week to be over with already. I'm not saying I'm not looking forward to all the stuff that's happening this week and weekend, it's just that work can be demanding and I'm too lazy to do anything this week. I'm ready to go on vacation...AGAIN! I want to learn those dance moves from Addison. He has been showing me some stuff via iChat, but I want to learn the real deal from him. Oprah is big again. She feels disappointed. Julie returns to Smiley Dental. Loan, I can't help you with the naturalized citizen documentary. A bunch of workers in Chicago sit-in to protest their layoff. Cruise ships continue to be terrorized in the gulf area. I've never been on a cruise. I wonder if those pirates will make their way to the Caribbean. I highly doubt that. Jacq and I are not here to babysit. Read your stuff before asking us. I'm on my last thread of nerve. You know it's scandalous when youtube requires a birthdate confirmation prior to viewing the clip. I am halfway done with the stationary. I have another set to complete. I was interrupted last night. I received some help with the crossword puzzle. The package from Linden came as expected. I am back in the game. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. I will suck it up and try it. Just be patient.

December 9, 2008

I never ate a dish with four different kinds of ravioli. Perhaps kosher food had something to do with the combo. We almost missed it because the place was under some cellphone shop and between two other restaurants. That street had way too many Indian restaurants. I didn't expect that for midtown. Not a lot of people were out. We all like to stay indoors when the weather hits near freezing. I saw flurries for a good 10 minutes. I got something off of my chest. It felt good. Cao is "tall" in Vietnamese, but Mr. Cao is far from tall. Let's see where Jefferson ends up. I have a headache that won't go away. The two egg mcmuffins sound tempting this morning, but I was good. I ate an everything bagel instead. I can kick it hands free. Pretty cool, huh? I prefer the white Magnolia cupcake. I confirmed this week with my press secretary. We are set to go. I was not told whether the screening process ended or given results of such screening. I will follow up with the Kingsbridge lady in a couple days. Cassandra confirmed that she does not look like Tam Doan. I should back off. Khanh, it's all fair game. Yes, it's still cold here in New York. I can't do earmuffs for some reason. I get irritated with all that sweat in my ears. Carolyn, don't force him. La Duni has the best desserts. I am happy when I see the M79 bus approach Park Ave. on its way to Lexington Ave, when the 77th St. station is packed with people, when I eat two cupcakes in one sitting and not feel fat, when I meet "British" people, when I see available cabs in the pouring rain, when I get an immediate e-mail response, when I know the lyrics to a song, when I go to bed at 10PM, when I see a clear path to walk on a crowded sidewalk, and when I am hands free.

December 8, 2008

I found out why. I should be more attentive next time. Khoi made lasagna, but I declined. I'll stop by at a later time to sample her lasagna. I ate Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for the first time. Thank you, Lashes! We managed to find some good deals in a couple people's minivans. I found myself in the boondocks of Chinatown for dim sum. Douglas, is a 79, not a 54. He is my Dong Tri! I made a pit stop and ran into A. Vinh. I left Ba Noi and Ba Ngoai to take care of another task. Louisiana voted the first Vietnamese American into U.S. Congress. The Republican candidate beat out the incumbent William Jefferson who is under investigation for receiving kickbacks. Anh Joseph Cao becomes the first Republican to take over the traditionally Democrat seat in over 30 years. My parents obviously voted for him. Cao won with 1,800 more votes than Jefferson. I am off to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. Sorry, I can never do Indian food. I can do curry, but not Indian curry. I miss cool Fall weather. Those pipes won't stop hissing and banging at me. Happy Birthday, Mel! Congratulations, Chang! There should be more coming!

December 7, 2008

Vietnamese School ends. We graduated! I'm too tired to make this long. Thank you to Ba Noi for welcoming us. I collected way too much money. The long cab ride home was depressing. I don't know why.

December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Carolyn! How can I forget your special day? The cut off time is 10PM during the week. On the weekends, there's 24 hour service. Sunday night is considered a school night. Yes, I must be in bed by 10PM. I skipped out on the bagel lady because I had to rush to Bobst. Gene knows all the secret codes to get into those top floors. The air turned arctic in the late afternoon. Agnes rescued me in the afternoon by sending Karen and me on a goose chase. Too bad we couldn't think of anything creative to stay out longer. Walking around the block seemed tempting, but it was just too cold. I barely spoke because my mouth froze. Paula Abdul comes to the rescue in my time of need. I am familiar with Chinatown's Starbucks. Please don't go girl! The twins have no problems showing their private parts. According to Mel, they are definitely boys. As of today, they weigh 14 and 13 ounces. I guess one guy is bigger than the other. I like old Whitney songs. She takes me back to a time of innocence. Isn't that an Enigma song? Something...return to innocence. The dust settled between Ba Noi and Lashes.

December 5, 2008

Beyonce made a cameo while Shrek sang his heart out. My favorite scene was when Lord Farquaad danced with his denizens. The guy stayed on his knees throughout the show except for a couple times when he kicked his people down. No one is going to hold him down. Princess Fiona was just as nasty as Shrek. The show pushed all my right buttons. I need to take a step back and calm my nerves. We found a very cheap parking garage in the middle of Times Square. Secret Santa gave me three ties from J.Crew. I will wear one tomorrow. We played another round of the grocery game. This time, we used Joseph's rules. Tammy got it on the second round. Khoi and I had a pow wow at the local Thai restaurant. I returned the chicken dish because the chicken tasted old. It's one of my pet peeves. I can't stand smelly chicken. I ended up getting shrimp. Rain didn't come down as much. Paul and I came to an agreement. He and Jacq are fighting to decide who gets the last word. I have a feeling it will go on and on. I am setting my alarm 15 minutes before I normally wake up. It's my "snooze" time.

December 4, 2008

I have six dollars in my wallet. Money disappears quickly. If you want to make an appointment, I am free after January 4th. Agnes took what's left of my dark chocolate M&M's. Food carts right in front of my building usually survive for less than a week and disappear. A couple months ago, a guy selling some middle eastern food stayed for a good two days. This week, a lady with bagels and donuts took the vacant spot. She didn't have the flat bagel I wanted so I settled for a raisin bagel. I have a tub of cream cheese in the fridge. I must use it before the end of next week. I baked what's left of the crescent rolls but forgot to bring them to work. My fridge is always empty. Water bottles and condiments take up the most space. There are too many Ngoc's. I can't keep up. Caroline was not fast enough. I received confirmation a minute after the hour. The amazon purchase has not shipped. I am getting nervous. Former President Clinton will disclose names of his foundation's donors later this year. Obama won't help me with his stimulus package. Don't get your panties in a wad. There's more fish in the sea. The Texans received their packages as expected. Arctic air arrives later this week. Gretchen married an old man. The study group dwindled down to a date. Paul was at the doctor's office the other day. The nurse called for the next patient to come in. She said "Shady Nasty". A woman gets up immediately and says, "oh, ah mama named me ShaDynasty!" I promise to God it's a true story. Paul witnessed the whole thing. Poor girl has to go through life with that name!

December 3, 2008

I have no idea what GBW stands for. It's some Alexis terminology that I am unfamiliar with. I offered a plan to kidnap her, but he threw the GBW at me...whatever that means. I can't wait to see those Shaolin monks kick it in January. It will be exciting to see those martial arts performers do their thing on a Broadway stage. Oh wait... I'm not going after all. I sort of vetoed it. Don't worry, I am very easy to please. I don't do well with surprises so be sure to disclose your intentions ahead of time. It will save us all a lot of headache. Thank you, but no thanks. LOL I have that weekend reserved. It's MLK weekend. What to do ...what to do...Ms. Dang and I secured rehearsal space for the girls. She also added an event to the itinerary. We walk way too fast. The allotted 30 minutes turned into an actual 10 minute walk. Thay Nam e-mailed us our study guide for the final. It's four pages long. I didn't expect it to be that long. I have a lot of studying to do between now and Saturday afternoon. Feed me carbs and I'll be happy. The airport siege in Bangkok ends. Whitney moves to The City. Britney performed a circus act on the UWS. My halo returns after a short hiatus. Get your banh mi crave at Baoguette on Lex and 25th. Stop at Popeye's while you're at it.

December 2, 2008

I didn't accomplish much yesterday. I had the case of the Mondays like those guys in Office Space. I'm surprised Ba Noi never saw the movie. It's a cult classic. I like the opening scene with all that traffic on I-635. Michael Bolton listened to hardcore rap. Upon seeing a black person approaching his car, he lowered the volume and rapped to himself. Let's not forget those flairs. You can't have enough of flairs! I sort of miss driving on Central Expressway and Belt Line Road. My car hugged the road. I get to drive it again when I go home in a couple weeks. My drawer of snacks is completely empty. I will keep it empty until the new year. Get those moist baking raisins if you plan on baking with raisins. They are a lot better than regular raisins. What is up with True Blood? I'm not big on vampires. I obviously never got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer or even that show with the sister witches. I'm more of a Brothers and Sisters kinda guy. Give me some semi-real family drama and I'm down. I'm off to running around. I'm getting my old Nike shorts back!

December 1, 2008

It's already December. Time flies when you're having fun. I tapped Ngoc on her forehead to inform her of the snoring. We did not wake Khoi up after all. We were too nice. Besides, she was already awake. I don't like playing phone tag. I enjoyed my omelet with olives. Peanut butter and honey transformed the boring, bland, healthy wheat cracker into a yummy treat. I'm not one for healthy food. I ran out of Khoi's without my wallet and keys. I went back uptown to fetch the missing items and hopped in a cab for my 1PM appointment. I can't believe I was late. I'm never late. Kanee showed up on time, which is odd, according to her. I stuffed my face once again. We were one of three customers at the restaurant. People don't like to go out when it's rainy and windy outside. I took a much needed nap in the late afternoon. I got my Law & Order fix. Senator Clinton will officially become Secretary of State Clinton. The latest death toll in Mumbai stands at over 170. Chaos ensues Nigeria with over 400 people dead. Chang has a short wish list this year. Sorry, I can't afford to get you the laptop bag. I have a very big bag to carry to work. Is it me or does Britney speak with a strong southern accent now? She got rid of it a few years ago when she started out. Now, all I hear is this southern twang. Did she rehab in Baton Rouge? It's nice not having to wear my long johns today. I have "Halo" on repeat. Mary, did you get beef jerky while in the OC? How does it feel to be around your fellow Viets?