December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chuck. The cat is finally out of the bag. The rain is really getting to me. It rained for the second half of the weekend. The weather couldn't have been any better Saturday morning. I enjoy the walk to the gym early Saturday mornings when everyone is still in bed. If I were to walk on the same street...say Mercer in the afternoon, it is filled with tourists and shoppers. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the tourists. They keep the city going with their European money and British pounds. Retail keeps us afloat among other things. I finally learned that Americans really do export music, movies, and any other pop trends to the rest of the world. When I was in Poland, every other song on the radio was from an American artist. Our ride downtown on Friday night took a bit longer than expected. Next time, let's shoot for the subway like everyone else. Ngoc did a great job weaving in and out between lanes. It was not a good night to be above ground in all that traffic mess. Instead of going to mass, I took a long nap. I needed that nap considering the early morning wake up on Sunday. Balthazar's breakfast was way too fancy for us so we opted for Landmark Diner. You can never go wrong with just the basics. All that shopping around for a black bowtie and I managed to locate one in my closet. I totally forgot mine was one that you have to tie yourself. The coins are all rolled up. The subletter's roommate still has not reached out to me. If I do not hear from him by the end of Tuesday, I am forfeiting the arrangement. Just remember that Hans is the code name. Never go to sleep pissed off. It's dumb.

December 14, 2012

This morning, I am getting my last tray. This one should be a killer because it will officially line up the crooked one with the rest. I am supposed to wear this for about another month. After that, I wear it only when going to sleep. I definitely see results in the last few weeks. In the middle of it all, I told the ortho that I do not see any changes. He replied, "Well, if you are sitting on a big green lawn day in and day out, will you see grass grow in front of you?" He then placed the original mold right next to my mouth. This is when I saw a huge difference. I am so ready to be done with it. I feel bad for not wearing it during the day some times. I love to snack all day long. This treatment has made me eat actual meals. Speaking of meals, I am doing quite well considering all of the holiday junk in front of me. Just a few more dinners and parties and I am home free. I will have to check out the karaoke bar in the LES that Thuy posted. It sounds like an excellent deal.

December 10, 2012

I am counting down as we speak. This week and next week will go by very slowly. I am already planning for February and March. It's insane how time flies. KNT, I am looking forward to seeing you in a nice dress on Saturday night. So I finally won something. I was at the Computer Store with a colleague late last week to order an item for the department. I saw the word "giveaway" and wrote down my name and email address. My colleague told me I just gave away my email address for solicitation. I told him that is why I have a spam folder. I got an email over the weekend that I won an iPod nano. I've been thinking about getting one for music playing because the phone is too bulky and heavy. Also, I hate it when my playlists get interrupted because of incoming texts or calls. Mike, Vietnam is going to GET IT! From the dirty south to the uptight north, Vietnam will GET IT!

December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chi Chinh!

December 3, 2012

It's already December. What to do...what to do...