December 19, 2014

Maybe I can't speak about this since I am not Cuban or Cuban American and I didn't live through most of the Cold War era or through Castro's revolution, but come on folks, let's reestablish a diplomatic relationship with Cuba. It's about time. The main Castro guy is no longer in power. So who cares his brother is running the show now. It just doesn't make sense for us to be "enemies" and not have an embassy on that island. Yes, we can have that awesome prison on their soil, yet we can't build an embassy? The Cuban exiles do not agree with Obama's decision. This takes me back to when Clinton reestablished diplomacy with Vietnam. The Vietnamese exiles in the U.S. did not agree with this decision, well the very vocal exiles did not agree with the decision. Well, look at the relationship between the two countries now. The standard of living for ordinary citizens has improved and the economy is booming. Cuba and the U.S. will obviously benefit from the renewed relationship. Let the small group of Cuban exiles complain all they want, but I think a majority of everyone is on board. People need to just accept the regime in power and let nature runs its course. My parents hate the communist regime in Vietnam, but what can they do about it? Not a damn thing.

December 15, 2014

Friday night right after work, I was off to Long Island for Christian's 21st birthday. I barely made the 5:26 train. The R train stalled between Union Square and Penn Station. I ran towards the ticket kiosks and found Sheryn waiting for me. She was a bit tipsy from an earlier holiday party. We all got down and dirty to a stupid DJ who would not take requests from anyone, not even Christian's mom, the person who hired him. I don't know what was up with him. We went home after the party and took a train back to the city. Little did we know, it was the annual Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. There were no yellow cabs to be found. We took the BD home instead. It took almost two hours getting home. Saturday I made banh mi cha lua for Chi Mai. I ran into Jacqueline at the laundromat that morning. I also ran into her again at Nolita Mart on Sunday evening. I made a gluten free almond cake, which turned out quite well. I may make it again. Chi Mai thought it was a bit flat but I told her it's a dense cake, not the fluffy double layer kind. Chau cooked us an amazing dinner. Nicole and I sort of got wasted. The next day, it was breakfast, cupcakes, and balloons...all done before setting up the party room at 121 Fulton Street. The turnout was great with a handful of folks not showing up. We picked up some stuff from CTown and walked home from there. After a home cooked meal and helping neighbors move in, it was time for American Horror Story. Yes, Dylan McDermott becomes a ghost himself. Joseph, you and your family will be missed!

December 10, 2014

Just when I thought I was getting over this flu, I had to bike myself up to Kips Bay in cold weather to watch The Hunger Games, which by the way, was pretty good. Some people say the movie dragged on and didn't have much action. The concession girl even told me that. I thought the movie flowed well and we needed to see the background info to set us up for Part II. I do see that the movie left out a lot of the events that took place in the book. I walked back home and felt a bit under the weather. Perhaps I pushed myself too hard thinking I fully recovered. The coughing and runny nose returned. Homeland is getting crazier and crazier. Quinn is doing his own thing now. The US is suspending their diplomatic relationship with Pakistan? That's huge! I really do not like that female character who works for the ISA. "Wait ten minutes...then make the call." That was super bold! The Ambassador's husband didn't kill himself after all. Carrie needs five days to find Quinn. She and Quinn are off on their own. So much happened in one episode. Mo Bich made it to the states after all. Last I heard, Carson was all over her and Addison had way too many questions about her age and why she is at Ong Ba Ngoai's house. I am looking forward to see how it will all play out in a couple weeks when the grandmaster himself returns home.

December 8, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday, Chi Chinh!

December 3, 2014

Where did November go? Well, Tammy and Alex got hitched in Baton Rouge. It was also my first time home for Thanksgiving since I moved to New York. It has been almost nine years in the making. The wedding was a lot of fun. It took place in a beautiful cathedral located in downtown Baton Rouge. It was funny how all of the guests from New York stayed on one side of the room at the reception venue. Plus, one of the tables included all couples with babies and kids. Friends who were unmarried sat at the table next to the one with married folks. Clearly, there was a division. I paced myself early in the evening and kept it going until the very end when the DJ yelled out, "Last call at the bar!" I loaded up with six glasses of champagne. They were not all for me. I gave them away and couldn't give two glasses away. I had to down the remaining two glasses because they were kicking us out to create an exit wormhole for the bride and groom. Ten minutes later, we were second lining to the after party. At the bar, we were pretty much the only patrons because it was still very early. It was an afternoon wedding. Ting felt the need to order a bottle of champagne at the bar. After two more shots and a glass of sparkling, I could not push on further. I ended the night at about 8:30 PM. I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed. We continued the party to New Orleans the next afternoon and night. Start your day with a to-go daiquiri. Other guests finally made their way down to New Orleans and before you know it, it was a repeat from the night before. This time, I held my own. No more late night meals in bed. It's the worst. I ended the week with Thanksgiving food and family fun. I caught the flu from one of the boys and ended up flying back to NY sick. I spent all weekend in bed and almost called in sick on Monday morning. I am back to 90% as we speak and will continue to hydrate.