December 28, 2016

Jojo doubled in size since I last saw her. That was about 2.5 months ago. She was still as sweet as ever. The assistant brought her to me after I asked where she was. She jumped on me immediately. She's pretty calm compared to Harry. Harry is still as wild as ever. When I visited with Harry after hanging with Jojo, Harry kept licking my pants and feet. I then realized he was smelling Jojo since she sat on my lap and walked up and down my legs. Harry is insane. I met up with Anh Binh and his family before going to the new juice bar in Deep Deuce. Anh Binh's daughter did not cry at all. She kept staring at me though. Alice thinks it's because she got a good nap in. She literally just woke up from her nap and stayed silent. I made mac and cheese for dinner because the juice was not enough to fill my big tummy.

December 27, 2016

Coming home was fun and relaxing except for the Dad ordeal. He needs to get over it. I'm not sweating too much about it. He will start to realize that he is alone in his cause. I took Addison to a legit plantation where we went on a tour of the "Big House". It was interesting hearing how they all lived back then. The lady of the house did not get a lot of respect. She was seen as a city girl who hated the country life. She loved spending money and was bored at the plantation. Anyways, it was a nice drive to creole country. No one wanted to check out the Barataria Preserve. I think I gained more than five pounds when I was home. In between the meals, we grazed away at the food in the kitchen. We skipped mass this year. Bringing that suit home was a waste. The best present was my expensive phone case. Yes, it's expensive and I will tell it to everyone. It's made with marble like the ones built for houses and mausoleums. We also went to Celebration in the Oaks. The lines to get in and to get tickets were very long, but lucky for us, Chi Chinh bought online tickets ahead of time. Paul got in Friday night and we went out right after that. Andrew met us out along with Stang's friends. We got back to OKC and had dinner with the Bullards. Super Mario is back in our lives. It's pretty cool how they kept everything in its original form. Half of our day was spent helping Sharon rearrange furniture and setting up the record player. Cha tom was on the menu for yesterday's dinner and today's lunch.

December 16, 2016

Yesterday's lunch with Paul turned into a lunch with Taylor in attendance. With Taylor in attendance, it turned into a work lunch with Kevin, Hilaire, and Cameron joining us on the tail end. I dropped off Taylor at the client and tried to find parking in Automobile Alley. Parking spaces are super busy at this time of year. Home office sent us three boxes of toffee, as if the chocolate candy gift basket was not enough. After work and despite the nasty weather, I went to the Museum of Art for a private event. It was my first time attending the Yelp event and I got to meet a some folks. I won the swag bag and got to speak with Becky for a bit. We now have plans for New Year's Eve thanks to the Arts Alliance. After the event, I stopped by Chris and Sharon's to divvy up the prizes. I gave a couple things to Sarah and some to Sharon. We kept the remaining items. I could only do one drink even though I had two drink tickets.

December 15, 2016

The cops have come out to the house twice already due to false alarms. The first one was when the house was under construction. A contractor who had not been coming by the house showed up out of the blue. We failed to inform him that a security system had been installed thinking he was not coming back. He showed up the night after we installed the security system. The cops came but we managed to tell the alarm company dispatcher to back off. They dispatched this to the cops immediately and the cops drove away. This second time had to do with me not closing the front door all the way. The strong winds blew the front door open and caused the alarm to go off. Paul came by the house and the cops were two seconds behind him. They searched the home just as a precaution. Every household is allowed one false alarm in a given year. The city is supposed to fine you for subsequent false alarms. Do we get a citation on the spot or it comes in through the mail? Well, we will find out sooner or later. Thanks to Tess's advice, AT&T has waived our $99 installation fee for the internet. It really doesn't hurt to ask for waivers. These companies make so much money that little ole me asking for a discount is chump change. Sugar cookies are done for decorating on Friday night. I have a couple more batches of cookies to make on Saturday for some holiday parties this weekend. It's nice having all that counter space but having an island would be better. I wouldn't have to go from one side of the kitchen to the other. I really shouldn't complain.

December 13, 2016

So I dropped my phone on the floor again yesterday morning. This time, it was also on the bathroom floor. Let's just say the floor tiles are not as forgiving as hardwood floors. The first time it happened was when I was in Grapevine at the Great Wolf Lodge. That drop resulted in cracks on the phone's glass screen but nothing damaging to the software. This second drop created more cracks and paralyzed the left side of my phone. I see people texting me but I cannot view the messages since the texting app is on the left side of the phone. I cannot call people. I can only Facetime them because the call button is on the left side of a contact's profile. I tried getting a new phone last night but it was a bad experience at AT&T. I plan on going again tonight at another location. I already filed a complaint with AT&T about the bad customer experience. I tell them I had a bad customer experience as opposed to bad customer service. The word "experience" weighs more heavily than the word service. Paul got on the phone and complained to Emily. Emily is going to get us connected with her contacts at the May Ave. location. Marci and Ryan joined us at the office for our holiday pot luck. The only problem was that we all brought sweets but nothing savory. We ended up going to Hatch for lunch and came back to the office to eat the sweets. John baked a very rich Italian cream cake. He wasn't even there to enjoy it. "Office Christmas Party" was good. Marci said it was okay, but I thought it was good for what they were trying to do. It wasn't great. Some of the lines fell flat. We had nachos and beef jerky for dinner.

December 12, 2016

This one still makes me smile.

December 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, Chi Chinh!

December 6, 2016

We managed to sort out the boxes and bags of clothes. We now have plenty of big black garbage bags to put the leaves in. I need to rake those bad boys this weekend. Leaves are all over the place. I can't even walk from the garage to the side entrance without having to step through piles of leaves. This is why I hate trees. Yes, they provide shade but I rather the trees stay on the neighbor's property. We can take advantage of the shade at certain points of the day but not all day long. Plus the pecans continue to drop onto the ground. They even leave permanent marks on the cars. I've been parking my car in the garage. The stuff that was in the garage is now in the back storage work space. We still have plenty of room to store more stuff in that space. I wonder if the Pilot will make it through the garage. When spring time comes, the boys can play basketball on the driveway. We should really repave the driveway. I shouldn't be thinking about the exterior. The goal this week is to finish that hallway bathroom!

December 5, 2016

We are all moved in. Thank you to the Six Pack plus Carrie and Sharon for making it happen. It went very well considering the back talking early in the morning. Once Blain left and I calmed down, things went smoothly from there with the exception of Tess falling over onto a couch and another one falling on her lap and me falling on my ass right in front of the house. Yes, it was definitely karma working its magic. Mike, no we do not have a chimney. It is fake. I suspect the house had it at one point but they closed it up. The lighting in the living room is back to normal after a short fire that broke up. Speaking of which, we need to get a fire extinguisher and a fire alarm. Charli and Kaci came by to have a look. Tess worked on the coffee shop table. I think I will end up working at the dining table as opposed to the office at the back of the house. It will be more of a play room for the boys. Yes, still no nieces!

December 1, 2016

It's officially December again! Don gave us tickets to the Thunder game last night. We took our roomies with us. It was a very good game...right down to the last couple of minutes. Tess, I'll keep the sass to a minimum this weekend as we embark on the next chapter of our lives. I can't take half a day on Friday after all. I have a 3PM call that cannot be rescheduled. Pagosa Springs sounds very tempting and a 10.5 hour drive is not so bad. However, it still is a long drive and we have a lot to do in the coming weeks. I just balanced the budget and there is no money left for other improvements to the home. We would have to take on credit, which I do not want to do at all. Everything has been on a cash basis which has been really nice.