February 27, 2009

Does anyone know how to put a youtube clip on repeat? I hate having to go back and click the play button over and over again. Any help is greatly appreciated. Addison may go under the knife. A visit to an ENT would confirm whether he needs to remove his tonsil...ouch! He does not allow people to sit in his living room while eating food. They must all sit "over there" at the breakfast table. He likes anything with talking cars. Lashes has a surprise for everyone this weekend. Hold onto your bedazzled ornaments! Thao, it was fun eating at that place again. To think of it, I have not been back since you took me there for my birthday. Susie oi, we are ready for your return to the Big Apple. It will be a long month for me. I know what them girls...I know what them girls...I know what them girls...People say Jindal did not do so well with the Republican rebuttal. He spoke to us like a parent talks to his kid. I sneeze way too many times. It's all the dust in and around my basement desk. Karen, thank you for blessing me from across the hall. We will do our lunch with the other two one day. I guarantee it! I missed out on Lost. I don't know when I can cram in one hour to catch up. Why Debbie Gibson again? We get up every morning as if an atomic bomb is headed our way. We don't allow enough time to chill before getting up. Sleeping late will do that to you. I agree with Robert wholeheartedly! I am not a Nazi...just speaking the truth! One more day and we have the pleasure of experiencing March. Please provide your comments and questions on my wall. Thank you and have a blessed (bleh-sid) day!

February 26, 2009

I am giving up cupcakes for Lent. This means I am to stay clear of cupcakes from now until April 12th. I will be at SSS popping cupcakes in my mouth when the Lord rises from the dead. The landlord will decrease our rent by $100 for the first year. It's not a bad deal. They are already offering to freeze our current rate for the next two years. Joseph, thank you again for calling the landlord. We have a couple more weeks to decide what to do. The brokerage firm at 150 Mott St has expanded to include friendships. I dreamed that the twins hovered around me in their onesies with their big brown eyes and dark black hair. It was weird seeing the two of them because they look exactly alike. I could not tell them apart. According to their mom, they weigh 4 lbs 3 oz and 4 lbs 2 oz respectively. Obama appoints the former governor of Washington to fill the Secretary of Commerce seat. He spoke to Congress with two Democrats sitting behind him. Hillary showed up with a hot pink jacket. I am ready for her to run in 2016. By that time, Palin will be well groomed to run against Hillary. Jindal provided the opposition speech to the president's address. He has no business running for the big job in 2012. Chang is giving up fried food and patron. Paul is giving up red bull and vodka.

February 25, 2009

I can't believe I sat through 4 hours all the way to midnight. I think one of the singers spat on my face. My favorite had to be the classic Brady Bunch variety show clip. Some guy described the clip to us as if it was his pride and joy. We all laughed while he talked about it. We didn't know he had the clip handy. He showed the clip and used his laser beam to point out what was discussed. Sorry, it doesn't take a lot for me to laugh. I like the new menupages.com format. It divides the different neighborhoods with distinct boundaries. Alexis, I am Jai Ho too! Emily, how was your presentation in Chicago? Please don't make me insert KIDDING behind every statement. The "kidding" is implied! I took a very short break from the 9AM emails because I was too busy standing in front of a copier with uncomfortable shoes. Please do not penalize me for fulfilling my work obligations. Sorry, we still don't have an intern. Ngoc, you are no longer excused to hibernate. I am not a social ADD! Keep the name calling to yourself. I have a few names of my own I'd like to swing by you...how do you like them apples? Okay...so should I insert KIDDING again? I'm afraid she might censor me like she does on her wall. Good luck with the trip to DC. Knock them dead! Anh Linh and Paul are on the same wavelength and they don't even know each other. I am off to Connecticut this weekend for some homemade Mexican food. I went back and forth with the cashier at Kmart over $2. The item rang up as a pack of 3, but she only allowed me 2. I told her the system clearly states 3 items. She told me the guys told her it should be 2. I asked where are the guys and what the heck do they do? She said they work in the stocking room and that's the description they gave her. I then told her that she would believe "the guys" over the store's system? At that point, she walked away and spoke to the manager. The manager came by and agreed with me. Happy Ash Wednesday!

February 24, 2009

I don't know where my day goes. I start the day with my morning commute and next thing you know...it's time to go home. I thought I would stay in for the night, but was invited by Ngoc at the last minute. I will be her +1 at a benefit concert. The conversation started with hip hop dance classes and ended with lollipops and pacifiers. Lost in translation is definitely an understatement. Hoa and I talked about something but had very different agendas. We stopped each other before going further. Those lucky folks in New Orleans have the day off to celebrate Mardi Gras. We will have our own celebration with homemade king cake, mardi gras beads, games, and Louisiana gumbo. Chi Kim will not play any games to win beads. Instead, she will acquire beads through the more traditional way...much like how they do it on Bourbon Street. Get your cameras ready! I wish I had given my laptop to Addison instead of my dad. I bet the internet radio killed the laptop. It never died on me until my dad got his hands on it. God darnit! ...mother of God, Jesus Christ! Happy Mardi Gras!

February 23, 2009

What can I say? It was another uninterrupted weekend. I hate coming back to the office on Mondays. You work yearning for another 3-day weekend. We saved $2 at the local wine shop. I picked up macaroons from Payard on Lexington Avenue. It was Slumdog Millionaire's night. The movie was good, but not great. I don't know why people are goo goo gaa gaa-ing over the movie. Cassandra cooked yummy French food. The double date happened again. This time, it took place in the LES. Rafael hosted his red carpet event. The paparazzi left before we showed up. Paul, got any cash on you? hahahaaa. Next time, no more cheap vodka! More to come later. I'm too tired to write. Good night all! Where do I begin? I stalked the baker at SSS as she frosted the cupcakes and double layer cakes. I wanted a piece of the pistachio bunt cake, but I felt guilty eating the whole piece by myself. I did not want to walk around the LES because I forgot to wear my long johns. Kate Winslet finally wins her first Oscar. Speaking of Ms Winslet, Henry wished her luck last Monday as she checked out her groceries with her two kids. He congratulated her on winning the Golden Globe and wished her good luck with the Oscars. She graciously thanked him and ran over one of her kids with the shopping cart. The kid wanted to cry, but he was okay. KNT, thank you again for your call about my contact lens. I little push and shove helped. We got lost in Brooklyn, or was it Queens? The little blue dot helped us get back on track. I gave Joseph the wrong weather forecast. I managed not to stuff my face with a breakfast sandwich unlike someone who shall remain nameless. Next time, no more big ass burrito before dinner!

February 22, 2009

No, I don't need a mouse pad. I need new batteries for the low performing mouse. Kathy Griffin rocked the house at the WaMu Theater...for now until they change the theater's name to Chase, JP Morgan Chase, or BofA Theater. We spoke Vietnamese at the Apple Bar, ate burgers and fries at Stand, and returned to the Apple Bar for karaoke. I sang my usual Kelly Clarkson and Third Eye Blind. Caroline, I hope we didn't embarrass your friends. Shifu would have proud of my rendition of Rihanna. We shared a cab with Trung and threw the fare in his face. I watched the first Underworld. The crosstown bus took us to a closed train station. We walked a few avenues over to the red line instead. We rushed to Room Service for a quick bite to eat before heading up to Penn Station. After the show, we hung out in the East Village. It was a true date. No one else tagged along. The ride home took only 10 minutes because the mean cab driver zipped through traffic with ease. I can't get my left contact lens out of my eye. I have tried everything.

February 21, 2009

Oh what a day! I got yelled at for not proofreading correctly. I wanted to stay in for lunch because the weather was freakishly cold. The wind would not let up. We walked all the way to Saigon Grill. Did anyone notice that SG decreased their prices? I was tempted to stop by the Halloween costume store to pick up goodies for Mardi Gras. I will wait until Sunday with everyone else. KNT and I ate Popeye's chicken and biscuits. We ended the finger lickin with fresh cantaloupe. It's not cantaloop, it's cantaLOPE! It's nice eating something refreshing after something that will clog your arteries for years. I dozed off on the couch and woke up just in time to see the big fight between the two surgeons. Come home already! Sheesh!

February 20, 2009

Deal with it in person! It's the best form of communication. If it's something else, I would suggest e-mailing. For example, I prefer sending real postcards and greeting cards via snail mail. You can't replace them with e-cards. Electronic cards appear less intimate and personal. Fine, it's Michael now instead of Mike. I skim through long passages when they take too much time to read. I think people skim through this website as well. I am more lost than ever, yet we continue to come back for more thinking we will be provided with answers. Freckles, Hurley, and Jack made it back on the island. What about everyone else on the plane? The whole show reminds me of a modern version of The Twilight Zone. MIA will perform on a bed at the Oscars. President Obama signs a bill to help folks experiencing foreclosed homes. Call your local cable company and request lower monthly rates. Thanks to Tammy, I called Time Warner and asked that they lower my bill or I will go with another carrier at a cheaper rate. The representative happily fulfilled my request by cutting my monthly bill from $44.95 to $29.95 for the next 12 months. Not a bad deal, eh? It's a savings of $180 per year. Lashes, try not to fall. Christiano needs you to keep him steady on the slopes. Joel, I have one word for you..."scandalous!" Thao Nguyen will perform at the Bowery Ballroom in May. Speaking of Thao, we will have a bake-off at some point where I will learn pastry making. I will teach her how to bake chocolate chip cookies. Breanne, I'll send you a postcard. I like Akon's "Beautiful". I hate playing phone tag! I scheduled my "last supper" with KNT to be held in April. That reminds me. I need to start using the electronic calendar instead of my dry-erase calendar hanging on the side of my desk.

February 19, 2009

I was at my dentist office for almost three hours. The guy made me wait for 30 minutes before calling me to the back. He then took four impressions of the same area and a fifth one for the upper teeth. I was so ready to jump at him and strangle his neck. I thought the appointment would last for about an hour, but I did not leave until 5:45PM. I wasted all afternoon sitting in the darn dentist chair. I am to return in a month to get the permanent crown. I will be chewing on my left side in the mean time. My meeting at 10AM went well...better than I expected. A few more people will be coming to this Friday's happy hour. Jacq's love affair is on and off again. I can't keep up any more. Her given name should be Kerry. Paul and the family drove to Vermont to ski. He is to grow his hair long to look like Kevin Jonas. Just remember to keep your skin fair and to squint when smiling. A red carpet affair awaits me on Sunday night in Astoria. An early dinner will take place in the LES prior to the red carpet event. Who is Mable again? We finished watching "Tropic Thunder". I returned the DVD to the video store downstairs, but they were closed. Oddly enough, the store was shut down completely with no notice on the front door. Maybe the one employee did not show up for work. Chang, you finally forwarded your mail to another address. I received the USPS notice. It's about time. You should forward it back home to Marrero as your permanent address. Your school address is your temporary school address. The permanent one will always be King Henry Court. Eddie wants to get a cellphone for Addison so they can start texting one another. My sarcasm can be viewed as condescending. Please slap me silly if I sound condescending, comprendez? Em oi!

February 18, 2009

I attended a comedy show not too long ago. The guy talked about how people have blogs about themselves. These bloggers go into detail about their exciting lives such as going to Mervyn's, picking up groceries at the local market, and watching a random movie. I laughed at myself because I am guilty as charged. Do people really care about my daily entries? Probably not, but hopefully they will come in handy years from now if I decide to continue. It's like a time capsule. "Wow, did I really do that? ...or "I can't believe I said that!" Emily brought up a good point. Am i really sure I am getting appropriate backup? What happens if the server dies or the webhost goes out of business? Will I lose what I wrote up until the crash? Well, I am confident the webhost has some sort of contingency plan. I bet the fine print does not guarantee full backup support in cases of a computer meltdown. It's good to be sitting again. Karen, sorry I couldn't stay with you until the very end. We do not have interns. It's a very small department. We do everything ourselves. When Megan was here, we got away with a few things. By the way, how is Amelia? I'll remember to visit Karen on my way to Philadelphia next time. Addison, hold your horses and stop forcing grandma to take you to school early. Your classes can wait. Are you ready for your little brothers? I received my federal tax refund. The refund paid for my new crown and phone. I thought it would cover my trip to Anguilla later this summer, but I guess not. Lashes, do you like the game plan for this weekend? I don't want to hear any objections. I'm kidding. Jacq, I sent you that bear. I love claiming anonymous deliveries as my own. Does "lights out at 10:23PM" feel good or what?

February 17, 2009

I thought I could whine down after a long weekend, but blossomed into a social butterfly instead. I met KNT and her friend Stuart at Max Brenner for lunch. Her high strung friend showed up late. I haven't met someone like her in a very long time. We took the green line down to Bowling Green. We walked along Battery Park towards the ferry terminal. We took the free ferry to Staten Island. We said hello to Lady Liberty. We rushed onto the returning ferry and made it back to Manhattan for bubble tea, banh mi, dumplings, cupcake, and candy. Yes, it was a tasting tour of the lower east side. We bumped into Minh at Paris Bakery. Jacq joined us as well. We walked over to SSS where Ngoc met us for a quick second. I picked up my medicine at Duane Reade and dry cleaning at the local cleaners. A different guy rang up my order and a different man worked the sewing machine. It was very odd to see people other than the ones who have been tending to my dry cleaning for the past two years. Perhaps they went on vacation or did the new owners buy out the other guys? I'll give it a couple more weeks. I am supposed to watch the first and second "Underworld" in preparation for the latest one that's currently released in theaters. What is the movie about again? Michael Phelps will not be prosecuted for his marijuana fiasco. A Jewish tennis player with an Israeli passport was denied to enter the UAE for a tennis tournament. Megan, yes, the jacked up bell in the middle of town is the Liberty Bell. The line to enter Independence Hall wrapped around the building. Plus, the security checkpoint reminded me of auditioning for "American Idol". Lashes, you have a bag of goodies waiting for you. Sorry, you cannot leave empty handed.

February 16, 2009

Ba Xa Oi! It was good to meet your Vic. Remember to always exit on the curbside even if it's a private car. Who knows what will come up along the traffic side. Jacq showed up late causing me to be irritated. The girl lives the closest out of everyone, yet continues to be late. I totally agree that you should lay off of alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food. I'll remember to get Zantac 150. We saw He's Not That Into You. I used my last movie vouchers. A price of a movie ticket now costs $12.50. I started to watch the French movie, but fel asleep. Here I am typing away while laying in bed. It's good to have the day off to observe President's Day. Chris Brown apologizes publicly. Secretary of State Clinton travels to China, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. Everyone went out to see Friday the 13th. Ngoc moved from the UWS to LES. Tammy moved from Hell's Kitchen to Sunnyside. Alex moved from Astoria to Sunnyside. Trung moved from Brooklyn to the UES. Who else moved over the weekend? Three excellent parking spots in a row is quite impressive!

February 15, 2009

We all met at the Starbucks on 78th and Lexington. Everyone showed up on time. Car service included roses for the ladies. We traveled uptown to Harlem to eat greasy food at Sylvia's. I ordered the local beer called Sugar Hill. We ate your typical dishes such as fried chicken, ribs, fried shrimp, mac and cheese, collard greens, candied yams, okra, and corn bread. We ate a huge slice of coconut cake for dessert. We ate at Vietnam Restaurant, visited the Liberty Bell, checked into a suite at a boutique hotel, ate at Morimoto, drank cafe sua da at Pho Cali, had a few soco and lime at a local bar, danced the night away, used Wendy's restroom right before they closed, ran home, sipped on champagne, and watched TV. We couldn't even finish the Mexican brunch. Word of caution...don't go crazy on chips and dip before you get your entrees. Thank you, Lashes! KNT was locked out of her apartment. Jacq received the most crushes. I can't put my phone down. A life changing event will happen next Fall.

February 14, 2009

A commuter Continental plane flying from Newark to Buffalo crashes just outside of Buffalo killing all 49 on board. One person in his home also died as the plane crashed into the single family home. Two family members living in that house escaped with minor injuries. Officials believe icing on the airplane's wings may have caused the fatal crash. Paul, keep up with the news because you never know how many more tornadoes will rip through Oklahoma. Kathy CB'ed me. I sent another package to Precious Nguyen. I am to receive one later in February. Mama Panda has too much sugar in her system. Eddie called me to see if I was okay. I have never flown to Buffalo and don't intend to any time soon. Megan, you are so wrong for inventing men's skinny jeans. The appointed Republican Secretary of Commerce steps down. He is the second person to step down after accepting the presidential appointment. The cabinet seat remains vacant. President Obama's relief package will not benefit me at all. I feel good after doing my laundry and cleaning the bathroom. My back is killing me. Standing up all day to make copies is taking a toll on my back. I need a massage. I expect everyone to be on time. I have not been using my laptop much. We stopped by Rafael's to watch American Idol. Paula Abdul helps me, especially in the morning.

February 13, 2009

I finished early this morning so I walked over to the shoe man to get my shoes shined. I played with the phone before heading to 838 Broadway. I sat in the back area eating orange and pop tarts. Karen and Debby showed up a few minutes later. I could hear them from the hallway. Sara showed us where to find the files. I went back up to the fifth floor to finish FY09. I didn't join them for lunch. I wanted to look for a couple things, but couldn't find them. I stopped by Wendy's for a juicy spicy chicken sandwich with cheese add ketchup. I haven't had one of these in a very long time. I picked up some macaroons next door before heading back to the office. Crumbs opened a new location off of Union Square. It was back to standing up all day long. Karen and I talked about our days in retail and how we were able to stand for many many hours. I went down to Soho and found what I wanted. I managed to get in there right before the store closed for inventory. The winds would not let up...talk about blowing all over the place! I finished eating Bush's chili and cereal. I baked french fries, but will save them for breakfast. I am to go run an errand with Lashes to Queens. Lashes wants tacos from those taco trucks in Queens. Let's just say I'd rather eat Wendy's in Manhattan than from a truck in Astoria. Sorry, just not my cup of tea. Precious, your other package came in today from California. Are you done now? Can I ship everything to Marrero and charge $50 for shipping and handling? Map likes to call his mom Panda because she has a big belly. This year's birthday theme will be Kung Fu Panda. They even invited Jack Black.

February 12, 2009

The tooth I chew on (according to someone, it's called a molar) cracked. Well, it's not really a tooth. It's a crown that was done a few years ago. The crown chipped away exposing the inside...not a pretty sight and very irritating. The dentist saw me and gave me a temporary crown. With insurance, I paid $550 to get a new crown. I hate having to pay so much even with dental insurance. Why have insurance when I end up paying beaucoup money out of pocket? Darnit, MetLife! The UESiders met at a Vietnamese place. Our next destination will be an early dinner at a $0.25 chicken wings place. I like maid service. Once you throw me a bone, I will keep coming back for more. Okay, I'm kidding. I always tell myself why I should never ask others for favors when I am capable of doing them myself. I hate surprises. I want to know what's happening and what to expect. Please don't let it be a weekend of The Soul of Shaolin Extravaganza! Karate is my best friend...NOT! The crazy receptionist at 838 continues to let everyone and their grandma into the building. Why does she even ask? I can wear a mask and carry a weapon, and she'll still allow me access to the building. It's very funny. You have to see it to believe it. Am I right, Karen? Rafael experienced it first hand. Too bad I traumatized him with the Paul Abdul deal. Cassandra, I am so proud of you. Complete one task and move onto the next. Don't overwhelm yourself! KNT, I am keeping all my limbs and eyes crossed for you. Em oi! Em yeu anh khong?

February 11, 2009

The headlines just keep coming and coming. Obama hosts his first press conference. Instead of taking questions from the press during the day like Bush did, he went all out and held his conference during prime time television. That's what I call good television. Speaking of which, I won't be able to catch any of the shows on Bravo. Time Warner Cable, you suck! Can everyone please stop talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna? Okay, they got into a fight and he needs to be punished for beating her up. His career will likely die while her's elevate even more. Fire ripped through a new hotel in China that has yet to open. China's state television apologizes for the disaster. They did not obtain a required permit to hold the fireworks show. The entire luxury hotel completely burned. Speaking of fires, a massive wildfire in Australia kills hundreds and leaves thousands homeless. I stood all day. I need to rest my feet. Welcome back Jacq and Lara! KNT, fight back with more ammunition. Paul, don't be so caddy next time. I'm still laughing about it. Thank you again for the plastic case and laundry service. Addison loves school. I may do a southern vacation later this summer. I shook hands with Mayor Bloomberg. This time, he said a few more words to me compared to last year's brief encounter. Yes, it's a very fast cocktail reception. I went crazy on the mini red cupcakes. Pheezy, keep them coming! I will compete with you and Chang on how many I get each month.

February 10, 2009

I stood all day. My back is killing me. I am getting old. I remembered what Daria said when she asked the doctor about her back pain. The doctor told her that it comes with getting older. I thought that was the funniest thing because we like to blame our aches and pains on the flu or something. I did not want to be stuck in an elevator. It was a very close call. Verizon wants me back...too late! Addison likes to go to school so much that he and his grandma showed up early and hung out in the hallway. He also placed a stuff animal in his dad's lunch box. He kissed Di Chang's hands before going to work. So it looks like you'll be going to Jackson, huh? It's a few hours drive from NOLA. How much should I pay for maid service? Yes, I am cool. I am technically advance like everyone else. Chris Brown smacked Rihanna and turned himself in. He posted bail and is due in court in March. They both canceled their performances at the Grammys.

February 9, 2009

I did not get a chance to do my laundry. Fortunately, I have a little helper to take it away for me. I need all the help I can get. I munched on sausage, cheese, crackers, fruits, and nuts throughout the day. $12 pho at Bar Bao turned me off. We decided on an Asian fusion place. I had a very good weekend. I like my uninterrupted weekends. Yes, sometimes I cheat by googling my crossword puzzle clues. Sandrine, thank you again for calling. I enjoyed our long talk. I will be here in April to receive you. Jacq, are you enjoying all that California sun? I can't wait to chow down on beef jerky from Wet-Min-Tah.

February 8, 2009

Where do I start? I am behind. Yes, I know it. When a cab driver is too lazy to switch lanes, he is not getting a big tip. Well, I ended up giving him a big tip because he rushed towards the end when I talked out loud about how we were late for our dinner reservation. He ruined the surprise at the very end. We waited for not even five minutes for our seats. The wine made us too tired to go out afterwards. Besides, it was about conserving energy for the following day and night. I went away to the Upper West Side for the weekend. The trophies scared me in the beginning, but I got used to them as the weekend went on. I passed by Citrus. Chang, remember that restaurant we all went out on the first night? The place where you spoke in Spanish to Alex and how you kept saying "I am fine!...I am fine!" in the cab, but you were not fine at all? Well, Citrus was literally across the street from where I stayed for the weekend. After Isabella's, we hung out at the apartment before heading downtown to Angel Share. Almost everyone showed up on time for dinner. We waited 45 minutes for our table. I like how they sing "Happy Birthday" in an Asian accent. Lashes didn't dance on the table as I had anticipated. We walked to the West Village and then up to Hell's Kitchen. I did not fulfill my obligation until the following morning.

February 7, 2009

I rushed home only to find out that I didn't have to rush home after all. Congratulations, Chi Mel! We knew you could do it after one try. You have nothing to worry about other than your delivery and finishing the final 6 credits. Chang, congrats to you too! You better stay in Baton Rouge! Cassandra, I gave you a list of homework assignments. Please complete everything before the weekend ends. I filed my federal and state taxes within 30 minutes. I'm getting a bigger refund this year. Ba Noi and I are playing phone tag. KNT, I will call you before I buy the movie tickets next week. I want to be sure I buy the ones you want. Mike, I'm glad you finally received my package. I checked out your blog. It's so cool to see everything arrive in good order. By the way, the second bag on the right was upside down. Have fun playing with the voodoo doll! Mr. Bullard got an early start on his birthday extravaganza. Sorry no one came to your rescue. Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!

February 6, 2009

Houston, we have a problem! I sat on that chair for a few minutes trying not to doze off. I knew something was up after five minutes. Don't worry! It's okay! Speaking of dozing off, I have been quite sleepy at these early morning classes. Also, on my ride home, I try not to fall asleep. The new "lights out" time will be 10PM. I will adhere to the new time. All you people out there, don't get in my way. Jacq left for the West Coast yet again. Someone is getting married out. I will try to hold the fort down while she's away. I finally get to eat KNT's lasagna. Someone became overly excited because of a special visitor. We'll see about that. Ngoc will escort a celebrity at a local event. I envy her social life. I have none. The uptown 6 train does not open into a building. Don't lie to me. Who wants to polish my nappy shoes? Jin is alive! Get ready for some more Korean mumbo jumbo. I knew Ben was behind Kate's paranoia. Sun wants to kill Ben because Jin supposedly died. He didn't. He met that crazy French lady who lives in the trees. By the way, why was she pregnant? I thought Ben Linus was the kid's father. It's all too confusing. Sawyer almost cried after seeing Kate help Clara give birth to Aaron. Harvey can't get enough of Paul. I hate spam mail, slow walkers, latecomers, messy eaters, dirty shoes, acne, hair that smells like food, clothes that smell like food, anything other than food that smells like food, overpriced entrees, and lazy people.

February 5, 2009

The snow stopped just in time before we stepped onto the rink. I surprised myself. In the past, I wore loose skates. My ankles would hurt after 5 minutes of trying. I wore a size smaller to have full control of my feet. We started slowly and increased in speed as we progressed throughout the night. KNT, had quite a bit of trouble at first. I almost lost hope for the Canadian. The Cajun Asians pranced around as if we have been skating all our lives. Sorry, Ngoc fell on her face at one point. I felt bad for taking a snapshot before going to her rescue. She suffered a torn fingernail. We left when the place became more crowded. I will definitely do it again next year if it's available to me. Mr. Infante misplaced his ticket or was he hibernating to stay clear of the snow? Mr. Bullard forgot about a prior commitment. I am upset with myself for wearing my new shoes. The mixture of slush and salt definitely damaged my shoes. So this is it huh? No more turning back? It will never go away...ever? I concur. I received too many complaints so I changed it. I am hungry. My desk drawer is empty. Resiliency is the word of the day!

February 4, 2009

I enjoyed my 1-hour nap in the early evening. My cellphone woke me up and I was more confused. Let's put a post-it note on your forehead and hang a mirror on top of that head. The post-it note should read, "Don't forget keys to the apartment!". The postcard made it to New York all the way from Antarctica. My neighbor at 5E was kind enough to direct the card to its intended recipient. That would be me. Welcome back, Ba Xa! Good luck telling your mean boss later this week. KNT, I know you have other plans up your sleeve. You think you don't have them, but they're already there. Mel, you have two more months of the boys kicking and shoving each other around. Can you imagine how they will be later this year at Christmas? Yes, I will treat all three equally. I will call them the holy trinity! Agnes sent me on an errand that took me way across campus. I walked through windy snow flurries pelting against my face. Wind and snow would not let up at all. My gray coat turned into white and my new shoes drained with cold water. I wore flip flops the rest of the afternoon. Ann Marie has not returned from her long vacation. Her package remains on the floor right in front of her door. I hope she's okay. If the package does not move by the end of this week, I will call management to check up on her. Binh Nguyen distinguished himself from the other Binh Nguyens by adding a V as his middle initial. My cellphone is now in sync with the computer clock. Daschle removes himself from becoming a cabinet member. The person appointed to be the second in charge at the Office of Management and Budget also removed herself. Both had issues with paying taxes to Uncle Sam. The third guy, who did not pay taxes to Uncle Sam, was confirmed as the Secretary of Treasury. The IRS is managed under the Secretary of Treasury. I find it quite odd to confirm a guy for the Uncle Sam job when he couldn't even comply on his own. Let's get it right, people! I never saw the peeler guy. Sorry!

February 3, 2009

The dealer always wins Bau Cua. I was up like $10 but stepped away from the game after I got down to $5. Chi Dao, thank you again for hosting. I'm very happy my jello came out perfect. I promise to be more patient and wait for the water to boil. Yes, I like free things. Don't we all? Leave Jessica Simpson alone. The Steelers wins another Super Bowl. It was boring at first but became exciting towards the end. Kyle and I reminisced over music from the last decade. Someone was still in diapers to remember most of the songs. Ngoc will be moving down to the LES. Talk about an extreme move from one corner to the other. I will follow Jacq's lead in settling the bill. I met a Native American. His skin is red as a strawberry. He made delicious guacamole from scratch. When you think you experienced the best, a curve ball comes your way and makes you think twice. It just gets better. Copping out is defined as selling out on your friends to take care of your Saturday daytime errands done on the Lord's Day. Doritos topped this year. Sorry, I'm not a Heroes fan. I like to get lost. Mel, don't listen to all that smack. Just stay calm and remove yourself from all that drama. You don't need it in your life right now. How's the new ride? I'm very jealous. Macy's will cut 7,000 jobs. Kentucky still has no power. Obama is first sitting president to use e-mail.

February 2, 2009

After stopping by the gym, I took the M103 down to Chinatown for the festivities. I picked up some yuenan bao from this place on Mott. According to Jacq, they are the only ones who sell authentic yuenan bao. I picked up a few and ate one in front of Jacq's porch. I shimmied my way through the crowds. It was insane trying to get from point A to point B. Jacq showed up on Bowery. Oh, have you heard? Bowery and Grand is the new Little Saigon. We ate at Thai Son because Trung worked there. We did not want to share a table so we waited for our own. Trung showed us pictures from his Tet celebration on Roosevelt Island. Sorry, it's not as fancy as the other ones. I sat in mass. I ventured downstairs for the show. I went back uptown to meet up with Paul and the rest for the big game. We were in a 3 car accident while cabbing back home. Two cabs slammed into our cab. No one was hurt, but the two cabs behind us experienced serious damage. We paid the driver and found another cab. I was too exhausted to do the staircase chase. It was a very good day nonetheless. Too bad we all work today!

February 1, 2009

Is it finally Sunday? I made it this far. Go me! Last month came and left without a hiccup. I like the first of each month. It's when I pay all my bills for the month and find that i have no money left to spend. Paying your bills is like cleaning the restroom. You feel like you accomplished something and feel refreshed. I know it's weird. I intended on staying in but Ba Noi dragged me to Nam Son. We gave into the prix fixe menu. I secured 4 tickets to the flurry event on Tuesday. Let's hope it doesn't rain. The twins are at 2.5 and 3lbs. They may come out as 6lb babies. I tried getting a confirmed date on when the baptism will take place. Melanie could not give me a definite answer because she cannot control mother nature. They come out whenever they feel like it. Speaking of babies, the single mother in California with 8 newborns has 4 more waiting for her at home. Jon & Kate have some serious competition. Joel, I'm too lazy to do my list of 25 random things on Facebook. I will do my list here just for you. My iPod playlists include Bollywood, Mandarin Language, Pop, Dancing Drama, and Vietnamese. I have a huge collection of Pokemon figurines. I hate bean sprouts. I always bite my nails. I pluck my toe nails with my own fingers. I like order and rules. I hate waiting around with nothing to do. I shake at least one leg when sitting down. I use my left hand to swipe the Metro card, which is always on the right side. I use my left hand to do almost everything except for writing. I miss driving around Dallas and make people listen to my strange collection of music. I hate to cook, but love to eat. I bake because of the exact measurements and precise cooking instructions. People who don't pick up their dog's pooh should be shot and killed. I am happy Hillary made it into the Executive Branch. I can live off of banh mi. I send postcards when I'm away or if I'm bored. I collect magnets. I like free things. I like to drink cold water at the restaurant, but room temperature bottle water when at home or at the office. I dry clean my shirts after wearing them once. I iron my pants at least 3 times before getting them dry cleaned. If I had a kid, he would look like Addison. I am a Dep hair products representative for my mom. I spend way too much money at post office. I hate hot weather destinations. I am still lost with Lost. I switched to a Mac last year, yet I don't use 80% of the stuff it has to offer. I can go on and on, but I have a feeling this is getting way too boring. Have a blessed day! Happy Birthday Anh Hoang!