February 29, 2012

Leap day...somehow this day shouldn't really exist. It's one extra day of work and no play. I suggest all governments enact a leap day as automatic holiday for all. It only happens once every four years.

February 28, 2012

I am enjoying my coconut water and Starburst candy. This year, we get an extra day for the month of February. It would suck to have your birthday on Feb. 29th because the 29th day of February comes around every 4 years. You don't exist for three years and you reappear again on the 4th.

February 27, 2012

Hi, my name is "twan winn". I am here for my 11:45 appointment with Dr. XYZ. Oh, let me check....hmm, what time is your appointment? What's your name again? Hmm, are you sure you scheduled an appointment. Yes, I did. You guys even called me a couple days ago to remind me to show up or I'll be charged a cancellation fee. Hmm, are you Tone and is this your demographic information? Yes, it's me. That would be me! Next time, I'll be sure to spell out my full name because it's phonetically effed up. Oh, ok.

February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chi Mai! I got you on full blast, Strahan. Get with the program. You should be able to pick up pop references just like that...unless you've been hiding in a Bien Hoa cave for the past three years. I was interrupted in the middle of the night last night. I couldn't go back to sleep until hours later. I called 311 to file a noise complaint. The workers stopped within 10 minutes because they finished their job. I don't think the city noise control people came out to investigate that fast. The Knicks loses another game. I feel like they play every two days or so. Am I the only one thinking this? I feel like I'm using Twitter as instant messaging. It's sort of rude because it's public texting. Your business is out in the open for all to see. I am ready to get it on.

February 23, 2012

I recovered after a day of resting from the food poisoning. Next time, take Imodium AD immediately and drink Gatorade, ginger ale, or coconut water. I went downstairs to get Gatorade and the clerk told me to get ginger ale. She says ginger helps with stomach problems. It sucks taking a sick day right after a 3-day weekend. I came back to the office with, "oh, so did you party too hard over the long weekend?"...hilarious. I've scheduled my vacation time through September 2012. I am all set to go, including the day after Madonna's concert at Yankee Stadium. For all you T&C folks who made it out there today, have a great time in the sun. I AM hatin a bit. I ain't gonna lie. Chang, stop sweating Lin. He is great, but stop stalking him. KNT and Nick cooked up a yummy pasta and salad meal. I like how we are on the same wavelength when it comes to timing. Food was on the table within 15 minutes unlike a couple other folks I know. I think this is pasta week because Sandrine and I will do Little Italy on Saturday and Chi Mai is cooking up some fresh pasta on Sunday. I have a week to finish the contents of my snack drawer. This includes food in the fridge at the office. I have way too much coconut water and cheese sticks. Why did I even hoard all that stuff? Weekend trips for the next month are all booked. When Debby arrives in April, we will book the Dubai outing. All other weekends will likely be local. I caught the back end of the movie, 2012, last night. End of the world movies are the best.

February 22, 2012

I'm over it.

February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras! So I took the day off today because of food poisoning. It was definitely the com tom ram from Xe Lua. I will get something else the next time I'm there. My three day weekend is now a 4-day weekend. Yesterday and today don't really count because I am sick.

February 15, 2012

Viet decided not to celebrate Vday, but he asked Tara to join us for drinks at my place. They were supposed to go off and do their own thing for dinner, but they ended crashing my date with Chi Mai. I didn't mind though. I think we finished three bottles. A little birdie told me that everyone went home to their respective apartments. See what happens when you don't get a lady flowers and dinner on Vday? You go home empty handed. It's Linsanity!

February 14, 2012

"Just another Tuesday" is what I heard this morning. One of the girls was wishing another girl Happy Vday and the response was, "It's just another Tuesday!" I guess one of the girls is not in love or hates the thought of lovers day. Whoever invented this holiday was pretty smart. Hallmark, Godiva, restaurants, and flower shops need to thank this person. It's a bit idiotic, but it's another consumer-driven holiday that is becoming more and more popular around the world. I like how we Americans export anything and everything about our pop culture. If we are not creating more patents, we can at least admit to influencing the world with any reason to celebrate. Last night's pre-Vday dinner with Vu-Vu and the girls was interesting. Instead of a foursome, Jennifer brought three more girls. It ended up being a rose ceremony. I think we know who is coming home with a rose. At this time, no texting has been exchanged. Let's let it rest for a couple days before the men can step up to the plate. Yes, I got Madonna tickets. I can easily sell them for a huge profit or sell the two extra tickets at face value to friends. Sandrine called me up last night with, "Hello my best friend!!" It was hilarious. It's bun cha gio time this weekend. My place will be smelling like food for a couple days.

February 12, 2012

I spent way too much on subway rides this weekend. Luckily, all trains pretty much showed up when I arrive...even the connections. Derek and I made it out to Brooklyn for an early brunch. I allowed myself some extra time and showed up 30 minutes before the meeting time. When he arrived, I already finished my cocktail. I am a wannabe commie. I found out about Whitney's death when I was at Sandrine's. One of the guests showed up and announced to the group that Whitney died. I checked my phone and saw a few texts from folks informing me the same thing. We changed the playlist to strictly Whitney Houston. I ended the night early in anticipation of the long ride downtown. It was good seeing Tara again. I couldn't keep up with all the french people. I met a fellow Viet who also works for NYU. Yes, it is a small world. KNT, I walked it like I owned it. I was laughing to myself as I was tweeting it. KNT would be proud of me. Precious, stop stalking that ABC basketball player. I can always reach out to his brother at the dental school. How you like that? Chi Chinh, good job on updating your school's website. You look good. It's about time you guys updated your website. One thing I hate is an outdated website. Why have one when you don't even update it? Your audience will not return.

February 11, 2012

So much for crashing Caroline's birthday party. We all ended the night before 10PM. Grimaldi did not have a long line. The new location is much bigger with three floors. We were seated immediately. Chi Mai flirted with the host. Just as we all sat down, Viet went cray cray on Jacq. It was hilarious. His examples did not make sense. He is a bit weird with his train of thought. After three pizzas and a bottle of white wine, Dat took us back to Billy's Bakery for dessert. I had to use my Yelp coupon before it expires in a month. I picked up a big piece of red velvet cake. I felt disgusted after eating 4 slices and dessert. Abu Dhabi may be pushed back because of Singapore. Working from home on my couch is not so bad. Sandrine wants me to go uptown tonight. Should be a nice commute up north. I showed up at the laundromat, but it was closed. The Adele concert on PBS reminds me of the real concert in Boston. I waited outside of the laundromat and almost gave up on them. The attendant showed up just in time. I like how Chinese people just automatically speaks to me in Chinese. I don't even acknowledge that they are talking to me. Is that rude? I napped at 10AM and woke up a couple hours later. Raymond needs to clip my nails. Clive won't let up. LOL

February 10, 2012

I got some serious and much needed sleep last night. I did not receive any crazy text messages in the middle of the night. I may change my mobile number. The only thing is...I hear they are no longer giving out 917 area codes because they are all used up. Who really wants those outer borough area codes any way? Tit is an actual word. Is Tet in reference to the Tet Offensive? I don't know how Tet made it onto WWF as a legitimate word. Oh, em is a valid word too. Are the Americans borrowing from the Vietnamese dictionary? I figured it was the other way around. I have been using Joseph's timer to keep track of my baking. It's super convenient. You turn the knob to get to the desired time. The timer stays on your fridge the entire time. I think I should stop eating Starburst. Linh told me I can only eat one a day. It comes in handy in the afternoon when all I want to do is nap. I will be in Brooklyn twice this weekend. Can you believe that? Twice in one weekend...God must love me. Sandrine is hosting a French dinner. To do a bon voyage or not? Happy Birthday, Dat! Speaking of birthdays, I will miss James's birthday. He is turning 22...good lord! Clive won't let up. I am throwing some ammunition back in his face and he's freaking out. Stop reading between the lines, KNT. Just read as is.

February 9, 2012

Interesting night I must say. It ain't the last time for sure. I've decided not to sublet my apartment. I don't really need the money. It would have been nice to have the extra cash, but I'll probably spend it on stupid stuff anyway. Thank you again to KNT and Precious for talking me through it. My sanity is more important than a few bucks. I have to let the applicants know of my decision. In the mean time, who wants to be my estate manager while I am away? I don't know how Henry was able to recommend Roger to Derek. Mike, we'll see you in June. Please learn the routine before you arrive. Don't disappoint Robyn. Feel better, Joel! I need those smart ass remarks coming back to me instead of cricket noises. Jacq and I have a scheduled date on Feb. 25th. Let's see if we will stick to it.

February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, tranny...like you said, your gift will be to consume beaucoup calories or to burn a lot.

February 5, 2012

Agnes and Debby made it back to New Jersey okay. It sucks I didn't get to go because I can't speak Spanish. That's language discrimination! Chi Mai and I ate dinner at Xe Lua. We told Mario aka Hung that they make the best shrimp in town. I never go to Pho Bang unless I want pho, which is not that often. Henry and I caught up over sangrias and spiked cocoa at Oro. I don't think the bartender charged us for the carrot cake. Ross and I had way too many snacks after that. Car service never came by. It was hilarious how the dispatcher lied to me. I called back to cancel and she said, "okay, bye!" After brunch with KNT and Ca$$money, I went uptown to the same fabric store that I got into an argument with last time. I told the owner I will never return to his store. There I was again...buying over $200 worth of fabric for my mom. I shipped the fabric off to King Henry Court immediately at the main post office in Manhattan. It is open 7 days a week with extended hours. I had no idea. They have an endless supply of packaging materials and a handful of self service kiosks. I also picked up the lunar near year stamps for this year. I was back in my hood in the late afternoon and stayed in. I received some crazy texts in the middle of the night plus a phone call. I want to dance like Robyn.

February 1, 2012

It's already February!