February 25, 2013

I can never stay up for the entire show. I tried very hard to stay up until the very end. Apparently, there were no big surprises. Seth's jokes were a bit dated and I don't know why he was selected to host. He only made one movie and it wasn't even something serious. The girl from twilight was limping, looked as if she was high, and kept shaking her one leg when standing. I wonder if she was on painkillers for a leg injury. There was also a bruise on her left arm. Her boyfriend did not attend with her. She did not seem happy. What was slutty Brandy doing providing pre-red carpet commentary on ABC? Kristin was a natural. Kelly was not so natural. Jennifer Hudson arrived with Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The bathroom on the third floor is locked. It has been locked all morning. We all have to walk down to the other end of the building instead. David, you really want to be surrounded by Asian girls? I thank Chi Mai for making me get up from my Sunday nap for mass. She showed up late, but it was motivation enough. So the Vatican is in the middle of some gay scandal. I am not surprised at all. You get a bunch of unmarried men together and expect them to stay celibate? The next pope needs to do something drastic because the church is heading downhill. Mrs. Kowal and I had a heart to heart this morning. We learned to put NJ people into the subway station as opposed to just pointing them in the right direction. I found them a cab instead. I am going to lay off of the Polish vodka for a while. Instead of getting one cake, Chi Mai got five. I couldn't bare to get anymore after a big meal. The standard has been set...from now on, only sit down dinners. If your table can accommodate 4 people, only 4 are to eat that night. Everyone else can come another time.

February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Chi Mai!

February 22, 2013

February 20, 2013

Next time, no more weekend trips north of New York during the winter. The first night was fine, but the snowy weather caught up with us on the back end of the trip. Luckily, Ben Sherman had a bunch of winter coats on sale. They even had my size, which is nonexistent in the New York store. Plus, Boston does not assess a sales tax on items up to $150. It was a pleasant surprise to end the weekend. I now know how to close the doors on an Amtrak car. Who needs the lazy conductors when you can do it yourself. The whole flowers fiasco is behind me now. I am happy to know that the guy who effed up won't be here long. The outsourced vendor is here for another week...I think. My briefcase collection is now complete thanks to Hayden. Tickets to LA for my parents are booked. They were surprised to hear that $30 a day for car rental is a good deal. I asked my dad when he last rented a car in LA. He said it was years ago. Well, years ago, the oil was a lot cheaper and people's salaries were lower. Times have changed. Carter has been out of the hospital after a two day stay. Poor guy was not allowed to get out of bed. I bet if it was Carson in the hospital, he would have enjoyed staying in bed all day. Anh Boy has fulfilled his obligation as agreed upon.

February 8, 2013

This crazy blizzard is upon us yet the show must go on. Dinner reservation at 7PM for some fancy Filipino food followed by Passion Pit at MSG. The show will not cancel. MSG says they rarely cancel due to inclement weather. If they do cancel, it is likely due to the performer not feeling well. Gene wanted to order in pizza today and to clean out the fridge. I said no because not having a fridge for two days would create hardship. We can leave the milk in the fridge, but no cheese and apples? The copier situation continues to brew and brew. I think at the end, we will agree to disagree. Apparently, I am better looking than Eddie according to Vietnamese people. However, it's not the case here in America. Addison was yelling out for Ba Ngoai's attention when I was on the phone with her. Instead of shutting down midday, the University will close at 4PM to allow additional commuting time home. Everyone made it in today except for two people: 1 has been out sick and the other was too lazy to deal with driving to the train station. Yes, I said it. I am glad Hayden is on board. I may regret this evening if one of us gets injured due to flying debris. Oh Henry, is that you? I am thinking it is a text from Javier or Juan Carlos. I'll see it with my own eyes when you say you are moving close to me. You have been in that apartment since you got here with plenty of opportunities to set yourself free. I am glad you are finally manning up for once.

February 4, 2013

Power outage at the Superdome? Really? With all that sponsor money from Mercedes-Benz and you can't pull off an amazing show with no problems? If I was sitting in the Superdome, I would have freaked out. Beyonce's half time show probably used up all of the available power. Speaking of which, she was pretty good. It was definitely an entertaining show. The first half of the show included songs that most people do not know. Most of the folks who watched the game did not know the songs until the other two girls showed up. Michelle barely sang and danced. She looked quite fragile. Kelly was definitely on par with Beyonce. I liked how Beyonce kicked off the two girls at the beginning of "Single Ladies". According to Maia, we lose yet again. The jackpot is over $200 million now. Should we continue to push forward with our $2 tickets or give up? The group's consensus is to keep moving until someone wins. That someone will not be us. I told Agnes that we all die anyway and not to worry. According to H, the world will implode one day. We will not be around to see it, but that's just how the world works. The morale of the story is that it does not matter what you do in life. Just live it to the fullest and everything else will fall into place. I like how Dat brought his entourage to Anh Binh's place. It reminds me of a hip hop video. He walks in with his hot girlfriend followed by a burly guy who may be the bodyguard and a couple gays to top it off. Ngoc is a good kid. I learned a new word today. Apparently, tau is the subway or any other transport vehicle that is confined to a track or railroad.

February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anh Hoang! Good thing I called your wife last night. I think she almost forgot. I skipped yoga all this week. I scheduled two sessions for myself, but cancelled them at the last minute. I was not feeling it. I had no motivation to stretch my body. Frankly, those head stands and hand stands are crazy and out of my reach. I will stick to my morning routine for now. I am supposed to use up my subscription by the middle of March. As I am typing this, I have the heater on under my desk and dressed in four layers. The office was hot and steamy all last week and the beginning of this week. Some people complained to facilities and now the cool air is back on. I have been looking for gloves to wear while typing. One person recommended cyclist gloves since they are quite thin. I've seen gadgets that will warm your gloves through a USB connection. That's quite clever I might say. David, stop trolling around Coles. You are effed up in the head. My ortho shaved a part of my tooth to make way for the one next to it. I think the shaving should get it to 99.9%. I am a huge fan of Chase QuickPay and PayPal. We no longer need to send or receive checks through snail mail. Tell PayPal it is a gift and you won't have to pay any fees. Chase won't charge you any fees. Sunrise Mart on Broome St. is included on my weekly stops now. I should have stocked up on those strawberry Kit Kats. Feel better, Hayden! You are cooking for a big group tomorrow night. Your sous chef will jump in when needed, but I think you got it under control...let's hope.