February 23, 2017

The plumbing issue may have been resolved. The plumber came by to assess the situation. Apparently, the puddle of water sitting in the cellar is coming from a leak in the wall. The wall is where the house sewer line goes to the main sewer line. The opening to the sewer line shows dark water and a high water level. This implies that a stoppage in the pipe has caused water to slowly flow through to the main sewer line. The plumber inserted a coiled line through the pipe to clear up the stoppage. He wanted to go all the way to the main sewer line, but got up to where the backyard tree sits. When pulling out the coiled line, some debris came with it. There were a couple cloths that did not dissolve in the water. This can come from the prior owner who threw stuff into the toilet and flushed. Because of the stoppage, water was not flowing through causing water to seep through the pipes. So he cleared the stoppage but the coiled line could not go pass the tree. When he pulled out his line, the water level lowered and the water cleared up. I kept the water running in the bathtub and water continued to flow. This is a good sign in that the stoppage cleared. However, the tree situation will need to be addressed at a later time. On top of all this, the right garage door is completely broken. It was never in its best shape to begin with.

February 21, 2017

Julie and her kids finally made it to town. It was a good weekend. Her eggrolls were on point. I think they may be better than my mom's but I won't tell my mom that. The garlic really does give it that extra kick. My mom can't cook with garlic because my dad hates the smell. We never grew up eating garlic because of this. I don't mind it too much. Julie and her kids managed to get a long nap in on Saturday before dinner. We fried her eggrolls and wings in the garage. This was very handy in that the house didn't smell like fried food. She wasn't impressed with Quoc Bao because the bread was not good and they didn't even have Sriracha sauce. Kaci came over for dinner last night. It's our usual Monday night pasta where we make enough for four people. Hugo and Adam arrive this weekend. We now have new desks at the office. The old desks were disassembled and taken away to charity yesterday morning. Right after they left, the guys with our new desks arrived and started to assemble the desks. I can now stand or sit at my desk. Let's see if we really do stand at our desks.

February 16, 2017

Today's goal is to not eat any snacks from the office. I am to eat fruit and drink water when I'm craving snacks.

February 14, 2017

Flynn is out. Don't be disclosing our plans and other national security concerns to the other side. These people do not know what they are doing. Yeah, I get that you are trying to drain the swamp but you need to know what you are doing. You can't just drain the swamp. You cannot start from scratch. This country ran smoothly for more than two hundred years and we still work off of the one and only constitution. Let this be a lesson for Trump and his administration to lean on the DC establishment when needed. You cannot do your own thing and think it will work. There is a process for everything. Speaking of which, Sharon did an awesome job standing her ground as we tried to return a used paint gun. They kept giving us the runaround. They finally gave in. It's all about management override. Management can always override whatever is in the system. The override is built into the system so you can bypass policy and procedure. I spent all of last night scraping the remaining paint off of the floor. I did it "to the best of my ability". The armchair has one arm and the other one is to be installed. We need to do something with this odor problem. After running the dishwasher yesterday, the house smelled musty again. We seriously need to replace the entire plumbing system. Some animal must have burrowed under the house and found its way into a pipe. The animal then died due to natural causes and never left the premises. Therefore, the odor we smell now is a constant reminder that we need to change out the pipes. We finally took down the nasty canopy for the front entrance. Now you can really see the house in its natural state.

February 13, 2017

When you ask for something and I email it to you, you reply back with thanks or a thank you. Or confirm that you received it. Nope...our colleagues in Tulsa do not understand common courtesy. This has happened twice already from two different individuals out of the Tulsa office. This is never the case when it is from other offices. I have no idea what is going on in the Tulsa office. Do they think they are above everyone else? You are in a landlocked city in a landlocked state in the middle of nowhere. Your oil money will dry up soon. You may have been the oil capital of the world back in the day, but I think Houston reigns supreme now.

February 10, 2017

The holy trinity of idiots exists and they are made up of Trump, Spicer, and Conway. These three people are the face of the administration and cannot get their words in order. They lie and twists words to benefit them and their agenda. If they are caught in a hole, they make up something to distract the audience or pivot to something else that's unrelated. They need to get off Twitter and start speaking in complete sentences. Trump can barely formulate a complete sentence. He repeats words all the time as if his vocabulary is limited. The holy trinity of idiots needs to get together and figure out how to communicate to others.

February 7, 2017

Happy Birthday, Paul! Make it an awesome birthday today. You should tell Candi Cane you need the day off for some me time.

February 3, 2017

The weekend is finally here. I am really enjoying the elite events. If I am no longer elite with United, I am now an elite with perks such as free food, drinks, etc. Not a bad deal for telling people what I think. Although, I think I need to cool it down. The smell at Yuzo was a bit too much. However, they need to know. They need to fix it. It's god awful. I just realized the girl who works out with me in the morning is a waitress at Yuzo. She probably thinks I'm a jerk for complaining about an odor that they have no control over. Like Tracy mentioned, they can certainly plug it and the smell will go away. We are off to Dallas to visit with a few folks. Can't wait to meet little Hank and catch up with his mama.

February 1, 2017

You're seeing this right now because I am either lazy or I like to think ahead. You'll get it only if you are reading it now. Not sure if that makes any sense. The lakehouse was fun and relaxing. The girl who took our order at the Mcdonald's in Stroud had no teeth. I thought she had something in her mouth. Paul said she had no teeth. This was the reason for her lisp. The Walmart in Vinita was not too forgiving either. People looked like they were lost in time. We put together two beds and I baked a strawberry cake from scratch. We had breakfast in Grove at Drake's, which wasn't too exciting. I like to try out old diners in the middle of nowhere. The nail salon couldn't take us on the spot. We basically played games, gambled, watched tv, played Nintendo, cooked, and ate all weekend. We had an aggressive list of tasks to accomplish at the house on our way back but managed to order carryout Papa Johns instead. After the event at the Pritchard last night, I went straight to bed and worked on my computer for a bit. We moved the fire stick into the bedroom TV and caught up on Homeland.