January 31, 2009

I got yelled at for not sitting still. The conversation was not directed towards me so why should I sit there and give them my full attention? It's a load of crap I tell ya. Karen, thank you again for walking with me all across campus. I feel badly about the speed walking. You should've slowed me down. I don't know why I rushed. We had no reason to rush. The crazy security guy yelled at us for walking through a non-entrance door. It doesn't matter how you walk through the doors. Apparently, the security guy cared enough to yell at us. Paul, how does it feel to read a long thread of emails? Did you get a chance to read the very first email through the last one before announcing your two cents? Jacq and I will crash half pint. This was very last minute. I intended on staying in, but was convinced to entertain the masses.

January 30, 2009

Thuy Nga is so wrong for removing all her online videos from youtube, google video, and all other online video outlets. She went crazy and copyrighted all her clips. She caught on to people downloading and posting her clips. No one really buys her overpriced DVDs. Now, I can't get my Paris By Night fix with a click of a mouse. Jacq, stop censoring your wall. I can do as I please and don't start with your VC wrath! KNT, I would love to chit chat but you know how it goes with the cellphone. It's funny how you always forget about my landless line. Thank you for your call. Finish your work so you can play later. Alex, I now know not to tag you ever again. By the way, when are you MCing again? Cassandra, I am not a flake. This week was a roller coaster because of all the sickos, including me. Time Warner wants me to subscribe to get the Bravo Channel. The cable company no longer offers Bravo to non-subscribers. I bet the next channel they take away will be the Food Network. I will be left with only local channels and the UN channel. Widmore lived on the island. Why was he there? Those soldiers looked sort of vintage. However, Richard Alpert has the same eyeliner look no matter what time period he's in. I bet he is traveling through time as well and not know it. None of the Republicans voted for the stimulus plan. Paul, we are all hating you for sunbathing in 80 degree weather while we freeze in arctic air.

January 29, 2009

When you're sick, you have the weirdest dreams. They are so weird that you can't remember any details. I woke up throughout the night sweating and having to blow my nose. KNT, I stayed until the very end at work. I plan on taking off from work to rest. I always feel guilty about taking off from work. Who should I blame for getting me sick? I guess we can blame mother nature. She came in with cold and wet weather. Two of my friends have been off from work because they are also sick. Perhaps it's a combo of winter weather and human contact. I should be back to normal by this weekend. I have no choice, but be back to normal. I normally don't care for ice cream cake but Karen picked up a yummy flavor--cake batter and cookie dough. I tried to minimize my cough at the lunch table. I made sure to sit far from Debby. I don't want her to catch what I have. It's okay to make Agnes and Gene sick. Speaking of which... congratulations to Agnes for getting the promotion! Karen got someone fired. The jig is up! Lashes, stop talking smack about me to your family! Remember to only say good things. Go easy on the alcohol. We all need you back to celebrate your birthday. Speaking of which, only half of the people RSVP'ed. Let's see if the remaining folks will stick to the RSVP deadline. Why wait until the very end if you already know your decision to go or not? I was told to drink onion syrup, tea honey and whiskey, some herbal mineral, and zinc. I'll let you know which one works. Mike, I detagged myself from your video because I became irritated with strangers commenting on "my video". I hope those monks learned a thing or two from you.

January 28, 2009

Advil Cold & Sinus is my savior. Well, it might be too soon to tell. Give it another day and see where I am. The girl at my gym thought I teach poli sci. I told her my last name is quite common. Bloomberg wants to return to the GOP in preparation for his re-election campaign. The new menupages.com looks pretty good. I never liked the previous version. Patti Lupone closed her doors two months before the expected closing. Does anyone go see Broadway shows any more? The snow storm that reeked havoc on the midwest makes its way to New York today. Expect snow, sleet, and ice. It will be one nasty commute to and from work. I am working offsite, but need to return to the office for a lunch meeting. We postponed it because Tammy was out sick. Cassandra, sorry for changing the date on you. I know you like to icalendar your commitments and stick with it. I like my furry hat. Who cares if I look like Genghis Khan. Lara, I will continue to tag you like the stalker I am. A woman gives birth to 8 babies in California within 10 minutes. For his first interview since he became president, Obama speaks to an Arab television network. We all should be getting our W-2's next week. It's time to pay up to Uncle Sam or expect a refund from him. I chose the safer route and walked away with $2 in cash. Tu Do reminds me of a Hong Kong casino with flickering, colorful lights. I went crazy and ordered two dishes. I barely finished the second one. I forgot to ask for no bean sprouts.

January 27, 2009

My nose is killing me. I can't get rid of this runny nose. Food came right on time. I could have watched a movie, but oh well. What can you do? It was worth the wait. l like eating slimy jello filled with coconut juice. The next time I make it, I need to boil the water completely. My lease will end at the end of May. The landlord will not increase my rent. If I decide to do a 1 or 2 year lease, the rent will remain the same. That's not a bad deal, but there may be cheaper apartments out there. Joseph has 60 days to find a cheaper and better place. If we can't find anything, I am going to renew at the current rate. The bad economy definitely has something to do with landlords not increasing rent. Is the name GG or CB? You decide! Paul, we all hate you for laying in the sun, drinking beer, and listening to Gaga. I may be getting tired of my slow jams. I found a playmate for Addison. Her name is Mai Lan.

January 26, 2009

I woke up early again. Why can't I sleep in on the weekend? Do not do the transfer at Fulton St. from the green line to the red line. I literally went through three separate lines before getting to where I needed to be. On my way downtown, a drunk man lit up a cigarette while in the train. No one said anything. A couple walked to the other end of the train. After a couple puffs, I turned off my iPod and took the cigarette away from him. I put it out by pressing my shoes onto the cigarette butt. He kicked me on the side immediately, but it was more like a drunken man's kick. He demanded that I return the cigarette to him. I told him that he cannot light up in the train. He kept going at me. I returned the cigarette to him. I told him I would call on the cops. He yelled some more of his drunken jibberish and left the train. I hope he doesn't fall onto the tracks. I made landfall in Brooklyn and walked around to the performer's entrance. They stamped my hand and I proceeded downstairs to the green room. Lara was late, but she made it to the show. It was a full house. Latecomers had to stand in line and wait outside for the next show. They missed out on DVL's showcase. Mr. Shum rocked the house. He took us on a journey through the Far East. Tammy and the girls gave an excellent performance. I only saw bits and pieces of the show. Ngoc and Sheryl, great job on the makeup...especially the work you guys did on Alexis. My goal was to lixi Mai Lan and I accomplished it in the very end. She even allowed me to hold her while her mom took a snapshot of us. A. Binh left on the fly. Khoi and I were happy because we took the same train from BBG to our respective stops. I can't say the same for everyone else. Paul returns from Nevada and goes off again to Turks. My guests arrived on time. I'm a happy camper. Happy New Year!

January 25, 2009

It was difficult at first, but we finally got the ball going. In my opinion, Daniel and Kenji came out on top. There is a delivery room in the basement of my building. Use it at your disposal. I left a few minutes after the one hour ended. I wanted to stay, but had to do laundry. I ended up falling asleep at 9AM and woke up at 6AM. I hung out with the early Saturday morning lady at the laundromat. She wants me to check out St. Monica's choir. They want fresh meat to join the parish. I have been meaning to go, but too lazy to walk not even two blocks. I shipped Chang's nasty dresses and Dep products. Please do not send stuff to this address any more. The flat rate went up $0.50. My mom and I had a long talk about various things, including the upcoming Tet holiday. My dad plans to take off on Monday to "di Tet". It will be his first time taking off from work for Tet. There's definitely something in the water. I gobbled down a banh mi and met Chi Kim at the supermarket. I carried stuff around while she shopped. At one point, I stood on the corner with bags all around my feet. People thought I was a vendor selling crap from my tote bags. Jacq was late as usual. I munched on snacks throughout the day while waiting for bun rieu. I'm glad I saved my stomach for bun rieu. The girls won Taboo by one point. We ended the game with a tiebreaker. We allowed them to win. They even had an extra player. Chi Kim, thank you again for a wonderful day and evening. I will share your cooking techniques with my mom. I hope you don't mind. I promise to come back for those full sheets and down comforter if they are still available for pick-up. Paul, as if going down to the South Pole was not enough? You want to add Botswana to your itinerary? The Nguyens picked up their new SUV from Lafayette. Last I heard, the interior looks very similar to Chang's car. I miss Lashes!

January 24, 2009

Ba Noi, are you done throwing up yet? I went crazy on girl scout cookies. Gene brought peanut butter cookies. The cookies were packaged in two separate plastic bags. I took the stash that was open. I think I'm up to 5 cookies. I have one left sitting on my desk. They are very addictive. Karen, thank you again for letting me borrow your DS. I guess I won't be getting my daily news from the Metro paper each morning from now on. I'll be too busy concentrating on a hand-held device. Paul, tell those cops I said hey...especially the one in short shorts. What are you doing? Ohhhhhhhhhhh, just working. I laughed so much that I teared up and my back started to ache. Some lady from upstate New York replaced Clinton. The governor played his cards right because she is an unknown. Paul looks like one of the Jonas Brothers. Keep that hair growing and you'll look exactly like him. It's all about the FRO! I couldn't find to-go price lists for Eddie. Why does everyone sound like Akon? I made agar-agar from scratch. My mom gave me the recipe and cooking instructions. I'm supposed to wait for the water to boil before taking the pot off of the stove. I became impatient and removed the pot after 30 minutes of stirring unboiled water. I added a drop of pandan for color and flavor. The real deal maker has to be the coconut juice. We'll find out tonight whether the dessert is good. I laughed because the contractions began when she ate her lunch. It's just not right. I also laughed because she dropped the bomb and wanted to throw up afterwards. I laughed because I made Cassandra roll on the floor and laugh. I laughed because the subject header is already funny.

January 23, 2009

Never ask for chickarena soup because the darn soup does not exist. I was asked to get the soup from Hale and Hearty Soup. The employees laughed at me and asked if I wanted something else. Strawberry is a go, but no to coconut...duly noted! Jacq has the hots for Eddie. Yes, I am announcing it to the world. He already ignored her friend request. She wants to organize a pilgrimage to New Orleans and produce a reality dating show. How about creating a talk show first and we'll invite him as your guest? Barbara Walters does make her guests cry. I can't help it if your couch only seats two people. The closeness of two people sitting on the couch requires them to bond and to conduct interviews on the spot. It's a natural reaction much like dropping off your kids. I can apply the skills I learned to good use when I go off and buy bean sprouts this weekend. The equivalent of Wal-Mart in Vietnam is called Metro. Map made the headlines when he hosted a meeting in the White House. Caroline Kennedy dropped out of the senate appointment race. Clinton was officially sworn in as our next Secretary of State. Obama ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay within a year. People make fun of my black pants and brown shoes. Let's not forget the striped socks I received from Dr. Sharma. How was that Celine concert again? I am forever lost. Viet, don't hate me because I can't receive or send text messages. Get used to it! Ngoc, don't go around telling everyone my business. If you do, remember to only say good things. Thanks!

January 22, 2009

The locksmith came 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Harvey kept barking. It only meant one thing...someone stood right outside the door. We watched "The Strangers" and it freaked me out because it was about strangers knocking on your door and stabbing you to death in the end. By the way, the movie sucked. I wanted to go to sleep. The guy from Felicity and Liv Tyler should have died early in the movie. It just dragged on and on. Anyways, when Harvey kept barking, I tiptoed to the door and looked out of the peep hole. A man was standing there, but I couldn't see his face. I opened the door any way because it had to be the locksmith coming to my door at 6:45am. I was right. He changed it in 2 minutes and left. I paid an arm and a leg for the small device he replaced. It's good to know that Harvey will protect me. Those chatterboxes at Palladium should shut their mouths and let people in on time. All this week, I've had to walk closer to the "gatekeepers" so they can shut their mouths. Fine, we'll watch two of those underworld movies before the third one is released. Cupid has a lab that I don't know about. I requested a playlist of very old songs. I can be cool and hip again. Production will begin once we have the script memorized. Does anyone want to direct? Montini, thanks for stepping up! Mike, still nothing? I feel like taking out my a/c unit and crack the window. I want fresh air circulating inside the small room. Susie, I like your ride! McCain supports Clinton's appointment as Secretary of State. Caroline Kennedy may become our next senator after all. Everyone wants to attend Harvard because they are giving away free tuition to students coming from families with income of $60K or less. A wise man indicated that Uggs are to be worn around the house and never in public like at a disco, school, or restaurant. Who is he to make this distinction? I still disagree. It's nonsense! Let the people wear what they want to wear.

January 21, 2009

1.4 million people came out and braved the cold weather to see and hear Mr. Obama become our next president. Chief Justice Roberts definitely sabotaged the swearing in by changing up the words. Why wouldn't he? Biden and Obama both voted against confirming Roberts as the next supreme court justice. The Bushes went back to Texas where they belong. Too bad for Cheney. Poor guy couldn't even walk on his last day in DC. It's bad karma I tell ya! Yes, we are the mellow ones. Ba Noi and I pushed the limits today. I can't stop laughing. It started with the locksmith and ending with naming the children. The live internet feed froze on everyone's computer except for mine. Perhaps I placed myself in front of the internet line because I turned on the internet feed at 11AM. I called my mom to view the inauguration ceremony. She was at the bank and didn't seem to care about Obama swearing in. She was too busy taking money out of the bank or cashing a check. Em, you suck for not being available this weekend and next. This is your year to shine, yet you can't be here to ring in the new year. There better be an Asian population in Turks. Addison, are you still playing with those swords? I have not heard from you in a long time. Tell your aunt to leave her laptop at your house so we can chit chat over coffee. I am ditching the balls to watch Arlington Road.

January 20, 2009

Con Edison woke me up. They drilled across the street like there was no tomorrow. I had planned on sleeping in and not do much other than meeting Ba Noi. The day turned into a day of personal errands. The locksmith made copies of the new lock. I picked up my dry cleaning. I picked up medicine and cards at Duane Reade. I bought on-sale items at Associated. By the way, milk and bread never go on sale. I can't get enough of Raisin Bran. I used to like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but switched to Raisin Bran. It appears to be the healthier choice. I rushed downtown to my gym. I unloaded my bag and realized I forgot to pack my running shorts. Vanessa fed me her dumplings. I confirmed with Cafetasia. I picked up some household good for the apartment. I returned to the apartment to unload the stuff. I took my time and rode the bus down on 5th Ave. Snow fell throughout the day. I saw people sledding in the park. I've never done it. I met Ba Noi at Phoenix Beads. We walked over to K-town for tea and dessert. I went back to the apartment and fried cha lua. I cleaned up a bit before finally relaxing for the night. Yes, this year is the year of the Ox. It's your year to shine. It happens every 12 years. Lashes, I will educate you on the inside lingo. I can't believe you've had Maggi before. I admit it. You were right all along. I confirmed that Russki is slang for Russian. Where did Rooski come from? I have no idea. The furry hat keeps my head warm. The only thing missing is a pair of water/snow proof shoes. I've gone on this long without winter shoes. Don't talk on the phone while dropping off your kids. You need to stay focused and keep both hands on the steering wheel. Your kids need to be dropped off at their intended destination. Happy Inauguration Day!

January 19, 2009

I woke up early. I'm not surprised. Ba Noi was not awake so we decided to meet in front of her doorstep at noon. She finally got back to me. Khoi could not wait for me to be on time so she left to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies. Everyone else showed up. I sipped a bit of watermelon juice. They had enough for two people only. We walked over to Broadway and left Khoi to fend for herself. Mom called me about anti-viral software. Chang didn't get to eat her lunch. She came to the rescue. Yes, I have a very impatient dad. After two pit stops, Paul got his goods. I stopped in for green tea waffles. The nail lady played me by adding $5. She gave a magazine to Jacq. We ate pho and che ba mau at Pho Bang. I went by the church's basement for the dress rehearsal. Twilight came right after the rehearsal. We got locked out. The locksmith charged $319 to replace the damaged lock. We picked up Rafael at his midtown office to transport two very nice chairs to Astoria. After coming back to the city, we ate a couple slices of cheese pizza. I am now writing this after a very long day of running around. Good thing I am off for MLKJR Day! Happy Civil Rights Day!

January 18, 2009

We now know who's the skank. Pop Champagne did not appear immediately. How many songs do we need to listen to before it comes on? Those old school ladies walked it out. I picked up a bill from a "customer" on 28th St. I didn't think I would enjoy the cheesy beer game, but I got hooked. Some people cheated by drinking a dollop. I can't think straight. I have weird music blasting as I type this. Who cares about the temperature in Mexico City. Cover all your extremities. We never made it to Twilight. Dr. Sharma wants the hook up. Anh Hoang is overly excited about his used jeans. I feel bad for keeping it hostage for quite some time. Instead of walking it out, I am talking it out. How do you like them apples? Yes, we will be there for Jacq on her day of mourning. We like to think it's intervention day. I declined to smell like food for Thai on 1st and 1st. The appetizers reminded me of my mom's cooking. We took advantage of the $2.50 wine. We went downstairs next door to kill time before heading to Pyramid for 80's music. Paul and Cassandra, get a damn room already! Alex and Anees, how many years has it been? Joseph drank one too many drinks. Jacq walked away with no injuries. Don't open the cab's door while it is still in motion. The cab driver was more upset with the contents right outside his door than the actual dent.

January 17, 2009

Sorry, I can't get the damn numbers to agree. I give up. I'll save it for next week. I don't have time to go back and forth to figure it out. I have better things to do like my laundry. I also need to stock up on food. It's the new year. I look like a Russian. I disagree with that comment. Survivors of the US Airways crash must feel blessed to be alive and well. No one suffered major injuries. All thanks to the pilot and crew. I don't know how I would have reacted. Can you imagine sitting there and having to brace for impact? We were too early for live jazz at Jules. The lady at the next table came just to hear the music. Oh well, there's always next time. Get those tickets fast. You know what they say...you snooze you lose! Little Joe has a lot to talk about. I'd like to meet that little man one day and have a conversation with him. I am high on a sugar rush from McDonald's sweet tea. I need all I can get to stay awake.

January 16, 2009

I regretted leaving the furry hat at home. The wind would not let up. I will definitely wear it the next day. Instead of walking a few blocks, I went underground and took the subway and got off at the next stop. Don't get me wrong...I still like cold weather. A verbal confirmation is never enough. Look for documentation from a third party. I missed out on bowling. Instead, I worked on a crossword puzzle and lounged around. Chang, you should have accepted the offer. At least have lunch. Kim Pheezy is all about red beans and rice. My old Gateway laptop died. The internet radio stations that stay on all day probably killed it. The predecessor died the same way. Hopefully, the USB and ethernet converter I sent will fix the problem. I am not a fool. I am keeping the rest of my hanh phi. They add a bit of crunch to my rice. Khoi, how did it go? I don't do drinking games. Peer pressure is so high school. A US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson River (between New Jersey and Manhattan). All 155 passengers and crew members escaped with minor injuries. Talk about surviving a plane crash? Did NY not experience another "accident" not too long ago? There was the crane collapse that killed a few people, a private plane crashed into an apartment building on the UES, a man blowing up his own brownstone (also on the UES) so his ex-wife can't have the home, a steam pipe explosion smack in the middle of Midtown during afternoon rush hour (I had to get out of my subway car right before where the explosion happened. It was total chaos on the street level.), and I think there was another fatal crane collapse. We never get a dull moment in town.

January 15, 2009

Chi Mel and Anh Hoang, I am one step ahead of you guys. I'm glad we were on the same page. I already had them packaged and ready to go when you called. Mickey Mouse made a brief cameo and disappeared. This was part of a highly confidential scheme to lure Ms. Bullard to the Magic Kingdom. The one in Orlando does not really count. The true magic kingdom lies in Anaheim, CA. That's the real deal. BTW, you can visit any Disneyland park for free on your birthday this year. Register at disney.com to save time when entering the park. Otherwise, just show them your ID at the box office and complete some forms on-site. The trip to Ecuador sounds exciting. Let's see what Ms. Landrit has up her sleeve. Precious, do you need some more of those illegal steroids from Chinatown? I keep forgetting to ask if you want me to transport illegal goods. Say hello to Madame Secretary Clinton. I ate a burger and fries for lunch. Sorry, I craved a juicy burger. My last burger was at a Belgian pub on the UES. I got yelled at for a mistake. Oh well, we learn from our errors. I know not to repeat myself. Jando, you are behind on your yelps. When will you put up the one for Hip Stix? Hibachi, what can I say? You would think a full body scrub would remove the smell of grilled food. Well, it sort of worked, but not really. There's no solution to hibachi other than not eating it. Note to myself...no more pistachios after 6PM. The salt keeps me awake. My mom's banh bao sit in the fridge at work. I finished the purple carrots. My ears froze after walking two blocks. Good luck, Khoi! I am confirmed for Billy Elliot.

January 14, 2009

I may be able to visit Mel right after her delivery after all. Delta has some really cheap tickets. They also have partners that will take me to HCMC. Sorry, AA! Paul, we have more ramen noodle houses to visit. Don't forget to perfect your chopsticks skills. To the Nguyens in Marrero, expect a care package from me next week. I should be able to cram everything in the flat fee box. My mom chuckled as she listened to Jacq's hanh phi story. The girl can't get enough of fried onions. Bun Rieu is back on in Brooklyn. I am to help with the prep work. We'll have "Joy Luck Club" playing in the background. Rafael, change your ring tone. The piano noise creeps me out. Agnes ate the last piece of my bread. I had planned on throwing the stale bread in the trash. I'm still drinking purple carrots. Caroline came by the office. I noticed the yellow sweater underneath her long coat. Mai Lan, sorry I was not there for you last Saturday. Your mom told me you were looking for me. Although we only met once, I feel like I've known you forever. I hope you can make it to BBG on the 25th. Mike, still no package? Clinton will be confirmed as Secretary of State. Carolyn, you were right all along. I couldn't stop laughing while watching 30 Rock. The fighting continues in the Middle East. Will Ferrell will play W. on Broadway. Too bad NYU does not have any specials for that show. It is only temporary until next week. Then it's back to solitude for another week. When will the traveling end? Sheesh!

January 13, 2009

Kate Winslet hogged all those globes...that selfish b*tch! Renee was a mess. If she stopped squinting her eyes, maybe she'll see what's going on that's all wrong around her. Prince Harry's office continues to apologize for calling his fellow soldiers a Paki and Raghead. Sandrine received that hug all the way from New York. The German dog made it happen. Addison was bad. He was sent to grandma's house as his punishment. I never got a chance to take him to the aquarium. The power couple started the day off going through their respective calendars. Every weekend is booked between now and the end of February. Try to stay in town for the 14th. I initiated an aggressive attack that included three separate events. It looks like the 24th is on, but not really. Don't ask questions. Just adhere to the reserved dates and times. You'll be happy you did. Viet, I'm glad you find all this stuff interesting. I can't believe you found Su Fei. I totally forgot about her. Please tell Mo Hoa she needs to get on board. I don't have text messaging, but access to the WWW is way more important. Chang, did you save the date yet or do you want another "busy professor" reminder about November 1st? I can't say it enough... WELCOME BACK! It's about damn time! Happy Birthday, KT! Let's give mad props to the ladies below. They pioneered the now famous "Single Ladies" moves.

January 12, 2009

Rafael picked another one of those "i want you to think" movies. I bumped into Douglas and Yoshi on the ride home. I showed up on time as usual. I wanted to stand on the corner, but I found the wannabe pho place across the street. They only provided condiments on the table. We asked for everything else, including utensils, napkins, and a pot of hot tea. Make sure to tell them whether you want to mix the coffee yourself or not. I'm all bun-ed out. Sorry, no can do to bingo night. I will be "out of pocket" starting today until the 22nd. Don't ask me why. Happy Birthday Karen and happy belated to you, Megan! I have two AMC movie vouchers left. Joel, don't be a stranger! I didn't even recognize Kate Winslet. Welcome back, Lashes! I'll update you on what has happened since you've been away. Oh wait...I already have through all those e-mails I sent. Expect to take a pop quiz this week. A passing grade is anything above a B+. The portable heater comes in handy. We will be in the teens later this week. It's time to bundle up or stay indoors. I purged a bunch of stuff sitting on the bookshelf near my door. I managed to free up two shelves on top. People are changing the schedule left and right. I can't keep up.

January 11, 2009

It snowed yesterday. It came down pretty hard in the late afternoon. The warm streets and sidewalk melted the snow. We should get another batch on Tuesday. I braved the cold weather for some hot tea and an overpriced porridge. I'm coming back for desserts next time. I bought bean sprouts for nothing. Tu Do moved across the street. I should have bought two 6-packs of Saigon Beer. The spiked punch tasted more like sangria. Jacq cooked up a storm. My favorite had to be the baked fish. I haven't eaten that in a very long time. She is very stingy with the hanh phi. I'll replenish her supply. We all went home smelling like fish sauce and baked fish. The transit gods looked out for me. It's so funny how we cram ourselves into small spaces. Do you really want to live the suburban life? Kate and Leo hated their suburban existence. I didn't care too much for the storyline but the acting was top notch. If you cry easily, you're a great actor. I cleaned my sheets. Elicia, I pronounced your last name correctly. Thao, I enjoyed your enthusiasm! The stray dog didn't stray after all. Thousands in Europe and Lebanon protest against the violence in Gaza. Fergie ties the knot with the guy from Las Vegas. One in seven US adults cannot read. I'm not Japanese. Get over it! Besos! Mel, how did you do on your test? I'm sure you won't have to take it again. Instead of getting socks for Christmas, some of you out there received tickets to Celine's concert. BTW, how was the concert? John, good luck selling all your stuff on ebay! Mike, did you get it yet? I'm afraid those commies took all those Cajun seasonings and went to town!

January 10, 2009

As long as I get my Heritage magazines, I'll be okay. Thank you for asking. I'm glad this website inspired others to do the same. It's very random. I used the red book for the first time since it was given to me. I found what I needed for work. All these years, it's been sitting on my desk with no purpose. The light finally shined on me. Kerry and I are sweater buddies. KNT does not like my green tea mochi. She thinks they are not fresh enough. Paul, quit your sightseeing already and hurry back. You have a plethora of fans waiting for your return. I seem to even out with those morning bagels. The Illinois governor finally gets impeached. He will sit on trial before the Senate. Yes, I'm a busy professor. Khanh, thanks again for getting my dates in order. I had the dates switched around. The party of 4 changed to a party of 2. It's a date! Stay clear of those Russians! Grey and Yang continue to fight. I don't know what about. Things heat up on Ugly Betty. People can't stay committed for some reason. A 4.5 earthquake shakes up Southern California. The tremors went as far as Mexico. People are swimming in Washington. I professed my love for Alana. Well, not exactly...more like commenting on her yoga stamina.

January 9, 2009

I finally made contact. He is alive and well. Apparently, internet does not exist all around the world. Only special people with technology can chat and email. I became Mister Rogers for one day. The bagel guy wanted $1.25 for an everything baget with cream cheese. I gave him a nasty face before handing over $2. He returned $1 to me and told me to pay a quarter next time. Aki, it's okay to bash America. I'm so used to you Europeans dissing us left and right. You guys do have the best cars, highways, and other technology-driven products. We'll catch up with you guys sooner or later. Grey day turned into brown. Jacq did not have enough banh canh for me. She would rather do errands than spend some quality time with her man. I am hiring KNT to be my broker. Keep those emails coming! I mistook her chill at my place for eating chili. Thanks to Joseph I get two hours worth of free internet at Starbucks each day for one whole year. A strong earthquake shakes up Costa Rica. Macy's will close 11 stores. Burris may become the next senator of Illinois after all. Kate Hudson shows up late to the People's Choice Awards. Ellen stepped in. Who will win the Florida Oklahoma game?

January 8, 2009

We started with some bumps along the road, but it was smooth sailing from there. Lunch came right on time. I like free food. Don't get me wrong. I guess I wanted something unhealthy. After eating the organic sandwiches, I splurged on a bag of Cheetos. Karen helped me finish it. Don't laugh at Matt Damon. He knew what he was talking about. Rafael experienced some trauma to his head. He survived, yet feels a bit dizzy. He couldn't meet with the dalmation and me for drinks. It was a good excuse not to come. It could have been a lot worse. I am drinking purple carrots. I thought carrots only have one color. No one had chocolates in the late afternoon. That reminds me. I need to stock up on snacks. Addison can hear the music in his head. He broke it down like Beyonce. Obama meets with the current Bush and former living presidents. Carter and Clinton could care less for one another. Steve Jobs lost a lot of weight. I can no longer leave Palladium through the back entrance. Well, I'm not supposed to any way. I slipped through the barrier and used the regular doors. Ngoc, remove yourself from the West and mosey on down to the East. Maybe Times Square would have been the preferred central location for all. Paul is MIA. Where you at?

January 7, 2009

We ate with a "Karen" today. He ended up getting the same thing she normally eats. I guess he took her place at the table considering she was out today. You can't go wrong with fried rice at a Korean restaurant or any other Asian restaurant. It's your safest bet. Yes, Addison's face is bigger than Di Chang's. According to his mom, he asked for me during the past two days. His mom told him that Cau Bee went back home. By the way, he went over to his grandparents' house last night while I tried to iChat with him. He wanted to watch some Catholic video. Hoang-Anh, that's one crazy dream you had. Like I said, it's a sign for all of us to return to the Motherland and work the fields. It's funny how we get ready to celebrate the lunar new year with its Spring-like festivities, yet it's freezing outside. I'll try not to miss mass on February 1st. Mozilla Firefox does have its limitations. I'm wearing one of the three ties I received from Secret Santa. Thank you, Secret Santa..."you're welcome!". I RSVP for Mr. Shum and he doesn't even know it. His name is no longer Hoang, it's Hollywood Hoang! I never got that magical shampoo from Eddie. What up? Be careful when walking outside. Leave your new shoes at home and get ready for some salt, dirt, mud, slush, ice, water, and snow. It's a plethora of goodies on the sidewalk! I forgot about dog poop and urine.

January 6, 2009

Yes, I have the case of the Mondays. It went by pretty fast because I stayed busy. Before you know it, it was lunch time. I ate my mom's shrimp patties with french bread. A good way to wash your hands without having to get up from your desk is to sprinkle some drinking water on your hands. Rub the water around and wipe it off with a napkin or tissue paper. Your hands will be greasy free. I guarantee it. As a class project for my marketing class, we had to come up with new products to sell. I wanted to sell a portable hand cleaner. I'm not talking about those hand sanitizers. This sphere-like gadget sits on your desk with refillable water. At the top of the sphere is a rolling device that picks up the water. To clean your hands, lay your hand over the rolling device and voila...your hands are clean. It's like Dry Idea for hands. If you run out of water, just refill it. It comes with a lifetime supply of soap already built in. My group was not too fond of the idea. We agreed on selling rain shoes for dogs because our group consisted of animal lovers. Bill Richardson no longer wants to be the Secretary of Commerce. Good luck getting into DC next week. Israelis send ground troops into Gaza. Britney Spears is dating her Indian choreographer. I have "Fearless" in my head. I'm biting my nails again. I thought I could grow them and use a nail clipper, but I'm just too lazy. Stop watching "Gossip Girl" and talk to me dammit! LOL

January 5, 2009

I got to the airport early like all other times. I have a fear of going through long lines at baggage check-in and security. I have never had to endure such long lines. Yet, I'm just afraid of missing my flight. The flight was delayed for 45 minutes, then for every 15 minutes until it was 3 hours later. Yes, we finally left the Big Easy in very wet and thunderous weather. I'm surprised they didn't cancel the flight. I didn't jump fast enough to offer my seat. Delta booked one passenger too many. I would've stayed an additional night at the airport's hotel and receive a $250 voucher to fly any where in the US. I was too busy lounging on the very uncomfortable airport chairs and listening to Chris Brown on repeat. It's either Forever or With You. I made it home three hours later than expected. I tried carrying all three bags up in one shot, but failed on the third floor. My mom even called to warn me not to carry all three bags at the same time. She was right all along. Mamas know! I unpacked before going to sleep. Rafael called in between his bar hopping to confirm the delivery of goods. After 6 hours of sleep, I went by Rafael's for the first time. The apartment has a crazy setup, but it works. I dropped off the goods. Their electricity disappeared, but somehow came back on. I rushed down to Chinatown to meet with Jacq and Lara at Nam Son. Lara, you have too many to handle! After stopping by Jacq's to unload more goods, we went to Levi's to do an exchange. I returned the size 30 for a 31. I left them for Khoi's to unload the last of of the goods. She cooked her famous lasagna, but this time she added spinach. I was easily impressed with sweet, seedless kumquats. The 6 train did not run local up to 42nd St. I took the M15 limited back home and I am ending my day recapping what happened in the past 24 hours.

January 4, 2009

I got my Law & Order: SVU fix. Let's just say I spent way too many hours watching the marathon on USA. I like how they follow many leads and finally getting to the actual bad guy/gal in the very end. I always wondered about Bobby Flay's wife. What happened to her again? I am a gchat addict because of KNT. It's simple and quick. That's how I like it. I can't sit still. Mr. Bullard et al are moving along on the high seas. When are you guys making landfall again? Try not to litter. It's the last place on Earth that is somewhat untouched by mankind. When did I care about the environment? I blame Vi-Linh, Nico, KNT, and Jacq. I didn't join Addison and his dad for some chuck e. cheese. We have lived through 25 years of PBN. It remains the premiere event for us Viets. I ate way too much again. Melanie has too many cookies sitting on her counter top. She asked for them and they appeared. I will miss driving from 1341 to 1201 and vice versa. Fifteen or so homes separate the two. It's approximately two NY avenues, yet I drive back and forth. I will miss forcing Addison to eat and asking him "hi, how are you?". Melanie, you'll have to ask someone else to get the phone for you. Chang, thanks again for getting me sick for two whole weeks. Anh Hoang, it was fun eating "here and there" with you. I will be back for the twins' baptism. I can't believe I'm sharing with Eddie...so not fair! LOL I don't want to go back to work.

January 3, 2009

Bill Clinton may take over his wife's senate seat. It's highly unlikely, but definitely possible. Caroline thinks her family name will get her ahead. Obama and his family cannot stay at the hotel reserved exclusively for White House guests. The current administration needs to house more important people. Can you believe that? The baking continues on King Henry Court. I baked a couple more batches and gchatted with KNT. When she demands it, I jump right on it. It wasn't difficult to get Addison to eat. Perhaps I fed him noodles instead of rice. Chang and Mom showed up at Lakeside too early. The twins are now in the right position. Paul gets to see the cold Antarctic water right outside his room. I envy him. The closest I've gotten to an animal is Harvey. I even keep my distance with Harvey. I am happy for my Ba Noi. Communication is everything! Israel will allow Palestinians with foreign passports to leave. Otherwise, you're stuck in the hell hole.

January 2, 2009

It seems that everyone has a hangover except me. I was forced to go to mass. An Israeli bomb kills a top Hamas leader, two of his four wives, and a few of his kids. The Islamic faith allows men to have up to four wives. Weapons in his home ignited secondary explosions. The guy wanted to become a martyr among his family members. Mel, stop repeating your clothes. Folks in Pasadena go crazy over roses and other flowers. I was the 11th wheel at Hip Stix. I ate the usual churry chicken. Chang, keep drinking to cover up the attitude. My new year's resolution is to be patient. Anh Hoang will stop smoking. The Clintons ringed in the new year at Times Square. I may do that midnight run in Central Park next year. Janet and Caroline, you guys are right. I enjoyed the banh xeo at Nine Roses. A good samaritan called Elicia about Joel's missing wallet. Ngoc, don't tempt me to kick you out. You're one click away! Good luck with the new job! Lashes, thank you again for your call. Next year, no more traveling around the world. Yes, the silent treatment only happened once. It better not happen again. The Illinois crook apoints the state's former attorney general to replace Obama. Obama supports the Senate's Democrats in rejecting the appointment. When will this guy step down? I found that famous picture of Julie and me. She jumped for joy when I called about the good news. I'm "trading places".

January 1, 2009

It took Addison one hour to eat a bowl of rice. How do you convince kids to eat? They don't like to eat. All they want to do is play. Hoang-Anh requested five dozen cookies. I jumped on it and baked two batches. I managed to save some for the family. Louisiana is definitely not Obama Country. Down here, they love fishing, hunting, driving big SUV's, revoking women's rights, and wasting recycables. Janet and I met up with Manny at the Ritz Carlton. I thought i would walk away smelling like cigars, but I came out with no nasty odor stuck to my clothes. Caroline and her man met us at The Library. Her family loved Nine Roses so much they went back for an encore. Addison broke an ornament. His mom will find out about the ornament when she's reading this. I went up to the attic, but couldn't see anything. Chang, hopefully deciding on a place the third time around will be a charm. I had a breakdown at Winn Dixie. The store ran out of Land-o-Lakes unsalted butter. The salted ones were available, but I was not sure whether to use them for baking. After a few phone calls, Jacq confirmed that I can use salted butter. Just omit the salt required in the recipe. I played caretaker by forcing a 4 year old to eat, "Betty Crocker" in the kitchen, and watched Disney Channel shows. The day's crisis consisted of whether to use salted or unsalted butter. What an exciting day! I like skinny ankles. What's wrong with some "my den" at a new year's eve dinner? Remember to save those dates in February! Happy 2009!