January 30, 2012

A few more people have been added to my shit list this past weekend, including Marlo. Marlo is just a big ole drag queen who thinks she has a vajayjay when in fact she's really a man working those high heels and her fake hair. The fight with Sheree was horrendous. Friday night's dinner didn't take place in Queens after all. We ended up in Ktown because Paul cannot do seafood. When we showed up at the Ktown place, I announced to the group that I cannot do meat. As a compromise, the table ordered a regular meat dish and a smaller seafood plate. After a few shots of soju, we went down to Allen St. to pick Chang up. We arrived a couple minutes before her bus showed up. Yes, we smelled like Korean food. I was in for the night. I got up early to do laundry. I picked up a few things in Soho, including a new cologne that I've been meaning to get. I have to return to Uniqlo to pick up my pants. No napping took place because it was nonstop. The mani pedi on Hester St. is the best so far. The guy took at least an hour for each person. Jennifer and I exchanged information. We are going to hook Vu up with her friend Elaine. Jennifer knows all about us because Dat has a big mouth. It was dinner at Essex and lychee martinis at Verlaine. After a couple more bars in the East Village, we were in by 11PM. It was pretty pathetic to be in that early on a Saturday night. On Sunday, we ate at Xe Lua and again at Ferrara for dessert. The parade was up and running right outside of my building. We went to a very long mass and then downstairs to the basement for a new year reception. I waited for Chang's bus to arrive. I returned to meet Khoi half way. I met up with Vu and Linh again. They came up to the apartment. As with anyone else, "oh, it looks so cozy and amazing!"

January 27, 2012

Is it already Friday? The month is coming to a close and we have yet to get real snow. The snowstorm from last week was a big joke. Chang arrives later tonight. I'll have the pound cake sitting on the kitchen counter. Last night, a car crash woke me up. I looked out of my window and saw a car slowly reversing to disentangle itself from the wreckage. Apparently, the driver smashed into a parked car. The guy put his car on reverse and drove off. It was a total hit and run. I saw a couple bystanders outside screaming at the guy. I'm not sure if someone called in the guy's license plate. We get to finally celebrate Tet at my church this Sunday. Derek continues to stalk me all over town. I can't get away from this guy. He shows up out of nowhere...funny stuff. Good to know the twins are doing better. Eddie sent me a picture of them trying to get a smoothie king cup from my hand. It's one of the funniest pictures in a while. I walked in the door and they ran towards me wanting a sip of the smoothie.

January 24, 2012

I want to get married...Vietnamese style of course.

January 23, 2012

Doing these recaps is like the Glee recaps at the beginning of each episode. Where do I start? It's been a few days since my last entry. Well, today is Tet. I overheard one of the employees on my floor that he will eat Chinese food tonight. That's hilarious. I guess that's how he wants to celebrate the Chinese...ugh, lunar new year. I have to admit it. At the beginning of time, we all came from the Middle Kingdom and eventually moved further and further away. The language begins to change a bit and next thing you know, we call ourselves something else. I still remember the very private language seminar that Alexis, tdanger, and I attended. We were the only non-scholar people there. The presenter would not accept the fact that the Vietnamese language came from the Chinese. I can go on and on about all this. One this is for sure... we Viets are pretty proud of our identity even if we borrowed 90% of the stuff from the Chinese. Okay, so no recap today because I do not know where to start.

January 18, 2012

Easier said than done for sure. I like to think this is my platform for random thoughts. Those of you who continue to visit this site will find that it IS in fact randomness all over. I cannot stick to one topic for more than three sentences. Jacq fed us BOOM REAL last night. Chi Mai and I ate a snack before coming down for bun rieu. Dat came by and dropped off books for everyone. I started reading the book and found it to be inspirational. Apparently, Viet has already read it. I will be eating Dat's leftover pho tonight. The Fab 5 Council voted last night to start a new initiative. More to follow if we can all agree. Paula Deen has diabetes. I am eligible for an upgrade, but will wait for the 5. It better be worth the wait. I hope the twins are feeling better. I feel as though everyone was sick when I was home. Romney does not represent the 99%. Movie vouchers come in handy only in Manhattan where movie tickets go for at least $13. You save at least $5 with the vouchers. Tet is approaching and I'd like to start the year with a clean slate.

January 17, 2012

I finally made it out to Williamsburg since helping Chi Tam move last summer...or was it the summer before. I can't keep up. I think I talked a bit too much at the pregame session. Dumont was just right. Thanks again for the recommendation, Jacq. We thought we had to wait because people were hanging out at the bar and the little dining room at the front of the restaurant was packed. They sat us immediately because there's a courtyard in the back. The pricing was comparable to Manhattan. The server asked how we were doing three times. Is this how they do it in Brooklyn? A couple of us went through the subway underpass as opposed to walking above ground. I think walking above ground was a shorter distance. I made it back to the city just in time for bed. I woke up a few hours later to catch the 7AM bus. I arrived at Chang's apartment right on the dot as scheduled. Don't take a long bus ride if you had a few drinks the night before. It's never easy on your head. We walked for a good 15 minutes to brunch. We chose the Chinatown mimosa. One of Chang's friends turned vegetarian approximately 6 months ago after watching the same documentary I saw. We walked back to the apartment. I napped and woke up just in time for the Saints game. It was a good game, but we lost in the end. Then it was off to Dupont Circle for Asian food. Instead of a tea house, I had sushi and pina colada. We took a long cab ride back to the apartment and settled in for the night with SNL. The next day, we went to church at the National Shrine. We paid a visit to the mini shrine for Our Lady of La Vang. The Smithsonian was sort of boring. I was dozing off at Macy's but woke up when I got some muscle punch at Smoothie King. After shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, we waited for pizza at Justin's...which took forever. We were basically homeless people with too much to carry. I was up all night watching youtube clips. I got back to the city late Monday afternoon. I'm feeling Madonna's new one.

January 13, 2012

I can't get this runny nose to stop. Good luck folks! You'll need it today.

January 12, 2012

I clipped way too much of my nails. It hurts to button my shirts. Next time, I should leave a little bit long for protection. I am working on an invention. Or I like to think I'm working on creating something. I have to run it by a couple folks before I seriously go any further. I think it can be mass marketed. This weekend is already a 3-day weekend. I am going to take full advantage of the time off just like I did during winter break. Gene said to buy an extra set of trousers when getting a suit. That's not a bad idea. We tend to wear our pants more than the suit jackets. Get the chocolate bomb from SSS. They upped the pricing and you now have three size options. KNT, I like to think I can speak French. Mike, you were drugged up? Somehow I'm not surprised. Kyle should stop crying for her sister and move on with her own life. Let Kim destroy herself. Brandi said it best to leave her alone until she asks for help. I'll give them all the silent treatment. They know where to find me. I'm done.

January 9, 2012

Your mom.