January 29, 2013

I made another bundt cake last night. I used the same chocolate cake recipe that Jacqueline uses. The recipe calls for a cup of boiling water to be mixed in at the very end. This is what people do when they are bored and have nothing else to do. They bake and bring it to work to fatten up their colleagues. It's called sabotage. People are trying to lose weight from all the holiday parties and here I am bringing a whole cake to the office. The cake lasts for a few days in the fridge and then it is gone. I only have one piece to taste. Hayden suggested coconut flakes be added into the frosting. I toasted the flakes in the oven and mixed them into the glaze. Honestly, I haven't even tried it yet. When I brought the cake into work this morning, the fridge was almost filled up to its capacity. People really don't want to leave the building. Who wants to leave the building when the weather is ridiculously freezing? Today is not so bad. I may leave my coat in the office. The twins may be pulled from their day school. This means Ba Ngoai will have more time with the boys. Carter can perfect the sign of the cross. Carson can have longer naps. Too bad we don't get to observe Mardi Gras here. I miss those days off while everyone else in the country works.

January 28, 2013

Yes, Alexis...I am still on here. Good to know you enjoy my ramblings. So everyone is sick? At the red carpet event last night, a lot of people were missing because they have the flu. At church, a couple of the people did not make it because they were sick. I still have this cough that won't go away. I figured I will give it a couple more weeks. Last night's sleep was the best one yet. It was good to finally see David after his month long trip to BA. Zoe was a good girl. It's funny seeing her run around in excitement when someone comes home. Jacq's metro card expires at midnight tonight. I am holding off on the Christmas episode until she returns. Palm Springs is booked. I read some bad reviews about the place due to the hipster clientele. We shall see. My new favorite tore is Onassis. Because I am short, I often find it difficult to find shirts that are good for me lengthwise. The store has the right size for me and the prices are reasonable. I have an appointment with Domenic tonight. I will get a handstand in one day. I promise.

January 24, 2013

I have one more episode to finish. I want to see the car accident that is to take place. The guy did not want to renew his 3 year contract. He found the demands were too much for him to keep up. He is on Broadway now. As if the demands on Broadway are not as crazy as the ones for a highly rated show. This week's Arctic blast will eventually end by the end of the weekend. People keep complaining about how cold it is. It is cold, but if you have the many layers of clothes, hats, and scarves, you should be fine. I like my thick socks. They keep my feet quite warm. The foam covering my radiator pipe definitely cools the bedroom down. I am missing a piece of map wallpaper on the living room wall. Zoe finally made an appearance at my place. She is to stay over again this weekend.

January 16, 2013

As of yesterday morning, I began a 3-day juice cleanse thanks to peer pressure from the office. Well, it wasn't exactly peer pressure. I was inspired by Hayden to get it done since he went through it himself just last week. He juiced his own veggies and fruits. I, on the other hand, chose the more expensive and easier route of buying the juices. The juices were delivered to the office in fancy refrigerated packaging. The first day seemed okay. I managed to get a work out in during the day. I was told to hold off on working out until I complete the cleanse. It's funny how we look forward to eating whatever we want. Getting on this program has made me realized that food is a big part of my life. I thought about what to eat for dinner, but then I realized...oh wait, I really can't eat anything because I have two more juice bottles waiting for me at home. Speaking of which...my favorite juices were #4 and #6. The last one was sweet and milky. It's as if I was eating dessert. My least favorite was the one with beets. It tasted very healthy. The cleanse ends Thursday night.

January 10, 2013

I am not sure where I left off last. It was a busy month but I am looking forward to some serious down time to start off the new year. I got what I wanted for Christmas. However, we cannot find the Applecare that should have been included. I gave away my Nano to Precious. I still have not seen the money coming back to me. The siblings and I decided on a plan to fund our parents retirement. Apparently, my dad will retire later this year. If he waits three more years, he will get additional money. I think he is just tired and wants to relax. Mom went crazy in Vietnam. She brought back so much crap. She even used the same boxes we used to ship stuff there. Luckily, we did not run into any problems going there and coming back. The highlight of the trip included the infamous trio trip to Hanoi where we tore up the sleepy town. We actually spent half of our time in Hanoi sleeping. The weather was depressing and gloomy. It reminded me of London. Mike rolled out the red carpet and even closed all of his windows and doors to share the AC air. Yes, sharing is caring. We couldn't get the FaceTime to work because the 12 hour difference was so not cool for both parties. When I was up, the other one was asleep and vice versa. H, you sure you didn't get all of my voicemails? It really is time to upgrade to the latest version. The ride from Bien Hoa to Saigon took merely 50 minutes instead of a 2 hour taxi ride. I finally got to take pictures with my favorite flight attendants. One of them was Japanese and spoke a bit of Vietnamese. My mom did not experience any problems flying. She was a good sport about flying and eating most of the food. None of us experienced any stomach problems. I thank those pink chewable tablets. When I returned to NY, the jetlag only hit me the following day and slowly went away. Melatonin helped tremendously. The next time I go to Vietnam will be after Chang's wedding. I think at that point, we will all go as one big happy family.

January 7, 2013

I am super behind. Sorry, guys!