January 30, 2014

I just figured out that the control buttons that dangle from your earplugs do really contain options to skip songs or return to prior selections...from the same playlist. After all these years, I have only used the volume controls. I always wondered why they referred to the buttons as a remote control, but I never used them to skip songs. As I felt the buttons to increase the volume, I realized I skipped the song because I pressed the inner button as opposed to the ones on the outside. This really did make my day.

January 29, 2014

Last night's class was one of the best to date. Heather got us all twisted and moving immediately. I am not a fan of all that mantra talk and frankly I get bored when she goes on and on about this and that. Yeah, I know... I'm supposed to embrace it and take it all in, but sometimes I just want to get sweaty. It is a supplement to my usual workout. Yes, I do collect and practice some of the stuff she talks about but ultimately, I am there to stretch every muscle in my body. I completed multiple handstands for the first time. I used my forearms to keep me in position. You really do use every part of your body, including the mind. The core is important to keep you upright. Just tell yourself that you won't fall over and you will be okay. Nicole and Ali finally met. KNT, don't stress out. Just do some oms as you commute to and from work this week and everything will fall into place. Ngoc is kind enough to obtain the second half of season 5 for me. It was definitely a jaw dropper to see Frank on the toilet and making the WW connection. So there was no snow in NOLA after all. So chan doi!

January 22, 2014

The treadmill is my friend again. I still need to get new running shoes. Heather was not too crazy with us last night. She kept it simple and to the point, except for all that crazy breathing in the beginning. The girls on both sides kept huffing and blowing their exhalations on me. I wanted to turn to them and ask them to close their damn mouths. Jacq recommended that I check with Heather on what to do when this happens again. I am supposed to be all zen and let nothing bother me, but come on...stop blowing your nasty air in my face. I took the train all the way to 51st Street only to find that they cancelled the workshop. The receptionist apologized and said she was informed of the cancellation only 15 minutes prior to me arriving. As I left the office, a line of people came running in. I bet they all traveled uptown only to find out the workshop is cancelled. I accepted defeat and went into work. I might run again tonight only if I have time to pick up my dry cleaning. Hoa, it is crazy how you ran into him. Of all the places and of all the days with no make-up on, it had to be yesterday. Loan, I would think "ban trai" is less intense than "con re". The latter implies that you guys are married. Don't worry, KNT...CU and NYU are open for business today!

January 21, 2014

Snow is falling down hard today, yet it is not a snow day. The University remains open as they should. No sense in closing down because of a few flakes here and there...I survived the long weekend out in LI. This coming weekend, it's Amish Country.

January 17, 2014

I finally made it to season 5. The finale from season 4 pretty much traumatized me. I was eating my dinner while watching the episode. Next thing you know, an explosion took place. Gus walks out of the explosion as if nothing happened. Next thing you know, I see half of a face just like the evil guy from the Batman movie. Let's just say that scene is right up there with GOT's slashing of the mom's throat at the wedding banquet. You just sit there and reflect on what just happened. I had trouble falling asleep last night. Poor Gus...

January 16, 2014

Mo Hoa oi! Yes, Kayla is correct. You need to document what you have been telling Loan and me. You probably need your own reality show. Martin sao roi? Co chuyen gi la khong? Roi gi nua? I am too lazy to add the marks. You end up correcting me here and there anyway. Que lam ba oi! I ended up not being lazy last night and ran for the first time since my injury. I completed three miles in less than 30 minutes. It was better than I expected. There was no pain in my left ankle. I felt something trying to creep up on me but it stayed dormant. The girl next to me was also running at the same pace. Too bad I don't get to take advantage of the David Barton membership. I am ready for this semester to start already. I came into the office this morning with a bottle of lemon infused vodka on my desk.

January 15, 2014


January 14, 2014

Last year was my year and this year is my mom's. They say life changing events happen in your year, which takes place every 12 years. Basically, the zodicac cycle repeats itself after the 12 signs complete one full circle. I have been listening to Tet music to get me in the mood. I received an email from my aunt in Vietnam that the weather dropped to a very cool temperature recently. People were overjoyed with having to go outside in sweaters and jackets in Saigon. I really can't believe that because it is always so darn hot there, even in the middle of winter. She asked about the New York arctic blast. I informed her that the school closed for an additional two days to extend our winter break. That was a pleasant surprise. I didn't think people would work during those two days any way considering the days were on Thursday and Friday. I now know what to expect from mail services. I normally get my delivery a day or two after receiving the "delivered" confirmation from usps. They even deliver on Sundays now, which is quite odd. I thought the postal service was cutting back on their delivery. I am ready for January 21st. Let's get it moving already.

January 9, 2014

January 8, 2014

I woke up this morning with a box of goodies from Ms. Cassandra. She went behind my back and shipped the stuff to Jacqueline since I refused to give Cassandra a good mailing address. I have no choice but to bake lemon cupcakes...served with fancy polka dot napkins. Maybe I will save them for Easter. It looks like we have a solution to the Orvis crisis. I will go uptown to pick up the jacket and return it to the store. While at the store, I will call into their warehouse to order the smaller size. They will then ship it to me free of charge. Apparently, navy is a very popular color for Barbour. I am now on Season 4 of Breaking Bad.

January 7, 2014

Instead of waiting for the gym to open at noon every day, I have been experimenting with SLT. So far, the classes have been brutal. I think I am able to do 80% of what the instructor asks me to do. The remaining 20% is me flopping over the machine in exhaustion and disappointment with my weak core. I had a eureka moment today where I thought about continuing the rep and not give up. The thought made me realize that I can continue and not give up in the middle of the count. It worked for a few reps but the negativity took over a few minutes later. Nicole threw out Soul Cyle and I came back with Soho Strength Lab. I often see people going in very early as I go to work. I find that the strength lab is worth looking into. The pricing is pretty much the same as SLT and I bet I would get better results with the strength lab. Both are going for different approaches but ultimately they want to achieve the same objective. They want their customers to feel strong and good about themselves...physically and in return, mentally. Who wants to see your own blob of fat hanging over you as you tie your shoe laces? Let the experimenting begin for the rest of this month. I may not return to Palladium or Coles after all. Well, the membership for those two is good through the end of August so let's not speak too soon. When I run out of the $40 increments, it's back to the old man's fitness program.

January 2, 2014

Snow days for the next two days. The year is off to a great start.