January 26, 2017

Tess, I need you to learn the dance and teach us.

January 25, 2017

I was happy to see that there is still a strong presence of Democrats in Oklahoma City. Marci says the high earners in Oklahoma City proper are mostly registered Republicans but vote more on the liberal side. They tend to be socially liberal. I sort of believe that because of last night's jabs at the current administration. To top it all off, almost all of the presenters and honorees were Catholic. They're Catholic, yet strong liberals. They remind me of my people in New Orleans and New York. The ultra conservative label is still connected to the Southern Baptists, etc.

January 24, 2017

Happy 40th birthday, Loan! I am right behind you later this fall. So I watched La La Land again. It's basically an American version of a Bollywood movie. There is dialogue between individuals and next thing you know, they break out in song and dance. Sharon was super pissed about the ending. I was pissed too but she was very upset. She admitted to crying on her drive home. The story is about pursuing your passion at all cost, not necessarily your love for another person. We all need to appreciate that and champion the two main characters in their success. I won't say anymore than that, but it's a happy and sad movie. It was very well made and the tunes are catchy. The movie just received 14 Oscar nominations. I need to watch the Oscar contenders. It should be an interesting year. I bet another celebrity will go off on the new administration. Go Hollywood!

January 23, 2017

This incoming administration is insane! What the heck are alternative facts? KOCO and all the other local news outlets can kiss my behind. They barely covered the women's march on Saturday at the state capitol building. KOCO showed an aerial view of the march and had five words to say about it. They really couldn't get one person on the ground to interview those who attended the march? Yet, they had a reporter on the ground interviewing residents of The Village about a water break that took place on Sunday. Are you kidding me? They briefly show the DC March and the ones in the big cities and played a clip of Madonna saying she wants to blow up the White House. That Ogle gal on KOCO shook her head and said "that's not right". Of course it's not right...you only took a piece of what Madonna said and showed it to the public. You are supposed to report the news and not provide commentary. If I want commentary, I will wait for the Sunday morning news programs. This state is ridiculously red and stupid rednecks think Trump will fight for them. Little do they know their mandatory health coverage will disappear with the repeal of Obamacare. Also, the upcoming tax cuts will only benefit those who make more than $200,000. These people do not know any better. They hear this rhetoric bleeding from his administration, right to the press secretary. You should never end a statement with "Period!". It's an absolute statement, which echos a dictatorship on the horizon, if not already here. From now on, I'll stick to my NPR and boycott the local news altogether. I stand corrected... not only rednecks support him but educated women as well.

January 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Tess!

January 20, 2017

I think I'll stay clear of Chi Chinh and my parents for awhile. They don't see anything wrong with Trump. Needless to say, I don't plan on seeing them anytime soon. She can make arrangements to come visit me. I am not going out of my way to visit her and her family in the middle of summer. Everything is always scheduled and arranged to fit her needs. She can easily take her kids to San Antonio right after Christmas but she wants to stay in New Orleans. No reason was given other than "I want to stay back". Well, you can stay back all you want. I am starting to realize that she is just like my brother. They do what is convenient and beneficial for their families. They do not consider others. Do I want to go back to Destin again? Heck no...it's a trashy town and all you do is hang out at the beach and the condo pool. I actually didn't make it to the beach when I was there years ago. You can take your husband and kids to Destin sans your other sister and me. We have other priorities that will benefit our lifestyle. I even offered to take Addison in for a week and would have paid for his airfare. Nope...she says he wouldn't know where to go. Ever heard of kids flying alone with airline chaperones? There's no way a kid can get lost in all the madness. She will continue to shelter him from reality and that's just a shame. How is he to know any better? When I was his age, I walked to and from school. I dropped off Chang at the babysitter's house on my way to school. When she got older, I made breakfast for her, dress her for school, and did her hair. I picked her up from school, unlocked the house, and got us all settled while our parents worked. What has Addison done so far that is remotely close to what I have done as a 12 year old? Not a damn thing cause his mom thinks he is incapable of doing things on his own. Keep playing that "special needs" card. Your president will slowly cut funding for special needs and other basic social services.

January 18, 2017

January 17, 2017

Can someone just take Trump's phone away so he doesn't tweet anymore? I'm surprised no one has a handle on his outbursts. It's like a kid talking back to his parents. It's time to just shut up and take in all the criticisms. You should be focused on more meaningful things like running a country as opposed to tweeting back at critics. Who has time for this and why do you still have a twitter account? He will shut down your operations if you disagree with him. He will implement high tariffs if you move your production offshore. He will become friends with a known enemy since the beginning of time because that enemy may or may not have something that may damage your reputation or you may have pending business interests that cannot be compromised. The guy needs to stop tweeting.

January 16, 2017

The MLK Day Parade rolls down Broadway today in front of our office. On Friday night, Tess cooked a healthy chicken casserole filled with rice, chicken, and broccoli. Paul had a tough time eating it cause of his no-carb diet. I worked from home on Friday thinking an ice storm will make the roads hazardous to drive on. That was not the case. The weathermen and weather ladies were way off. The wine tasting was cancelled on Saturday so we hosted game night instead. I have Chinese leftovers for lunch today. After mass, we went for brunch at the museum. It was extremely delicious. Like Tess said, it was the best brunch to date. After hanging at the Greens and going to the Rink, I finished painting the guest room closet. I am giving today for the paint to dry before stuffing the closet with stuff. The bed skirt can finally go on the bed and hopefully some of the junk in the guest room can go in the closet.

January 10, 2017

I visited with my doctor for my annual wellness visit. Instead of taking my blood in the exam room, he told me to go downstairs to the first floor lab. This is where my blood will be drawn for lab work. I don't remember doing this last time. I fasted all morning long and only drank water before the appointment. It was a struggle but I kept my fasting in check. Anyways, my doctor called me back in the afternoon to give me my lab results. Literally...same day results. I was super surprised. I guess their lab is a full service operation with no lag time needed. I wonder if my health plan will cover it. So everything came back normal and he even made a couple comments that I am very healthy. I told him I eat all kinds of crap like pizza, baked goods with butter, bacon, cheese this and that, etc. He says I have good cholesterol levels. My sugar is also good as well as my blood pressure. He says my regular exercise definitely helps in maintaining my good health. Let's just hope I don't have cancer next month or something because it all seems fine and dandy for now. Regular exercise is not to lose weight or keep your weight under control. It also creates particles in your body to fight heart disease and strengthens your immune system. The moral of the story is that I will continue to exercise on a regular basis.

January 9, 2017

Black Mirror is like the The Twilight Zone for our time. We saw the first our episodes and they were crazy. The first one was my favorite with all the ratings and elite status. It makes me want to get rid of social media. How about interacting with people one and one because you want to and not because you want a better rating. Ngoc says to check out Victoria. We couldn't get a constant reception to the local channels so we didn't get to watch Meryl Streep's speech. Trump had to reply back in a tweet. His tweets are very childish. It's as if he runs towards someone, pops them in the head, and runs away. It's that simple. I'm looking forward to his first and probably his only press conference for the year. I doubt he will have one after the inauguration. Bless those people's hearts for performing at the inauguration. He really could not get anyone big out there to perform at his inauguration.

January 5, 2017

I am starting to realize that Oklahoma City really does have the full four seasons in a given year. The question is whether summers are longer than winters or whether each season is a full three months. That's highly doubtful. In New York, you can certainly expect the seasons evening out. I don't mind it too much because the weather here is contingent upon those cold fronts. We are literally at the middle of the country where cold and warm air meet. This is why we get crazy thunderstorms and tornadoes left and right. The house has a cellar so that's an option to hide out in when a tornado plows through. I never really understood the underground tunnels in downtown OKC. They say we can hang out in the underground tunnels in the event of a tornado warning. I would need to run in the crazy windy and wet weather from my apartment (at that time) to go find a tunnel. I think I would have taken my chances hanging out in the apartment bathroom. Another option was to hang out in the apartment gym's bathroom. That space is on the ground floor and is away from the outside. Well, it's not a concern anymore because I am no longer at Avana. Yes, you must say ground floor when referring to the first floor. Otherwise, foreigners may be confused because to them, first floors are the second floor. Ground floors are on the ground and the first one above the ground floor is the first floor and so forth. The Bullards have yet to pass level 8. I sent them some cheats so hopefully that will help them win the game.

January 4, 2017

I got my old bed back from New York. Well, not really. I switched out the mattress we have been sleeping on for the past year for the one I had in New York. The new mattress is super firm compared to the old one, which was firm but super plush. My body literally sank into the mattress and it was difficult getting out of bed. I felt as if my body submerged into the mattress. Tess, if you don't like it, you can have the queen bed back for sure. Try it out and let us know. Yes, I am still talking about mattresses. My old boss once told me that your bed is something you can't go cheap on. It is an investment in your sleep and you must always get a good night's sleep. My advice to you all out there is not to buy cheap mattresses. You will end up having to buy a new one every few years or so. Instead, invest in a good one that will last up to ten years. It's totally worth it. Since the Trio '95 break up, the texts have not been coming in so much. Kim and Julie would text all day long. Maybe it's a good thing that they both are taking a break from one another. They will start to miss one another and be at it again. This time around, I'm not sure if they can repair what happened. Julie did say some pretty honest things and Kim snapped back at her using the same type of ammunition. KNT, you seem to run into farters all the time. That's just disgusting. People should try to control themselves in public, especially in confined spaces.

January 3, 2017

Marci and I had lunch across the street at the new sushi tapas place. We both had ramen noodles instead of sushi. My bowl of ramen noodles was amazing except for the tough pork belly meat. Marci had the one with ground pork. I'll try that next time. The new mattress was delivered last night as scheduled. They really did give us the red carpet delivery. The actual bed comes in tonight so we will be switching out the mattresses. Tess's bed will be for the guest bedroom and she will take our old mattress, which is about a year old. OU won the Sugar Bowl but I was already asleep. I was knocked out by 10pm. Di Chang departs for Boston tomorrow morning...finally!

January 2, 2017

It's the Monday after the new year and no one is really working today. I was one of three people at the gym this morning. I was also the only car parked at the office this morning. Sharon just informed me that the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena will take place today instead of yesterday because of the parade's rule not to hold the event on a Sunday. We tried looking for the Rose Parade yesterday on TV but could not get it and were puzzled. Now it makes sense. Sharon also said she can't get the ABC channel on her Direct TV. This makes a lot of sense too because we have a local antenna that can pick up other local channels but nothing for ABC. I'm not sure what's going on. I caught up on West World and have four more episodes to finish. It's getting good, but I have way too many questions. I am down with "The Crown". It is very well made and there's always drama with the royal family. There was some movement over the weekend with the bathroom mirror installed and window treatment for the master bedroom. NYE was pretty fun. The dinner was amazing and I'm glad Tess was able to walk away with six flutes. They need to stay together as a set. The best part was 21 glasses of sparkling for six people. 2016 was a great year and wishing for an even better 2017 ahead!