July 31, 2008

Gene dropped the bomb yesterday afternoon. It turned out to be fine because we couldn't accomplish our task any way. Tahini still offers 40% discounts to NYU students. My body automatically wakes up at 6:15AM and goes back to sleep in 15 minute increments. After two more "wake ups", I'm up at 6:45AM. It's very irritating. Why bother set my alarm? Golf is boring without Tiger Woods. Hotels in Beijing have bugs, not the insect kind but the kind that eavesdrop. Get ready for the big one, California! Mr. Trang, you'll be my first guest. I want a giant squid. Is adoption free of charge if I'm a local? Jacqueline, come back to New York already. The kid who bought Chang's civic came back and wanted Dad's blessing. Dad refused him at the door. After a few discussions with State Farm and many headaches later, the situation is resolved. Addison, lay off of that milk! I am to put up those paintings when I return home to New Orleans. It's never good to feel the chills and weak. We were not allowed to use the office restrooms for four hours. Our detour took us upstairs to the lobby level and down a hall to a small restroom with a weird layout. It's very similar to my own apartment restroom layout. Everything was at an angle, I think. Goodbye July and hello August! Just one more month of miserable hot weather!

July 30, 2008

Karen and I went on a mission to save the world. Tribeca was our destination. Next time, let's do cab rides instead of taking the train. Holy Basil doesn't have sangria. Get the creme brulee and chocolate bread pudding from the Dessert Truck. We also tried the cheesecake and this week's special, passion fruit bombe. Take your dessert to the Starbucks patio, sit down, and relax. A sign indicates that the patio is reserved for Starbucks customers, but who really checks any more? They are too busy to sell behind the counter. They won't have time to check each and every customer. It's like using their restrooms. Starbucks is a pedestrian's paradise in the middle of all the madness. When walking up the stairs, try not to swing your arms as you climb up. I almost got smacked in the face a couple times by this stupid girl who kept swinging her arms as we climbed the stairs. Maybe I walked too close to her or maybe she should have controlled her nasty arms. The City of Angels experienced an earthquake that caused minor damages. I saw a live clip of a city council meeting underway as the earthquake happened. No one went beneath their tables or looked for a safe place. Everyone stood in their place and waited it out. Did they not learn at a very young age to seek shelter below a sturdy table or a doorway arch? Perhaps the Californians are so accustomed to frequent tremors that they dismiss this one as a small, harmless quake. If I were them, you'll see me hiding underneath a table or running for dear life! "The Economist" has some pretty steep subscription rates. Ngoc, all the best to you on your Asia trip. Be sure to wave to us from the bird's nest.

July 29, 2008

Don't make fun of my tote bag. It's economically friendly. I am minimizing waste as we speak. The A/C is turned off during the day. It's time for new eye prescriptions. Bento boxes in New York don't come cheap. I miss Genroku. The Pinkberry kid spelled my name correctly. I wanted to pat him on his back. I didn't use my alias this time. I stuck to my real name and the name came out perfectly. I rushed home to drop off the DVD. I stayed for one second to pick up my belongings and left again. Red Mango and Very Berry...are there any other knock-offs? Don't mess with the Koreans when it comes to love. They will go ballistic on you...at least in the movies.

July 28, 2008

I ran home from the video store to stay dry. Rain came down a couple minutes after I stepped inside the building. I forgot to buy next month's MetroCard. I'll have to cough up $2 in quarters to get from York Ave. to Lex. I'm still too lazy to walk the distance. Chickpea did not toast the pita. It would've been nice to eat the baked falafel inside a warm pita. Those French rats know how to cook up a good meal. At the end of August, I can no longer rent free movies because of the expiration date. PBS has very good documentaries. Underage Chinese athletes will compete at the Olympics. Everyone tells me I need to watch that new Batman movie. Is it really that good? Anyone else opened a ymail account yet?

July 27, 2008

I came back to the apt. to do laundry. I picked up my dry cleaning, fresh fruit at the fruit stand, and prescription pills for the month. My landlord has no vacancies at the moment other than a couple studios. They also own property from 74th St. to the low 80's. I always thought my block had the only apartments available. The shoot went well. Yes, you can fit five people in my kitchen. Moving the stove is not a good idea. My avocado smoothie tastes like peanut butter. I wasn't home so Joe jumped in to make his version of a healthy smoothie. Blueberries are the superfruit with plenty of healthy benefits. Cooper 35 (Asian Pub) came out on top once again. For $16, you get a full meal and a glass of wine. I was happy to see new faces and catch up with old ones. Thanh, I'm not a camping kinda guy. I prefer the indoors where air is controlled by A/C. I picked up Alexis's cake from SSS down in the LES. It took almost 30 minutes for the F train to appear at 2nd Ave. I got off at 32nd. St. and walked to Players. Shaggy and Kelly Clarkson were the first ones in the room. I lost some of my voice. Andy is a serious lightweight. The girls worked their magic for some free food. Joe and I walked home from Lex. A drunk neighbor stole Joe's front page. That was very rude!

July 26, 2008

Mulder and Scully finally got it on in bed. A crazy gay couple who married in Massachusetts was behind all that mess. I ate pho for the first time in a very long time. It wasn't too bad at SG. They even served hoisin sauce on the side. As if the banana pudding was not enough, a Crumbs cupcake finished off the meal. Those of you who do not have unlimited metrocards, always keep a $10 metrocard on you. The bus driver was very nice to let me in after he had already departed, plus stalled for the two slow-pokes, and allowed the metrocard-less passenger to stay on. I've never seen a full episode of "Frasier". Happy Birthday, Alexis!

July 25, 2008

I was nominated for an Academy award. My performance as an angry person who only uses his credit card for certain occasions was breathtaking! I want to thank all the little people who made this happen. I introduced Khoi to Saigon Grill. You really cannot eat three huge pork chops in one sitting. That was way too much food. We should've skipped on the appetizer platter. Co Vi denied me permission to take out KT. I'll try again when she returns to New York. It rained for two seconds this morning to give way to excellent summer weather. Addison has no upper lip. I may not be allergic to fancy sunscreen after all. Someone used the cheap kind. That would explain my irritating skin reaction. Obama speaks to thousands in Germany while McCain does a town hall discussion in New Hampshire, I think. I didn't see much coverage on McCain. John, lay off of those bowls of white rice. It will catch up to you. Happy Birthday, David!

July 24, 2008

Everyone showed up on time! Well, except for KT. She's excused because she's leaving us next weekend. Vincent, good luck with your move to New Orleans. Remember to stay uptown and you'll be okay. I can finally relax when I eat with Mariah. The rash on my neck has not gone away. It doesn't look too good. I can sport a tote bag now. New Orleans made its way to the Kimmel Center. People decked out in Mardi Gras costumes and masks. Get your 40% off falafel from Tahini. Be sure to show your NYU ID. Sandrine, I can't wait to see Big Ben. Dr. Schwack, welcome back to civilization. McCain doesn't like Jimmy Carter. Pio Pio has yummy chicken. The service was prompt and very efficient. The pitchers of sangria cooled us down. Get your new e-mail accounts from ymail. According to Precious Nguyen, it's much faster than gmail. Go out there and reserve your handle before someone with the same name takes it away from you. Unfortunately, my full name was already taken.

July 23, 2008

Dolly make its way to the Mexican/South Texas border. Lou Dobbs thinks the liberal media gives too much air time to Obama and neglects McCain. Who wants to hear McCain talk any way? All he does is talk about experience this experience that. His campaign promise is to extend Bush's term. I can finally book airfares for my upcoming vacations. I'll try to pack light because everyone charges a fee to check bags. I was on iChat for the first time yesterday night. It was a lot of fun chit chatting with folks back home. People get on iChat to look at themselves. It's an electronic mirror to view all your blemishes. The apple guy never returned with his crispy apples. I came home to one fly in the restroom and one fly in the kitchen. The rain may have killed them all off. There are plenty of affordable housing on the UES. It's far from the downtown action. What does one do in Louisville, Kentucky besides taking equestrian lessons? Drive to nearby towns to take in the sights. I couldn't wait for the dessert truck. Those $5 desserts look yummy. I wonder if they are any good. Addison took in the sun down south while some of us have not taken our summer vacation yet.

July 22, 2008

It was another uneventful day. Thao reminded me that December is only 4 months away. Can you believe? We've passed the half way marker for this year and no one really paid any attention. Before you know it, we'll be shopping for Christmas presents. I now have blotches of itchy skin on my right arm and left knee. It all started with the big spot on my neck and left arm. I'm too lazy to transfer pictures from my old laptop to the new one. I also have a bunch of songs that I want moved over. According to my personal tech support guy, I can't import songs from an ipod to a computer. The transfer goes one way only... from computer to ipod. I brought my umbrella for nothing. Watch it rains tomorrow and I won't have my protection from the rain. I'm almost done with the Bollywood movie in my DVD player. Addison et al are back home on King Henry Ct. Ever since Felix left us for another building, the maintenance people don't keep up with toilet paper and other essentials. We continuously call for service. Felix, come back to Alumni Hall already! Live fish will eat your dead skin if you're willing to take on the latest fad in pedicures. The Upper East Side has the highest quality of living according to a recent study that used several factors such as access to the arts, academic institutions, health care, residents with college degrees, and unemployment rates. They should have factored in outside noise level, traffic vs. pedestrian, and access to mass transit. Beginning 10/27/2008, Vietnam Airlines will fly to the US for the first time. LAX will be its first destination. The airline intends on flying into San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and DFW at a later time.

July 21, 2008

Note to myself...I am allergic to sunscreen even if it is applied on someone else. Don't hug that person. A simple goodbye wave should suffice. Do not initiate any kind of body contact. The flies are back. I killed 7 in one hour. Luckily we have the fly swat. Whoever invented the swat is a genius. The swat goes in for the kill immediately. After a couple tries, the fly gets smashed against the wall. Why do flies even exist? I know bees pollinate flowers. Snakes control the rat population. Vultures feed on dead carcass. What do flies do other than annoy the heck out of you? Is Matthew Fox behind all the damage in "Vantage Point"? When waiting for a bus, line up in an orderly fashion. Don't jump all the way to the front like you're some VIP commuter. I sweat too much. Every time I step out and come back in, I change out my shirt. Sunday nights are a good time to unwind and relax before the work week begins.

July 20, 2008

I only had six hours of sleep. I can't sleep in on the weekends even if I sleep late the night before. I shipped out the ipod touch rebate, a package to 1341 King Henry Ct, and DVDs to Chi San in Arlington. I did this as my clothes were in the dryer. I didn't have cash for my dry cleaning. He said I could come back. The top dryer closest to the entrance will get you 8 minutes for $0.25. All other machines give you 6 minutes. The computer store gave me a full refund for the airport express. One of the girls got cranky for making her wait before the gym opened. The attendant allowed us to enter 1 minute early after the girl kept gripping about having to wait. I went down to the Apple store to learn about iLife. I rushed out of the store after getting an email from a potential buyer. I spoke with him and zoomed to my office to print the ticket. I met him in front of the Gap at Astor Place. After verifying my legitimacy, the deal was good to go. I took the bus uptown to Khoi's and met her for one second after meeting up with Thao. We ate flat peaches on the ride to Coney Island. Paul got off the train a few minutes before we "landed". While waiting in line for Nathan's dogs, Elicia and Joel appeared. The security guy gave us attitude. Elicia jumped in at the end to set him straight. We didn't even see the water because we kept five cameras busy. Yes, some of us were Coney Island virgins, including myself. The Q train went express all the way to Canal. The smelly fish at Viet Huong made me lose my appetite. According to Miss Berger, I have a parasite living inside me. I picked up a wireless mouse. I have no idea why people waited in line at the Apple store. I missed the Q32 bus and walked from 5th Ave to York Ave. An M31 bus came a couple minutes later. A nice cold shower ended a very long day of running around and sweating all over the place. My legs deserve a break.

July 19, 2008

I have ABBA in my head. Real actors do know how to sing. Professor Ross Geller's student girlfriend married on a Greek island. She invited her potential dads to marry her off. After 20 or songs later, she is still clueless. Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan sang their hearts out! I stayed late at the office. For 10 minutes, I was idled. Yes, can you imagine that? Next thing you know, I get "competing priorities" thrown at me. No sign of the topless neighbor today. The dry heat turned into humid steam. Magnolia has a second location on the UWS. When will the cupcakes craze end? I was online waiting for Addison, but he was too busy playing in the gulf. Yes, I don't have a car. My shoes take me where I need to go. An elderly man barely made it across 79th St. He paused in the middle of the street.

July 18, 2008

Geri rescheduled dinner for lunch. Rafael, I didn't make it up. Who really needs to schedule a hair appointment any way? I accomplished my goal yesterday. I saw the first lap band commercial on TV. Someone really moved in next door. I heard her slam her front door as she walked out stomping her high heels. The flies all died out. If I leave after 7AM, it takes close to 45 minutes. If I am on the bus before 7AM, I'm in my office by 7:30AM. Jacq oi! Bon Voyage! Have a blast in France! Anh Vinh, you can take whatever pictures you want. Miley sings it up in Bryant Park. Her dad is probably there as well. The post office near my office opens very early. Too bad they didn't have packaging supplies. All I saw were Express and Priority Mail envelopes. I went crazy at M2M market. I stocked up on "afternoon" snacks, pineapple for breakfast, and lunch for the day. Use your credit card whenever you can to rack up on points. Those points will then turn into cash. I only use cash when the merchant does not accept credit cards or requires a minimum purchase. Associated does not have quality food on sale any more. They put leftovers on sale. Are we keeping up with inflation? Can someone just call it like it is already? We are in a recession and let's deal with it! According to Karen, I shouldn't feel guilty for eating out. One of my neighbors cooked topless in her kitchen. Her window blinds were open for all to see. After she saw me peering down, she stepped into another room and put on a top. If I were her, I would've just closed the blinds. It's not like I stood at window just to see her cook. I was in my kitchen minding my business as I washed my dishes.

July 17, 2008

I think someone finally moved in next door. I heard nothing but banging and slamming this morning before 6:15AM. I don't know what the heck they were doing. I wanted to bang on the wall to shut them up because it was way too early for all that noise. After almost a week of waiting and anticipating, my mac is finally ready for pick-up. I found an empty pack of Parliament Lights in my locker at the gym. Is this a sign of some sort? We all get many chances to accomplish our goals. If our intentions change, we swerve to the side and embark on an alternative route. It's time to hit the books again. This time, you'll know what to expect. Mr. Jin gave me a study guide and CD to get me started. Liem, you should have the original versions now. I signed up to YouSendIt just for you! I went crazy on fried eggs and Nathan's french fries. I'm off to Coney Island this weekend. I think this is the third weekend in a row where I venture into Brooklyn. I am quite fond of that borough now. Another wish to the Nguyens on a safe trip to Florida! Leave your worries behind and enjoy the sunshine state!

July 16, 2008

For all you ladies carrying big bags, leave those bags at home or pack them in a car instead of taking up space in the train. The same rule applies to you backpack-wearing passengers! Have the common courtesy to put the bag between your legs or on your foot when standing. This will allow another person to fit into the train. Plus, your bags are filthy and they have stained my sparkling, crispy white shirts. I showed up an hour earlier than the screening time. I walked home to change into more comfortable clothes. Those folding chairs can get pretty uncomfortable after 30 minutes. My favorites were the first few ones...The Contest, Giving Care, and Light Years. What would you do if you know the world will end in eight minutes? If you're lucky, you're with your loved ones and can share the last few moments together. I gave my second chicken biscuit sandwich to Gene. He zapped it in the microwave. The biscuit turned into butter. He threw what's left of the biscuit out and savored the pork-like chicken. Let there be light on us all. We want the summer sun to devour the emptiness of a dark soul. UHC keeps sending me EOB's from the eye and ear infirmary people. Do not go there for treatment. They treat you like cattle and the service sucked! Why couldn't I just go to NYU for real doctors?

July 15, 2008

I promise to stay later at the office once Fall is back in session. I get there early so I can leave at a reasonable time. The train was very crowded yesterday morning. I left ahead of schedule to beat the rush but everyone else thought the same thing too. Obama and his wife are portrayed on the cover of "The New Yorker" as Pro-Osama! The magazine says it's a satire to poke fun at fear tactics, but any reasonable person would think otherwise. I bake with perfect precision. I yield to others to cook real food. I have no idea how to season. My mom never uses a measuring cup and the food comes out great every single time. I can never give up desserts. Turning off the a/c during the day wasn't so bad after all. It took a few minutes for the room to cool down. I'm not sure about going completely green by summer end. You would think the American pageant queens learned their lesson last year. They decided a repeat would be appropriate. Bia ba muoi ba tastes like sparking water. The alcohol leaked through the bottle as it traveled across the Pacific Ocean. Khanh, I want your gigantic computer screen! If you feel like throwing it away, call me up first. I'll carry it to Manhattan on my back. I don't have a foot fetish. I guarantee!

July 14, 2008

I got off of the D train into a very quiet neighborhood. Birds chirping and restless leaves were the sounds I heard. It's even more quiet than King Henry Ct. I ate yummy cupcakes from the UES. They made it all the way to Brooklyn. I ate more cupcakes on Jacqueline's rooftop. Ngoc fed us dirt. I don't like using band-aids. I always forget to discard them. More American soldiers die in Afghanistan. Miss USA slips once again. It is mandatory to wear helmets in Vietnam when driving or riding a motorbike. Addison played with the tent I got him years ago. I wonder why it stayed in the attic all this time. Not only did Chang cooked, she cooked from scratch. The world is coming to an end. My laptop cannot survive without being plugged into the wall. The battery died years ago along with other components. I expect my MacBook Pro any day now. Get ice at a deli on Mulberry and Prince. Happy Bastille Day!

July 13, 2008

If you want to know how to film in Manhattan, ask me and I'll tell you. The mayor's office for film can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Steal those shots in the subway and other iconic landmarks. Sit in the back when riding the bus unless you're Khoi fearing for your safety. Cambodian food tastes like Thai food but not as spicy. Pinkberry with mango never tasted so good with a cool breeze and stroll along 2nd Ave. Yes, Todd was in the presence of two Kim's. Short people do not have a Napoleon complex. Tony graced us with his soulful voice. Alex donned his Jamaican rapper alter ego. Tim had a bit too much to drink but I'm glad he got it out of his system. It's always better that way! The lady server kept feeding us shots. I stopped after the second one and stayed with Sapporo. Tammy and her tall buzzed friend like to shout! All is well, yet a probation period remains for more than two months. Nha Trang hosts the Miss Universe pageant.

July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to the guy who bought my laser printer! The dryer didn't really dry my clothes. Some of the t-shirts were still wet. I had to use the big machine this week. I confiscated a few items from a satellite location and brought them back home where they belong. Keep smoking those cigarettes to end your life early. A couple flies made their return, but we killed them with the amazing fly swat. I know where to go get my titles. It's the Title I lady at Gretna Junior High! If for some reason you don't see daily entries here in the near future, it means I died from a freak pedestrian/car accident or was killed by a nasty force of nature or by an insane stalker. Yes, show that patriotic picture to Mom and Dad. They'll be proud of their son! Chi San, thank goodness you explained the male voice greeting on your answering machine. I wondered whether I had the wrong number. I did say goodbye. I'm not rude. At this point, I don't care. People forget things when they have alcohol in their system. However, it's not an excuse to neglect priorities.

July 11, 2008

Apparently, Internal Audit uses fancy paper. When I gave a printout to the guy at the computer store, he commented on my fancy paper. He tried looking through the paper and could not see his hand on the other side. He also felt the paper's smooth finish compared to the low-quality paper he and his colleagues use. Gene mentioned getting heckled for using fancy paper as well. I told the guy we often print with color. I think that's the reason why we print with "fancy" paper. Am I correct, Megan? Khoi, sorry again for keeping you waiting. I promise to keep my cellphone on me at all times. I hope you got what you needed. I can't commit to all-you-can-eat-and-drink plus karaoke, but I am always down for singing. It's a waste money when I go to all-you-can-eat buffets. I eat one plate of real food and another plate of desserts and I'm set. Perhaps I should slow down and take my time. Did I mention not to make grilled cheese sandwiches with Country Crock? That buttery spread takes forever to grill. Today is the Friday before Bastille Day. To observe this wonder occasion, we are allowed to start the weekend early by one hour. Those NYU SCPS course bulletins continue to get fancier and fancier. To my fellow Nguyens, have fun in Florida! Sorry I can't be there to soak up the sun. Mel, congratulations on becoming a title 1 official! All that's missing now is next year's graduation. Eddie starred in a Filipino independent movie.

July 10, 2008

American and United lost money because of decrease in business. Who wants to even fly with them any more? They charge for every little thing. American no longer offers direct flights from LGA to MSY. I think I already mentioned this in a prior entry. I renewed my webhosting service provider for another year. I no longer need "forever" stamps other than to send birthday/holiday cards and postcards. The postal service will increase the price of its first class stamps every year. Be sure to stock up on those "forever" stamps. Tourists and locals are encouraged to visit Staten Island. Don't take the free ferry from Lower Manhattan and get back on the returning ferry. Stay on the island and hop on a Gray Line trolley to see the wonders of Staten Island. Someone from SI's commerce association paid me to write those things. The Japanese has a standing army ready and willing to fight. Stop escorting them and put them to good use. A bug got to Debby today. Maybe it's the same one that's been biting me. I wore a green tie to match with my falafel.

July 9, 2008

McCain thinks he'll win California. Most of the African leaders are long time dictators with a reputation for violently suppressing their rivals. The great industrial leaders meet in Japan to talk about food shortage as they sip champagne and chow down way too much food. Kids with a known cholesterol history in their family are advised to take Lipitor. Nicole Kidman gave birth to Sunday. A-Rod and Madonna are knocking the boots. Spicy chicken basil udon replaces chicken with cashews as my favorite dish at Cafetasia. There's Cambodian food on the UES! Standing water blocked us from leaving the basement. A couple false fire alarms kept us on our toes. The gym attendant told me to say "win" next time instead of saying "N G". The girl next to him even spelled out my last name. Gene gave up his jacket due to the humid heat. My stash of munches comes in handy when the afternoon hunger kicks in. Japas has way too many locations in Manhattan. Shamsia, good to see you lost all that weight! Loyola is wrong for making you antsy folks wait. Instead of a fly crisis at home, we now have a fruitfly dilemna at work. From now on, I will refrain from eating fruit at my desk.

July 8, 2008

Stop beating a dead horse. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Keyword "Amber" on your pandora station and you'll hear my favorites from back in the day. I am double booked on Sunday. Why can't it be on Saturday? I like to relax on a school night. It sucks that the midtown center does not have wireless access. I'm shocked! Luckily Bryant Park has free wireless for all you laptoppers! I have four mosquito bites on my left arm. Well, I'm not sure if they are mosquito bites, but some insect munched on my entire left arm. I didn't have them when I went to work. I noticed them in the late afternoon. First we have big cockroaches in the restroom area. Now we have to deal with meat-eating insects. Sunrise Mart closed yesterday. I settled for a salmon sandwich from Panya's. The fruit guy hooked me up with fresh bananas straight from the box. I'm not fortunate to live near Chinatown where they have cheap, fresh veggies and fruits. Coco says hello. Anh Vinh, how is Nammy? Is he behaving well?

July 7, 2008

The Wimbledon men's championship took forever. It's the longest match in history. A lady yelled at me and several other young people for not giving up our seats to an elderly woman. We all kept our mouths shut and allowed her to vent. I live next to a somewhat nice public pool. To gain access, you must bring a lock to lock up your things. It's difficult choosing good oranges. I bought a couple. One turned out to be dry and the other one came with seeds. I'm glad I brought a couple of Ngoc's 12 layer cookies home with me. I need new comfortable flip flops. Taiwan is known as Chinese Taipei. Associated didn't have anything on sale. Go live in Plano, Texas if you want to save money. Health, Education, Government, and Hospitality are good, stable industries.

July 6, 2008

I woke up way too late yesterday. I got that photography task completed timely unlike some other folks out there. Thay Nam's foot gives me the creeps. There wasn't too much pushing and shoving at the gym. I ate Vanessa's dumplings after a long hiatus. I stocked up much needed household goods. The fly swat works wonders! I decided on where to eat and Jacq picked the movie. The theater cooked us up. No one was in the laundromat. I always forget which machines are good for free service. I end up choosing the first machine right and having to pay for the second load.

July 5, 2008

We survived our adventure in Brooklyn. I enjoyed the Murakami Exhibit. I hate to say it but my favorite part was watching the cartoons. The artist is stuck on manure. I don't know why. The Lonely Cowboy and his equally provocative female partner made a big splash in one of the exhibition rooms. I expected more in the LV room. I thought they transformed a whole room to look like Chinatown's Canal St. The shuttle to Ikea took minutes. The big ole bus drove up and down the narrow streets of Brooklyn. It really does remind me of a small town. Be sure to bring a bag for your things unless you want to fork up $0.59 for a big blue bag. We bumped into a couple German Asians on the bus. Phuong, next time teach me "hello" and "goodbye"! I expected a small rooftop, but Chi Kim's place could have accommodated a couple hundred. Of the 3 fireworks display, we had a full view of the one in the middle. People in Brooklyn are nice. Wade, we need to drink next time! I was, of course, on the winning team of Cranium once again. I lost to Khoi in tennis...and to Wade. Twan was a pissed off Asian avatar. The trains took forever. I got played when the 6 train appeared after I hopped on the 4. Ngoc, all the best to you on installing an a/c unit after SIX YEARS! You don't play!

July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day! The flies made their return yesterday. Although the number of flies has decreased, we continue to have a crisis on our hands. Fogging the place seems like a plan but it involves way too many chemicals. I wouldn't want to live in a space, a small space I might add, with pesticides clinging to my walls and furniture. I'm down to the last batch of Mama's spring rolls. My hair smells like fried food. When you don't know how to make nuoc cham, go downstairs to a Chinese/Vietnamese place and buy the sauce. I bought mine from Noodles 28. I can never get that darn sauce right. I either make it too sour or too fishy. We somewhat took advantage of the early release, but we all chickened out. Brooklyn here I come!

July 3, 2008

Mission Accomplished: the apt. is free of flies! Those hanging fly traps may be an eye sore, but they definitely work. For a couple bucks, you get four of those hanging fly traps. Give it until the next day for the fly traps to work. I came home with beaucoup flies stuck to the traps. The exterminator is coming tomorrow to do some serious spraying. Hopefully, this ends the "flies" crisis. We ate at Patsy's for lunch. For future reference, one pizza and one family size salad should suffice. We had plenty of leftover pizza. Thao oi! Your confession is complete and your sins are forgiven. You may go and be sinful again until your next confession with Cha Toan. No one responded to my craigslist posting for the US Open grounds admission pass. If I can't sell it, I'll go by myself. I'm interested to see how our summer business hours will work. In a perfect world, we can all agree on a set schedule. In reality, it's a bit more complicated than that. Mrs. Rodriguez, we have lots to talk about this weekend. I'll call you at some point this weekend. Happy Birthday, Julie! Also a big happy birthday to my saintly cuz in H-town! This one is dedicated to Thay Dung. Notice the knuckle pose...

July 2, 2008

Tram oi! Next time, don't forget to include the last two letters of your name. I spent a couple hours last night killing flies. Yes, it really is getting out of hand. The flies have multiplied in great number. They took over the kitchen, Joe's room, and the restroom. I killed a bunch of them with a magazine. Joe killed some yesterday morning. I also hung some fly traps. We have a small opening in the restroom window. I closed it up with some makeshift sealer. Hopefully, that should fix the problem. I can deal with insects and all other little critters. They don't scare me one bit. Nita cried for help because of a huge cockroach around the restroom area. It took me some time to kill it because it moved very fast. Snakes, on the other hand, are a different story. I get freaked out with snakes. Joel and Rafael, take me to some Latin or Hispanic places already. I don't know of any good ones. All I know are a couple Cuban places and a Mexican place on 1st Ave. You cannot buy any Subway sandwiches for $5 any more. They allow you to select from a small variety. That southern iced tea in the late afternoon was just perfect. Thanks for sharing, VL! To Miss Eager Beaver, mazel tov on exchanging your course pack for the right one! Happy Birthday, Ba Noi!

July 1, 2008

Who is TR and why did you share a video of people getting stuffed into a Japanese commuter train? No more $17 ramen noodles at Ippudo! Why pay more when there are cheaper alternatives out there. I wish I had a fancy office with a spectacular view of the Empire State Building...or was it the Chrysler building? Anyways, it doesn't matter. I can change my fate. I was put on this planet to work in a building basement. I'm not complaining. There were five flies in my restroom. I leave the window open to let fresh air in. I keep forgetting to buy those fly traps at Kmart. It really is getting out of hand. These flies need to stay outside where it's hot and humid. They like all of that, don't they?