July 28, 2013

Paris was magical. It definitely looks and feels like what I know about Paris.

July 23, 2013

The first two days consisted of meetings back to back with some time to document what was discussed. We have a few more meetings this week with none scheduled for Friday. No one really wears ties here during the summer time. Next week should not be as intense. It should be mostly wrapping up for the close-out. We haven't really had time to eat at the many restaurants nearby for lunch. We just go across the street to the supermarket to pick up pre-made sandwiches, fruit, and chips. I found these fiber cookies that are by far better than the ones in Abu Dhabi. Queena and I found these fiber cookies that were ridiculously addictive. She bought a box in New York thinking it would taste the same as the ones in Abu Dhabi, but no success. I picked up some today and they are quite tasty. They are even packaged in small bags. This has been the highlight of my day other than relocating to a new office that is much cooler and bigger than the one originally assigned to us. Something about a small office gives out so much heat...Happy Birthday, Mike in Vietnam! Enjoy your 42nd year! I share in your celebration because I already possess "42".

July 21, 2013

Alright so I am finally getting around to this. What has happened since I last posted something? Let's just say I used the beach umbrella a couple times. It's nice to have shade in the middle of all the beach sun. The train ride out to the beach is not so bad. Next time, I will stay on the train so it can make that left turn. The transfer to a shuttle doesn't really make any sense. The fish tacos were pretty good. The batter was crunchy and had a nice texture. The seasoning was just right. We couldn't get away from the loud neighbors. They kept finding us. Averne by the Sea seems quite tempting. Do I want a 1.5 hour commute each day every day? United has gotten so much better. I think they get it now. We can choose any airline we want. It all boils down to customer service. At this time last year, I took a similar flight. That flight was nothing special. It was literally, "Here's your food. Now, got to sleep and try not to bother me while I gossip with my coworker!" It was not the case this time around. It was all smiles and friendly faces. They are definitely bringing it back. It's Lufthansa next weekend and Delta in a couple weeks. Let's see how Delta stacks up against United. The flight on Delta is not a flat bed though. It's a sleeper seat, which comes out to an angle. I forgot to bring my boat shoes. It's all about the desert boots and work shoes. People who don't clean up after themselves at a self service place should be arrested and heavily fined. There is literally a trash can next to your table and you can't pick up after yourself? The first meal I ate was sushi served by a Vietnamese girl. The Vietnamese place next door was closed. I like to sample Vietnamese food. In Poland, it was very Chinese inspired even if the cook was Vietnamese. I don't think I found any in Madrid but I did eat Chinese food. The bikes here are super heavy duty. Each bike has a basket in the back to carry stuff. No one wears helmets. Everyone bikes! Entrances to subway stations are usually in the middle of the street. For our first day of work, we will cab it to the office. I think we will do the subway for the remainder of the trip. The train ride should take less than 15 minutes and the stops are outside of the hotel and academic center. Hilton needs to get their wifi in order.

July 1, 2013

Hopefully I will be a bit more proactive this month.