July 27, 2018

Friday is finally here and I still haven't decided on whether to make the drive to Dallas alone. I really hate driving and it's worse when I'm in the car by myself for hours at a time. I don't mind being a passenger or having someone be a passenger if I am driving long distance. The day trips to Tulsa for work are fine if there is someone in the passenger seat. Like Elise says, we don't need to talk. We just need NPR playing. I think I can take a break from watering the lawn and flowerbed today. Rain is coming later tonight after not having rain for over a week. I am trying to keep the yard looking fresh and green. I see my neighbors' lawn turning yellow, which is expected in the middle of summer. I don't think they are religiously watering their lawn. What's the point of watering the grass when they're just going to die anyway? Maybe my focus should be on the flowerbed and leave the grass alone.

July 26, 2018

The latest season of Million Dollar Listing New York is pretty good. I was glued to the TV for four episodes last night. Let's thank the folks out there who still have cable TV. They are the true heroes who allow me to use their cable tv login to watch my favorite shows on demand. I'm still trying to figure out whether to go to Dallas for the weekend or not. Sham's second baby is due tomorrow and Julie is gone on Sunday. I could visit with Anh Quan and Chi San, but I can probably see them on another day. One of the garage door guys came out a couple days ago. The other one never showed up yesterday. I am going to go with the first guy and won't take any more bids. It's time to get those garage doors working again so we can get this house on the market. If we put it on the market in late August, we can probably put the house on the home tour. It will be cutting it close though. Who is to say the house will sell immediately, plus it takes about 30 days to close on the house. This means we are off to Chris and Sharon's to stay for a couple months until we find the new house. I do not want to leave Linwood!

July 25, 2018

What do you do when bae is out of town? You make Kraft mac and cheese and throw some of your mom's pork floss on top of it. It was heaven. This is always my first meal when Paul is away. The next days are pretty much a combination of banh mi, banh cuon, and sometimes Raising Cane's. Throw some Totino's pizza in there too...That reminds me, I am running low on some staples. I always need butter, eggs, and almond milk. I can pretty much make anything with what we have already stocked but having those three ingredients makes a big difference. You have a lot more options. I thought about going to Dallas for the weekend but Sham will just have given birth and Julie will be gone on Sunday. I am saving the Dallas trip for next weekend. The dead plants have been replaced with new ones. I am getting the garage doors fixed as we speak. Hopefully today's quote will be competitive so we can get started on getting them fixed. Sergio continues to swing by every week. You have to love e-money. There's really no need to exchange cash anymore. Hilaire is holding out. The day she switches to e-money will be the day Trump is no longer in office.

July 23, 2018

July 19, 2018

July 18, 2018

July 17, 2018

Thank you guys for making Saigon Market extra special! It was also very nice to come home to another surprise courtesy of the Bullard ladies. Paul and I are blessed to have you all!

July 2, 2018

The Sackmans came and went. Baby Oliver also came along. He was a good kid throughout the whole weekend. Baby Colin also got to play with him but I think they played independently from one another. Kids at this age tend to focus on themselves and not share. Shangri La was good to us. We hung out at the pool for both days. I drove a golf cart for the first time. The trick is to remove the park gear to get you moving along. The Pilot didn't break down just like Paul suspected. He really does live on the edge. I was worried going up there but after the guy told him in Grove that he can drive to Florida with that nail in the tire, I didn't worry as much anymore. I am happy to report that as of this morning, the car oil has been changed, including the a/c filter. The tires are rotated and the nail is gone. Have fun in San Antonio guys! Carter, try not to party too hard!