June 30, 2008

Heavy downpours were on and off throughout the day. Luckily, I brought my umbrella. I learned my lesson from yesterday. I mapped out our itinerary for July 4th. The three destinations are within 20 minutes of one another. That's not too bad. I don't look good in lime green. It took quite a few limes to get the color I want. We didn't have yellow, but were colorful enough to outshine everyone else. I dropped off my lunch at the office instead of carrying the smelly food home on the bus. Oy Khoi! I learned a few more words with those flash cards. I like reading the "chicken soup" book because of the side-by-side languages. I want more snickerdoodles! I see a bake-off in the near future. We already have 4 contestants. Anyone else up for it? Brad, please no more Japanese t-shirts. You don't need to let people know about your yellow fever. I like reconciling my checkbook at the end of the month. Mai-Lan said hi to me. She is too precious! I don't think I'm the one holding the blue umbrella in the back.

June 29, 2008

We finished our class and partied it up with pizza and exotic chips. Those interesting flavors can be quite addictive. The strong storms kept people inside. After hailing a cab, it stopped raining immediately. We gave up the cab and walked the remaining two blocks. Dat picked up a very yummy ice cream tiramisu cake. We definitely needed the cool chillax cake after sweating for a couple hours in the open courtyard. Those a/c fans didn't really help. I think we all lost our voices at Sing Sing...the one in alphabet city. Apparently, I'm the last person to know of the original Sing Sing on Ave. A. Happy Birthday, Kim Pheezy!

June 28, 2008

Nature became a killer to folks in the Northeast. People ran away from the wind. We can never explain nature. We like to think we know nature, but we don't. It was another bad movie from M. Night. People laughed and chuckled. The writing could not get any worse. I'm not a movie expert, but I felt embarrassed for the guy. Oh, he didn't appear in this movie. He was a cellphone call, but we never really heard his voice. Let's just call him "Joey" from Boston. Gene celebrated Paul Bunyan day yesterday by letting the kids out an hour early. I couldn't take advantage of the early release until it was closer to regular closing hours. You can't top door to door service in Manhattan. Just the thought of not having to ride public transportation and having full control of where you want to go is rare and much appreciated. The credit card number went through successfully after several failed attempts. Thank you again to Dr. Sharma for the "brother". Happy Birthday to Janice and Ngoc!...also Chi Tara!

June 27, 2008

My shirt smelled yesterday after walking outside. Karen febrezed me when we got back to the office. Alex, I hope you feel better by tonight. We wouldn't want you to be stuck at home with some bug bite. That's what I heard from Miss Dang. Speaking of bug bites, I had one not too long ago. It grew in size and color. It finally went away. My vacation plans are up in the air again. I have until the end of this weekend to make a decision. It's frustrating trying to coordinate a vacation with more than one person. People have other obligations and work on a different schedule. I should just go away by myself to a deserted island. John, tell the Chinese Mickey Mouse I said "ni hao"! I found you, Janet! Now we can catch up on old times. This year's Miss Universe will be in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Tune into your local NBC station on Sunday, July 13th. I've always wanted to make banh khoai mi. I found this cookbook and wanted to buy it, but it was too expensive for that one recipe. I'll bring my camera next time to take a snapshot of the recipe. Yes, that's pretty bad of me. It's too hot today! We are back in the 90's now. Is House still in the house?

June 26, 2008

Don't bother calling me. I'll be dead asleep. Speaking of calls, I didn't pick up a phone call from yesterday afternoon because I couldn't get my tape player to work. I like to have the sound of restaurant noise in the background when I pick up the phone. It sounds like I'm doing something with important people. Yes, it's make believe. Anh Vinh did not send a "special people" e-mail to Khoi. I guess she's not that special on A. Vinh's list. Hillary and Obama will finally hold hands! Go Democrats! A guy was handing out flyers this morning right outside the subway stop. He asked if I was a Republican. I gave him a big "No!". I think he found his people for ever 20 who passed by.

June 25, 2008

Why would someone want to work in a stressful environment? I wouldn't want to be surrounded with trauma and high strung co-workers. It's not my cup of tea. I made a mistake and took the train to 86th St. I focused on studying the finals handout that Thay Nam posted. I lost track of where I was and passed my home stop. I blame those vocabulary words that he's making us learn. I closed up shop and went back to my office (for now). Richard thought I've been on vacation all this time. Rafael, I don't have make-believe dinners. They are real. You have your make-believe movie screenings and birthday outings. For someone who just moved here, you sure have a lot of friends. Sandrine, I can push back one week. That's not a problem. Please let me know the exact dates. Ngoc has a pretty cool job. She sings and dances with beautiful people. I think she even drinks on her job. Jacq, I'm done sending you evites. Your employer needs to loosen up and stop blocking you left and right. How about laying off of AIM and get some work done? I hear those AIM bells while on the phone with you. I tried again today to get more US Open tickets...no luck! Chang, good luck with your last week! Knock 'em dead and kick some serious butt!

June 24, 2008

I feel guilty for leaving the a/c on all day. I'll try to turn it off during the not-so-hot days. All these colors of the rainbow talk reminds me of Care Bears. I watched the cartoon when I was a kid. I'm not sure how old I was. I remembered watching that and Jem in the mornings before school. That was in California. Then they started showing "Saved By the Bell". Corny sitcoms replaced the kiddie cartoons. Both of my hands were free this afternoon. I left the gym bag in the locker. I won't need it until Friday when I pick up my dirty laundry. Babies are precious, especially newborns. I wear a size large at Uniqlo. Is that insane or what? The left foot is a bit better today. I tried not to walk as much as possible. I put in my request for time off between now and December. I have days planned out through the new year. The Nam Le book is taking a backseat to Ken Follett's "World Without End". Jeeb Thai called me over the weekend to confirm the reservation. They thought dinner was for last Saturday, June 21st. Luckily I gave them my number and they called to confirm. I told them it's for this Saturday instead. I asked for a receipt from SSS. Good call, Scott! J.Crew ends its 25% off sale this Wednesday. All sale items get an additional 25% off.

June 23, 2008

Last week was non-stop from Monday to Sunday. I will take it easy this week. The LES is my newest favorite neighborhood. Those cupcakes on Rivington probably have something to do with my interest in the LES. Thanks to Ngoc, I now know where to go for cheap and yummy cupcakes below Houston. They had pistachio cupcakes yesterday. It took us three attempts to decide on a cocktail place. We found Kampucha Noodle Bar. Scott spilled his first drink after having difficulty explaining to the waitress what he wanted. The simple word of "pineapple" coming from a Texan can be confusing to the average American. Give the man a full refund on those shoes and move on! The rain came down hard again. The only thing I recommend from Bun Soho is the watermelon smoothie. They scoop out real watermelon instead of using concentrate. I refuse to go sing with people who sing well. My attempts at singing a simple song is quite pathetic. I'll sit and cheer everyone else on. It's not worth making a fool of myself. Mr. Infante, we play phone tag once again. I hope you were able to get tickets to that park show thing. The bottom of my left foot hurts. I'm lopsided. In other words, my left leg is slightly longer than my right leg. That explains the pain at the bottom of my left foot. I often anchor myself on the left foot. Ever since Hong told me that I am uneven, I've been extra careful of how I stand. How was Broadway Bares? We need you to be ready for another party this Saturday. This time, you won't have to work. Kim Thao, I'm glad you're staying! Don't go back home just yet.

June 22, 2008

After the parade, I stopped by the Nintendo store. Those Wii's were selling like hotcakes. We'll hear more about the rock band thing soon. A group was asked to go practice in the back before performing again. I walked all over today. Instead of taking the train at 42nd, we walked up to 47th. The out-of-towners sucked it up and were excellent sports. Everyone had stuff on sale. I got really good deals at J. Crew and Banana Republic. I didn't see anything at H&M. I'm slowly removing myself from H&M and reverting back to the "old school" brands. I can't sing. I want to hear a duet from Kim Thao and Khanh. Stop asking about Chang. I skipped class for the first time. I felt guilty at first but got over it quickly. Alex, you didn't get to rock the mic this time around. It was nice getting door to door service from 88 to Apple. Goesta parked the car directly in front of the bar's entrance. Chi Dao and I agreed on a pact. We kept our word. Don't get up from your seat before the train comes to a complete stop. It's irritating having to move yourself around to accommodate that inpatient person. I hate losing my grip! A u-turn is different from a right turn.

June 21, 2008

I was on a tight schedule again yesterday. I played the Wii for the first time last night. Playing tennis with three other people became quite competitive. It was a close call with Cranium as well. Ronald has his version of the shopping game. The female gender tends to pick up on the shopping game before anyone else. Andy ruined it for everyone by yelling out the rule. I'm still trying to figure out which washers are free. I seem to get 50% correct every single week. I bought new running shoes. It's about time!

June 20, 2008

Get the berry smooth version at Berrywild. You won't taste the shaved ice. The media got tired of talking about the men. Now they are after the women behind the men. Cindy was a bit cruel with her response on GMA. Laura defended Michelle even if they don't share the same party. The folks from CNN even went all the way to Vietnam with Cindy to ask her the same question. Can we all just focus on the real candidates and not their spouses? Do we really want our troops to stay in Iraq for a few more years so big American oil companies can get their hands on those oil drills? Or, should we focus on alternative fuel and remove our troops immediately? I go for the latter. When ordering Mexican corn on the cob, tell them to go easy on cayenne pepper. I'm too old to go out for drinks on a Thursday night. Dinner after work should do it. Kathy Griffin has been using quite a bit of profanity. I never noticed it before. Black does not qualify as a color in the rainbow. It goes against the spectrum of colors...whatever that means! Congratulations are in order for the Wilt Petersons! Amelia is finally here!

June 19, 2008

Mrs. Obama came on "The View" and knuckled everyone hello. Mrs. McCain wants us to volunteer and bring happiness to the world. I missed the rain when running in between buildings. Loc, enjoy the rest of your stay here in New York and Connecticut. Good luck with your fellowship! I keep forgetting to take Sudafed. It's difficult trying to keep my nose to stay dry. Don't get me wrong...it's a lot better than Spring and Fall. Those two seasons are the most difficult for me. I moved my computer closer to the window where I can view the bright sunshine. There's just too much to do during the summer and not enough time. I finally rented a locker at the gym. My dirty shoes can stay in the locker. Speaking of which, I need new shoes. They "talk" to me when I walk.

June 18, 2008

I ate banh mi and a macaroon cupcake prior to eating Thai tapas. It totally ruined my appetite. It's difficult looking like a criminal. The cigarette helped. Maybe Jacq needed to get in the mood. We look young for our age. The new drinking age minimum is 18 according to Jeeb Thai. Ngoc is ahead of the game in living here the longest. No one works around me. Everyone is either in midtown or downtown. Yes, I make up my dinners. I press "play" when Rafael calls. It's fun imagining these get togethers that never happen.

June 17, 2008

Agnes left and was replaced by Debby. I don't hear much Polish any more. It felt nice being back in the office again. I walked through the long tunnel that connects the red line to the L train. I should have taken the L all the way to 8th Ave and connect to the blue line. I was a few minutes late for the book reading on the UWS. It was pretty cool hearing a Vietnamese guy speak with an Australian accent. The last time I heard such a thing was when a family came to visit from Australia. This was a long time ago. The parents spoke in broken English, but their young daughter spoke just like an Australian native. Well, she was born there of course. When foreigners hear us, do they think our American accent is cool too? Sandrine tried imitating how Americans speak. It did not sound nice at all. She made it sound like we're from Bush country. I slept without the a/c on. I haven't done that in a very long time. Bloomberg will close off a good chunk of Park Ave. during three separate Saturdays in August to allow pedestrians and cyclists to roam freely.

June 16, 2008

It was a long day yesterday. We spent all day sweating and hovering over spring rolls and banh mi. We managed to keep the food safe and dry through a couple thunderstorms. I laughed at some of Hoai's jokes. Chi Dao, I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess for you to clean up. Those Broadway people have amazing voices. How do they do it? Don't travel in the subway with those pickled veggies. People will think you're carrying trash.

June 15, 2008

My team and I rolled beaucoup eggrolls. We finished ahead of schedule. The employee discount comes in handy when buying textbooks. East Indians congregate at Washington Square for some sari fun. I like ringing the bell for service. Wendy's gave me my free frosty float. Alana kicked some serious butt in class. She made everyone look really bad. I congratulate her on a job well done! Heavy rain awaited us as we left class. Jacqueline hailed a cab for Chi Kim and me. We made a detour because 3rd Ave. had another street fair. I slaved in the kitchen again to bake a couple batches of cookies. I almost burnt the last batch. Sua is allergic to wheat. My television and internet died at 9:17PM. I re-opened "World Without End" and continued where I left off months ago. Megan, are you officially a family of three now? It's Sunday morning and I am awake at 5:30AM. You're asking why I'm up so early on a Sunday morning? My floor rattled and shook as though someone was drilling from downstairs. I thought the floor would burst any minute from the drilling. I grabbed my phone and was ready to call maintenance or 911 in case of an emergency. I walked out of my bedroom and into my roommate's room because the drilling noise was louder in his room. It turns out, his vibrating alarm went off at 5:30AM. Joe wasn't home to turn it off. I separated the buzzing device from the alarm clock to prevent "snoozing". I couldn't go back to sleep. I had to be up early any way to do laundry. Happy Father's Day!

June 14, 2008

I passed!

June 13, 2008

M. Night has a new movie out today. I got bored with his last flick...something about a lady in the water. I sat all day in front of the computer trying to stay productive. When sitting in the subway, keep your sunglasses on. People won't know you're giving them the evil eye. I don't like Michelle Obama. Mrs. McCain, on the other hand, is a bit more soft spoken. Do we really care about the wives? One of them will be our first lady. Poor Hillary...she will not be the VP after all. Who knows...maybe she'll run for governor next year against Bloomberg. Bloomberg will win for sure. He has bipartisan support behind him. Thao, did you get your picture with the mayor yet? Thay Nam, I'm not lazy. I think some of my fellow classmates are lazy. Today is the last day of my "vacation". I'm due back down at Astor Place in a couple days. Take Benadryl if you have trouble sleeping. One pill will knock you out within a heartbeat. I bought these $0.01 stamps from a USPS kiosk. My mail gets delayed when I use the $0.01 stamps in addition to the $0.41 stamps. I refuse to throw away the $0.41 stamps. Here's a "green" tip for the day...blow your nose in the restroom sink to save on kleenex. Your waste is mixed in with water and it's treated like any other waste with no carbon footprint. Speaking of which, what is a carbon footprint? I'm hearing a lot about this footprint thing. Pheezy, you don't have to respond back on my wall. I'll get to wikipedia for the answer. Have a Happy Friday the 13th!

June 12, 2008

Megan, one more day and you will be home free. Well, assuming that the little one is ready to come out. My mom called me today. Addison woke up from his nap. Apparently, the little guy still likes his warm milk. Can we do something about this? Make him drink that thing without heating it up. He needs to get with it! I wonder if he misses school. When school is back in session in the Fall, get a handkerchief ready because rain drops will flow all over the place. When he grows up, he will realize that everyone around him has exploited him in some way shape or form. We're like those moms who train their daughters to compete in beauty pageants. Speaking of which, did any of you see the program on MTV about the little pageant queens? Those competitions freaked me out. I feel sorry for those kids. These moms parade their daughters on stage because they didn't get a chance to compete when they were young. It's just shameful! Back to Addison, he has a facebook page, his own e-mail address, an electronic car (word is, he might be getting a BMW to match with his parents), and youtube clips. The congressman from Ohio introduces a bill to impeach President Bush. He tried doing the same thing last year for Dick Cheney. A crazy madman killed a bunch of people in Japan after crashing his car into them and getting out of the car to stab his victims. Stabbing is a big deal in London too according to Sandrine. Here we have plain ole guns to kill each other instantly. Every where else, it's all about knives. As of now, I am the only one with a US Open grounds admission pass for Saturday, August 30th. Should I sell the ticket or suck it up and go alone? It's so pathetic. Khoi, have you tried again? Look for passes on craigslist. I may just sell mine in the end.

June 11, 2008

These test questions are difficult. I should have looked at them a few months ago...talk about last minute cramming. Study with someone smarter than you and you'll get more from your study sessions. I guarantee it. Make up a story about something to help you remember what you're trying to learn. The a/c is on full blast. The noise is starting to get to me. Sitting hear all day in front of the a/c while it buzzes can be quite irritating. Those spicy nacho cheese doritos are yummy. They're not even spicy. I would say they're peppery. Look out Cool Ranch! You're slowly getting replaced. When the bag of chips gets less and less, I chop off the bag at the top to get easy access. I learned this technique from the Hoangs on Helen Drive years ago. I believe Chang brought this idea to Julia Drive. If I fail this Friday, it's not the end of the world. I'll retake it like any other incompetent fool who will spend his/her life trying to pass this one last part. To get your color in line with all other self tanners out there, try Jergens Natural Glow. You'll get quick results for sure. My phone did not ring earlier. Instead, I received a voicemail notification. My lips burned some more today from walking briefly in the sun. I never called Sandrine back. We have been messaging each other on Facebook. Does anyone use e-mail any more? It's either texting or facebooking.

June 10, 2008

Don't buy hot dogs from Trader Joe's. The expiration date is not until some time in July but I felt like I ate spoiled beef. I threw away the uncooked portion. I have this weird sense of smell when it comes to spoiled or soon-to-be-spoiled meats. I bought a tote bag from Trader Joe's to help save the planet. That's my contribution to go green. I tried recycling at home for one day. It became too demanding to separate paper from plastic and food waste. Trash is taken out almost daily and dropped off in the compactor. It helps to have the compactor right outside the front door as opposed to walking down five flights of stairs. Yeah, you're probably thinking...stop complaining about living on a fifth floor walk-up. Reading 11 pages in one day is nothing! It's nice having the gym to myself again. If only it remains that way for the entire summer. I bought grapefruit by mistake. I thought they were smooth oranges. It was quite difficult peeling the grapefruit. My a/c makes this rattling noise. I cleaned out the filter. Clean, fresh air now permeates through my bedroom. Cover your window to keep the sunlight out. It will only be a matter of time before I replace the a/c unit. Joe replaced his over the weekend with a digitized thermostat. I, on the other hand, continue to turn the knob for temperature control. Anh Hoang, what is up with those driving tips? Walking from your house to 1341 is not a bad idea at all. Now may not be a good time because of the hot weather. I did it a couple of times when I was home for Christmas. I got lazy and drove after two times. Mel, how was your meeting with the Title I lady? Apple introduced the latest, greatest version of its iPhone. I'm quite content with my Nokia. I seem to be behind everyone else when it comes to phones. I'll catch up to you all one day.

June 9, 2008

I left the apartment this morning to get groceries and medicine from Duane Reade. I still buy overpriced milk. These retailers are selling them above the price limit set by the state of New York. Does anyone really live upstate? The girl at Associated drank whiskey as she rang up my goods. My cold milk survived the walk and up the stairs. It was scorching hot today. It will be like this for the next two days. We literally had two whole weeks of real Spring weather. I should have started on the computer software earlier. The green Gleim book is very boring. I have a few dollars left on the gift card from Commerce Bank. Cooper 35 declined it due to insufficient funds. Restaurant credit card machines charge a higher amount initially. After your tip is added, the exact amount is swiped again. I think that's how it works. Do I really want to wake up early Saturday morning to help with cutting and chopping? Yes, I do...after I'm done with laundry of course. I stopped using the smaller calculator in hopes that the battery is still good when I use it on Friday. I get my news from yahoo.com. It's there when you want it and up to the minute.

June 8, 2008

Chang, good luck on your first day of class! Kick some serious law butts! My new favorite dish is the kimchi fried rice from Cooper 35. I think we have a spy among us. Keep your guard up and be cautious. Turn on your a/c units if you have them. You'll need them for the next few days. Too bad I can't take advantage of the "casual business" attire at work. I heard some booing during Hillary's speech yesterday when she mentioned the other senator's name. We need to move on and unite as one. My face is burnt from walking in the sun. My lips burn. Hopefully, Carmex will fix it. I doubt it. Go Puerto Ricans! I managed to get this Microsoft application going on David's computer. Speaking of which, David's privacy has been compromised. Sorry, bud! That brown horse didn't follow through as expected. Many of his fans flocked to the race track to see him fail. Is the NBA Finals over yet? I'm not getting an Apple after all. I'll stick with my 10 year old Gateway laptop.

June 7, 2008

I ate two rounds of appetizers instead of saving my stomach for the main course. I skipped on the real pasta dishes and went straight for canolis. Everyone took advantage of the "free vodka drinks" hour. If you don't RSVP, how do you expect to get in for free? I did not accomplish my objectives before I left work. Those unfinished tasks will wait until I return in a couple weeks. The laundry bag is a lot lighter now. I wonder why. I dropped off my RX at the pharmacy. The clerk knew me because I am a frequent customer. I'm like any other senior citizen with plenty of RX to drop off and pick up. If picking up RX for someone else, tell them you're the spouse if they question your identity. The "spouse" card works every time. I was too tired to see the Killing Phantoms perform. It was good seeing everyone in one place. Sua, I'll free my calendar for your house-warming! Carolyn, tell your drunk neighbor to take a step back. Are Mom and Dad registered yet? Please don't make me repeat myself. Addison, how about I get you your own laptop for Christmas? I'll start saving my money now.

June 6, 2008

Pheezy, you just now got your green tea waffles? Why the delay? Are they any good after being frozen for almost two weeks? It was a close call yesterday afternoon. Be sure to check your cellphone for missed calls and voicemails. Don't take your phone for granted. Emily, good luck with your proposal! I hope the school provides funding for your project. Things are happening at a very fast pace. I'm moving in all directions, yet trying to stay focused on one objective at hand. For lunch, we all went to Saigon Grill to end the week-long celebration of Mrs. Skiba's birthday. Do we have any cake left in the fridge? Those navel oranges from California seem quite smaller than those from a few months ago. For the next four days, we will experience 90 degree weather. Summer is here to stay! The two mosquito bites on my right arm have intensified in size. Hillary will officially concede on Saturday at a rally in Washington, DC. Her supporters want Obama to join hands with Hillary. It will obviously be a smart move for both parties because she is the favorite among older female voters and working class whites. Obama needs support from these two groups to win in swing states. Let's put our egos aside and merge to form a strong, united party. I wonder if Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Obama will get along.

June 5, 2008

I haven't been checking the news so please update me on Hillary's whereabouts. Yes, I was one of a handful of guys in the movie theater. Khoi cried throughout the movie. I wanted to give her a tissue paper, but I came up empty. The girls next to me cried as well. I will buy your ticket next time. I trust that you will re-pay me. We have a mutual understanding. Sorry, you can't clone me. There's only one of me out there. Who would want another anal retentive guy out there who likes to show up early or on time, leave early at the end, and never stay for the fun? I did well at lunch. I limited myself to one cookie and one brownie. I ate a plate full of fruits to compensate for the loss in processed sweets. Speaking of food, I ate a very good take on gumbo at this pub next to Kips Bay theater. The free peppered popcorn kept me company before real food came out. Waffled fries and other fries are cooked deep in oil. People at home bake them, but restaurants never. Is it me or almost all restaurants and bars have their restrooms in the basement? I hate seeing a restroom sign pointing down. It means I need to walk back up. Why should I complain? I still live on the fifth floor of a walk-up. The newly renovated apartment next to mine looks super clean and new. The guy who lived there probably stayed for quite some time. The place must have been a mess when he vacated the place. This is the same guy who fell on the stairs and couldn't get up. I need to check with Ann Marie across the hall to see if he is doing well. Charlotte had her baby at Lenox Hill. Miranda met Steve halfway on the Brooklyn Bridge. Carrie got played at the library. Samantha got tired of the west coast. Yumiko, it was short and sweet. Come back now, ya hear? Happy Birthday, Mr. Pham!

June 4, 2008

Karen went all out on Agnes's birthday. We all shared a very big tiramisu cake from that famous bakery a few blocks up. I weighed myself at the gym and I did not get good results. I will cut back on sweets for the next couple of weeks. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a weakness for sweets. It's time to clean out the snack drawer at work. I'll either throw them out or donate to fellow co-workers so they can gain a few pounds on my behalf. Call me evil, but I hate to throw away things, especially good snacks. Educators have an awesome deal from Apple. Between now and 9/15/2008, you will get a full rebate on an iPod touch or nano if you buy a Mac. I thought I was special. It looks like Mrs. Nguyen down in Louisiana gets the same offer. Addison is too young to have music blasting in his ears. Let's get this dream ticket over with so CNN reporters can focus their attention on other news. Sweat is slowly returning to my evening commutes home. It will get even worse in the middle of summer. SATC is cheesy? I'll see about that and let you know whether I agree or not. My side business is to ship packages upon request. Call or e-mail me for shipping rates. I am very competitive and will offer a price comparison with other prominent vendors.

June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Agnes! The exit strategy is just as important as the entrance strategy. I'm addicted to the spicy salmon roll from Sunshine Mart. Six pieces are never enough. I am to meet Mr. Infante at the clock in Grand Central later tonight to collect my funds. We both need to take the 6 home. Maybe we should've agreed on the 6 train platform instead of walking all the way out to the grand concourse. I bought one ticket for the Saturday during Labor Day weekend. All those AMEX cardholders are going crazy in getting those "all-day" passes. I wonder if they will sell out. Puerto Rico should become the 51st state. They will then be able to vote for a president instead of voting for a party candidate. It just doesn't make sense. No one warned me that ice tea has beaucoup caffeine. I bounced off the wall as if I drank two cups of Starbucks coffee. I moved Dr. Sharma's printer from the bookshelf onto my desk. I can easily print documents now. Although, I have less desk space to work with. For all the people visiting from Kansas and Oklahoma, please walk faster and don't be so loud. I can hear you through my earphones. Organize yourself and stay focus so you can leave on the dot to enjoy the summer sun after work.

June 2, 2008

What happened to the Sunday episode of "Law & Order"? I'm pissed! Hillary wins big in Puerto Rico. Votes from delegates in Michigan and Florida will count as half instead of whole. Addison likes a Blackberry for himself. I traveled far and near for two grilled corn on the cob. Learn to control your anger. Be patient and good things will come to you. Try not to puncture an innocent bag of chips. I'm surprised the clerk didn't make you pay for the damaged bag of chips. We resolved the cat issue at the apartment. Pumpkin will stay at her old home. Thanks to Joe, we now have fresh air coming in through the kitchen. After two years, we never knew the window can open from the top. Get your US Open tickets because they will sell like hotcakes. I have no idea what that means. I get no cellphone reception in the library's basement. Also, I don't have text messaging. Please refrain from sending me words. Pick up a phone and please call.

June 1, 2008

We never talked about the US Open in class or over dinner. I think the consensus is to get the grounds admission passes during labor day weekend. Rain came and went today. Maybe I am overly excited about McDonald's sweet tea. My fellow classmates were not too thrilled. Yes, Khoi and I shared an umbrella while exposing our outer limbs to raindrops. Ngoc introduced us to a little cupcake shop in the very lower east side. The cupcakes sell for a $1.50 each. Not a bad deal at all! It is comparable to Crumbs! The pistachio was my favorite. I forget the name of the place already. The humidity stayed throughout the day and night. I'm not looking forward to the steamy hot weather this summer. Chang, you forgot to say goodbye to some folks. They asked about you. Miss Vuong inspired me to get a bike. I like how the chain wrapped around her waist. It reminds me of the cat robber story we learned in class. Speaking of which, I can easily scroll through the Vietnamese personal ads now thanks to our awesome teacher. It's non-stop with him. The Pinkberry kid hooked me up with mucho mango. I cooked way too much jasmine rice. What should I eat it with? I'm all out of protein. Bananas in my neighborhood sell for 4 for one dollar. All other parts of the city sell 3 for a dollar. Wake up early on a Saturday morning or Sunday morning if you want to beat the laundromat rush. No one is up before 11AM. I guarantee it! Check out all the science geeks in town this weekend for the first ever World Science Festival. Other than gym bags, what do you call overnight bags? Yes, the 30's and up group can kick it like the rest. The Israelis are marching up 5th Avenue today. Security is very tight. Athough the parade is on 5th Ave, all of Park Ave. is closed off to vehicular traffic.