June 27, 2014

As you can see, I didn't have much to say the past couple of months, especially this month. It has been nonstop. I couldn't get access to this website and the direct admin portal from China. The PRC somehow blocked them as well as countless other websites such as the New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They have their own version of social media that is used by the massive population. There really is no place like home. As much as I like Asian food and having to constantly practice my very limited Mandarin, "home" is just not the same anywhere else...even if it is a shoe box. I am ready for 5PM to get here.

June 20, 2014

I'm pretty much addicted to the breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts. I get the most healthy one, the turkey sausage with eggs and cheese on an english muffin. Add three packs of ketchup to the sandwich and I'm good to go. Yes, the sandwiches are frozen. They probably defrost the sandwiches in the morning before people arrive. Pop them in the toaster oven when people order and voila...a "toasted" sandwich. They remind me of the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. Instead of treating myself to a sandwich this morning, I opted for an iced cookie dough coffee. It tastes almost like Vietnamese iced coffee but not as strong. I need the sugar rush for this morning. The weather cannot be any nicer this morning as I took my time getting to the office. It's nice not having to rush to the gym and then rush again to the office thereafter. Last night was the second night of having hallucinations of going back in time to China and not take back what I need in the U.S. It is very difficult to explain. Every time I wake up, it's as if time stood still. You would think having Cox Cable allows me to watch the real housewives of NYC on hulu, but that's not the case. I am almost caught up with The Americans. Felicity is showing quite a bit of ass these days.

June 19, 2014

Sheryl definitely felt it when I didn't respond to her question about going to her hotel. She said she felt the response without me saying anything. She felt the response, not sensed it. There's a difference. Thirty minutes before pick up time, I was antsy. It was pretty funny. She spent all morning looking for the departure card because I thought it was mandatory when exiting the country. I read the fine print and told her it may delay her departure, but will not keep her in the PRC. She confirmed with her friend that it should not be a problem. At the airport's immigration hall, there were stacks of the departure card for folks to fill out. I should have gone out with her the night before. I just wasn't in the mood for some reason. I was ready to head home after being away for a month. Upon arrival at Newark, the kiosk denied my info and slapped a big X on my customs paper. I was advised to go see an immigration agent, which I did. The guy said my hands must have been dried because the fingerprint did not go through. I think with me not looking into the camera had something to do with it and not the fingerprint. He told me to have a good day and be on my way. Sandrine's second checked bag made me a bit nervous. I had to get one of those carts to transport three bags. Two of them were checked and one was a carry-on. The guy asked if I have food and I told him no. He wished me a good day. Sandrine said that they pulled every other person aside to check their bags when she arrived from Hong Kong. It is good to be home for once and not live out of a hotel.