June 30, 2015

It's been a crazy month to say the least.

June 12, 2015

Friday is finally here...yet again. I feel like I accomplished nothing this past week. I still remember last Friday like it was yesterday. What did I do all this week? Not a damn thing worth mentioning about. The one a/c in the living room has been working just fine. Too bad I gave the spare I had to Paul. Chi Mai's a/c broke after she tried turning it on for the first time this season. She still needs to get one anyway even if she plans on moving next year. No, I didn't get anything from Khanh. He didn't inform me about tomorrow. Ngoc is going to show me how to make this very complex red velvet cake. I have to separate the eggs and add the yolks first. It's all too complicated. I hope it turns out well. From now on, I will use cake flour instead of regular flour to bake a cake. Apparently, the texture is much lighter because of less protein. Yoga with Kadinka was very nice and challenging. We haven't been to class in a very long time. Cindy started out slow but picked it up as the class continued on. The room was pleasantly nice considering it was warm out. The weed van was waiting for us outside of class. That van is a load of crap. No wonder they can get away with their marketing. It's all fake! I'm excited about the tiny piece of greenery between Elizabeth and Mott Streets.

June 8, 2015

When you have no expectations, you will not disappointed. This was the case for Friday night. I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. The Hertz hourly rental was super convenient. This was my second time using them. Zipcar wanted an annual membership which doesn't make sense for me since I rarely rent a car. The first time I used them was years back when Sandrine returned to New York from London. I picked up an SUV from downtown, picked her up in Harlem, and took the car to Brooklyn's Red Hook. Now that I think of it, she should have come down to me when I picked up the car. Anyways, the whole shopping experience, including dropping her stuff off at her place and returning the car to the garage took less than five hours. I think I went back up to her place to help her set up her furniture. It was a long and productive day. Congrats to Chi Mai! The Polish party was surprisingly a lot of fun. They expect you to dance to almost all of the songs. When the American songs came on, they all retreated to their tables. We returned the car and strolled through Little Italy. I was knocked out before midnight and called it a night. Spy is very funny!

June 5, 2015

The weekend is almost here. Summer came for like a week and went away. We are back to cool Fall weather. My building has had the heat on all this week. It's crazy how they can turn on the heat now and not have heat turned on for a few days here and there during the cold winter. Heather and Bethanny cannot get a long at all. Heather needs to back off. Bethanny can hold her own, even if she is short and rude about it. I think they all spice it up for the cameras. That's when you are guaranteed a lot of air time. Give me some juicy fights. It's great for the ratings. I like it when they cut off the episode in the middle of a fight and announce "to be continued..." as if it is a cliffhanger. Well, I'm pretty hooked. I'm one of those people who cannot wait for next week's episode. I have been neglecting my studying and should get back on track. Ever since Chang told me about the option to watch live TV on the computer, I can't get away from it. It's super addictive just like avocado smoothies. Yes, avocado smoothies!

June 3, 2015

Chang lingered on for a couple more days. Her Sunday afternoon flight was cancelled. She was automatically rebooked for a Monday afternoon flight. That flight eventually got cancelled and she was rebooked for a Tuesday morning flight. That Tuesday flight was cancelled but she was rebooked for another one that connects in Atlanta. She finally made it home as of Tuesday afternoon. She definitely brought that crazy weather with her from Houston to New York. She could have been stuck at the airport and have no place to stay. Airlines do not pay for hotel if the delay or cancellation is weather related. Only when it is their fault they will comp lodging. They did give her a toiletry bag that is given to first class passengers. Oh and her bag flew to Houston that Sunday afternoon on another flight without her. She and her bag were reunited in Houston along with her fiance who was waiting for her. The bachelorette party was too much fun for her to return home. The party continues in NOLA! It was nice to be back on my own bed after a week of sleeping around and crashing on the couch.

June 1, 2015

Back to the grind...I hope you had fun, Chang! See you next month!