June 28, 2018

It was nice to be back in my element for a quick weekend. The trip was short but I got a lot accomplished. I got to be there for my goddaughter who was so good the entire weekend. We were all there for her and I cannot be more happy for her and her parents. She had family and friends fly in to celebrate her big coming out party and baptism. I am honored to be her godfather and cannot wait to see her grow up. I'll be back in a couple weeks for Jacqueline's wedding. I didn't get to meet Oceane this past weekend but I'll definitely meet her at the wedding. It should be a fun few days in Rhode Island. We are off to Grand Lake this weekend for some R&R. This week has been dragging even if I was only in the office for two days. The Sackmans should arrive about now so we are going to give them a taste of Oklahoma. Oh and hooray for passing medical marijuana! I was not really sure whether it would pass considering this is Oklahoma. Let's see how our legislators plan on regulating this. Congrats to Drew for winning the primary. We have a long road ahead to turn the state blue again. I am quite hopeful.

June 15, 2018

June 13, 2018

The Trump-Kim Summit was underwhelming. I wasted about two hours of my life watching the motorcade in Singapore. They showed the two guys walking into the resort. A few minutes later, there was taped footage of them shaking hands and getting to know one another. What happened to live coverage? It's really weird how everyone in Oklahoma embraces a conservative republican. They flat out advertise that on their campaign television ads. I have yet to see a commercial for a Democrat. I think the Democrats know they don't need to run campaign ads just yet because it's only primary season. There is probably one primary candidate for each position or none at all. The Assistance League of Oklahoma City was officially established last night thanks to the efforts of the Steering Committee and sister chapters nearby. It was great to see history in the making and I'm looking forward to the work ahead. I just realized that there is a Bullard voting block on the board. The plumbing issue is now fixed thanks to a few thousand dollars later. On top of this, we had to pay cash because the guys who worked on it do not accept credit cards. Yes, I am officially poor. I am relieved that we have our house back. It was a long time coming and we finally addressed it. It's Wednesday and I'm already looking forward to the weekend.

June 1, 2018

It has been really hot lately. The thunderstorms have been coming in the middle of the night. That's fine with me. Don't dampen my day with your rain. One day last week, I had to run through flooded waters to get to the office. Rain kept coming down and a fire hydrant leak caused a lot of water to rush down Broadway. I ended up walking bare feet in the office for a few hours to let the shoes dry out. I also peeled down to my tshirt because my shirt was soaking wet. Di Chang and Chi Chinh visited last weekend. We basically did nothing. The only thing we did outside of the house was to eat at Aurora. We finished the second season of 13 Reasons Why and the Housewives of New York City. Yes, there was never a dull moment for sure. I am close to being done with the Housewives of Potomac. That place is literally an extension of DC. Apparently, Bravo tried a season of the Housewives of DC, but it was not renewed for a second season. They should have a Housewives of Long Island. You know that will be filled with nonstop drama.