May 31, 2008

The UES witnessed another tragic accident. This time, it involved a crane collapse on 91st and 1st Ave. The collapse happened not more than two months after another construction crane fell onto an apartment building. Bloomberg had plenty of attitude during his press conference. A couple blocks away from my office is another tall construction crane. The crane is used to build a new high-rise structure for Cooper Union. As I waited for the red light to turn green, I looked up at the crane and pray that I stays in place. We could only hope that inspectors got it covered. The video exhibit at the Asia Society seemed a bit off for me. I never understood artsy symbolism and hidden meanings. I see it as it is and cannot think deeper. I just saw a bunch of cyclos and their drivers trying very hard to maneuver through the clear blue water. Do the white tents symbolize their burial sites? It's funny how the Asian American Artists group "merged" with the Viet group. I yelled out some jibberish last night in my sleep once again. It's never ending. Yes, we are all connected somehow. Shiuan, the tall girl who mistook us for her group, danced a couple weekends ago at the Macy's presentation. She was one of the hula dancers. Michiyo's friend works with one of the hula dancers. There are a few degrees of separation, but it came together in the end. Anh Hoang, I am well. Thank you for your call. It looks like I can't do Destin after all. You guys go have fun without me. I'll catch up with you all some other time. Ronald, congratulations on the Dannon job! It's a "happy ending" after all. I'm not cool for punk rock? Alright, the Sigma Kappa pillow stays here in NY! I managed to stuff and hide all that were left behind to make room for more of my junk. The room looks very bare!

May 30, 2008

Sharon Stone said some pretty dumb things about karma. Dior has pulled her from their China advertising campaign. Mainlanders will boycott her upcoming movies. Will Hillary win big in Puerto Rico? If she does, her overall popular vote may put her ahead of Mr. Obama. Bush's former press secretary goes ballistic on the President. Collin Powell did the same thing when he resigned not too long ago. When it comes to Mexican food, I can do those flat triangle things. I can never get the name right. I will attempt to fry plantans. Megan, enjoy your time off! Hopefully, you can bring the little one into the city when you guys are ready. It's a couple more weekends until the big test. I've gotten some serious studying done, but I'm not as confident as before. Why is Locke dead and why did he change his name? Do the Oceanic 6 really need to return? Where is the island now? It's funny how the season finale takes us back to last year's season finale. Kate is a bad-ass! The most romantic love story of our time came to a closure last night as Desmond and Penny finally reunited. They kept at it and never gave up. Too bad Ben will kill off Penny in next year's season.

May 29, 2008

I haven't had much to report within the past few days. I went crazy and bought a bunch of sweets at Kmart yesterday. For $1 each, you get a pretty generous portion of sweet snacks. What exactly are rolled oats? I see this ingredient in many oatmeal cookie recipes. The only oats I know are the oats I get from Mr. Quaker himself. I've been meaning to do short weekend trips to DC and Pennsylvania's Amish country. Maybe I'll find some time this summer. It's another summer in the city. Get your flip flops and sunglasses out. It will be another hot and humid summer filled with sweaty sardines crammed into people movers. You gotta love it!

May 28, 2008

My ID picture looks like I'm HCM's comrade. Balthazar ate up my food budget for the entire month. It's a one time deal for special occasions. Let's see if those waffles make it back home okay. When someone pays for your meal, it's polite to pay for the cab ride home. Is it the 12th hour for Hillary yet? I'm starting to see the sun when I leave work. Those winter months seem quite depressing. The sun goes down around 5PM and it doesn't come back up until 8AM. It's as if I work the night shift. I never saw the sun unless I go out for lunch. I can't say the same about the summer months. The northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun giving us beaucoup sunlight throughout the day. We have had so much discussion about the upcoming US Open. I will definitely get the grounds admission passes for the Labor Day weekend. It sounds like the best deal. Who cares if I don't have reserved seating. If I am a few feet away from one of the Williams sisters, I'll be satisfied. Tomorrow is the 2-hour season finale of "Lost". I can't wait as usual!

May 27, 2008

Yesterday felt like a Sunday. I didn't want to leave Madison Square Park. The automated coin-operated restroom was worth the wait. You pay $0.25 for a maximum of 15 minutes to use a "clean" toilet. I was the only guy in line. The toilet and the entire interior of the restroom clean themselves when a patron exits. It's like a car wash for humans. I'll skip out on one of these things the next time I see them. I'll go to one of the many Starbucks on every other block of Manhattan to use a restroom. You no longer need a key to use Starbucks restrooms. Other than selling overpriced coffee, Starbucks provides a much needed service to the community. It's the least they can do for monopolizing on retail coffee. When will another "Starbucks" penetrate mainstream America? Cafe Du Monde should add more retail locations and expand outside of New Orleans. They will do well with their oily beignets, creamy hot chocolates, and very strong coffee. I checked out airline tickets to go home for Christmas. They are all at least $300 for a roundtrip. I am tempted to leave AA and go for JetBlue. I'm so used to taking the M60 bus to LGA. If I do JetBlue, I would need to take a long ride on the E train. I do not like the transfer at 51st St. Knowing me, I will suck it up and do the transfer to save a few bucks. Pheezy, get ready for some not-so-fresh green tea waffles. A McDonald's customer went crazy on a McDonald's manager for saying STEP UP. The manager ordered the next customer in line to "step up". I always go with the flow and follow orders like a good obedient sheep. It was funny seeing the customer give some serious lip to the manager because you don't order your customers to "step up". You ask or demand nicely with a "please step up" or "next customer please". I will do anything to get my daily dose of $1 sweet tea. Yes, McDonald's is now in the business of sweet tea. It's a good concoction to quench your thirst! Who goes to class on Memorial Day? That's just wrong! Apparently, Xavier operates on a its own calendar with no regards to the national holiday.

May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day! I walked the complete width of Manhattan yesterday. Well, not really the entire width, but close enough. I covered a chapter in the basement of Bobst. I came up and walked over to LV one last time before she closes shop. The outdoor, sun-infested seating on Bowery didn't seem too tempting for my +1. We walked back to the west side and settled for a late courtyard lunch/early dinner at AOC. The licorice drink sort of freaked me out. I never had a liquid version of licorice served in a glass with ice. A long line awaits us at the Magnolia Bakery. It wasn't even worth it. I've never tried their cupcakes, but I really think their sweets are overrated. Crumbs deserves a line around the block. How come no one lines up for them? The selection at the theater on 3rd Ave. and 11th St. was quite limited. We cabbed it uptown to Kips Bay. We showed up right on time for Indiana Jones to kick some serious butt. The homeless shelter on 1st. Ave will close down soon to make way for a NYU Medical Center expansion. The indigents did not bother me. I am not a classist.

May 25, 2008

Sitting on the sixth floor of the library can be very scenic because of the big windows overlooking Washington Square. However, it can get uncomfortable after a few hours. I get antsy and want to switch seats. I go down to the 2nd lower level where there are cushioned chairs and room to lie down. Yes, I'm talking about laying out like the Romans do when they ate grapes and drank wine. Also, it's much cooler in the lower level. The space is totally window-less, which means less distraction. I stayed in the "basement" until it was time to meet with my classmates. They never made it to the Square. Instead, they were too busy eating on Bowery and Grand. I met them there and we went over the specifics of why we don't speak the same way. Please don't repeat what I said. We can leave the dramatics at the table. Avocado smoothies are not so bad once you drink them, eh? I came back to the office to do some more studying before the prom. I left the prom early. It was even worse than "Spring Awakening". I put down my name at two Taisho locations. The party of 4 went in first and the table for 2 came in thereafter. The yummy french fries made my day! I stayed on the eastside and never crossed over to the westside. Thao, je pardon! Lanny, it was good to see you for one short second!

May 24, 2008

I had an easy commute going to and from work. No one ever works on the Friday preceeding a 3-day weekend. The rain finally stopped. We finally have Spring weather. I've had some pretty real dreams in the past few days. My sleep talking means something. I can't put my finger on it. The smell of sheetrock reminds me of the renovation and expansion job at 153 Julia Drive. That project took longer than expected. I lived through dust and endless hours of construction work. I lied to my parents and told them I attended night classes every day during the week so I can get out of helping. However, I did put in my share of work. Chang moved to the back of the house where there wasn't any ventilation. It was very cold during the winter and extremely hot during the summer. It's the same setup now at the new house on King Henry Court. That little girl is stuck with extreme temperatures. I'm sleepy at 10PM. Wake me up!

May 23, 2008

Don't you just hate it when it rains the day after you wash your car? It happened to my "car". It rained again today. We can't get a steady stream of dry, warm weather. Former Governor Spitzer has no more money. He spent too much money on legal fees. Obama will speak on behalf of Kennedy at a commencement ceremony. Invest in solar and wind power companies. They will eventually replace big oil companies. Carolyn, I saw you waving at me and I waved back. Have a great time in that little state we call Rhode Island. Is it really expensive to buy a half million dollar studio in the middle of Manhattan? How many times can you refill a water bottle before plastic starts oozing into your water? If you cough, take Mucinex. It works every time. My books are stacking up again. It's time to re-organize and do another round of spring cleaning. Lanny, where are you? I found those pashminas that my mom wanted. The owner remembered me. I didn't even haggle for the lowest price. Today is the last day before the unofficial start to summer. Spring just flew by with endless rain and below normal temperature. Wear your company ID when getting lunch. Who knows, the merchant may give you an employee discount. Eating dinner at 9PM is a bit late. Sorry, I'll pass. I guess we'll just show up for the prom late like the cool kids. Who really shows up on time? I'm trying. I really am. Why would Henry and Gio fight over Betty? Vanessa Williams can throw a softball. Lindsey Lohan continues with her "mean girls" streak. The concrete boy gets that much awaited kiss from Lola. The morale of the story is...if you really like someone, risk your life to get his/her attention. It's so worth it in the end, if you survive of course. Meredith goes crazy with candles and babbling about family life. Derek leaves her any way. Has anyone noticed the blue circles inside of the buses? It made me think of Austin Powers.

May 22, 2008

I haven't been watching the news. Did I miss anything today? They brought back the crazy singing guy and the USC marching band on American Idol's stage. Do I really need to wear something from the 80's? I'm just a spectator and don't need to participate. The shoeshiner cleaned my shoes today. All that rain from last week left my shoes in shambles. Cleaning and polishing my shoes is like washing your car. Since I don't have a car, I consider my shoes my "car". Geri completed one of those e-mail surveys where we had to indicate what we're driving. Geri said her knee high boots was her "car". She lives in Brooklyn. Speaking of which, MTV will have its next Real World season filmed in Brooklyn. Dad, just take those Mucinex pills and you should be okay. Mom, stop hording those pills and share some with Dad.

May 21, 2008

Rain, rain go away! Yes, I am in Level III class. I've made it that far. Thay Nam, when are you going to grade our midterm? I'm getting restless. Miss Thang is leaving! Harvey left her a present. I declined lunch at Cafetasia. Khoi got lost trying to find it. I wear damaged shoes. I have two cookies left. They are a couple months old and very stale. I like stale cookies and cold pizza. I went crazy on gio lua. It's always better to fry them up. Hillary wins big in Kentucky. Obama should even it out with his big win in Oregon. Mrs. Clinton, it's time to step down and take the #2 position. Mr. Kennedy has a brain tumor.

May 20, 2008

Megan's laptop wasn't good enough for me because I couldn't connect to my own desktop. I returned the laptop to her. Our client hooked me up with a pretty fast desktop. It's even faster than my own PC. I bought a $5 foot long sub, but couldn't finish the entire sandwich. I saved the other half for tomorrow's lunch. I played secretary all day. I met up with Marc and his bud, Chris, all the way on the west side. I walked from Bleecker and Lafayette to Bleecker and Christopher. Yes, it was a very long walk. I knew Christopher St. doesn't exist on the east side. It had to be somewhere in the West Village. That crazy part of town has those confusing street names that zig zag all over the place. It's way too much work to figure out the westside's geography. It was good seeing Marc for a half second. I would've stayed but it's a school night. I hope you enjoy your first visit to the unofficial promise land and try out that "amazing" task we talked about over dinner. I finished chopping the remaining watermelon into bite sizes. Yes, I ate dinner at 10PM. Not a good thing to do, but I had no choice!

May 19, 2008

Those crazy parade marching people clogged up 79th St. I stayed on the bus for more than 30 minutes from York Ave. to 5th Ave. I have no idea who or what the marchers were celebrating. I saw a group of Asian drummers in yellow costumes. Behind them were some black cowboys riding horses. Terina, what was your costume at Baby Doe's wedding? You wore a very ethnic costume. I can't put my finger on what country you represented. Rain, rain go away! I thought I was running late but my +1 was also late. I get cellphone reception at train stations. A Japanese guy won a golf tournament in Duluth, GA. Ted Kennedy is hospitalized because of seizures. I bought a 25 lb watermelon from Associated. It will take at least a week to finish eating the watermelon.

May 18, 2008

Michiyo suggested I try the second ramen noodle bowl. I liked it much better than the first one, although the red broth was not spicy. We made our way back uptown to Herald Square and got some Pinkberry. Those pinkberry kids like to spell my name as "twan". I'm not complaining. The DVL girls worked it again at Macy's on the 7th floor. Those wooden escalators leading up to the upper floors amazed me. I have never seen ones made of wood. We missed out on ice cream because I rushed to Brad's apartment. Part of the ceiling in his restroom gave out. He had about three inches of standing water in the apartment. I came by after the place was cleaned up, but you could still smell the damp walls and floor. I waited for my strawberries and cream frappucino. The barista wanted to top off my frap with a whip. I asked for no whip when I ordered, yet they never follow instructions. I met my classmates at Whole Foods for one last hoorah before we took our midterms. After the midterm, we walked up to Cooper 35 for some Asian food and drinks. Sung finally made 21 and can now drink legally. His cake was the biggest I've seen in a long time. Don is an executive sushi chef? I had no clue. The waiter at the Asian Pub also served us when we had Geri's birthday dinner back in January. He brought shots for everyone and made me stay until I had mine. Chi Dao, great job on organizing the dinner. It was a lot of fun seeing new faces and catching up with old ones. Joel and Michiyo, I hope you guys didn't feel left out. It doesn't take much to impress 30 year olds. We hopped on the bus to celebrate with Tim at Coppola's. They sat us downstairs where everyone else sat upstairs. I became slightly full while eating bread before my dinner came out. Vi didn't finish her pizza. I got lost in the many language exchanges throughout the evening. Williamsburg is my next stop. It's a smaller version of the Village. We'll see about that.

May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anh Boy! Apparently, you can rap on Broadway and garner beaucoup Tony nominations. It was an ethnic version of "Rent". A lady next to us cried her heart out when a character died. I won't ruin it for you guys. You gotta love Washington Heights! The stuffed spring rolls at Saigon 48 made my mouth thirsty throughout the show. The rain would not let up. Luckily today, we have beautiful weather. The rain returns tonight. I didn't get Patsy's pizza because everyone wanted pasta. Chang ended up getting 3 pizzas for $5 each at Domino's. We currently have 3 pies in the fridge and no one to eat them. I haven't seen the dogwalker. Either she skipped out on Harvey this morning or she sneaked in while I was asleep. Joe, I unplugged your alarm clock AGAIN because it went off very early during the week. Times Square should be closed off to traffic at all times. Rezone the area to pedestrian only so we can all be happy. Let the walkers roam and prance around under the neon lights like there's no tomorrow. I like to do the uptown blue line to 81st and then the crosstown bus home. To my fellow Canadian bud, the weekend is not over yet.

May 16, 2008

I got my two free chicken sandwiches from McDonald's. For breakfast, I order an OJ and for lunch, I ordered a fruit drink. I can't really do soft drinks. I paid $13 for a bowl of ramen noodles. It was worth it. Ippudo is just down the street from my office. I sipped every last drop of the broth and gobbled down the two pieces of slow-cooked pork. Don't order something spicy if you can't eat spicy food. The waiter demanded that we order an appetizer. Water did not come out fast enough for the burning mouths. Go all the way downstairs to use the restroom. Note dried ramen noodles on the bar counter. Okay, enough of Ippudo and my mission for free chicken sandwiches...The gym opens an hour later starting today. This cuts in on my morning commute. Edwards endorses Obama. I coughed way too much last night. Residents are crazy people deprived of real sleep. The small amount of free time is spent sleeping and catching up on old episodes. Meredith needs to hurry up before she uses all her alloted office visits. Harvey is all alone and have no where to go. What's the difference between green and blue scrubs?

May 15, 2008

We are halfway through May. The past couple of weeks have gone by so fast. Go to McDonald's today and order a medium or large drink. You'll get a free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich for free. The offer is only good for today. I went crazy on beef jerky and bananas yesterday morning. Apparently, I'm always on top of things. Let's see if I will remain on top after June. It was weird walking into a hotel lobby to get to a Broadway theater. I had no expectations whatsoever for "Cry Baby". It started out slow like any other production and picked up momentum. Five minutes into the show, my bladder kept calling me. I sat through the entire first half squirming in my seat. It was the worst one hour of my life. If it was just Ngoc on the edge, I would have squeezed my way out of the small seats. Instead, I waited like a good trooper until intermission. I ran to the restroom, which was miles away from the lobby. It's that crazy Marquis Theater. Everything seems out of place. I paid the cab driver with a credit card because he decided to take the scenic route (via Park Ave. where the green lights all appear and disappear at the same time). If he drove on any of the other uptown-bound avenues, we would've experienced a smooth ride without stopping at traffic lights. No, he decided to waste my time and his. In return, I paid with a credit card instead of cash. Yes, I'm that mean!

May 14, 2008

Hillary should win West Virginia, but it really wouldn't matter. She will still lose in the end. Get with Obama and become his #2 lady. You guys need to unite the Democratic party to fight against the crazy conservatives! According to Liem, I am a picture whore. Someone finally figured out that I sneak into random snapshots uninvited. There's not enough time to study for the upcoming midterm. Please don't give us tricky questions. I have a simple mind and can't really think for myself. Another thanks to Ngoc for hooking me up with a ticket to "Cry Baby". Double booking can be stressful. If you play your cards right, everyone will be happy. A couple Japanese girls ordered stuff from Panya. Their total came out to $9.02. They gave the guy $10. The guy went to the cash register and counted down $0.98 to give back to the customers. I had change on me and gave $0.02 to the cashier. I hate getting $0.98 cents. That's just too much change. The girls already sat and did not realize I gave them my "two cents". The cashier returned $1.00 to one of the girls who came back for the change. He mumbled something in Japanese to her. She turned to me and thanked me. I acknowledged her. It was now my turn to buy my sandwich. I bought it and left Panya. As I was leaving Panya, the two girls got up out of their seats, bowed their heads, and thanked me while inserting "gozaimasu" behind their "arigatou". Can we say they were extremely polite? What happened to NBC's Sue Simmons on Monday afternoon?

May 13, 2008

Another massive natural disaster hits Asia. Thousands perished as a result of a 7.9-magnitude earthquake in China's Sichuan province. My friend John, who is living in Chongqing, wrote back indicating that he is safe. What's wrong with our world? Deadly tornadoes killed many in the U.S. for the past few weeks. The deadly cyclone in Myanmar left thousands without homes while mourning for their dead. And now we have this strong earthquake in China. God is mad at us for not playing nice. Let's throw away our guns and recycle them into renewable energy. Become pacifists and vote for women politicians! Chang, you got balls. As long as you are on a crowded street, speak your mind and the rest will follow. That reminds me of that EnVogue song. Caroline, I take back your "I'll be back" comment. I should have taken a nap so I can stay awake for free karaoke. I never like Mondays. I never get enough sleep on the weekends. Are the French still working only 4 days a week? Britney sucks on "How I Met Your Mother". Should she stick to singing or whatever she does on stage? An Iraqi man killed his daughter because she "dated" a British soldier. He, along with his sons, stomped, strangled, and murdered his only daughter. The police does nothing because it was an honor killing. The man works for the government and is on administrative leave. Why the heck are we in Iraq supporting a backwards government that allows "honor killing" to continue? The next president should pull our troops out immediately so the indigenous people can fend for themselves. It's a civil war! Get our butts out of there and start fixing our economy so the dollar can be strong again! Bring our soldiers home where they belong!

May 12, 2008

Sudafed helps! Don't buy brand name drugs if a store brand is available. Pay attention to the ingredients. They should match. Why pay more for the name when you can get the same thing at a much cheaper price. After I am done with my stock of Zyrtec, I will buy the Duane Reade brand. A classic pizza is a cheese pizza. The rain returns this week. Luckily we had dry weather the entire weekend. President Bush's daughter marries at the family's Crawford ranch. Instead of providing much needed relief to cyclone victims, the government of Myanmar holds a referendum vote and claims record voter turnout. Why put all your resources in administering a vote and leave the dying to die? The voters really don't matter any way. It's all a publicity stunt to deflect the authoritarian rule. I may do a "Bloomberg" and switch parties. New York is a mixture, not a mosaic like London or Chicago. Here we have subsidized-rent tenants living next to high-rise luxury apartments. These are words from our awesome mayor, who is as tall as I am! What are lifters? I always thought this had something to do with elevating one's bed or increasing the height of a table. I actually have four lifters for my own bed. Apparently, a short person can wear "lifters" to compensate for height deficiency. If I look taller or seem taller to you, look at my shoes the next time you see me.

May 11, 2008

I can't stay out late any more. My body wants to go hibernate for the evening at around 11PM, even on the weekends. Those Obama people are hardcore volunteers. At yesterday's APA Heritage Festival, they walked around with clipboards asking about our voter registration status. They had registration forms handy in case we wanted to register for the upcoming general election. You could tell that they were Obama supporters because they each wore Obama buttons. Obama still has not convinced me that he is the best candidate. Why are these people so determined and loyal? I did not see Hillary fans at the festival. This is New York country. It's Hillary country but her supporters were not out there roaming the crowd. That's why Obama will win the nomination! I now know who is competitive in our class. Jeopardy was a lot of fun even though some of the questions did not match with the alloted points. We played it safe towards the end and won. However, our competitors were the real winners. They answered more questions correctly. Next week will be our in-class midterm. In addition to my CIA studying, I will add Viet class to my study time agenda. Chi Dao, we will always have our DC's! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. You guys make the world a better place. Per Vy, I am trying out Sudafed in addition to the Zyrtec I'm currently taking. Per Caroline, "I'll be back" and not return. I'm fresh out of ideas. Throw me a bone and let me munch on it.

May 10, 2008

The worst type of rainfall is one that lingers on and on without letting up. It's the weekend again. Time flies when you're having fun. Jacqueline, I can't wait to eat your banh mi. To the DVL dancers, shake your bons bons and have a blast on stage! My jumbo cookies died on the baking sheet. They didn't even have time to fluff up. I threw away two batches of the jumbo cookies and reverted to the smaller, normal size. I'm a small cookie kinda guy. Hopefully, there are enough cookies for Jackie's crew to sell at the NYVS table. The rain went away. We should have dry weather this weekend. Janice, your apartment is away too big for one person. I can't think of any happy Vietnamese movies. Saigon Oi, Saigon Oi, Saigon la la la la la la la...

May 9, 2008

I did not get selected to be a juror in an attempted murder case. I can talk all about it now because the court excused me and thanked me for my time. I still need to return to the courthouse to get a note confirming my days of loitering. There's just too much to do and not enough time. My new favorite song is that "take me away" song. Congratulations, Melanie! You'll end up at the top of your class. I guarantee it! Too bad you messed up the curve for everyone in your class. Khoi, I hope you're reading this. Meet me downstairs at Spring St. so you won't have to pay for another swipe. You're one of the lucky ones who walk to and from work. The spicy noodles at Szechuan Kitchen hit the right spot. It was what I needed even if it didn't contain any kind of meat. The gym will not open until an hour later starting next week. This puts me at a dilemna because I have two options. Do a quick workout during my lunch hour and not deal with the afternoon crowd or take my time and shove my way through the night crowd fighting for vacant machines. My three favorite shows are on tonight. I rambled in my sleep again last night. Where is that medicine to prevent sleep talking? Merck, where you at? The last remaining Republican congressman representing New York City was arrested for drunk driving. Also, he fathered a child from an extra-marital affair. We love our "role model" NY politicians! Move the island? How does one move the magical island? "Ugly Betty" may move its production from LA to NY. Izzy should just tell Alex that his idiotic husband-cheating girlfriend is not pregnant. Speaking of which, Barbara Walters had an affair with a married man. She is not on my "good people" list any more. Booohoooo to the 3-time marrying lady! No wonder she can't get it right every single time. She probably cheated on all of her three husbands.

May 8, 2008

The dictators in Myanmar refused to allow relief help from the West, including the readily available US marines off the coast of Thailand. The country is only accepting aid from Thailand, China, and India right now as thousands of survivors continue to die along with those who perished in the cyclone. Hillary continues to fight on. If we do our math right, Obama is the unofficial nominee for the Democrats. Let's go ahead and form that dream ticket we've all been talking about. I am not quite done with jury duty yet. I must return at 3:30PM to do one final tally. Sitting around all day in a courtroom is so unproductive. Give me something to do like paint the walls, clean the chairs, or sweep the floors. You can't read in the courtroom. The court officer will go up to your face and ask that you put the book or newspaper away. You can't leave the courtroom to use the restroom unless you ask for permission.

May 7, 2008

A crazy cyclone killed thousands in Myanmar. No one selected me. I was able to do a lot of reading as I sat in the comfy chairs. I was in heaven for lunch. At A Chau Deli, I ate bun rieu, banh mi xiu mai, and che thai (for dessert). I ate che outside at Columbus Park. Yesterday could not have been better. I picked up some ingredients for the cookie making this weekend. Janice, you got all the hookups. When someone is talking to you, please be sure to pay attention. Larry yelled at some people for asking the same questions over and over again. There is too much attitude in this family. He has no upper lip. Everyone else has an upper lip, but his is flat. It's non-existent. He obviously got this from his dad's side. Fahim, I can't write back on your wall. A gang of cops pulled a few guys out of their cars and kicked them like dogs. It's Rodney King all over again. The rent guidelines board approved a rent increase of at least 3.5% to 7% for 1 year leases. The final vote will come in June. We, as rent stabilized residents, must voice our concerns at Cooper Union. Go down there and tell them what's on your mind. Lindsey Lohan will appear in the season finale for "Ugly Betty". I think I'm in trouble because of that long e-mail. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. My room has quite a bit of dust. I never dust. Maybe that's why I see dust every where. When I do dust, new dust appears a couple days later. Should dusting be a daily task? I can't keep up with that. Clinton takes Indiana, but not by a hefty lead. Obama wins North Carolina. He received the most delegates. Should Hillary continue? Maybe it's time to step down so the Democrats can unite in its quest to take back the White House. Accept an apology if the other person truly apologized. Pheezy, where are my royalty checks? I heard about the i-chat debacle. John, I see that you are assimilating into the culture quite well. I'm afraid you might come back to the states and speak with an Asian accent. Effective May 12th, first class stamps will increase from $0.41 to $0.42. My cheap headphones from the computer store broke. I have to get new ones.

May 6, 2008

It's all about tagging those Facebook pictures. If you don't tag, you're lazy. Even if the person's elbow or ankle ends up in the picture, tag it! A person is more than just a face. Chang took my spot at Gracie Mansion. I stayed late at the office to send some last minute e-mails out. City Hall finally called me for jury duty after almost two years of living here. Per Tammy, I can walk to Chinatown to eat Vietnamese for lunch. You can't top banh mi for lunch. Actually, I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm a stickler for those stuffed French baguettes. Let's get this Democratic nomination over with. Close your mouth when you sleep. Otherwise, you'll wake up very thirsty. All that air flowing through your mouth, instead of your nostrils, will dry up your entire mouth and esophagus. It's not fun to wake up feeling thirsty. My dad finally got his birthday card. I confirmed this a while ago. He received it on his birthday. I was not late after all. Joel, I like those black and white shots too. When are you coming to visit? It's time to trash my dress socks for new ones. I'm starting to see my own skin through the old socks.

May 5, 2008

I made my way to Yonkers once again for Part II of the Iron Chef. I picked up my ingredients at the Food Emporium. I kept with the theme of Cinco de Mayo, but with a Vietnamese twist. Yes, fried "gio" is so much better than the refrigerated kind. Chi Dao, sorry for making you fall off your veggie wagon. My mango smoothie was too heavy. Note to myself...don't put so much half & half next time. Thao, do you have your facebook picture yet? The downtown 4 train ended at 86th street due to a "sick" passenger at 14th street. I walked upstairs along with everyone else and did not stay for the 6 train. I walked home from there with my comfortable shoes. I'm thinking of getting black ones for work. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May 4, 2008

Lucky for me, I didn't deposit the money Van gave me. I did a "church offering" exchange at the table. Did the Hornets win? Holy Basil was not a hole in the wall. The place looked pretty nice inside. Too bad it drizzled throughout the evening. I wanted some Pinkberry but the rain stopped me. Who really wants to eat rained-out yogurt? Why did we have so much discussion about che xoi nuoc vs. banh troi nuoc? Jacqueline, next time bring enough che for the entire class. Don't talk on the phone while making your che. I stuffed Ashley with more cupcakes from Crumbs. Happy Birthday, Van! Now I know your real age. Mangoes are reserved for people from the tropics, not those from Austria. Joel, thank you for introducing me to the little Thai place hidden on the 2nd floor of a residential building. Sorry, I couldn't stay until the end to celebrate your bday. Hopefully, you can put some of the stuff from MoMA to good use. Oh, and don't forget to change your daily announcements. We need to hear new inspirational messages, not the same ones over and over again. Thao and I will team up against the other chefs in Yonkers. We will surprise everyone with our multicultural dish.

May 3, 2008

I walked to Kimmel to pick up the last five tickets for "Legally Blonde". I met up with Van et al in Times Square for a quick bite before the show. I went home to get out of my work clothes. I am due north for some spicy crawfish from Louisiana. The only thing I hate about eating crawfish is when I take off my eye contacts. Even after washing my hands, there is still some crawfish seasoning on my fingers. Of course I need to use my fingers to remove my contacts. This is where the burning kicks in. The last time I ate these bottom feeders was back in December of last year. The pep rallies these presidential candidates throw have the cheesiest music. How does one stop yawning in the middle of the afternoon? Eat your share of sugar treats and drink caffeinated concoctions. People love to take snapshots of Times Square. Crumbs had a limited selection of cupcakes. I came in when they almost closed for the evening. I want to steal Paul's camera. My snapshots came out blurry. Is it because my hands shake too much? Happy Birthday, Dad! Speaking of which, I bought two birthday cards for my dad. The extra one came from Chang. I mailed the card on Monday. She mailed it the day after. As of yesterday, my dad received the card but mine is still M.I.A. I hope he gets it today. Did I not mail it out early enough? I am not happy with the latest episode of "Lost". The only thing it revealed was how he began his downfall. Charlie said Jack cannot raise his nephew. Kate does something for Sawyer. He decided to stay on the island. So was it a choice for the "survivors" to leave? Mariah Carey is the newest cougar. She married Nick Cannon in the islands. Carolyn, have you decided on when to come here? I got my crawfish fix last night thanks to the Trans from NOLA. When will this gloomy weather disappear to make way for real Spring weather? Ngoc, sorry if I contaminated you with my allergies. I'll keep my distance from you. Since when did Guam and Puerto Rico have a say in the election process? Apparently, they are treated like states when it comes to primaries. Bobby Jindal will be McCain's VP running mate. I'm kidding! Addison, you need to come up here so we can all talk in our sleep. We'll have sleep talk conversations.

May 2, 2008

Betty will cheat on Henry with Gio. The Mayor pushed us aside again. I like the marathon of picture taking. It's very efficient! I don't like the express train so much. It's way crowded. I thought the 6 line is at its capacity. The M86 bus driver did not open his doors for me even if he was sitting at the red light. I knocked on his doors and he shook his head. He didn't even turn sideways to look at me. The bus didn't move until a good two minutes later. I ate a "spicy" chicken sandwich for lunch and a very heavy chocolate concoction for dessert. The cappuccino needed two packs of sugar. Don't go to Max Brenner for lunch if you are really hungry. Expect to wait almost an hour for your food to come out. A little over an hour after lunch, we ate Karen's famous cake from Jersey. The crazy transport was worth it. I can't remember the last time I had bananas in my cake. Megan, we surprised you with pink and purple. You were even dressed for the occasion. Don't forget to bring the little one to the office when she's ready to travel across the Hudson River. Karen deserves a big pat on the back for hooking it all up. I walked George to the bus stop after he stalked his friend's building across from my apartment. Either my shoes got smaller or my feet grew wider. Come support Jacqueline's banh mi shop next Saturday!

May 1, 2008

Addison, you need to behave and stop running around. Why did you turn in your buddy at school? Tell Grandma to take you to the zoo. Get out there and be with the wildlife. Roam across the open grass and feed the giraffes. It sounds like you guys are going on an African Safari. It's just Audubon Zoo. Speaking of which, Audubon Park was built during the time of New York's Central Park. The same folks designed both parks. That is why you see similar layouts. Vanessa's dumplings went back to $1.99 for 5 pieces. They increased their prices a few weeks ago when I was last there. I am a happy camper again. What is up with Kiehl's? You are lazy if you stay in bed and open ICHAT to see yourself instead of getting up to look at yourself in the mirror. I got free dress socks from Filene's Basement. Poor Oh-oh-Bama! Emily, good luck with your final presentation! I refuse to pay $15 for a movie ticket. You think your week is bad? Quit your whining and step it up. Stop squinting your eyes, Renee! Let Miley Cyrus do whatever she wants. If she wants to be a "bad" role model to her young fans, then so be it. She is only getting older and her fan base will eventually change as they also grow older. How does one control his loud sneezing? Drug companies should work on finding a remedy for this chronic, irritating symptom. You might see me on one of 20/20's weird medical mystery programs. My nose will eventually fall off of my face. Addison returns to the crazy Seattle hospital today. Siriano goes head to head with Betty. Jack becomes ill because he gained so much during the show's hiatus. President Bush pauses during his speeches to listen to his ear piece. The voice in the ear piece is pretty much giving the speech. Bush just acts as an intercom. You gotta love our President!