May 30, 2012

Just a few more days and I'm outta here. Debby and I finally booked our excursions. Everyone keeps saying to do Lisbon and Barcelona, but we don't really have much time to visit those cities. I hope they have ac there because I have been living off of my ac units for the past couple of weeks. Jacq and I ran the Billyburg Bridge this morning. She stopped just as we reached the peak. I continued on and met her on my way back. She will go topless tomorrow like James. Okay, so the book is getting really good. It is very weird. I will be pissed off if the ending leaves me with more questions.

May 29, 2012

Some people may enjoy the long break, but I got a bit antsy. There was too much that went on over the break. It feels like it is already and very humid. I walked outside during my lunch break today and wanted to run back in. I got to meet up with Loan and her parents yesterday when they were dropped off in Chinatown. Precious did not put on the correct settings for the bedroom a/c. All this time...I kept asking myself why only air was blowing out. James, we need to stop running into each other in the streets. The run on the Billyburg Bridge was tremendous. Jacq and I will try out the early morning run to beat the heat. I wanted to bike yesterday but Clive chickened out. He was afraid he would melt in the sun. It looks like we are good to go with the drop off of goods at the HCM Hotel for delivery to the states. Thank you again, Mike and Vuong. Cam on rat nhieu. Oh, and don't let them force you to take more than what I asked. KNT inspired me to finish 1Q84. It is actually getting good. I haven't read the book since my holiday break.

May 24, 2012

I am the party pooper and the virgin...

May 23, 2012

Passion Pit finally has new music...

May 21, 2012

Two events happened in front of my face over the weekend. First, a beach umbrella flew across the restaurant and slammed into a lady's face. The lady was fine, but the whole thing happened in slow motion. We saw the wind blowing the canopy and eyed it the entire time to see where it will land. It literally landed on the lady's face. The restaurant staff gave her some ice. The other event took place at a Japanese soba noodle house. A burning napkin fell from the bar and onto the floor...right in front of my face. It could have turned out badly but the guy stomped the burning napkin with his shoes. Again, I felt helpless. Di Chang is in the air. "Addison" has not been responding to my texts. What's up? Mike, you need to step it up and figure it all out on your own. I am not your guardian. Hooray to Jacq for completing the task.

May 18, 2012

It seems like everyone around me graduated this past week. Hotel rates must have been crazy. I have another all-day deal today. This time, it is all the way in FiDi. People like to shorten their neighborhood names because they are lazy and want to sound cool. The second part of my European trip is confirmed as of yesterday. Agnes and I spent almost two hours getting the flights booked. It was pretty exhausting after we wonder travel agents are still in business. Well, at least some of them. We still need to decide on the hotel. Chi Mai will join me for part of the trip. I wonder who spilled the beans to HA. I have to do some investigative work. The twins no longer want Ba Ngoai. They prefer Di Chang because she's exciting. If you are bringing a guest with special dietary needs, please inform the host ahead of time so he/she can accommodate. How the heck are you going to serve pineapple, beer, and wine and call that dinner? I went overboard on the cha lua...duly noted for next time. Instead of buying 3, 2 should suffice. KNT, I forgot to give you my stash. Loan, I'll crash y'alls jam packed itinerary when you guys are here.

May 17, 2012

I am a huge fan of NYU Dental Faculty Practice. They rarely make me wait in the waiting room. The dentists are super nice. The only setback is having to pay upfront, but I eventually get reimbursed from MetLife. The practice files the claims on my behalf. People always try to figure out how to pronounce my last name. I cannot hide the fact that I am Vietnamese. Next time I should say, "No, I'm Burmese". It looks like I am moving forward with the treatment set to begin in July. It is much cheaper than I had anticipated. All this talk about toothbrushes and over night bags is hilarious. KNT and the other Kim waited for me in midtown. Instead of McDonald's, we opted for a ramen noodle house. I now know where to find a good pie at all hours of the night. Last night's seats were the closest in a very long time. The only other time I was that close was for Equus. We found a cab nearby on 8th Avenue because the orange line was not running. Jacq yelled out at the wrong neighbor. It was a very nice bike ride this morning to work. Who needs Route B shuttles anymore? Happy Birthday, Anh Boy!

May 16, 2012

I think I am done recommending people to apply for jobs. A simple "thank you" would suffice, but there's really no appreciation. I even have to remind them to see if they applied already. From now on, just go on the internet and look for work. I do not how I am going to carry those textbooks home. The NYU shuttle bus stopped its service between now and Sunday. I think Route B doesn't even run all summer. It's time to bike again. Dat has quite a new lady friends now. He is slowly replacing all of us. I think I have the December trip in order. I received some confirmations today, but they still remain tentative. You should bank with Ngan Hang Bee. Whatever Eddie won't pay, the bank will take care of the difference. It's way too humid...yesterday and today. Justin, where you at?

May 15, 2012

This find friends is very creepy. Thanks to Jade, I downloaded an app so I can locate Jacq at this weekend's half marathon in Brooklyn. My class was cancelled today so instead of coming into work, I took the day off. I tried sleeping in but woke up early anyway. I thought the rain would come to us early, but it didn't really rain until noon time or so. After the gym, I walked over to central mail to pick up "two very large boxes with personal items". The people there were very nice and accommodating. They even looked out for my boxes until I found a cab. Good Luck Car Service had no car for me. I flagged down a cab and convinced him to take my two big boxes and me down to Chinatown from LaGuardia Place. I literally gave him all the cash I had in my pocket. The boxes were a mess. They are now sitting next to my bed. If there are bugs in the boxes, they are slowly making their way to my bed. Yes, let's say I'll have bedbugs now because of the boxes. I still have to transport the book boxes from my office and the unused gigantic suitcase from my office to Macy's or the UPS store. I dropped of my rent checks for the remainder of the lease. I picked up dry cleaning. James and I met up for lunch and sangria. I stopped by the Met market for a few items. I was knocked out on my couch at 2PM. After a 1.5 afternoon nap, I caught up on my emails. I laughed to myself after reading what Viet wrote. He's a mess. Speaking of a mess, Miss Lee is one. She was honest to herself and finally ended it. Kudos for sticking to it. Jacq and I are to talk more later tonight before Dat's bun bo. TD, talk about rushing your ass!

May 14, 2012

This past weekend was not long enough. After our "Broadway" show, Henrietta and I made to this my den place on the west side. I have to was an interesting night. The music was off the hook. I can't say about anything else. I managed to wake up because of Nemastil hounding my ass to go running. If I recall, he did not want to do the 9AM run because it was too early. We conquered the Williamsburg. I found my favorite route to run. It was definitely a challenge. I didn't make it to the gym. I waited outside my own apartment because some stupid person closed the building's door. Those crazy Chinese spiritual people blocked off all of Mott St. to do their annual march. I met up with Chi Mai et al for brunch in Chelsea. After brunch, I stopped by the Pop Souk and picked up a couple boxers. I napped for two hours only to wake up to ramen and grilled cheese. TD and I bailed out on Asian Ivanka. I stayed in for the night, but was tempted to go out with Skaught and his gang. After brunch in Astoria and acting like tourists, I managed to get in another hour of afternoon nap. I live for my weekend afternoon naps. There's too much drama with the NJ housewives. I cannot keep up. QL and I did not have to travel far for PG. I thought I'm done for the night, but Chi Mai wants to do Nha Trang. A couple big boxes with personal items made it to the central mail office. I'll call Lucky Car Service to transport the boxes. I cannot take Henrietta anywhere. DSL is not high speed internet. Got it, KNT?

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2012

The rain finally stopped. It was a good day to stroll down to the Square to pick up movie vouchers and to meet up with TD for some Saigon Shack. Yes, I made an exception to my diet with Saigon Shack. Good thing we didn't have to wait for the last available table. I'm getting used to the tapping of my ID card instead of swiping it. What is the fastest way to swipe the card? I loaded my MetroCard. Because I didn't use it for the past couple of months, I now have over $50 in the card. Dat agreed to drive all of the stuff from my office to my apartment when the boxes arrive. Last night's happy hour turned out to be another sausage fest. Vu and I left early. I met up with Dat and My at Pho Grand. This is my newest favorite place. All I need is their canh chua. Yes, FOBS live up north. We are also liberal. You guys just stay down south and we will all be okay. Henry still hasn't gotten back to me about tonight's show. I have the day off but woke up like I normally do. Somehow I cannot go back to sleep. Why is the heater on? It's not that cold out.

May 10, 2012

Hooray to President Obama for supporting gay marriage. He is the first American president to officially support marriage equality. The gay agenda is pretty much the civil rights movement of our generation. To forbid gays from marrying is the same as not allowing interracial marriage. People do not choose the color of their skin, gender, or sexual orientation. Although, you can easily undergo a gender reassignment surgery nowadays or apply whitening cream to your dark skin. Anyways, a civil union is not the same as a marriage. Let's keep religion out of this and everyone will be fine. Cardinal Dolan can stick it.

May 9, 2012

Many thanks to Nick for revamping this website. KNT, a bigger thanks to you for discussing it via texting with me. Who says we need to talk anymore? Back to the drawing board about this morning's idea. Some couple beat me to it. It's raining cats and dogs today. I don't really mind the rain. If you have a good umbrella and work boots on, there's no need to complain. I have a massive suitcase that I need to get rid of. It's also new. I have never used it. So far, no responses on CL. I am on my last banh mi sandwich. I kept some of the remaining Vietnamese mayo for myself. That thing is ridiculously unhealthy, yet very tasty. I think I'll spread it over white bread and eat as is. Yes, freezing baguette in the freezer and letting it thaw on the kitchen counter does work. It literally took minutes for the bread to be ready. I ran into Jacq this morning as she was coming back to get sugar. Her plan was to bake a cake in two hours. I wasn't very supportive, but she succeeded in the end. Yay, no more school for Precious! Tell the boys I said hey. Still, no ache from the wisdom tooth extraction. Hawaii is a no-go!

May 7, 2012

Etihad finally posted my miles. Apparently, my member profile does not include my middle name, but my ticket includes the middle name. This resulted in some confusion because the airline was not sure if it is the same person flying. I will use my miles for my flight to SGN. I bought way too much cha lua. I have to eat it over the next few days before it goes bad. Yes, cha lua and Mom's cha gio are the only exceptions to the non-meat diet. I cannot wait for Sugar Freak. It sounds very tempting. I survived two days of boring classes. May is the month to get them all out of the way. Hawaii, here we come.

May 1, 2012

Just give me a week and I'll be back to normal. My eyes are bloodshot red. I came home to a stack of magazines and junk mail. The only real mail I had was a check from MetLife. The rest was basura. I took care of way too many things on Saturday. In a span of 12 hours, I managed to cover everything on my checklist. Thanks to KNT, I saw a $6 movie in Manhattan. Yes, it was even a new release. The deal is to watch the movie before noon. I remember when matinees were for movies shown before 6PM. Those days are long gone. I may do a repeat of canh chua tom (to go, please).