May 30, 2017

The Justin Bieber version is not out yet, but this will do.

May 25, 2017

I think we have enough furniture for now. The black metal dresser should be the last purchase for a long time. I was never a fan of the dresser Susan gave us but it definitely gave us much needed storage. It's always good to see Julie and the rest of the Elite Squad. The ladies from Cafe 501 were there as always. Bill gave us a tour of the backroom. Yeah, we will pass on getting the dresser ourselves. So the Japanese chocolate covered almonds are sold out at Super Cao Nguyen. I've checked on three separate occasions and they were completely out every single time. Amazon does have them but I don't want to pay for shipping. It's sold through a third party vendor. Yes, those almonds were giving us life. Hopefully, Super Cao Nguyen will buy another batch soon. Colin is just getting bigger and bigger every day. The guy just wants to eat and sleep. When he wakes up from his nap, it's as if he's been sleeping for days. Thanks, Marci, but we are going to stick around OKC this weekend. Too much traveling last weekend pretty much did it for me. My goal this weekend is to get the rest of the porch steps painted and the kitchen island painted. We can start on landscaping when Candi Coated Nights is available.

May 24, 2017

I just spent the past five hours getting some workpapers and a draft report fixed. In other words, I had to get the information all line up. It's all about reconciling the information, plus there are plenty of redundancies as added controls. Who says one control is enough when you can have five addressing the same process? Hi Natalie! So glad that you were able to stop by and do Taco Tuesday with us. Marci and I had our baking session. She's good to go now and can take it from here. It's all about being patient over the stove. You can't rush through life. It looked like Taylor was still working when we facetimed her. So I was impressed with the tacos last night but still, the service was super slow and I had to run and get my own water refill. The bag of pork rinds was $5. I think they robbed me with that because it wasn't that good. I have to add salt to the pork rinds. They do remind me of the pork rinds I had in Madrid. They're legit pork skin that was deep fried. It's not the ones you find in a supermarket that's commercially made. It's one of those pork rinds where you need to bite into it and let it melt in your mouth because like I said before, you can't rush through life! We are off to West Elm tonight for some light bites and cocktails.

May 22, 2017

Flying into a city after and only staying for one night is pretty exhausting. Add a one hour drive from the airport to the hotel plus another hour from the hotel to the concert venue, you will surely be exhausted. By the time we made it back for Nathan and Jillian's wedding, we were spent. Water and ice, please... I'll pass on the wine and beer.

May 16, 2017

This guy is waiting to get impeached and eventually resign so he can have his simple life back. As if dumb Trump is not bad enough, you have the crazy evangelical Pence stepping up to the plate. I'm just picturing The Handmaid's Tale in the back of my mind.

May 15, 2017

I'm back from being in Tulsa all last week. Today's objective is to take that online test and be done with it. I have a couple other things I need to take care of, but this test needs to be my only priority today.

May 8, 2017

The Selena de Mayo concert was a lot of fun. The band played about 40 minutes. Before their performance, there was a Selena costume contest. The winner definitely deserved to win. She was channeling Selena by lip syncing and dancing as she presented her costume. The runner-up was a bit odd in that she was serious about the costume contest. It was definitely well produced. They had props, a photo backdrop, big red balloons, and let's not forget the confetti guns that kept shooting confetti throughout the show. We ended the night at IHOP. Belgian waffles are way better than regular waffles. Taylor was in town for the weekend. I drove to BFE to pick her and Lucy up. We drove around town and she got to finally taste the ever famous Yuzo sushi! Too bad for the rotten egg smell though. Good luck with your first day, Taylor! The next morning, we had breakfast brunch on Plenty's rooftop. It was a potluck and everyone pretty much went all out. There was so much food left over. We rushed to Paul's softball games. They won both games. The first one was easy. They came from behind for the second game. We visited with Colin after the game and I ended my day from there. The Sunday dinner question came up and Paul had no answer so I made an executive decision to cook rice and whatever protein we had in the fridge. Yes, Sunday dinners are now known for their peasant meal feel. I rushed out this morning to head up to "Edmond". I left my car at Hilaire's so we can ride to Tulsa together. We are in Tulsa this week for our annual firm-wide meeting and business continuity training.

May 5, 2017

May 4, 2017

We finally got to try out Tokyo last night. It was definitely owned by Japanese people because the restaurant reminded me of the restaurants and bars on St. Mark's in New York. You can tell from the decor that it's authentic. Also, most of the employees spoke in Japanese to one another. That's another indication that they are Japanese-owned. All of the other sushi places in OKC are owned by Chinese or Vietnamese people. If you see a "Trang" or a "Kim" working as servers at a Japanese place, it's likely owned by Vietnamese people. If you see little kids working the cash register and bussing tables, it's likely the place is owned by Chinese people. Chinese people love getting their kids to help out at the restaurant. They'll have their own table where the kids can work on their homework in between customers. I think the Chinese restaurant in Marlow had a piano inside the dining room where the owner's kid was practicing. The appetizers at Tokyo were definitely good. They have an Izakaya menu from Tuesday to Thursday from 5:30pm to 7pm. The menu is basically Japanese tapas that you would find in Japan. We grabbed a few items from this menu before they stopped serving at 7pm. The salmon and eel rice soup was my favorite from the menu. The two rolls we ordered from the sushi rolls menu were okay. It literally took one hour from when we ordered the rolls to when the rolls made it to our table. Lucky for us, we had the Izakaya plates and an appetizer platter to hold us over as we waited for the okay rolls. I definitely want to come back and try their other rolls. It was refreshing to see authentic Japanese in the middle of America!

May 3, 2017

Today is my dad's birthday. You know you are old when you remember your dad being your age when you were growing up. It's weird thinking about it. The exterior is coming together. They finished putting mortar in and around the bricks and have cemented the porch. We need to get with the neighbor and tell him that we will need to access his backyard to paint the back of the garage. That garage is disgusting. We will try to salvage what we can with that eyesore. The metal fencing needs to seriously go. The grass still has weeds all over, yet it is giving us plenty of green since it's been raining nonstop. Marci got her power back after a few days of having no power. Lucky for us, power stayed on for Linwood Place. The House Tour Committee is in search of homes that will participate in the home tour. Let's hope we get good ones this year. The neighborhood garage sale is happening this Saturday. I'll be running around with Taylor as she visits OKC. P Diddy and his two sisters will be in Marlow sprucing up the house. My little social that I casually mentioned to some work folks for tomorrow is cancelled. The team event at the boathouse is enough for one day. I will try to get with Chi Connie before the end of the week. Congratulations, Khoi! I'm super happy for you. I'm also happy that Trump didn't make it onto your document. Ivanka needs to stop quoting other women. They don't like you.

May 1, 2017

We survived the marathon relay! I think my pace was faster this year than last year's. I credit the cold weather for pushing me through. The rest of my teammates did an awesome job just like last year.