May 24, 2018

Two more days until the long weekend is here. It's the official start to summer. I don't mind the summers here in Oklahoma. The days can be hot, but it's not the humid hot like what they get further south. It's sort of a dry heat and you don't really sweat. Although the winds can be a bit strong at times. Night time is perfect in that it gets pretty mild. Insects can be a nuisance, but bug sprays should fix that. Sharon and I finished the crossword puzzle. Stoner was the one word we couldn't decide on but it was right all along.

May 23, 2018

If I send you a meeting invite and you don't respond, trust that I will follow up with you to get your response. I'd like to know if you are a "no" or a "yes" or even a tentative will do. It's like getting a text or an email from someone where they ask you to respond. You read it and don't respond. It's like picking up the phone and hearing the person speak and don't respond at all. You hear them and hang up on them. This is one of my pet peeves among many others. The lawn and flower bed are looking quite nicely. The rain we got last week and the week before really blossomed up the flower buds and turned our grass green. I used to hate the rain but now I crave it because it saves me the trouble of watering the lawn.

May 22, 2018

Always go to the grocery store with a list in hand. I didn't do that yesterday and now I have to go back to pick up deodorant. Yes, this was the reason why I had to go to the store in the first place. I picked up everything else except for what I really went to the store to get. Marci is spending way too much time in California. She is needed back in Oklahoma City. I would hate to fly in at 11pm and be ready to go for a meeting the next morning at 8am. Taylor, great job on finishing that race with your aunt! Looks like you guys had a blast. The candy consumption here in the office has skyrocketed. In addition to the big bag of Hi-Chews that Marci picked up, Hilaire brought in a big bag of that local Oklahoma chocolate brand. We are slowly getting away from the healthy snacks that the firm provides. It's closer to the end of the month when there are slim pickings left. These are the snacks no one wants and they tend to carry forward to the next month. We are patiently waiting for this month's delivery of goodies. The delivery happens on the 25th of every month. It really is like Christmas for us 12 times a year.

May 21, 2018

I have not been good this month about keeping my audience of three people informed. Yes, I have a dedicated fan base of three people. Tess and Blain got married and everything went well. The wedding was beautiful and we couldn't ask for a more perfect wedding. Chi Chinh and Chang are coming this weekend to officially start the summer season. We are due back in San Antonio for Labor Day weekend. Frontier starts offering direct flights between OKC and San Antonio beginning in mid-August. Frontier is expanding its San Antonio-based destinations. This is good for the two SAT-based folks who normally fly to Tulsa for the firm-wide meetings. We no longer need to connect in Dallas or Houston. We no longer need to drive up to eight hours each way from OKC. I really do hate driving. Nothing is enjoyable about driving. If someone drives me, it's not so bad. Having to concentrate on the road and sitting on your behind for hours at a time is never a fun time. Now, if I am being chauffeured, I don't think I'd care if it's a 15 minute car ride or 15 hours. Let me sit back and relax while others do the work. Speaking of others doing the work, we never really bought a lawnmower. My friend, Nathan, did a great job cutting my lawn for the past couple of years. He finally retired and I asked my neighbors for recommendations. Penny gave me Sergio's info. His guys came by immediately and started mowing away. I got his pricing to come down to what I was paying Nathan so I'm a happy camper. My other neighbor Pablo recommended his guy, Hector. I was just about to go with Hector, but Sergio came back with a lower price.

May 3, 2018

The Infinity War movie was tearjerker for sure. You got characters dying left and right. You don't know who really survives in the end. We sat through all of the closing credits for one last scene. I don't think there was another one after that. It was like HBO's show "The Leftovers". Who got to leave and who stayed behind, all for the betterment of the Universe. Is this Thanos way of keeping the world in check? Every day there is something new that goes in the news. The Trump Administration is a reality show, but in real life. There's no delay in taping. There might be a delay in getting the news out, but the reactions and tweets are all live. It really does make for great TV, especially on the news networks.

May 1, 2018

I survived my first half marathon. I am thinking about doing the full for next year, but that would involve training for it. I hate training for things. The half was kind of easy in that I am already running on the treadmill. Running on the street is a bit different, but at the end of the day, it's the same. You just need to condition your body, specifically your legs and feet, to keep moving along. That impact on the pavement will get to you if your feet are not used to it. Taylor and JC drove up to run the half as well. It was a fun weekend having them visit. We ate way too much pizza!