November 30, 2011

Sending a handwritten thank you card or a gift basket is simple and easy. It does not take much effort. All it takes is a simple gesture. It's all about the downtown. Haven't you heard? I should change Precious's name to Olivia. However, why is she hating on the downtown look. Isn't Olivia from uptown? Whitney is very downtown, although she appears ditsy. What happened to that show? I don't keep up with MTV anymore. I'm reading a book that I borrowed from Sandrine. It's a very easy read. So far, my take away is to keep repeating yourself until you have mastered the task...whatever it may be. James, I'm still super jealous that I have not been invited to run with you. Oh run during the day when everyone else is stuck at work. Dat and I are going to shoot for Sunday. Oh wait, it's when YOU'RE working. Joel, don't hate on my coolness. You can never compete with all this. Julie, it's all about the DC's when you arrive. ACCboys are becoming technically advanced...more so than their aunt and uncles. Sheryl, I did my duty now follow through. Geller and I have an all-nighter approaching. I wonder what's on the menu. I went crazy at Whole Foods. I stocked up on coconut water. It's on sale!

November 29, 2011

It's been a long day as usual. I am being pulled in many directions. You'd think with the holiday approaching, things would slow down. That's just not the case. This year is almost coming to an end. What did I accomplish this year as opposed to last year? I think I've grown just enough to get by. I was in CT for the Thanksgiving holiday. I did not go crazy with the food. It's all about portioning. I sampled pretty much everything. The no-meat diet was out the door for the weekend. Instead of Black Friday shopping, we all went "hiking". Some of us wanted to find the cave, but we were running out of time before the sunset. Three of us ran to the car while others took their time. We all managed to leave right before dark. That was the only time my hiking boots came in handy. I did manage to pick up a few items from J.Crew. Don't buy in the store anymore. Wait for their online promotional codes to shop at a discount. Ship the stuff to New Jersey and have them imported into the city. It's really that simple. I get sleepy in the afternoons. It's funny how some folks have the green text boxes while some have the light blue boxes. You can text internationally and not get charged if the person has blue boxes.

November 23, 2011

What about me? What about Jujubee???

November 22, 2011

Monday nights are my nights to catch up on sleep. I wanted to sleep early, but those darn kids above me were at it again. They were jumping around and bouncing balls. I was so ready to run upstairs and smack them. Yes, beat them all up so they know who's boss. I think they stopped wrestling and horsing around by 10PM. Their living room should be right above my bedroom. I didn't hear any kids all summer. Perhaps their parents sent them to Taiwan or Hong Kong for the summer. KNT, I like how you react to my tweets immediately. Isn't texting fun now? You have been deprived like how I was deprived when I first moved to New York. "I do not accept any texts. The capability has been disabled. If you need to reach me, call or email. I don't understand why people text." hilarious! I got played thinking S read my stuff. In my language, it's called "embarrassed face". Geller, moving onto the third outing...let's see when that will happen.

November 21, 2011

This year has gone by so fast. The lowdown on Coldplay's new single is that the group sampled from a Chinese song. The song is called "Princess of China" because of the sampling. The Vietnamese Buddhist chant is sampled from that same Chinese song. Okay, I'm done talking about it. I have returned to the masses after a huge purge. Those who have survived the purge, don't eff it up or you'll be next on the chopping block. I prayed for everyone's sins yesterday, including my own. I finally used one of the Billy's Bakery coupons. There's a "hotel" in the lower east side. On top of it is a rooftop restaurant. We were late for dinner. The girls at the table accepted my apology for being late. Why do they put people on top of one another? Are they wanting me to socialize with strangers at dinner? I drank my first true Bloody Mary at the James Hotel. It was made with apple and tomato juice. It was good, but not spectacular. I still do not know why people love Bloody Marys. B-diddy made an appearance. She brought over this Spanish red wine. I forgot the name already. Sandrine was late to the movies and it was sold out. I could not go outside to get her because everyone's coats were in the way. Go see "Tower Heist". I didn't think I would like it, but it was quite funny. Go see my cousin Quan in the movie. They celebrated his birthday as part of the heist. Mel wants Carter to talk and not Carson. It's quite unfair. I am playing Mel just to play. There's no point in trying any more because she ends up getting at least 30 points for every move. Strahan, you should really play her. Her handle is ACCboys. Smack down in Haterville, Atlanta...this time, it's between Apollo and Peter (Papa Smurf). Chris Breezy and Rhi Rhi keep singing these songs to one another. They should just get back together and start singing happy songs. All these would've, could've, should've songs are getting old. #chandoi

November 18, 2011

J-bird, you found me after all. Slick move on the English flag. I guess I can't talk trash about you here. KIDDING! So it was a night of baking and booze last night. The first drink I made contained half alcohol. Tdanger, I am still working on finishing your lychee soju. I think I have less than a glass left. We passed by Confucius Plaza only to find some of the Occupy Wall Street folks hanging out and banging their drums. Weren't they supposed to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge? It appears that Coldplay may have sampled some Vietnamese Buddhist chanting for their new song with Rihanna. Today is part one of getting fat. Part II takes place on Turkey Day. Yes, my fire escape cannot hold anyone. Don't attempt to go out there for a smoke. Joel, don't hate on iPhone users. We are so much better than you. Yes, just you.

November 17, 2011

Who needs to talk any more when you can text all day long. Precious, you need to make a decision. I am running out of patience. The series finale needs to happen soon. All the advertising sponsors are pulling out as we speak. I am not losing interest, but I am getting tired of the same storyline. When is it happening?J-bird, I don't think I can do the running today. The weather is super brisk. I'll explain via text of course. Video chatting comes in handy when you need visuals. Some person named brady is playing me on WWF. I'm starting to like the Coldplay/Rihanna song. #intense This one gets me up in the morning...for now.

November 16, 2011

So it looks like we are covering almost all of the global sites except for a couple. I am not planning on anything just yet until the tickets are booked. I picked up some chicken and waffle fries for Jacq yesterday night on my way back from Bobst. It's pretty crazy how it's the only location in Manhattan. Get the catfish over shrimp and potatoes at Essex. I think I found my favorite dish. It used to be the hamburger empanadas, but my diet does not allow me to consume meat. I don't know if I can resist the mini pepperonis on the thin crust pizza at Patsy's today. At Chi Mai's, I gave into the bun moc and goi ga. Tara and I got off the wagon just for that one night. Who needs actual board games when you can download the apps onto your phone. We didn't go out as originally planned. Plus, we didn't make it to Rafael's place. Wine makes me extremely tired. I had no idea Freemans has a clothing store/barber shop facing the street. I tried growing a beard all last week. It was pretty pathetic. I ended up with a shifu beard. On my last day there, I shaved everything off. It was a pathetic excuse for facial hair. Viet and I drank our last pina coladas before we boarded for the almost 5 hour flight. I had to see "Horrible Bosses" again. Jennifer Aniston was a total slut. I'm still laughing about Mother Fucker Jones.

November 15, 2011

This pedometer thing really doesn't work. It only recorded 194 steps in a given day. The manual says it will automatically turn off if there is no movement in 1 minute. If you move again, it will turn back on. I think I have to manually turn it back on. I should give up already. It's not like I have a health problem. It's all the other folks who don't stay active. I'm trying to even the playing field for our New York team. Yesterday's marathon of meetings finally came to an end. We were shuffled from one room to another. When requesting meetings with people, be sure to reserve a space on your own. Don't rely on others to do it for you. Taylor was a mess. She was pointing fingers at everyone and expected people to back her up. I feel sorry for her. Lisa sort of deflected the attention away from herself. Good move on her part. I swear...the women act as if they are in high school. It's quite pathetic, yet very entertaining. I am addicted to the trash. So James has yet to find this website. It's like looking for Waldo. One of the guys noticed the rum cake from Barbados. He said his wife is from Barbados. Her family lives in the area where I stayed. Talk about a small world. I don't know why people can't get up at 6:30AM. It's the best part of the day. The streets are wide open. You have the sidewalks all to yourself. You can skip, hop, and skirt along with no cares in the world. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. Those occupy wall street protestors need to end already. I hate having to wake up to the sound of hovering helicopters. You may see some duplication between this site and the tweets. I'll miss the shuttle bus when it reverts to a limited schedule at the end of the semester. I guess I shouldn't complain since some folks spend at least two hours commuting each day. So my plans have changed once again. Prague is no longer in the picture for me. London it is!

November 14, 2011

November 4, 2011

Viet's dad never made an appearance. He was a no-show. We kept the original plan and exchanged war stories any way. I have a tight schedule today. Agnes wants Chinese food, but I don't want any. I fell asleep quite early last night. The car service people have my address in their system. I had to explain to the operator that I need to be picked up elsewhere. TD and the girls move in for the weekend. JKPham has something up his sleeves. I bet it has to do with the recent trip to Japan. Since Gene is out today, I am wearing green socks. James and I are going to assemble furniture. The goal is to finish everything before midnight. Julie, you are in good hands. I already renig Viet and Chi Mai has gladly accepted the challenge. Precious, you need to make up your mind. I cannot handle another episode. The drama continues for how much longer? Two or three more seasons? Jacq is waiting for me with a cocktail.

November 3, 2011

November 2, 2011

Cheers to the freakin weekend.

November 1, 2011

Ms. Landrit and I decided to take a break from the festivities. We had our fun over the weekend. Her friend Melissa joined us. Viet never made it out. He didn't even return my texts. We gave away my bag of candy to the folks at Oro. Kids in New York trick or treat at businesses instead of private homes. It's a funny concept and almost all businesses participate. The boys on King Henry Court got played. Only five doorbells? I want to hear Carter speak in Chinese. Paul, yeah I waved back at you. Marvelous...simply marvelous. This Cain guy cannot go up against Obama. He is too eccentric for regular Americans. You think putting a black Republican against a black Democrat will even the playing field? Let's not get started on the Mormon from Massachusetts or the idiot from Texas. At this point, I really don't know what will happen next year. So our thoughts about KM have been validated thanks to a photo that JV picked up. James, you found all this yet? It's like finding Waldo. Good luck!