November 1, 2018

I have not paid much attention to this. October just came and went. I think I know how to address the trick or treaters now. No more letting them grab what they want from the candy bucket. I need to give out two pieces to each kid. Some kids have two bags...I'm like what? Why do you even have two bags? There were also adults who didn't have costumes asking for candy. The earlier crowd is more serious in that they dress up in costumes and are polite. When it gets much darker outside, the teenagers come out and are not in costume. I ran out of candy so I turned off the porch light. Then I got a knock or two on the side door because that side light was on. I had to tell them that this is my side entrance and I have no candy to give out. There was also another knock on the front door even without the porch light on. I told them I'm out of candy as well. We had to close all of the curtains so we don't get any more knocks. I thought the rule of thumb is if your porch light is turned off, don't knock on the house.