October 25, 2008

I have gone fishing. I will return on November 2nd. If you need immediate assistance, you're sh*t out of luck. A bientot!

October 24, 2008

My mom asked that I vote for McCain. She flat out asked me to do her a favor and vote for McCain. I told her my vote for McCain would not matter in the great state of New York because it's filled with educated liberals. Yes, I said edumacated. She later told me that her sister-in-law will ask her son to vote for McCain. My cousin lives in California. I told my mom the vote for McCain in California would not matter either. We live at the opposite ends of the country where Democrats have a reputation for winning. If we lived in swing states, perhaps our vote would count. I felt disappointment in her voice. My mom will obviously vote for her guy but I don't think it will matter either. I think Louisiana will go to the Democrats. Or, it might be a toss-up. I'm just happy she and my dad are exercising their rights. I went easy on the sweets at the staff meeting. I limited myself to one brownie and one cookie. I ate fruit to complete my dessert. I will try my best to be greener at work. I will now use the back side of my scratch paper to print internal stuff. I have CB on repeat. We will soon go paperless with a new audit workpaper software. It sounds pretty interesting. Yes, we are somewhat behind the times. At peer institutions and organizations, they are already using such software. Some mama drama went down on King Henry Court. What up? First it was hamburger and fries, then Popeye's fried chicken with all the dressing...I am done with fatty foods for a while. I'll try fish and chips while in London and that's it. I feel guilty when eating deep fried food.

October 23, 2008

My meeting in the library went well. We used the express elevator to get to the top two floors. Otherwise, we would have stopped on all other floors before getting to the 11th. I had no idea an express elevator existed in the library. The password was very obvious. That's a control weakness. I returned "Wicked" because someone else wanted the book. Instead of my original due date in January 2008, Bobst wanted the book back by November 1st. The three of us ate the same thing for lunch. I washed my to-go container. It will come in handy when I start baking cookies again. I thought my project ended, but we were asked to conduct further research. Ngoc, please feel better. We'll eat some fried chicken on your behalf. I'll venture uptown provided that I am given special protection. Someone is obsessed with Lady Gaga...and to think I'm obsessed with CB?

October 22, 2008

The Japanese girls across the street no longer give me a bag. I am trying to be green. Since I don't recycle at home, I refuse to collect plastic bags. I live on the fifth floor so it's sort of difficult to separate my trash and carry them down to the recycling bins. I hate to admit it, but I throw all my trash down the trash shoot. If I live on a second floor, perhaps I will walk downstairs to fulfill my recycling responsibility. I apologize to Mother Earth, Khoi, Tammy, and Rafael. You guys are just too darn green for me. Are you guys sure you're not Elphaba's long lost siblings? Ticket Central teased me with their "Jersey Boys" tickets. I got all excited for nothing. My hopes jumped full speed up in the air and KNT killed it when she e-mailed me the bad news. Oh well, hopefully there will be a next time. The cheapest ticket costs $97. NYU had them for $44 each. We ate ice cream near our office to remember a dear friend. Madonna gives $50 million to Guy. For some reason, the Beijing DVD burned by Mr. Shum only works on my DVD player. Sorry, Lashes!

October 21, 2008

Go me! I completed my tasks for the day. I stayed focused, yet had time to go back and forth on e-mails. Lashes, I can fulfill the first request, but not the latter for several reasons. No worries on paying me back. You can repay me through other means. I'm always down for more Saigon Beer. Palin worked it over the weekend. She was a very good sport. Some say it was a wrong move for her to show up while others thought it was clever. We may get another rebate check soon. I can use the money to buy a new mattress. This time, I'll spend at least one grand. I am moving on up...finally! Well, the mattress purchase is contingent upon President Bush's stimulus package. Obama remains ahead of the game. We can't relax just yet. Look what happened to us with the Gore fiasco. I like how Ba Noi plans all these outings while I'm away. As if she did it on purchase. KNT, be nice. I had Mr. Brown's "Forever" on repeat. Those mainlanders have been vacationing all this time? I guess their school semesters run on a later time sequence. I still have not decided on a halloween costume for my partner in crime and me. We should just go as Americans and be done with it already. Dress up in red, white, and blue with a cowboy hat, and tight Wrangler jeans. Thank you to everyone who donated to the breast cancer walk. My team of "early birds" raised $275 for breast cancer research and awareness. It was a year ago that Larry passed away. I still remember his passing as if it was yesterday. For next season's "Dancing with the Stars", check out the top contenders below.

October 20, 2008

Who needs e-mail any more when you can facebook message people. I woke up from a very long nap. I needed that sleep. The walk yesterday morning was pleasant, but it totally drained my energy. Isabella sat us within a few minutes. We chose outdoor seating even if it was cold outside. The heater hanging above us warmed our limbs and bones. I chose a simple OJ as opposed to an alcoholic drink. I think I was the only one wearing shorts. I am trying to hold onto summer. We lost two of the early birds but two more folks replaced them. Thank you to my fellow team members for waking up so early and for being good sports. Happy Birthday, Lanny!

October 19, 2008

I feel refreshed and spiritually enhanced. The techniques killed me. The easy moves culminated into a balancing act. My balancing was way off. I could not stay in place. Hopefully over time my feet and hands will allow me to stay in line. People downtown have brown water. Hopefully, they'll get that fixed soon. The funniest moment was Ngoc's charade fiasco. She points to each and everyone in class, draws a circle, and draws an S shape. The answer was "to write". I kept yelling obscene words. I could not hail a cab. None had their lights on. We settled for mass transit. We were the last to show up at "Nha Trang". Luckily, they didn't order yet. After a couple Saigon beers, Em Trai lost his metro card...most likely to his vest. The song of the evening had to be "Don't Stop Believing". Chi Diem oi! You guys made it after all. Getting to where we were was ridiculously confusing. I am to find that Brooklyn church for the other Ngoc. Too many "knocks" in the kitchen. I totally screwed up with KT's housewarming. I will definitely make it up to her. I read the end date as opposed to the beginning date. I am disappointed with myself. Megan, the cat's finally out of the bag. I love your persistence and patience. You have a lot to talk about. I expect to see nothing but quality content just like this website.

October 18, 2008

I haven't been watching the news. Forgive me for I have sinned. In Orange County, you have oranges. Here in New York, you have apples. Down south in Atlanta, they have peaches. Mucinex cures my cough. Fast music pushes me to run faster. Seeing a cab with his lights on is a blessing. I spent a couple hours trying to reconcile $40.70. I wasted so much time. Megan and Amelia showed up with open arms. I like how she stares at you. I wonder what babies think. Addison, if you ever make it here, there are plenty of playmates for you. The building people turned on the heat for the first time this season. I came home to a warm room. I turned on my a/c to even out the air. I was forced out of bed early in the morning. A homeless lady washed her clothes in the laundromat. I thought she lived in the building until I saw her leaving. She walked away with all her belongings. She claimed that her sweater shrunk. The thing probably didn't belong to her. Em Trai, I'm all set for Part I of your 25th. Too bad I can't join you on other celebratory excursions. KNT, I wanted to call last night but decided not to because of your "pay as you go" plan. I will hold off until today. JV, good luck with the interviews. I hope you find your man, oh I mean... your new roommate. I can only do London and Paris. Other cities will have to wait. Please don't make me eat mochi in my pinkberry again. The doughy substance just doesn't jive with me. It's all about being sketchy...or not.

October 17, 2008

I slept for 10 hours. I needed that sleep. It has been non-stop since I returned from the West Coast. Karen and Debby are out. I have the office to myself with music blasting out the wazoo. The flu shot makes my mouth dry. The more I drink, the more I need to use the restroom. Paul, your situation is chronic. Go get help... kidding! Spring water doesn't quench my thirst. Real drinking water does. The kind that you get from the faucet. I hear we can get our daily dose of medicine through tap water. Who needs prescriptions any more. I like nhac sen and remixes of pop songs. It's a strange combo. I can't do remixes of nhac sen. It just doesn't fly. I am not a Macbook snob like some people. Try to translate bridge pepper. "He said, she said" was right on the money until Ba Noi shot it down. The drama continues because these are the days of our lives. I heard McCain went ballistic on Obama. I had my power sleep so I missed out on all the fun. Good luck baking those oatmeal raisin cookies. I use chocolate chips instead of raisin. I'm not a fan of raisins unless they are covered in dark chocolate. I should learn to refrain from shaking my legs. I played Chinese food delivery boy yesterday. I didn't tip myself because the food was not hot. I'm stuck at the office trying to decipher the airfare expenses. I can't get the numbers to line up. Someone just ring my neck already.

October 16, 2008

The barber was busy. I was the second guy in line. Three more customers showed up after me. He had to turn away two other customers. He parted my hair. To part or not to part. There's not enough time in one day to get things done. I now realized that Lady Gaga looks like a younger version of Rachel Zoe. Did I tell you she talks like a drag queen? I am still waiting on pictures from Mr. Infante. The restroom needed some serious cleaning. We are on our last bag of toilet paper. My mail is two days behind. I get nothing but junk mail. I survived the spill fest called lunch stew. The white shirt came out sparkling clean. I couldn't finish my foot long seafood sensation sub. I saved the other half for tomorrow's lunch. Cold weather should get here this weekend. People have been giving me dirty looks in the subway. I think my loud iPod music has something to do with the nasty stares. Either they like what they hear or they want to smack me for blasting my music. The police searched my bag for weapons of mass destruction. They came up empty handed. I began to save my ticket stubs. I should have done that from the beginning. Dung's girlfriend inspired me because I saw nothing but ticket stubs on her refrigerator door. What's next on the agenda? ASEAN and Pieces here i come. Well, I can't stay out too late. I have a "walk" the next day. I just realized that I've been sleeping on cheap mattress. People spend at least $1,000 for a good mattress. I had no idea that this was the trend. I will upgrade soon. I don't do well with bed springs smacking against my back. Yes, I sleep on my back. This song makes me smile.

October 15, 2008

I rocked last night. So we'll definitely do an orphan 80's Thanksgiving. I remembered most of the songs. I had low expectations. No wonder the kid from American Idol looked familiar. KNT, they were looking at me. It's nothing against you though. I have been on the west side for the past few days. I am usually on the east side to do my roundabouts, but apparently, the past few commitments all fell in Ms. Dang's hood. I wasn't too far from her home on Sunday night. The 50th St. stop is my new best friend. I wanted to sleep, but had to stay awake for people to talk about systems and budgets. A dorm will open up next summer on 12th St. The campus seems to be moving uptown. I am not an FOB. I now my brands. I needed a refresher. Like A. Loc said, it's all about me, me, me, and more me. I ate crab rangoons on Chang's behalf. John, yes, I ate at the same freakin place once again. If you ever make it to New York, I'll make sure to take you there every day. Ba Noi made yummy thit kho. I took it to-go for today's lunch. Too bad she's not a cookie person. I gave into my temptation. The sweets called out my name from the get go. Snooty lashes initially went in the wrong direction. I hate having to wait. Well, I didn't mind so last night because it was an innocent mistake. Just don't let it happen again. Don't be selfish, he's my God too. I'm missing out on a free movie screening tonight because I have a tutoring session with Mrs. Nguyen. I wonder why she wants to know about the things she's asking about. Jacq, age ain't nothing but a number. Vietnam will surpass Canada soon. Watch out, China! Happy Birthday, Wade! When are we meeting your friend?

October 14, 2008

I spend way too much formatting and modifying my charts to look "pretty". I create my stuff in Excel, copy and paste onto a Word document as part of my narrative. Sometimes the chart or table is too big for the Word document. I just spent half an hour getting a table to fit within my margins. I am replacing beer with well drinks. Street fairs come to us during the Spring and Fall. They cause traffic delays, including crazy bus routes. Perhaps I gave out too much information about my dry cleaning. All you need to know is I will be available at 6:30PM. No questions asked. I'm thinking of getting a build-a-bear for Addison so he can hear my pleasant voice. Mel, why do you care about that group of people and what makes you think I know about them? You should ask your sister since she has quite a bit of experience with one. One of McCain's supporters called Obama an Arab. McCain corrected the lady by saying he is not an Arab. So what if he's an Arab? If he is, then more power to him. He may call his God Allah, but I think we all pray to the same guy or gal up there. I want fresh jackfruit! It's a power struggle. Whoever lasts the longest wins in the end. It's a simple game of courtship. I don't know how to keep one song on repeat in iTunes. It keeps jumping to the next song. Any help is greatly appreciated.

October 13, 2008

I woke up in the middle of the night listening to some crazy chic on the phone talking about how we will make a debut. I thought the debut happened last night at Pho So 1? I enjoyed Anh Vinh's discussion. I am to be authentic for our next discussion. How does one define authenticity? Instead of talking about shame, perhaps we should have touched on guilt and filial piety. I don't think other members of the group would've enjoyed the discussion. Mr. Lo, keep on smiling because life goes on. Don't let this small detour ruin the rest of your year. I am most happy when the server refills my water. Here in New York, they don't give out straws when serving drinks. If they do, they leave a bit of wrap on top. Also, you get a small helping of ice with your first glass of water. When they refill that glass, you will only see water with no ice in sight. Down south, all drinks come with straws and every refill has its good share of cold ice. Perhaps the weather has something to do with it. Sorry, I never made it out to Brooklyn. My night started early and I ended it early. I'm not built the same way any more. Anh Vinh, Happy Birthday! Shame on you for not telling anyone. I don't want the details. Just get to the point and I'll be okay. Khoi, please call your phone company already. I don't do UNRESTRICTED calls. Pumpkin and Map's marriage have been arranged but they don't know it yet. Canadians are thankful today. Bobby Flay lost to G. Those potato chips finally caught up to me. I hate heartburn. Paul, don't give me a hard time. I am on shaky ground. Apparently, I don't hug long enough. I am one of two people working today while everyone else is cheering along 5th Ave. Happy Birthday, Thuy!

October 12, 2008

Jacq and I waited tables at our engagement party. No one brought gifts. Perhaps we should have included actual invitations instead of electronic RSVP's. I was pissy for a good ten minutes, but got over it after our food came out. The Ngoc's come out in full force...triple threat! My dried mangoes never made it past Houston St. We woke up too early for the brunch place to open. We settled for the one across the street. Don't sit outside in the early morning. The street fairs look the same throughout the city. I fixed the nuts and bolts as promised. Apparently, I can't drink dark beer. A lady from Canada sure can. I now know how to pour beer without the foam. Tropical may seem cheesy, but it does look like a Nha Trang bar. I spent way too much time packing sweaters, jackets, and coats for Precious. I also had to find her shoes. I lugged two boxes down the stairs and across the street to the post office. The lady charged me extra because of the big size. Oh well, at least I have some more closet space now. In addition to email tagging, I hate phone tags. Carolyn, all the best on your specialty certification. Enjoy "The Color Purple" and be nice to him. He is taking you out for a fun filled evening. We all come in different shapes and sizes from the nearest neighborhood to the farthest points on the globe. Don't underestimate the true power of blank! Don't make me play 5,10,15, 20. Give me cards and I'll play tien len. KT, welcome back!

October 11, 2008

Am I a monster with an evil voice? It seems that my voice carries weight in the Nguyen household. I had my usual at Saigon Grill for lunch. I am due for another round of Vietnamese food at Pho So 1. I should carry a small bottle of mouthwash to combat the smell of yummy fish sauce. I wonder why they never heat the banana pudding. Too bad someone, who shall remain nameless, could not wake up early to wait in line for $50 Diesel jeans. You'll just have to wait another 30 years for the next special. I want Fall weather to return. I feel like ripping my clothes off. I missed Thursday's edition of SNL. The Wicked Witch of the West never really died. Khoi and I will be watching the original Wizard of Oz to play catch up. They like to tease us with $6 bento boxes. Those "express" boxes must be purchased as a carry-out. I have all the singles. I prefer exact change at all times. Karin, we will miss you. Don't be surprised if you see me at your store on Saturdays. I'll pretend to buy stuff and loiter like every other person in the store. I believe voter registration just ended. For those who did not register, shame on you for not exercising your right. I don't do plus one's. It's just moi.

October 10, 2008

A fire drill interrupted my groove. Someone in 13B decided to overheat popcorn or whatever they do in dormitories. I never understood such housing. It's like cramming ten people into one apartment. Hey, wait...sounds like my living situation. Harvey made a boo boo again the other day. He was reprimanded. This might be TMI, but my bar of soap in the restroom is slowly drying up. I stopped showering before heading to the gym in the mornings. I discontinued the double morning showers. There are too many Mrs. Eight's competing to be on top. I can't keep up. Someone must step down so the most elevated Ba Tam can sit on her/his thrown. You know who you are so stop looking over your shoulders. In addition to owning almost all American contractors responsible for the rebuilding of Iraq, Bush wants to own banks. He wants his cake and eat it too. Addison will do his best not to destroy his grandpa's flags. Poor guy has to ask for permission before playing with the flags. He can grow up and major in Geography like his uncle. Well, maybe that's not the best route considering how his uncle turned out. I was given a checklist, but will hold off on implementing it for several reasons. I hate playing e-mail tag. If I don't get any where with the second e-mail, I will resort to other measures. AIG continues to spend our money. Uncle Sam takes too much money from my single person paycheck. My paycheck pays for you tourists to come and enjoy the sounds and sights of the Big Apple. I have been ordered to ship cold weather gear and shoes to Precious. That means more space for my closet. Just call on me if you want your kid to get dressed for school. After hearing my voice on the phone, your kid will be out the door in no time. Agnes, please write more clearly. We are having a difficult reading your jibberish handwriting. It's driving us nuts!

October 9, 2008

I have five days to drink my OJ before it expires. I can't believe it's been sitting in the fridge all this time. Instead of doing laundry this weekend, I tried something new this week. I got it done last night per Ngoc's recommendation. The only other thing I need to do is to pick up some groceries. If I get sick, I'll know who to call to do the shopping for me. I'm winking at you, Ms. Canada! I fell asleep at 10PM. I couldn't stay up to watch the boring banter between Obama and McCain. I can't keep up with the status thing on Facebook. I threw in the towel with my "I just got my flu shot!". Suzie, I am definitely practicing my Viet Ngu on you. You don't mind, right? Come back to New York already. We barely hung out when you were here. I think the last time I saw you was on the UWS for that Off-Broadway cai luong! Too bad they didn't have the English translation for the cai luong. It would've been interesting to see the singing...all drawn out...in English. I didn't stay out later as I had intended. I felt guilty because of all the work. I completed my tasks for the day and am content. I have a year's supply of you know what. She hooked me up. Who says you need an alternative source when she's been there all along? I failed to utilize her. I must continue with my 403(b) contributions in order for my employer to put in their share. It's always better than nothing. I gain in the long run. Can the economy get any worse? Don't send me away for training. I want to stay in town and lazy it up. Ba Tam dropped the bomb yesterday. I'm done playing games. Step up and show your face. No more beating around the bush. I'm not getting any younger. I will lose my patience soon if something doesn't happen. Repenting is a lame excuse for guilty people to feel good about themselves.

October 8, 2008

I was in a Leona Lewis phase, now it's all about PBN. I tried Ngoc's Minh Tuyet song on repeat, but didn't really get into it. I went back to the song where she sings hanging in front of red curtains. I made a boo boo on my shirt sleeve while trying to remove jammed paper from the color printer. The sleeve picked up some red ink. Karen came to the rescue with her Tide to Go. That little stain remover really does work. I was skeptical at first, but the ink disappeared within a few minutes. I should get one for myself instead of bumming off of people. Megan, I think you had one handy when you were here. I ate the same thing for lunch and dinner. E-mailing is like texting for me because I still don't have texting. The gloves are now off. It's now or never. No more being mr. nice guy. It's time for some real offense. Russia is not a member of the European Union. Auntie Aga will make her appearance soon. Keep an eye out for her. I paid $6 to have my jacket collar pressed. I am ready to get down with some crazy 80's music. Sorry, Khoi...I'm already busy on Tuesday. Hopefully, Ngoc can secure us tickets for Monday. If not, you guys go without me. Slow walkers, move aside! I am running out of patience. I don't get around. Corie and Addison sitting in the tree...you know the rest!

October 7, 2008

I have Chris Brown's "Forever" on repeat. As I said in the past, Karen and I have the same taste in music. We can keep our music blasting all day long, if Debby is not in of course. The calendar is slowly filling up again. I need to take it easy. I sort of killed myself this past weekend. Luckily we have no class this Saturday. I think Columbus Day has something to do with it. Of the two candidates, who is better: Palin or Fey? Hello HCMC, Hanoi, and everyone in between! Tell him to stop playing with the compact mirror and give it back to grandma. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to finish "Wicked" before the show this Thursday. I am up to where the girls are in boarding school. The younger sister just came on board. So far I have a handful of people walking with me next Sunday. I want more people to join me. We will nip cancer in its butt. Don't worry, I won't wear pink. I can't get those pictures in order. The transit gods were not in my favor. I should stop complaining. I should be thankful someone invented wheels. I can't stand that obnoxious girl with a headpiece. She can't take criticism from the judges. She used her "tough" childhood upbringing as a defense mechanism. No wonder everyone hates her. Real snobs are those who bought Macs a long time ago. I am trying to conform to y'alls snobbiness. If you type "ipod", Mr. Gates will tell you that it is spelled incorrectly. However, if you write "iPod", the red line will disappear. Pretty cool, huh? Ngoc is looking for a Cha Duong. If you're out there, let me know so I can introduce you to him. I now know the difference between Aunt Eight and Cinderella. Melanie is expecting identical twins. Pheezy, I like your black hair. Your parents must be happy. Addison, stay home already and stop running around.

October 6, 2008

I met Miss Cho for the second time. She was hanging with her buds in the West Village. We all bugged her for a snapshot. She happily fulfilled our request. Too bad we didn't get to do karaoke. We came on the wrong night. Ngoc (trai), good job on being our tour guide. Rafael, please catch up with the rest of the world by creating an online photo album. Where do you put those digital pictures anyway? My hefty cab fare was worth it! I didn't get much sleep. I kept tossing and turning. I loaded my goods at the gym. Ba Noi made banh gio and che dau den. She should definitely open a Vietnamese to-go joint in Manhattan. Don't remove that unofficial title from your meetup profile. You earned that title. Anh Loc, try not to come back sounding like a Hanoian. Addison's neck was too fat for the t-shirt and his limbs were too short. In other words, he is short and thick. You can just poke him on the belly and he'll giggle like the doughboy. I am boycotting the buses. Something went on downtown that delayed all the uptown-bound buses. I skipped two local buses to wait for the limited. When the limited showed up, the driver dropped off passengers and refused new passengers. I was so on edge! Two minutes later, another limited shows up and allowed us to board. I felt better after picturing that snapshot with Anh Vinh, Paul, and me. You have to laugh to see it. I'll post it once Mr. Infante gets his act together.

October 5, 2008

It's good to be back among the masses. We lost again in Vietnamese class. Team B is not living up to its name. I did not get to do laundry as I had intended. I woke up late. We visited a couple art galleries in Chelsea and made our way down to Chinatown for a new pho place. I dropped off some goodies at Jacq's, practiced some Vietnamese, and went to the LES for pistachio cupcakes. The crazy man next to us begged another guy for cigarettes simply by waving his hands around his mouth. I don't think he even bought any cupcakes. SSS does not have restrooms. After class, I picked up some groceries for Khoi. Poor thing is still sick. I hope she feels better soon so we can continue with our excursions. No one wanted the lobster bisque. The cashier asked if I wanted a bag. Of course I want a bag. Melanie, I hope you get released soon. I have two bars left on my cellphone. All the vibrating rings drained my battery juice. Palin smiled too much a few days ago. She was condescending and quoted wrong facts. She even asked Biden whether she can call her opponent "Joe". The lady has no real substance and is a total airhead. Does anyone know where she went to school? She doesn't even have a graduate degree. It's really sad that America is this close to electing a former beauty queen soccer mom with no real education to become the nation's next VEEP. It's insane I tell ya!

October 4, 2008

October 3, 2008

I am flying back to New York today. The past couple of weeks made me think about what's important. We cannot take things with us to the grave. All we have are memories that will stay with us until the end. Good and bad memories are all well represented. Anh Loc, thank you again for the hospitality! I enjoyed our trip out of the "city". It's funny to say "city" on the west coast. To me, there's only one city. Good luck with your research in Vietnam...more like Hanoi! Remember, you're still a southerner and don't you forget that! Chi Ly, thank you for driving me around. Corie is too precious. Her chubby cheeks and rolls on her arms and legs are so yummy. I just want to eat them up! Thank you to Alexis and Joseph for posting the pics! I am still on EST. I should be okay by tomorrow. Should I go to class? I didn't even do my homework yet. You can't turn back time. Everything happens for a reason. Time to put on my seater and hope on BART to SFO!

October 2, 2008

I have been on all types of mass transit. First, you have the free shuttle from the apartment to the BART train station. BART is the equivalent of the NJ Transit. The free shuttle buses are similar to the ones you get on at the airport to take you to the car rental stops. The next type of mass transit is the bus. AC Transit or MUNI will take you where you need to go. AC Transit takes less than 30 minutes from Emeryville to downtown SF. There's also the electric buses or streetcars. They run on electric cables above. Let's not forget the famous cable cars which run on very steep streets. These cater mainly to the tourists. Underground you have the MUNI cable cars. It was funny to see only one car per train. Of all the public transportation in the bay area, I like BART the most. It's very clean and the ride stays smooth with subtle whistle noises in the background. Also, you see bikes and bike riders all over the place. Ba Noi can bike her way from NY to SF. The Asian Art Museum refused to let me in because I carried food in my bag. The walk on Market Street stays next until you are in no man's land between Union Square and the Civic Center. Market Street is the Canal Street of New Orleans. I signed up to be a Safeway club member to take advantage of the discounts. Little Saigon is a good two blocks of banh mi shops, massage parlors, and restaurants. I was disappointed with my xiu mai. Vua Kho Bo does not go above LA County.

October 1, 2008

I started the day carpooling with a stranger. Why you ask? Anh Loc and I were talking about stuff. He drove his car and I was in the passenger seat. We were on our way to the city from his home in Emeryville. Next thing you know, he makes a u-turn and tells me he needs to pick up a carpooler. I'm thinking...okay, it's a person he commutes with every day. Well, it turns out that the carpooler is a stranger. The bay area has a system whereas strangers line up like they are waiting for a bus at a bus stop. Instead, the stop is a "carpool stop". A driver can bypass paying the toll and drive on a special lane reserved for cars with 3 or more people. If a driver doesn't want to pay the hefty toll fee and not sit in traffic during rush hour, he/she picks up a couple passengers (strangers) and drives them over the bridge into SF. The driver drops off the passengers at a centrally located transit terminal where the carpoolers can continue with their commuting. Everyone benefits from this system. The driver doesn't need to pay a toll fee and zips through the carpool lane. The carpoolers get a free ride across the bridge. There's less traffic on the road because there's only one car as opposed to 3 separate cars. In the end, everyone wins including Mother Nature. Sweet deal, eh? I cannot imagine this carpool system working elsewhere in the country. People are way too nice here. People line up in parallel lines to enter the commuter trains. The train stations and trains are exceptionally clean. People go out of their way to help you. It may seem a bit too freaky for me but I kind of like it.