October 2010

Please excuse the mess. Thank you, Alex!

October 25, 2010 - My boss said I should rent a car while I'm in Cleveland. He says public transportation is not reliable. Chi Tam and I almost fell asleep at the beginning of the show. It got a bit interesting towards intermission. Our plan was to have one drink at this dive bar in Midtown. We ended up staying for a while. It was definitely an interesting night. I woke up and made food for the picnic. I did not eat until 2PM. I wasn't that hungry. We rushed over to Uniqlo to get jeans and then came back to the apartment to pick up handouts for the class. I was given the advance group to tutor. After class, we went by Uniqlo to pick up the jeans and to exchange the jacket for a bigger size. I declined a meal with the twins and ate at Xe Lua. After a foot rub and a salon session upstairs, I went to sleep. I woke up at 5AM the next morning. Chi Mai was running late. We sat in the car waiting for her. We didn't even pick out pumpkins from the "pumpkin placement". I drove home and almost missed the Yonkers exit. We sat in traffic along the FDR. After unloading the passengers, we ate at Pho Grand for some very spicy canh chua. The Uniqlo coat is missing for some reason. I had to be wide awake for an 8:15AM conference call. October 19, 2010 - My goal in life is to defeat Cass in the stupid scrabble game. She is ridiculously good. I thought Jacq was good, but Cass is by far ahead of everyone else. How does she get at least 30 points with every word? Yes, that's all I have to say. October 12, 2010 - I stayed back at the office to play catch up. Luckily, the 11AM meeting was canceled. While everyone was out celebrating Italian American heritage, I was stuck working with my fellow colleagues. Columbus killed The New World with his accidental stop on Hispaniola. We are supposed to thank him? I thought it was the Vikings who sailed across the ocean before anyone else. I'm confused. Bre and I met up for sliders, pigs in a blanket, fries, and beer before Broken Bells. Luckily, the heavy rain came down when we were eating. The bar lost all cable reception so they gave everyone shots. When we were ready to leave, the rain stopped. We walked over to the venue just as they were setting up for the headliner. Ten minutes later, they came on...perfect timing! We eventually found Jacq. Lara was all the way in the front. Jacq and I took the train home. She had a huge umbrella that kept us semi-dry on the walk home along Grand. I slept like a baby. Bre ran into her stalker at the bar, venue, and on the train ride home. October 11, 2010 - Joel, you must be really bored to have texted me all weekend from Alabama. Why are you there again? Carolyn, how did you like your pho? Your messages always crack me up. On Friday, Tdanger and I waited for the other two ladies to join us at the food and wine fest. The first station did not have much food. We skipped Belgian waffles for tater tots and wine. We got down to the nitty gritty at one of the stores. It is now known to the masses. The mask is off. I now know what a chaser is. It's good to gulp down a chaser right after serious alcohol. After some booty shaking in Chelsea, we went uptown to Ktown for some BBQ. Everyone hopped in their respective cabs. I took the train down to the LES to get stood up. I walked home with a dead phone in my hand only to find my charger down at Jacq's. The next morning, I realized that my docking station can charge my phone. I met up with the guys for pho at Pho Bang. I did my laundry and finished my paper. I went by Viet's to see how the paint job was coming along. We ate at AOC and went home. Sunday brunch took place in the West Village. After some walking around, we made it back to Viet's for some more paint job. I stopped by Morton Williams for groceries. After eating a home cooked meal, I was knocked out by 11PM. October 7, 2010 - Joel, get your ass out of stankin Alabama and come back to civilization. I have Mai Thien Van on repeat. It's insane. Paul can get away with murder. It's ridiculous. I saved a bit of the bitter melon soup for Chi Tam. I wanted to pack some for work today, but I remembered Chi Tam wanting to pick up some after work. Our server has been down all yesterday afternoon and this morning. My boss said we can leave at noon if it is not up before noon. Well, it is noon and I'm outta here. Henry needs to go back to English 101 and learn his grammar again. He is really bad. I thought I was bad. Yeah, I said it. Should I go on the long bike ride to Nyack? I am 90% done with my paper so I have no excuse not to go. I've always wanted to check out the long bike ride. Susan says it takes a few hours. We start at 8AM and be back by 3PM. I am off to Bloomingdale's and BR. October 6, 2010 - I paid Google $5 to add more space to my picasa album. I am to pay them $5 a year to ensure I have enough space for my photos. It's a small price to pay for all the storage you get. It's funny how I get text messages from some people. They like to think they are personalizing the message by adding your name to the front of the message, when in fact, it's really a mass text to everyone and his/her grandma. My office is right off of Union Square but according to Twitter, it's actually Greenwich Village. Perhaps the closest AT&T antenna to my office is in Greenwich Village. I biked to work today for the first time in a while. Before I went home to New Orleans, it was raining non-stop. I try not to bike when it's raining. In addition to getting wet, you have a huge chance of slipping. I am missing out on the bike ride to Nyack this Saturday. October 5, 2010 - I hate to complain, but I'm exhausted. This morning was my first day back at the gym in over a week. It was a total killer. I felt sluggish the entire time. Mama J is now in the know. I am kicking KNT's butt. I turned off the push notifications because I would be tempted to play immediately as opposed to sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, I kept waking up last night. I think it was a total of three times. I would look at the clock to see the time. I get excited when I have four more hours of sleep. I even got excited knowing I have one more hour of sleep. All this week, I don't plan on biking because of the wet weather. My goal before the weekend is to finish my first paper. I will be reviewing quality assurance developments in Canada, South Africa, and Vietnam. The countries were chosen at random, except for the last one of course. October 1, 2010 - KNT is fat. Yes, I went there. Henrietta, stop complaining about going to school and work. We have all done it at one point or another. Hell, some of us are still doing it. I feel for you, buddy. I agree, Jacq. Poker faces are lame. He needs to step up and stop playing games. It's done. I did it. I'm done. It's a huge relief. Whatever happens now is out of my hands. Elicia, you are amazing for living it up in Peru. Precious and Dr. Balle Balle need to get it together. I have a headache trying to keep up. Janet and I are off to Nine Roses for lunch...finally! Addison made an A yesterday. Let's hope he can do a repeat today. Carson cannot close his mouth. He's crazy, but will listen to you. He never cries. Carter, on the other hand, is super sweet and needy. He just wants to be held. Mo Hoa, no one is on FB any more. All the cool kids left and you came on. As of today, we have to pay taxes on clothes and shoes. It's super lame. We should cross the river to NJ to do our shopping since it's tax free there. I cannot ask for a more loving Mom. Mel, please don't roll your eyes when I talk about P. I am not in the same boat as Precious. P, what can I say? I'm speechless.