October 14, 2015

I'm getting more and more lazy with these posts. Since I removed myself from social media, no one really knows what I am up to. I don't think people care. I have some group texts going and individual texts here and there. I'm off to Midland this weekend to meet my newest nephew. Apparently, I am the designated godfather but his parents have not asked me to be their son's godfather. I heard it from my mom. I bet Mom is ready to break free and head home. She must be really bored staying there in Midland. She said she gained some weight because she hasn't been walking. I'm curious to see what is in that small town. I know there is a UT campus, but it's more of a community college. Oklahoma City reminds me of Dallas in a lot of ways. I literally drive everywhere. The gym is just down the street but there is no sidewalk to jog to the gym. Employees are expected to be at work by 8AM and stay until 5PM. How are New Yorkers able to get away with starting at 9AM? Just like in New York, I am usually the first person in the office. It helps to be early because I get one of the parking spots right in front of the building entrance. Otherwise, I park across the street in a parking lot. I use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. I need to keep up with the cardio because the big belly is slowing appearing. Getting from one room to another involves many steps. The one thing I am loving is in-house laundry. I can't believe I lived without a washer and dryer for years and didn't care that I had to walk out to do laundry. Plus I had to carry the laundry up and down the stairs. Like Cassandra said one time, why do we subject ourselves to a harsh life when their are basic conveniences in other cities? It's a give and take wherever you live. You embrace the positives and work around the negatives...no matter where you live.

October 3, 2015

I have one more day until reality sets in. I will have more to report soon.