October 27, 2016

I love going to my periodontist. Jojo is there to greet me. She is still a baby but is super calm and cuddly. She lets you hold her and puts her head against your chest. Unlike Harry, he cannot sit still. I really don't know when dogs are playing with you or are they really pissed? Sharon says he is playing with me because he doesn't bite. I guess that makes sense. The kitchen cabinets were installed last night. The guys are coming back to do the crown molding around the cabinets and all throughout the kitchen ceiling. Construction has started on the main bathroom. Let's hope the progress continues. The master bathroom is at a stand still. We still need that sink countertop measured and installed before the sink goes in. There are a lot of moving parts for sure. My road trip with Marci starts tomorrow. Houma here we come!

October 25, 2016

Temporary housing and temporary storage are both working out as planned. My bag of shoes didn't make it to Chris and Sharon's but I was able to pick out a couple pairs of shoes from the garage. Rose greeted me as I entered the backyard. Her fur is starting to fill out again. Harry is obsessed with me. I think he is trying to convince me to like him. I do like him...just don't sniff and lick me all over as I am sitting there. Chang and Stephen are in SA scoping out their possible new home. The drive to SA from OKC is not so bad. We may need to poke our heads in Midland on our way to SA. I met another neighbor yesterday afternoon. I think he owns the antique shop on 23rd Street. He and his wife live on 19th St. I showed him the interior of the home. He was happy to see improvements made to the home. So far, none of the neighbors on our block have come to say hi but neighbors on the other streets have said hi or waived hello. We are giving ourselves another three weeks to get this done. This should be a hard deadline. Pregnant Sarah is craving cookies again. I had to stop myself from going to Walmart last night to pick up ingredients to make the cookies. Good thing Carrie has a stock of baking ingredients in her pantry. I'll make my way to her place tonight to bake for Sarah and the little one.

October 20, 2016

I'm sure there are a lot of things to do in Tulsa, but the only thing I do in Tulsa is work. After a long day of meetings, I am back in the hotel room to document what was discussed. I tend to sleep early and wake up early. The hotel's gym is always empty. It has a lot of new equipment to work with. I was going to work out one last time at Avana today but I'm too lazy. The gym has been good to me but it's time to move on once again. First it was UNO, UTD, NYU, then NYSC, then Avana...and now where? Gold's Gym is down the street from the new house but it's a bit more expensive than the Y. The Y is closer to the office, but I hear gets pretty crowded. I need to figure out which one is the better option. Do I want one that is closer to home or closer to work? Although, the distance between the two is not that huge. OKC is not a big town to begin with. Actually, it is pretty big geographically but I tend to stay within the NE corridor. Tonight is day one of packing. Tomorrow, the appliances are getting delivered, gas is getting turned on, and the house alarm is getting installed. Moving day is on Saturday.

October 10, 2016

I haven't updated much on here because I barely have time for myself these past few weeks. Almost all of my free time is spent on working on the house. It still needs a lot of work. Hopefully, the floors will get refinished this week. This year's birthday was perfect. After dinner with friends, we all went back to my place for post-dinner drinks. I had to get up early the next morning to drive to Dallas. I managed to get a sip of the wine that Marci got me. The Great Wolf Lodge was just like an amusement park. There were kids everywhere. I'm glad we started the weekend on a Friday because the place wasn't as crowded as Saturday. Saturday's water park was a mad house. The kids took over the hotel lobby and concession on the bottom floor too. For someone who doesn't like kids, stay away from this place. Yes, I managed to yell at these little girls about cutting the line. They were barely five years old. Someone needs to tell them what is right and what is wrong. Their parents were not there to supervise them. Chang freaked out on the ropes course. Stephen ended his course to comfort her. Surprisingly, everyone was on their best behavior. I came back to the Bullard family dinner. Carrie made a pretty cool white cake. It was a nice ending to a long week.

October 3, 2016

October is here!