September 13, 2015

Items on the checklist are slowly getting checked off. The suit purchase was pretty easy. Let's hope they let me take the suits home instead of having them shipped to New Jersey. Although Agnes would enjoy taking a test drive. My departure was quiet and swift. It was easier than I thought. I met some wonderful people who will remain my lifetime friends. Everything pretty much happens for a reason or we like to think they happen for a reason so we say, "oh, this happened because this other thing happened." It's all connected. We react.

September 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Nelson!

September 1, 2015

It's back to eating peasant food for the next month. I need to clean out my fridge. I am going to give my hanh phi to Jacqueline. I think she will have a year's worth of hanh phi. You can pretty much put it in any dish. I ate what's left of my che last night and threw out the rest this morning. My Monday nights usually consist of catching up on my shows and falling asleep at 9PM. I really did try to stay up a bit longer than that but I couldn't help it. I ended up waking up at 6AM. It has been very steamy the past couple of days. I come into the office all drenched in my own sweat. I work my way to my desk and turn on my fan to dry out. It's pretty disgusting. Luckily, I don't smell like sweat...or at least, I don't think I smell like sweat. I told Queena to tell me if I do smell. Queena moved on to bigger and better things at Columbus Circle. I go for a few days without food at home or in the office. I then go crazy at a grocery store and spend like a mad man. My last trip to Whole Foods was about $60 and some change. I only bought fruits and nuts. This morning, I picked up snacks and oatmeal at the Food Emporium. The damage wasn't as bad. Keep your pantry stocked so you don't splurge on a la carte items.