September 26, 2012

I was told that I am 12 years old for liking this song.

September 24, 2012

September is pretty much done. The weather changed right on the dot when summer officially ended. The feast also ended last night. I no longer have to hear bad cover bands playing right against my window and constant reminders about how not to add more food onto your grill, turn off your music and lights out in 15 minutes, and then closing down completely. Those announcements do not make any sense. If you are trying to keep it quiet out of respect for the neighbors by shutting down at a certain time, why bother have reminder announcements on full blast right up to 11PM? It just does not make any sense. Yes, I have been sleep deprived the last couple of weeks. Next week will be all about afternoon naps. I biked over the Williamsburg Bridge for the first time yesterday. It was not so bad. The climb up was a good exercise for sure. Coming from Manhattan was a bit more difficult than climbing from the Brooklyn side. I had my lights on full blast for the night time ride. I had no idea they have their own Grand St. too. I wasn't impressed with the East River State Park. Well, I expected it to be a bit cleaner with less geese droppings all over the place. Oh well, it was a nice view of the Manhattan skyline for sure. Rock scrambling was an experience in itself. The first 45 minutes was challenging but fun. When we made it up to the summit, all that hard work was well worth it. The "climb" down was equally challenging. We had to be careful not to roll down the trail. Chi Mai fell once on her ass, but she got up immediately. I'm ready for the next hike.

September 23, 2012

I didn't think I would upgrade so soon. Anyways, so I got the new one the morning it came out...just by pure luck. Here is my take it on it. A big thing you'll notice is that it is extremely light. It barely weighs anything. It is a bit longer than the previous version which would give you a bigger screen to work with. I find that my thumb is not long enough to tap at the far top of the screen. This may not be a problem for those with bigger hands. It is also thinner and looks a bit sleeker. You can pretty much tell who has the new one versus the previous versions just by looking at it. Enough about how it, the headphones. I really like the redesigned headphones. They fit perfectly into my ears and the acoustic is amazing. The clarity is pretty bad ass. The operating system is a lot faster. My messages and web surfing are super fast. My messages are pretty much instant! I like the 3D map. I don't know why people are complaining about how we no longer have Google maps. I find the new map app to be fine. Youtube is not a default app anymore. You have to download it yourself. When playing your music out loud, the speakers are quite loud. Buy an adapter if you have a docking station. I did not like the cases they had available. I want something like a bumper where only my sides are protected. There's this thing called LTE where you can facetime without needing a wifi connection. LTE will show up most of the time when there's good reception. It's either LTE or 4G service. Other than the above, I don't know what else to be excited about.

September 20, 2012

September 18, 2012

I got played this morning. The alarm woke me up. I rushed to get out of the apartment to catch the 7:06. The bus showed up on time. I got to the locker room and unpacked my belongings. I opened up my locker and realized that I have no gym clothes. I was super pissed. I spent all this time getting ready and waking up early for nothing. I had to skip yesterday because I couldn't wake up. I am now at the office super early with only one other person here. She has every right to be here because she works an hour early before everyone else. Anyways, I am going to slow down starting this week. I need to space them all out. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be reserved for my namaste sessions. I have a feeling the classes will be super slow. I cannot stay in one position for a long time. I get antsy. Someone told me over the weekend that I have ADHD. It's somewhat true because I tend to skim through magazine articles. I read the first paragraph in full and skim the remaining paragraphs. The first paragraph is always the most important. Why bother reading the rest? The big Japanese book remains unfinished since Christmas. Here's another chan doi song...

September 17, 2012

Chan doi...

September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, KNT! Enjoy the tropical sun and drink some of that island rum for me.

September 15, 2012

September 14, 2012

J. Crew top, Uniqlo bottom.

September 13, 2012

Will I pay almost $10 for a banh mi sandwich? Yes, I sure did and so did KNT. Num Pang's sandwich is a Cambodian version of the infamous banh mi. The bread is super soft and tasty. We chose the coconut shrimp. They simply have nothing but fresh ingredients. Add a splash of siracha to spice it up. We chose the low level stools versus the high ones. I walked all over campus yesterday. I came back to the office drenched in sweat. Next time, no more running errands when it is 80 degrees out. Ticket Central ran out of the silver vouchers. Tonight, it's back to moksha for one last time. My membership ends on Saturday. Today I am to vote for a surrogate. Yes, there is such a position in the great city of New York. I think it is a city level position. What does this person do? I'm thinking she will carry people's babies. I looked at the sample ballot. Yes, they are both females. The crazy Italian festival begins today and will run for at least 10 days. Hooray for not being able to sleep early every night!

September 11, 2012

Things are finally slowing down for once. I removed the a/c window unit in my bedroom. I opened up the windows for the first time since summer started. I left the unit in the living room alone because I am anticipating a couple more days of warm weather before October arrives. I doubt that I will need to turn it on. I saved some room in the closet to stow away the second a/c unit. Unfortunately, I didn't make it this past weekend. Some shit went down on Friday night. I cannot do a repeat for a very long time. Poor Sandrine was stuck at home getting a restful night in anticipation of an early departure the next morning. I postponed the pick up time once and cancelled it thereafter. It's like a delayed flight. Airlines delay your flight for an hour, then two hours, and then they cancel the flight altogether. I am really enjoying Windows 7. I have never been big on Windows after being introduced to Apple, but it is so much faster and user-friendly. Maybe it's because I was given a new desktop. I was working off of a very slow computer up until now. Every other day I would get a notice indicating a virus quarantine. Let's keep our fingers crossed. A wireless router sits above my office but it is not turned on. Two monitors are also sitting on my desk. Who needs Apple products? My MacBook Pro is still dead. I am waiting to get a new hard drive. After which, I can buy new music. I have all these songs on my phone but I cannot sync them with my work laptop because all of the songs will disappear. I never understood the whole iTunes thing. My thinking is that the songs on your iTunes will override what you have on your mobile device. I am informed on a daily basis of the twins first days at school. Carter acts like he is not happy to see Grandma, but Carson runs straight to her wanting to be held. I think Carter is Stewie Griffin. He even speaks in the fancy dialect that is not really the Queen's english. A marathon awaits me but there is no end in sight. Time to load up on carbs for the energy boost. Guys wear swimming trunks in yoga, but girls cover up with gym tights and a top. I do not see why they cannot wear bikinis since the guys are dressed like they are about to swim. This moksha yoga thing is draining me. I load up on beaucoup water before class and instead of peeing all that water out, I sweat like a mad man. I'm surprised my sweat does not smell like urine. I have one more class on Thursday and then it is back to regular yoga.

September 4, 2012