September 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Khoi! Looks like you and Nick are having a blast in Japan. I'm glad you guys got to meet up with the Phams. I updated my phone's operating system and it's a bit different but not too much. We just got back from working on the house. Finally, we are seeing some real progress. Today was definitely productive. So I think we found our spot on May Ave. There's this Vietnamese restaurant that masks itself as a Chinese restaurant. Only Vietnamese people eat there. No sign of whites and other Asians. Plus, it's BYOB. You can bring whatever liquor you want and there's no corkage fee. After knowing about this from the waitress, we placed our order and I stepped out to get a bottle of wine. Plus, the food was really good and the servers were super attentive. We will definitely be coming back.

September 8, 2016

This morning workout routine is wearing me down. I set the alarm for 5:45am but am already awake by 5:15 or 5:30. The gym is just as crowded as if it's in the afternoon. You got people on all of the treadmills and some on the machines. It's nice to see other early birds getting their workouts out of the way for the day. After work, I can go straight to the house and run errands if needed. Tomorrow will be my fourth morning this week if I can get myself to wake up early again. The goal is to get five mornings in for the week. Ideally I'd want to stick to Mondays and Fridays, but there are those days when you just can't get up. If I skip a day, move that cheat day to the weekend. Find time on the weekend to get your full five days in. I have not been eating healthy so I need to even it out with the morning workout sessions. Chang, I'm glad you guys got your cozy couch. Now you can be together on the love seat. It's crazy how you are limited in what you can buy in such a small space huh? TD and Sheryl, we can have a real pow wow when I'm there later this month. Welcome back to the states, Alexis! I'm glad you guys are all together again. Tess and Blain, have fun in Mexico! Paul will take good care of your babies. OG&E hit me with a very big electric bill this morning. It was over $7,000. The OG&E lady and I were laughing the entire time as she tried to resolve the mistake. The meter did not show electric usage in the amount billed. She said the bill should have been about $40 or so. It was just crazy how anyone would pay $7,000 a month for electricity. Maybe an office building, but definitely not in a residential single family home.

September 1, 2016

Summer is pretty much gone. This summer went by pretty fast. I actually didn't remember Labor Day is next week until one my clients mentioned it. I have no plans other than working on the house. The nasty carpet is gone. We now have beautiful hardwood floors for much of the house except for the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen cabinets and appliances are also gone. The master bathroom is ready for the new installation. My goal this weekend is to finish removing the wallpaper and start on smoothing the ceiling. Kaci said the ceiling can be a multi-day project because we need to wait for the spackle to dry before smoothing it. Their house is super nice and cozy. It's the perfect size for them and their four dogs. Gizmo is still my favorite. Cash likes to be spanked. I couldn't wake up this morning to work out. I am shooting for tomorrow morning instead. I was at the gym the other morning at 5:30am. It was super busy. The same folks I would see in the afternoon were at the gym that morning. They can't be getting in two workouts in one day. I am swamped with work. Just when you think you're out of things to work on, they pile on more. It doesn't help that I cut off my work day at 5PM. My focus is on rehabbing the old house and make it livable within two months. We gave our official 60 day notice to Avana as of yesterday.